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Now for this week’s Bellarific Friday we have a BUFFET of gorgeousness (always a food reference have you noticed? hmph)

let’s see what our baberoonis have come up with shall we?



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Hiya sistahs.. hope you had a great week!  WE had 2 snow days this week.. is it ever gonna end???? I happen to see some sunshine today so that could be a good sign 🙂

How have you all been?  Today we are introducing our STAMP AND DIE of the month- CHERRY CHICK.. 25% off all month long!  YIPPEEEE

so you need some inspiration on how to use this stamp righttttt?  I thought you would.  SOOOOO……

here we go!

Here’s AliceHUANGabella’s card rubber stamp used : CHERRY CHICK.  Card made by ALICE HUANG

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it’s Bellarific Friday and today our baberoonis are showcase our BACKDROPS!

Hiya sistahs,

Our backdrops are such a wonderful foundation for any card in my humble opinion :).. the fear of the “blank card” can be daunting for anyone… stamp a “backdrop” and poof you’re ready to begin to set up your scene!  You’ll see what I mean in a second once you see all the samples!  You can find all of our backdrops HERE

Now without further ADOOOO, let us begin this drool fest shall we?

Here’s AliceHuangabella’s card using just a portion of our FLORAL FOREST BACKDROP (stamp of the month BTW,, 25% off all month long!).. she used it as the focal point which is just gorgeous!  Sometimes you can just use a portion of the image to make a really powerful statement right? rubber stamp used: FLORAL FOREST BACKDROP.  card by Alice Huang

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its Bellarific Friday sistahs! A post FULL of inspiration :)

Hiya sistahs!  I hope you had a great week.  We have had a huge ice storm here in Toronto.. ice day for kids.. BLAH.. hope it’s nicer wherever you are 🙂

Get ready for some JUICY inspiration today..hopefully it will take away my cabin fever! LOL

Ready ? Set? HERE WE GO

Sandiebella used our TINY TOWNIE BUTTERFLY GIRL BABETTE rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE BUTTERFLY GIRL BABETTE.  card by Sandie Dunne

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It’s Bellarific Friday and an idea!

Hiya sistahs!  I hope you had an amazing week.

The Daily Marker AKA Kathy Rac  has her #30daymarkerchallenge going on this month and I had a an ideaR.    If you are participating in this challenge, go ahead and tag me @stampingbella and I will post your cards on my story!  Let’s inspire DA SISTAHOOD to come out and play!  The whole premise behind this challenge is to just take a few minutes for yourself every day.. colour, make a card.. scribble.. whatever makes you happy!   I will try my best to post all of your cards if I am tagged.. if  I don’t happen to catch it, please retag or send me a DM and I will try my best.. Let’s drown everyone in BELLA GOODNESS shall we?  Ok. That was my HUGE idea for today.  Let’s proceed shall we?

Today is February 1st and of course we announce our new STAMP OF THE MONTH!  And not only is it FEB 1st, but it’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY so you get a treat and get to drool over our amazing Baberoonis’ creations using this stamp.  The stamp of the month is FLORAL FOREST BACKDROP.  I just love this image and it’s versatility.  Use it alone, add a die on top.. use a piece of it.. pop some fairies in there.. the world is your OYSTAH.

Ready?  Set?  LETS GOOOOO

here’s Shelabella’s card using our Floral Forest backdrop and one of our LITTLE BITS FAIRIES.. too cute :O) rubber stamp used FLORAL FOREST BACKDROP and LITLE BITS FAIRIES.  Card by MICHELE BOYER.

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it’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY! Featuring cards from our NEWEST RELEASE!

Hiya sistahs.. Today’s post is so droolworthy I CAN’T EVEN!  Our baberoonis are using images from our lates release.. you will just love it.

And speaking of release… I am currently working on our new one coming up and I cannot even tell you how happy you will all be!  WOOHOOO

now without further adoooo… let’s start the droolfest… got a kleenex? a huge coffee/tea?  Now LET’S GOO!

Here’s Fayeabella’s card using our new CURVY GIRL BESTIES.. It makes me so sad as it’s so beautiful.  The meaning.. the expression on their faces.. the one coloured and the missed one in black and white… SIGH… LOVE rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL BESTIES. card made by FAYE WYNN JONES

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First and foremost I would like to apologize for the delay in some of the shipping of your orders. Between our holiday closures and our sheer volume of orders, there has been a definite delay in processing.  Not to worry your orders are all in and we are trying our best to get them out to you as fast as we can :).  We really thank you all for your patience

and NOW onto our regularly scheduled programming… Bellarific Friday

Let’s see what our baberoonis came up with shall we?

Shelabella+-* used TINY TOWNIE GARDEN GIRL CARNATION rubber stamp used TINY TOWNIE GARDEN GIRL CARNATION , card by Michele Boyer

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