it’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY featuring our Stamp of the Month — EDNA LOVES the OCEAN

HELLO HELLO!  Sistahs!  we finally have a release date!  MARK YOUR PLANNERS sistahs!   June 15th is our release date and sneak peeks start on June 12th (Tyler’s 18th birthday—UM 18?? don’t get me started).. I am so excited about this release!  It is SO PERFECT for the times we are in.. UCCCCHHH I am NOT going to spoil the surprise.. so just stay TOONED n’k?  If you follow us on all Social @stampingbella and sign up for our newsletter and our blog, you should be reminded 🙂

now without further ADO… let’s reacquaint ourselves with EDNA LOVES the OCEAN.  Isn’t she ADORABLE?  that POSE?  the PUCKER?  I LOVE EDNA!

Don’t forget she is 50% off ALL MONTH LONG!!

Here’s AliceHUANGabella’s card rubber stamp used: EDNA LOVES THE OCEAN. card by Alice Huang

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It’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY SISTAHS!= an Inspiration Photo!

Hello my beautiful sistahs!  Hope you had a great week.. Hope you are keeping safe.. practicing all precautions so that this nastiness can be over and done with!  More things are opening here.. and I am getting more and more scared.. not sure if I am comfortable putting myself back out there.. anyone feel the same way?  This week was my daughter Jayden’s 15th birthday!  If you have followed me from the beginning of time, you have watched both of my kids grow up.  Makes me sniff.. and makes me sad.. how time passes in the blink of an eye.  Crazy isn’t it?

Here is the birthday girl.  This is one of my favorite photos of her.. She is innocent and playful and still my baby.  Most 15 year olds I have seen don’t really look like this LOL.. I hope she maintains this spirit forevah!

Ok so Im starting to blather and sniffle ugly while I am writing this.. time to compose myself and write a blog entry LOL.

Let’s talk about this week’s bellarific friday shall we?  Today we have an inspiration photo

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Hiya Sistahs!  I hope you had a good week.  Seems like some restrictions are starting to be lifted… but that still doesn’t make me want to go anywhere or touch anything EVER LOL.. How is everyone doing?

We are still waiting for confirmation of our 30 + image release.. it’s waiting ..and the gates will be lifted soon 🙂 and it will be CHAOS :). a good chaos I hope!

Just to remind you  we still have our sale going on.. still have some goodies left.. in limited quantities.. you can find everything HERE

Once all the dies are gone, they are gone.  The prices are so good that if you need the stamp to coordinate with it, it still comes out VERY affordable.. so have a look and see if anything tickles your fancy 🙂 ( who says that? LOL)

Here we go!

JennyDIXabella used our BUDDING CHICK rubber stamp used : BUDDING CHICK . card by Jenny Dix

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It’s Bellarific Friday!

Hiya sistahs!  This week feels like it was REALLLY LOOOOONGGGG.. did you feel that too?  I really don’t know why! LOL

Stay tuned for our release date.. it’s coming.. it’s ready.. we just need to make sure we are well staffed :). This Covid thing.. I cannot.  Will never.  Also if you are waiting for an order to be shipped, please bear with us.. our  sale was really crazy and we are trying our best to catch up.  If we have mailed your item out.. please be patient with the postal service.. It’s EXTREMELY slow at the moment , but please know your order is on the way!

Now that we got that BIDNISS out of the way, let’s start with our inspiring Bellarific Friday!

Ready?  Set?  HERE WE GO!


Christineabella used our TINY TOWNIE BUTTERFLY GIRL BLANCHE rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE BUTTERFLY GIRL BLANCHE. card by Christine Levison

Debrabella used TINY TOWNIE FRANCES loves to FLOAT and our SUMMER SENTIMENT SET rubber stamp used: FRANCES LOVES TO FLOAT. card by Debra JAmes

Shelabella used our HONEYBEAR STUFFIES rubber stamp used: HONEYBEAR STUFFIES. card by MICHELE BOYER

Fayeabella used our ODDBALL TURTLE rubber stamp used: ODDBALL TURTLE card by Faye Wynn Jones

Sandiebella used our ODDBALL TURTLE rubber stamp used: ODDBALL TURTLE card by Faye Wynn Jones

AliceHUANGabella used our ODDBALL TWEEDLEDEE and TWEEDLEDUM stamp rubber stamp used: TWEEDLE DEE and TWEEDLE DUMB card by ALICE HUANG


That’s it for today!  I hope you are all safe, inspired, crafty, joyful, relaxed, and stampy!




Hiya sistahs!  How are you coping with this consistent daily hammering of news :(.. staying at home.. and then with the scary news that things may start opening again.  I don’t know if I am ready for that.  On the other hand I am seeing so many small businesses closing permanently .. it’s breaking my heart (We are not closing!  I just saw a few on facebook closing their doors and it made me so sad 🙁 ).  I pray that you are all safe every day!

For a little uplifting news I know we had a sale as this virus started and then we had to close.. and then our 30 image release has had to be delayed.. so for a little bit of fun, we did a huge inventory and everything we have “in stock” and READY TO SHIP is now 40% off.. we need retail therapy.. I know I do at least.. and since times are tough right now , I thought this could add a little happiness to your lives :). It gives me happiness to have this sale.  Here’s the thing.. I will be updating this section all weekend, but the quantities are limited.. so once they are sold out at this price, they go back to regular price.

Also due to volumes and our limited staff, we cannot add, remove etc from orders.. so once you place them, we cannot alter them :(.

You can find all the ON SALE ITEMS HERE and like I said, I will be adding to it.

So I hope this adds a little bit of cheer in a very grim time.  I LOVE MY SISTAHS!

Ok so let’s talk BELLARIFIC FRIDAY shall we?

Debrabella used the GARDENIA from BUNDLE GIRL with a GARDENIA   and our TUMBLEBLOSSOM # 10 

and tumbleblossom # 10 : Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL WITH A GARDENIA, TUMBLEBLOSSOMS #10 and #4. Card by DEBRA JAMES

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