the “LINE”

today sistahs, Ryan and I had a moment.  A moment that we have been anxiously waiting for.  A CATHARCTIC moment while being a nervous moment as well.  We have asked ourselves this question for a long time and finally received the answer today.  The answer was YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  We knew we had succeeded as parents.  Yes.. the BEST PARENTS EVAH.  You want to know what it was?   Ok.. you ready?   Jayden’s pigtailed head (thank goodness for the piggytails) reached THE LINE.. barely.. and I mean B-A-R-E-L-Y…

SHE WAS TALL ENOUGH TO JOIN HER BROTHER IN THE IKEA BALL PIT!  She ran in with Tyler with a quick wave and a “bye daddy and mommy” and OOOFFFFF she went!

Ryan and I looked at eachother and gave a high five (LOL) and had the BEST coffee of our lives.. oh and bought some SHTUFF too!

Just thought I would share 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who have their own pigtails that reach “THE LINE”


it’s a GLITTERY day in DA neighborhood

Sistahs… It’s a great day at DA BELLAs place.  When we were at CHA, I was busting at the seams wanting to tell you this and NOW I CAN!  Shannan, Jen Del Muro, Carole Burrage et al witnessed DA bella in ACTION at the Art Institute Glitter’s booth.   Barbara Trombley and I and her lovely daughter Shannon went a little mentalbella and we created our own Glitter set called Bella Bling 1.. HOW CUTE IS THIS?

[photopress image=”glitterbellabling1.jpg”]

We were SOOOO bIzZy choosing the bestest colours and I think we succeeded!  If you look in the Bella Bling section, you will see the amazing tools and must haves that coordinate with the glittah!  glues, pins, all the necessities (and honestly, they really are)

 DO YOU LOVEY MY GLITTAH???? cuz I sure do


Mwah to da sparkly sistahs who love GLITTAH as much as I do 🙂



Bella’s BONBONS.. yes, I said BON-BONZ (oh and STUNNING BLOOMS TOO)

K, I know I am totally UBER passionate about everything we sell here but THESE??? THESE?? they are glisteny, and rich looking and just perfect in my opinion.. I actually was tempted to SHOVE them in my mouth but I was told not to.. hmph. Let me know if you LOVEY da bonbons as much as I do!

I also posted the most PHENOM blooms.. matte and luxurious and beautiful!  perfect embellishment for any card.. and to put a little ss20 swarovski in the center?  Mwah! (said as I scrunch my hands together, put them up to my mouth, make the mwah sound and wave my hand up in the air.. like a chef saying DEELISH.. OMG I am a nutjob.. I hope you get what I am trying to say! LOL)

Nicky put together yet ANOTHER bag o’ inspiration…called heard it through the grapevine.. we LOVE it!

just call me QUEEEEEEEN of da emBELLAshments!  P.S. I am also working with a lovely company overseas for another unique, exclusive to da BELLA emBELLAshment.. OMG.. you will FREAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

 mwah to da sistahs who love the emBELLAshments as much as i do 🙂



happy saturday sistahs!

It’s a crazy blizzardy day here in Toronto.. blech.  We are at work trying to catch up but unfortunately, the volume has eaten us up alive.  SOOO there will be a delay in shipping.  I am sooo sorry! We will try our bestest to get goodies out to you as soon as possible and if anything is a rush, as usual, please email and we will try to ship ASAP!

 I have added some more goodies into the what’s new section! So take a looky!  I have had a lot of requests for my ribbon winders and off on a search I went and found them to offer to you.. they are amazing!  My intention was to decorate them for you but just didn’t have the time 🙁 but they are alterable 🙂

 Ok, here’s what we have been thinking.  Nicky’s  galabella class is coming up and we have had several requests from sistahs outside of Toronto if we can package up the card class with colored copies of the cards and all the components and make a card class kit to send to you!  Would you be up for that?  In terms of pricepoint, I can include the stamps (but the price would be higher) or I can do the set (paper and embellishments) and then advise which stamps we used which would bring the cost down… of course I do believe it would be easier to have everything in one bag but it is up to DA SISTAHS!


would you be up for it?   would love to hear your opinion.. and perhaps we could randomly pick a winner and prepare a kit for the winner to see what it would look like?  Even if your answer is NO, please don’t hesitate as this would be time consuming and would love to hear the truth


mwah to da sistahs who may or MAY NOT be interested in a card class kit (designed by Nickabella of course)



thank you sistahs

you made my day.. the was you sistahs united has just made me tear up.  This sistahood was a dream come true and was proven this past week.. the way you all united ALL AROUND THE WORLD made me all warm and tingly.


This card’s for you

[photopress image=”nickykristaflowerpot.jpg”]


made by nicky with love from ME

mwah to da Sistahood


my bella booboo


I wasn’t going to mention this on my blog as I really just wanted to keep things “status quo” but honestly, I must speak.  Yesterday morning, I was sending a $15  prize to a sistah who won a challenge on Splitcoast Stampers.  She participated in one of our challenges and legitimately won.  Well, dearest Emmabella sent it and it ended up pressing the wrong button.  This wrong button led to over 5000 people receiving this gift voucher in their shopping carts.  I had two options when I saw this happen.  My first option was to send out a broadcast email to everyone telling them that there was a glitch and not to redeem the coupon.  My second option was the route I decided to go.  I decided that I would not take back what I accidentally gave.  How could I?  It isn’t my style.  So after much thought, I decided that the right thing to do would be to honour the voucher to all who received it in error.  This was a potential $50,000 loss but I was prepared to deal with it because I stand behind my errors and was prepared to deal with its repercussions .  Sistahs made decisions whether to redeem or not but I encouraged to redeem because it was already in their shopping baskets and sometimes we all need a little treat especially with the economy going the way it is going etc.. so sometimes there is a meaning for everything.  I firmly believe that.  I have been working since yesterday at 8:00 AM fielding questions, responding to each and every email, discussing matters with people etc.  It has been a lot of work.. honestly.  To make matters worse, there was another glitch with my shipping costs within Canada and overseas citing extremely high rates… This has been fixed (thank goodness) and Canadian rates may change again on Monday as we are trying to get a 55% discount from UPS to pass on to you.  Could matters get a little worse?  YES.  My glitch has been miscontrued by some (very few) as being some sort of “marketing ploy” or “scam” (insert shudder here).. if anyone knows me as I think most sistahs do after the past year and a half together, you know that I am not about that.  I am about honesty and integrity..  I am so hurt by the people who think this way.  I really hope they read my message here and understand what happened.  If i needed to increase sales, TRUST me, I would not give out $15 gift certificates to 5000+ people..

I just wanted to thank those who supported me through this mini crisis and I honestly hope that you at least take advantage of this little Gifty.. honestly.  As I have stated on the boards, this stuff happens (I am sorry but I will NEVAH press that button again..LOL.. I am scared of it).. it was my BOOBOO and I stand by it 100%.

Mwah to da “glitchless” sistahs



What a day sistahs.. evah have one of those?  well I had one today 🙂

We have changed over all our rates to UPS.. we had to automate due to volume and decided to go with UPS as they offered us a great discount which we are offering directly to you sistahs.. it is 52% off published rates!  Now OVERSEAS and CANADA are an issue at the moment.. we are still speaking to UPS and we will offer another viable option as the rates are way to high!  We agree with you.  The U.S. rates are FANTAB but the others are being worked on so please please please bear with us! you will have faster shipping times, FULL trackability and lots of other benefits.. sooo if you are waiting to place an order from Canada or UK, please keep checking.. the issues should be fixed as soon as possible

 mwah! to da understanding sistahs