Happy Bellarific Friday sistahs!  Hope you had a great week!  Followup from last week.. LOL..Tyler went on his weekend away.. I tracked a bit here and there (shh dont tell) and he came home in one piece!  I was SO happy 🙂  and he had a great time!

Another piece of good news is that our images for our new 28 image release is being made as we speak so expect it in the next 4 weeks or so!  Stay tuned to our blog or social media .. that’s where I will update the status 🙂

ok now let’s feature our STAMP OF THE MONTH for OCTOBER!  This month we celebrate CURVY GIRL LOVES HALLOWEEN

she is 50% off all month long!

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it’s Bellarific Friday sistahs!

How have you all been?  I have been running around like crazy trying to situate the children (who aren’t really children anymore).. I know there are many of you who have been with me since the beginning when they were kidlets… now they are adultlets.  Sigh.  My best friend’s son went away to University around 1.5 hours away.. she is lonely without him so what do you think she suggests?  That tyler go visit him!.  That means he is driving 1.5 hours.. that means it’s HOMECOMING.. that means its KIDS ON TOP OF KIDS WITH A MILLION DISEASES (not really but Covid makes me insane)…. it’s the first time I am letting him drive this distance and it’s pretty much the first time we have been apart …. he’s 19.  and I can’t deal. LOL.  Im a weeping mama and I can’t wait for him to get there, be safe there and come back in one piece.  Am I CRAZY? because I feel that I am.

ok enough of my WEEPING.. let’s get inspired today shall we?  Our baberoonis worked with some of our newest images this week.  Grab a cuppa and enjoy


Here’s Sandiebella’s card using our CURVY GIRL NURSE

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It’s Bellarific Friday on Sunday ! And the sale continues …

Hiya Sistahs!  Hope you’re having a great long weekend!  Just wanted to mention that our 30% off the whole store sale is still on until Monday at midnight EST. Nothing like a little retail therapy I say !

This  week, our Baberoonis were challenged to use our stamp of the month , Bundle girl on a swing (50% off all month long!)   Let’s see their cards shall we?

here’s Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used bundle girl on a swing .  Card by Debra James

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HELLOOOOO!! How is everyone?

yet another week flies by.. it’s crazy no?

Hope your week went well.. grab a cuppa and get ready for some yummy inspiration!

Here we go!

Because of the brand new release last week (OMG you sistahs loved it!  I am so happy!)

Let’s start with last week’s theme:  our STAMP OF THE MONTH Set of Kittens! (50% off all month long) rubber stamp used: SET OF KITTIES  card by Christine Levison

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