and I really have to say.. I RE-HEALLY look forward to the entries!  It’s getting as exciting as BELLARIFIC FRIDAYS!! First of all, I am SO happy that I see new names joining our group every week and it is SO worth my time to post  these as I find them SO inspirational!  Second of all, I AM THRILLED that my book is filling up and getting “CRUNCHY”.. and THIRD of all, I am THRILLED that this is starting to take off so that I can have some accomplices.. hehehehe.. I even have some sistahs who couldn’t stop at one spread and had to submit two!  THAT makes me SHMAPPY 🙂

Ok.. let’s GO!  Our theme this week was da DOODLE.  I hope you had fun doodling and that you make many more pages using this technique!

This is Corey's! Fantastic doodles Cor!

Ebrubella's DOODLE! Beautiful colors and designs!

here's mine where I decided not to go the traditional black micron pen way but to just use all of my PITT pens and copics and any colored marker I could get my hands on..LOL

this one's mine also.. *ahem* I was one of those who couldn't stop at one.. are you shocked?p.s. all the white that you see is LIQUID PAPER (white out).. with a precision needle tip.. it's awesome.. one of the best tips I received along my journey!

Galit doodled in honor of her friend who passed away last year. Art journaling really helps us heal

Gloria Sauve used AMAZING and VIBRANT colours!

Jen was traveling with her goodies and made this page!

Lindabella ZENTANGLED !

PINKY DINKY DOO (Lori B) doodled this amazing bouquet!

Paulabella zentangled and doodled a flower!

Paulabella also couldn't stop at one..LOL.. and do I see our ARTSY HOUSE STAMP over there??? hmmmm???

Rhian zentangled so BEAUTIFULLY and used our STAMP in the middle as her focal! beautiful!

Sheryl colored and doodled the beautiful flowers and cut out meaningful text and collaged it!

violet's beautiful doodles

So whaddya think of this weeks doodly theme?  I AM IN LOVE with all the entries!  thank you sistahs for participating!  makes me soooo verrry happy!

Now next week’s theme?  COLLAGE.. what is collage?  Basically taking any “FODDER” (paper stuff.. ephemera.. receipts.. take out menus, business cards.. scrappy paper), FABRIC,  IMAGES that make you happy and gluing it on to a page!  You can use PPA glue or a glue stick.. both work.. the benefit of PPA is that you can seal the top as well!  Now don’t stop just at collage if you don’t wanna… you can use the other elements that we have used here on AJ monday!  You can combine it with crayons and doodles as well!  Build your page!  Layer your page!  And here is another wonderful nugget.   If you are looking for GREAT ROYALTY FREE ephemera, go subscribe to www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com..  She has AMAZING images that you can print out and use as collage pieces!  FANTASTIC!  So have fun with this challenge.. it is due by next sunday so PLENTY of time to spend money, and collect receipts to glue in your journal…LOL

Don’t forget to post a comment on BELLARIFIC FRIDAY for your chance to win $10 in Bella bucks

This friday’s challenge for Bellarific friday is PAPER PIERCING!  Submit a card and you have a chance to win $20 in bella buckeroonis!   Can’t wait to see your creations!

Mwah to da sistahs who felt DOODLY and now feel COLLAGEY (LOL)


Bellarific FRIDAY sistahs! and some information on MALL OF AMERICA SCRAPFEST!

Hiya sistahs!

Sorry for the late post.. time got the better of me… I am trying to plan for ARCHIVERS’ SCRAPFEST in MINNESOTA MALL OF AMERICA for September 16-18th.. who is coming to see me??? Paulabella and Lindabella will be joining and teaching 3 SOLD OUT CLASSES each and I am preparing for 3000 make and takes.  Yes.. you heard me right.. 3000 make and takes!!  I am hoping that you will come and visit me and say hi and keep me company :).  Paula, Linda and I are hoping for some time to put on our roller blades and shop throughout the mall!! LOL re. roller blades!!

Ok let’s get down to BIDNISS.

Some winnahs from last week’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY!

winnah for PARTICIPATIN’ (submitting a card)  goes to….

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

1-ANGELA P! you win $20 in BELLARIFIC BUCKEROONIS!  Email me your info and I will send your MOOLAH!

Timestamp: 2011-08-05 20:25:48 UTC

Now for da winnah for COMMENTAYTIN’

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

3-GLORIA! you win!  please email me and I will send you your $10 vouchah!

Ok so now that THAT is done,

let’s discuss this week’s theme!  METAL.  Anything METAL on your creations… so let’s start…. NOW!


Paulineabella used BYE BYE GIRL



Robinabella used MARGARITA KETTO

Paulabella used LULU’s SLICE o’ CAKE

Cathabella used the sentiment from RUBY by MO MANNING


now how’s DAT for da EYE CANDEEE??????

Now let’s discuss da SISTAHOOD!

Gloria used KETTO'S DOLLY




margo S used GINGER KETTO

Olga used FABBY

Regan used CUPPYCAKE with a HEART on top



Violet used CIAOBELLA

So how’s DAT for da EYE CANDEEEE?????  FANTASTIC!

This weekend, my goal is to EXCAVATE my mojo from deeeeeeppp under the ground… LOL.. Why is it fleeting in and out of my life??? hmph.

Next week’s theme is PAPER PIERCING


Mwah to da sistahs who have DA MOJO


art journaling MONDAY on TOOSDAY!

Hiya journaling sistahs and journaling lurkers 🙂

This week’s theme was TISSUE paper… crumpled, glued, glazed, layered.. you name it 🙂

Now the first tool I would like to stress as important for collage, gluing things down, sealing is a GOOD GLUE.  you must arm yourselves with one.  After trying a kajillion +10 brands, I really go back to the same one.. my PPA.  Now I ALWAYS say that you must invest in good tools to achieve good results :).  Every week I will post a couple of my favorite tools so that I can enable you a little more n’k?  PPA matte after it dries looks like there is nothing there and your papers are sealed and protected.. it’s really AMAZIN-K.

Ok let’s see what da sistahood came up with for their journal pages!

Corey's creation!

Jennifer B's creation!

Sheryl's creation!

Paulabella's creation!

Lindabella's creation!

Rhian's creation!

my page


So there you have it.. different ways to journal with tissue paper!! I LOVE the entries!!  Please keep sending them!! (can I put more !!!!!!’s?)

Now NEXT WEEK’S THEME is DOODLING.  Oh, the doodle.. grab a pen and just scribble.. draw a circle.. then another circle around it.. then scallops around that… oh did I hear dots?  SURRRRE.. add some dots!   That’s the evolution of a doodle!  Swirls, Flourishes, Circles, Shapes.. doodles you draw while on the phone..  stick it in your journal!

Here’s another expense 🙂  ready?  I have tried ALL pens… I am LOVING the SAKURA MICRON pens right now.. I have THIS set which has a variety of nibs.. it’s AMAZING!  PERMANENT! WATERPROOF! FADEPROOF!!  I LOVE IT! (great for journaling and doodling.. not the best for drawing over acrylic)   And now for THE BEST WHITE PEN HANDS DOWN? the UNIBALL UM-153 in WHITE! FANTASTICALLY AMAZING..

Ok.. now me gots to go and do another page 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who will participate this week!

BELLARIFIC FRIDAY THIS WEEK is METAL on your card… send it ovah!



Hiya sistahs!

Hope you had a good chuckle on my last post.. OMG.. there were some other things I failed to mention with the hair color.. like when Paula decided to PLAY with my color infested hair and make a mohawk and a shark fin and speak in a NEMO shark voice.. with her and Jayden LAUGHING their heads off at me… HMPH.  oh well..

Ok back to bidniss.. Let’s discuss some WINNAHS from last week

Winnah for contributin’ goes to ($20 in bella buckeroonis)

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

5- TANYA you win!! please email me and I will send your vouchah!	

Timestamp: 2011-07-29 13:23:50 UTC

Now for da COMMENTAYTIN’ winnah ($10 in bella bucks)

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

7- CARMEN L! you win!  please email me and I will send you your vouchah!	

Timestamp: 2011-07-29 13:25:20 UTC

OK so this week’s BELLARIFIC theme is WINTER/CHRISTMAS in JULY!  Let’s see what our baberoonis came up with!

Jeaniebella used LULU’S SNOWMAN.  It is with a really HEAVY heart that the baberoonis and I say g’bye to our dear CHICKEN Jeaniebella.  Jeanie has just taken a great position at her work and is SUPER busy with that.  We wish her lots of luck and happiness and expect her back in a week..LOL.  WE LOVE YOU JEANIE!!!! You have been such a valuable person on our team.  MWAH!

Danabella used MINTY COFFEE



Paulabella used WHO ME?

Paulineabella used WREATHABELLA

Robinabella used I EVEN LOVE TH E BOX


Jessabella used SANTA’s BIRDHOUSE

Cathabella used the CHOIR with a STAR ON TOP

How’s dat for da BESTEST BABEROONIS in da INDUSTRY?!?! HMMMM????

ok, now let’s take a lookie at DA BESTEST SISTAHS IN DA INDUSTRY shall we?

Angela P used THE CHOIR


Lynn M used HOLLY IN A JAR



Stephanie used GIFTY LAMP

violet used TANGLED STELLA

Next week’s theme is using METAL on your cards (I will even accept METALLIC INK.. shhh don’t tell da BABES..LOL), you can use metal embellishments etc..

Don’t forget to place a comment on this post for a chance to win $10 in BELLA BUCKEROONIS

Don’t forget to SUBMIT a card for next week for a chance to win $20 in BELLA BUCKEROONIS

ART JOURNALING MONDAY is around the corner…. Have you been playing??   Would love to see your work !  Using TISSUE PAPER in your journal is the theme for monday.

YOU HAVE LOTS of work to do.. so get CRACKIN’

you still here?

DID you finish your page yet?


love you.


has this ever happened to you? hmph. (LONNNG post)

Hiya sistahs,

just a little OFF crafting WOMANLY topic I wanted to discuss…LOL.  So last week we had a BLAST in da BELLA home and BELLALAND of 2 days of crafting.. it was refreshing, fun, inspiring and liberating.  It was simply blissful (and I never use those words).  But this is a story that I have not yet shared.  Paulabella did mention a little bit of it on her blog but I decided to discuss it in better detail here.. and it also has been a while since my last funny-OMG-I-Can’t-believe-this-happened moment post I have shared… so here goes.  You ready?  Don’t think I am a freak n’k?

Ok so some women RELISH  going to the hairdresser.. head massage (my favorite), reading a magazine or ipad, just time to chill on your own.. right??? RIGHT?? n-uh-uh… not I.  I get so STRESSED at the hairdresser.. looking at my watch every 5 seconds, looking in the mirror with my hair stuck to my head SLOPPED with color and of course a plastic bag wrapped around it for good measure  just EMPHASIZING the chins, wrinkles etc.. cuz there is NO Hair to cover the bad spots! LOL..  I look at that white timer like it is the most important thing in the world… tick tock.. tick tock.. 45 minutes of itchy burning colour on my hair.. trying to look beautiful but to no avail cuz all I see peeking back at me is the chin, and a BLUR cuz my glasses are off.. hmph.  I am a like my kids in my car going on a trip.. “are we there yet”?  “is my color done yet?”… then the bell rings… FREEDOM.. but no.. my hairdresser is doing someone else’s CHINS-FREE head and I am sitting there waiting thinking she forgot about me.  So I casually say “CHRISTINA???” (Ok, I kinda yell).. “MY TIMER RANG….. DID YOU HEAR??”…she says “yes Emily, I know it’s ready.. I am coming to put the GLOSS treatment on”… PLEASE INSERT SHRIEK HERE.  I say to her “CHRISTINA, you KNOW I have no patience for gloss.. how long is that gonna take?”.. she says patiently “we go through this every time.. your hair needs it and it is 20 minutes”.. I just grunt, get washed, get GLOSSED, and wait again..  Then finally I go for my cut.  Come blow dry time, I get up and run for the cash to pay .. she says “can’t i blowdry your hair?”.. I say “I GOTS-TA go Christina”.. love you.. MWAH!  and off I go looking like a plucked chicken.  Am I the only one who looks WORSE when a hairstylist does my hair??  Is that supposed to happen????

So it’s been 6 months ish since my last colour and I just kept putting it off due to experience above.  My hair was getting GREYER and GREYER (thanks for noticing Susan..LOL).. Because my hair is curly I can get away with it for 6-8 weeks… but SIX MONTHS??? you can just imagine!  but I DREAD IT so what can I do?

Enter Ryan.

“Ry, I can’t take my hair anymore.. I look like PEPE le PIOU.

“just go buy a box of colour  some sort and I will put it in your hair.. don’t you remember I did that for you a while ago?”

ahem… YES I DO buster.. and I had to go to the hairdresser to FIX it.. don’t YOU remember that?  (I’m thinkin’)

“Yes I remember.. maybe that is a good idea.. you’re right.. at least I don’t have to sit at the hairdresser’s for 3 hours.. ok I will buy the box and you will do it”


enter PAULA

“Paula, wanna put colour in my hair?  I RE-HEALLY don’t want Ryan to do it so since you’re here and you colour your OWN hair, could you PLEASE do that with me so that I can continue to do art whilST marinating in colour?

“Sure, get that box out”


So Paula proceeds to take out the ingredients from the box (bought a FOAM cuz I thought it would be easier and bought MEDIUM ASH BROWN)

Paula feeling the vast quantity of hair on my head “Um Em, I think you need two boxes for your hair”

“What?  Are you kidding me?  ONE BOX IS PLENTY thank you very much”

“ok then”

So paula starts to massage the colour into my hair.

“Paula, do you think you should put a little vaseline or barrier cream on my forehead and near my ears to protect it from colour?”

” Nah.. are you kidding me?  it’s FINE”


so Paula finishes up the “blending” and the back of my hair is BONE dry. ie. NO COLOUR.

“Paula, do you think you could maybe rub some of the colour to the BACK of my head so that it will take the colour as well?”

“Emily I told you that you needed two boxes.. I ran out.. but don’t worry it will be fine”..


So off I go to the shower to rinse and condition .. feels SILKY smooth..

I don’t dry it so it looks really dark but all hair looks dark when it’s wet right?

So we plan to go to the art store and Lindabella and Paulabella look at me and say “YOU GOING OUT LIKE THAT?”

I say “why”?  They say “cuz your hair is wet”.. I say, I ALWAYS go out with my hair wet.  Ok.. so off we went.

A few hours pass.

I come home.  I look in the mirror.  I SHRIEK.

my MEDIUM ASH BROWN is PITCH BLACK.  and I mean PITCH black.  like ELVIRA black.  and the back??? Paula, the back??  is a 6 month old red/brown/blonde combo.  You can just IMAGINE.

And the PIECE de RESISTANCE?  THE  COLOUR STUCK TO MY SKIN ALL AROUND MY FOREHEAD and VERY VERY CONCENTRATED around my ear lobes… AND IT DIDN”T WANNA RUB OFFF!!! (now Paula do you think I need Vaseline or Barrier cream? LOL)

So it’s 10pm and Ryan comes downstairs to check on us.  I point to my hair and he casually suggests I should go to the pharmacy to buy some more color and that it closes at midnight so I should have enough time (his way of saying YOU  LOOK LIKE A FREAK).

So off Paula and I go.  and OF COURSE the pharmacy we choose has THE BRIGHTEST LIGHTS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.  So I am trying to duck in the hair color aisle…  Paula is laughing cuz every aisle I pass there are TONS of people and all I want me and my TIGER STRIPED hair to be is INVISIBLE.  So I grab 2 BOXES of LIGHT HONEY BROWN colour and go to the cash.  There’s a lineup!! So I am STANDING THERE in PLAIN VIEW with this THING called HAIR on my head that looks like Daniel Boone’s HAT and have to WAIT for my turn under the BRIGHT LIGHTS!  Of course Paula is having the BEST time seeing me SQUIRM.  Hmph.

So we get home.. i RESUME position in my chair.. Linda is CACKLING and laughing.. Paula now has enough to SMOTHER my head.. it is 11:00pm at this point.

Moral of the story?  ALWAYS BUY 2 BOXES .. LOL.  And maybe it IS worth sitting at the hairdressers for 9879 hours to get a proper colour..


I hope I didn’t bore you to death..

Has anything like this happened to you?  if so, you HAVE to share so I don’t feel like the only LOSER…LOL


Mwah to da sistahs who need to cover DA greys



Ok so I hope you had a week to “marinate”.. thinking about all the art journaling possibilities… Maybe you have done some research?  bought some product?  or just stared at the journal you bought. LOL.

We need to discuss BACKGROUNDS for a second shall we?  Some people enjoy the white space in their journals and so they should!  Some people are intimidated by the white space… there are “remedies for this ailment ya know” 🙂

Here are some things that can get you going

wet a tooFbrush, dip it in water (or “WADOH” as my friend’s 3 year old says..LOL).. dip it in some watered down  paint, or liquid ink (LIQUITEX brand) and FLICK your brains out on the page.. Hey, you can even dip the TOOFBRUSH in the paint and paint with it.. you would get some neat textures

simply grab a paintbrush and use any medium you like… watercolor, acrylics, crayons, pastels and paint the background

spray and spread the spray like waterpaint (adirondack)

Spray through a stencil and see the amazing shapes that come from there!



take a pencil and journal all over the page

COLLAGE (stick down tissue paper/scrapbook paper scraps/ magazine clippings) and glue down randomly.. ahhh feels SO good to cut and glue (don’t laugh at me..i’m SERIOUS :))

Ok.. that should get you going.. now you have NO EXCUSE!

Ok, let’s discuss this week’s theme.  Now this is not a contest.  No one is gonna win.. I want this to be as free spirited as it can be.  You don’t have to send me your page, although I would be THRILLED to post it.. even if it is not on the correct day.. and you do it late, just email me and I will post on the correctly dated post 🙂

Ok enough babbling..

Here is my entry.. i used JULIE’S WORDS TO LIVE BY, used my FAVORITE CRAYOLA COLOUR SINCE BIRTH – CARNATION PINK (which Is now finished 🙁 )… I melted it on a little iron and drew with the hot wax to give texture.. framed the whole page with vintage children’s book text and stained it… also watercolored the whole background which is fun because it resists the crayon so you just wipe it off whatever got on the crayon portion

Rhian made a gorgeous grid and used our FLOWER GARDEN stamp

ISABELABELLA used a clear crayon resistl

take a looky at her blog for a tutorial!

Lindabella just colored and melted…. FANTASTIQUE!

Paulabella melted some crayons


here is Jennifer B’s gorgeous page.. I love seeing so many layers!  I think I see my flower garden in there again!

Here is Corey’s DREAMY page.. I LOVE IT!

Here is Sheryl’s page.. I LOVE the script stems and the crayon petals!!

Here is our resident minibella’s  art journaling page!  Melissa is Isabellabella’s daughter! mwah!

Ok there are more coming!  just wanted to get this up since I was on a roll…LOL

Please don’t hesitate to send your entries in.. and if there is something you have a question about, just let us know!  you can write it in the comments and we can all respond to eachother!

mwah to da sistahs who lovey their CRAYOLAS!

NEXT MONDAY’S THEME IS USING TISSUE PAPER ON YOUR PAGE!  scrunch it.. flatten it.. glue it.. paint it.. it’s your choice!


hiya sistahs!!  I am SOOO sorry for the delay in my posts.. we had SUCH a great weekend here.. Lindabella, Paulabella, Laurabella and PINKYbella were all here for a visit.. we ate, we laughed, we giggled, we acted silly.. we were messy.. we mixed media’s (is that a verb?)..  So today is a new day… new DIET food (LOL)  and of course new posts!!

So let’s start with Bellarific Friday

and some winnahs from last week!

Our winnah for contributin’ goes to…. ($20 in bella bucks)

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

1- ANGELA! you win!  please email me and I will send you your vouchah!

Timestamp: 2011-07-25 13:36:57 UTC

Now for da CONTRIBUTIN’ WINNAH! ($10 in bella buckeroonis)

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

25-Leslie W you win!! please email me and I will put your buckeroonis in da store account!

Timestamp: 2011-07-25 13:38:57 UTC

Ok.. now let’s take a peek at what this week’s challenge was..

our favorite!  a SKETCH!

Let’s see how da BABEROONIS interpreted the sketch



Ebrubella used one of da PIXIES from PIXIES SET A

Paulineabella used STELLA HAS HER FIX

Paulabella used CATCHING UP

Danabella used MINTY COFFEE

Jessabella used “SMILE IT’S CONTAGIOUS” sentiment from this set

Robinabella used PERK ME UP PEEPS

Jeaniebella used KNITTING PEEP

Lindabella used a PIXIE from PIXIE SET A


let’s take a lookie at our AMAZING sistahood!








How’s DAT for EYE CANDEEE???

now don’t forget to post a comment to be eligible to win $10 in bella bucks.. and don’t forget to send in your card for next week’s challenge to be eligible to win $20 in bella buckeroonis

Next week’s challenge is….CHRISTMAS IN JULY!  use any stamping bella stamp and make it into a Christmas themed card!

Art Journaling MONDAY post up next!

intro to Art Journaling – the BELLA way (long post)

Hiya sistahs,

Today I wanted to talk a little about ART JOURNALING and how it has changed my life.  Honestly, it really has.  I want to show you that it is not something to be scared of, intimidated by, nor is it something you should avoid.  I am going to talk to you about how I started, what triggered it, what keeps me going, who inspires me etc.  So grab your Starbucks, have a seat and enjoy the journey.  ok? OK!

Approximately 2 years ago, we had an event in Bellaland and one of our friends/customers Anna W. (I will always “blame”/”hug” you for this obssession sistah!) showed Dena and I a VERY empty journal of hers that she brought with her.  The pages were sporadically done (you don’t have to start at the first page.. I just open my journal and start from wherever I open it), different mediums used and at the same time, quite impressive.  Dena and I immediately ran to the book store to get some books that Anna suggested we start off with.  My first reaction was.. “ARE WE CRAZY??”… what are we getting ourselves into???  I am the FURTHEST thing from an artist… let alone a writer (although I do enjoy writing :)).

Well, of COURSE, since I immediately became obssessed, I immediately began doing some research.  Some MAJOR research.  One thing I do love to do is learn everything i can about the subject I am interested in.  I swear I am a walking encyclopedia at times.. (do Encyclopedias still exist?)…  The great thing about art journaling is the inspiration you can find everywhere.. artists who have different styles who can teach you different techniques.

First and foremost I have to thank KELLY KILMER as she was my first and continuous stop on this journey.  Her journals are BEEYOOTIFUL.. and she expresses herself via collage which is so LIBERATING.. finding images that pertain to you.. using your embellishments.. YUMMMM.. she teaches amazing online classes too which I have taken 🙂  I recommend Kelly HIGHLY!

I am also inspired by one of the pioneers in art journaling- TEESHA MOORE.. you can detect her style from a mile away!  Also involving collage, paper piecing of sorts, image altering.. so colourful.. so amazing!

Julie Balzer is a WEALTH of information and so talented and the fact that we have her designed stamps makes me so proud.  Her use of color, her boldness, fearlessness, her product knowledge is incredible!

Christy Tomlinson– has just hosted 2 online classes which are life changing as well.. playing with product, color, stamping, paper piecing  .. you name it!  Take a look and see! you will not be sorry! and she has a 3d class on the way!

Daisy Yellow – lots of fun and also extremely inspiring..

Ihanna– is so much fun!! so full of information

Now please forgive my definitions, opinions etc.. they are VERY subjective.. I am speaking from my perspective only so I am not sure whether I am right or wrong in describing what art journaling is but I am definitely going to tell you what it means to me and what it has done for me.

Some people are not comfortable with writing/journaling yet they still feel like they need to express themselves somehow.  Enter VISUAL journaling or ART journaling where you can express yourself via an artistic process..  The greatest thing about art journaling is that it is YOUR place to dive into.  You are not being judged for your work, you are simply enjoying the process and MORE IMPORTANTLY, ALLOWING yourself to enjoy the process.  Accompanying your art, you can write as well.. whether it be a word, a quote.. something to symbolize your feelings and mood but there is no necessity for prose.  no pressure at all.

An art journal can also be a place where you test out product.. you know those bags you have brought home full of product that you have yet to touch because you don’t know what the results will be?  Well, you can test it out in your journal!  colour, splotch, spray, scribble, dab, wipe, color, stamp, paint, glitter.. you name it.. again, it is YOUR own place to hang out in… it doesn’t have to be perfect.. it doesn’t have to be a “layout”.. the process of  “designing” your page should not be stressful.. should be fun , exploratory, and exciting!

Ok so how does one get started in this mysterious Art Journaling bidniss?

Well, the first thing you need is an Art Journal, of course! A journal is a very subjective thing.. you need to love it when you look at it.. when you hold it.. when you hug it.. so the only thing I recommend for one is that it has heavy pages in it so that it can take the “abuse” of mixed media….  you will see if you like a spiral, if you like “connecting” pages like in a moleskine.. or simply loose water color pages you can bind later on!

The STRATHMORE VISUAL journal is one option.. they have different types of papers for different things you want to play with!  Not only that, but if you explore the website, there are amazing art journalers on there giving FREE classes for inspiration!  Take a looky! Explore! have fun!

As I mentioned, you can also use an old book, a MOLESKINE journal (my FAVORITE in SKETCH and in WATERCOLOR), a leather bound journal etc.

I don’t have my journal here.. but take a look at DENA’s SCRUMMY YUMMY DEELISH moleskine (this picture does not give it justice).. OMG I want to marry it..(see I am already going back to my baby roots…LOL)

Now if the pages are thin, you can always coat them with a coat of GESSO.   Gesso is a primer for your page.. makes the page stronger and thicker while creating a white background with ‘tooth’ to grab on to whatever media you decided to layer on top of it!

Now I don’t want to give EVERYTHING away, as I am going to make this a regular post.. every monday we will discuss… now not only will we discuss, we will be INSPIRED.  And what I mean by that is that I would like an excuse to play more often in my journals, rather than thinking about what medium to buy next (I can’t help it!!). and in order to do that, I need to CHALLENGE MYSELF.. and along with CHALLENGING MYSELF, I was thinking of challenging da sistahs as well.  So, every monday I will post an art journaling challenge and the following week, if anyone wants to share their work (no pressure at all as this exercise is meant not to stress you) I will post on my blog with PLEASURE.. and I will post my work as well.

The first challenge will be to use children’s CRAYONS on your journal page.  Now I am not going to limit you.. you can use paint as well, cut out words, scribble etc.. but I want at least one element of your page to have crayon on it.  Think about what you can do with crayons besides scribble?  Sharpen them and take the shavings and glue on your page randomly or in the shape of something?  Sharpen, place on your journal page, lay a piece of wax paper over it and iron and see the results! play play play!

The reason why I want to start this with crayons is because I want us all to go back to our childhood.  How happy were we when we opened a brand new box of crayons.. the smell, the colours etc..Some artists actually keep a box open next to them to inspire them..

The most amazing thing about children is that they are not intimidated by colour, paint, paint brushes.. they hold the brushes as they wish to, they dip in any colour that they feel like at the moment.. and I want YOU to become like that as well!

So that is this week’s challenge.  I don’t want you to be scared.  I want you to enjoy.. relax and take this journey with me.  I am here for all questions as well.  Now you may feel *ahem* weird scribbling with crayons or doing any of the prompts I will ask you to do.. but I want you to get all of that out of your minds.. forget it.. just DO.. I promise you will feel SOOOO GOOOD… PLOMISE!!!

So who’s in?