Hiya sistahs !

Hope you had a great week 🙂

We have a great inspiring post today and I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you for your support and loyalty this year.  We had a record year and it is thanks to ALL OF MY SISTAHS and maybe some BROTHAHs. Rubber stamping is a magical experience.  To me it is anyway.  The magic has not disappeared and it’s been almost 15 years!  Every time I press that stamp to paper , a little gasp escapes from my mouth LOL I feel like I drew it or that I created it.. do you have that same tingle when you stamp?   More tingles happen when I start colouring the image and it starts coming to life! It’s a meditative experience.. it should be part of everyone’s SELF CARE routine.  I am learning all about self care and that’s my resolution next year.. to do more things to take care of me and to make me happy.  I think that will make those around me even happier :).  What are some of your resolutions?

We have all been working very hard for our next release which you can probably expect mid January.. it’s an amazing one.. you will not be disappointed so join our facebook group, follow us on Instagram or Twitter (@stampingbella) , subscribe to our blog.. those are the best platforms to find all the newest of news 🙂

Again I wish you all a very HEALTHY and HAPPY Holiday and NEW YEAR and here’s to ALL of us in a new DECADE 2020!  MWAH

JennyDIXabella’s card using our MICE IN BOOTS rubber stamp used: MICE IN BOOTS card by Jenny Dix

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Hiya sistahs

I hope you had a great week :). Lots of holiday preparations.. trying to see if we will take a couple of days off.. you know, the usual.  We celebrate Chanukah which at times makes me breathe a sigh of relief while watching my friends running around and organizing LOL but at the same time I LOVE Christmas.. on November first my car radio goes right to the Christmas music. LOL.  I LOVE IT!  So I hope those who celebrate will find time to take a deep breath.. do  a little self care in the midst of it all.  In fact, I want you to promise me you will.n’k?

So without further ado, let’s see what our AMAZING Baberoonis created this week shall we?

Debrabella used both sets of our ANGEL SQUIDGIES rubber stamps used ANGEL SQUIDGIES CURTSY and TRUMPET and ANGEL SQUIDGIES ORNAMENT and BELLS. Card by DEBRA JAMES

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it’s bellarific friday featuring our WINTER WINDOW stamp of the month!

Hiya sistahs,

hope you had a great week!  it’s snowing here which I love as long as I don’t have to go anywhere LOL.

We have a great lineup today featuring our WINTER WINDOW.  I love this stamp and die.. it creates such a “feeling” or mood..  and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.. it’s a PERFECT day here in Toronto to feature this stamp!  We have a FALL window too that gives that same feeling!

So here we go with our BABEROONI’s creations.. I LOVE THEM!!

AliceHUANGabella’s card : Rubber stamp used: WINTER WINDOW, card by ALICE HUANG

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it’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY sistahs and our 25%-40% sale continues!

Hiya sistahs,

I hope you had a great week!  How nice has this sale been?  Makes ME happy to see how many people love to shop with da bella!  Don’t forget to share the sale with your friends and family 🙂

On to our amazing Bellarific Friday post.  Ready? Set? HERE WE GO!

Shelabella used our CURVY GIRL MULTITASKER

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Lots of inspiration today and our next release has been put together and being worked on.. OVER 40 IMAGES.. so stay tuned because they are so awesome I CAN’T STOP STARING AT THEM LOL.. I am a good torturess no?  Is that even a word?  Oh well, it is now!

So without further ADOOOO.. let’s start our BELLARIFIC FRIDAY!

Today our BABEROONIS had an INSPIRATION photo to be inspired by:

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