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Ok now back to our regularly scheduled program.

KathyRACabella coloured something up for us today.. it’s totally YUMMALISH!

Here are the supplies Kathy used on her CHRISTMASBUG RUBBER STAMP and DIE BUNDLE set!


Christmas Bug

Memento London fog

Glossy accents

Fantasia Artist premium colored pencils

Signs white gel pen

Wonderful Wednesdays with Kathy Racoosin- CHRISTMAS BUG STAMP and DIE set

Copic coloring is much faster but, I wanted to see what I could do with this beautiful and detailed stamp. I stamped the “Christmas Bug” with Memento London fog Ink. Starting at the top of my image and working my way down leaves less smudges on my project

Wonderful Wednesdays with Kathy Racoosin- CHRISTMAS BUG STAMP and DIE set

The sharper my pencil the better I can add shading. I just purchased a Kum Automatic Long Point sharpener and I love it. It probably would have been better to add the yellow halo around the lights first … I will try that next time.

Wonderful Wednesdays with Kathy Racoosin- CHRISTMAS BUG STAMP and DIE set

Taking a chance and coloring over the ornaments was probably a good choice and it saved some time.

Wonderful Wednesdays with Kathy Racoosin- CHRISTMAS BUG STAMP and DIE set

I used  a Signo Uni-Ball  white gel pen to add the ornaments back in since I covered them up. You can take a Copic marker to gingerly add color on the white gel accents. (Always test it on some scrap paper first especially if you have a different marker) I also added a white highlight with the gel pen to the lights. Then glossy accents were added to lights, ornaments, and the rims…is that what the inside of the tire is called lol.


on another note … It’s Day 16. of  “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge” if you have been watching from the side lines or if you have been on the fence now is a good time to dip your toes in and see if you like it. 🙂 We would love to have you join.


There are several ways to share what you are coloring. If you want to join a community of coloring enthusiasts I recommend our new FaceBook group or Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #thedailymarker30day. (you can also link up your coloring on my blog)

Check out my blog for more info www.thedailymarker.com

I would be delighted if you wanted to join the challenge and a big thank you to Stamping Bella for the support to the challenge and the sweet giveaway. Hugs, Kathy

https://www.facebook.com/groups/201290420294581/ (Facebook link)

https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/thedailymarker30day/ (Instagram)

https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/thedailymarker30day/ (Day 1. with more info)

Leave a comment HERE for a chance to win a $25 Gift certificate!

See you next week and a super big thanks to Stampingbella for having me this month. Hugs, Kathy



  1. Pennie Glasser says:

    I love this stamp. There is something about bringing home a tree that you just cut down.

  2. Jane says:

    Love this stamp and your colouring is absolutely stunning. Love Jane x

  3. The coloring is beautiful!

  4. D.Ann C says:

    I love the softness of the pencils and especially the coloring of the VWBug!

  5. Tricia T says:

    Great post! I am going to look up that sharpener!!

  6. Cynthia Cole says:

    Cool Christmas love bug!

  7. TEDDI says:

    I love this stamp, used to own a VW Bug, brings back so many memories. Love your choice of color. Great job.

  8. Debbie says:

    Hello! Love the SlugBug!!!

  9. Kristie says:

    Cute image! Inspired me to bring out my pencils and start using them again. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. denise i says:

    cute card… love the coloring!

  11. Woendi Levitt says:

    WOW. I have just fallen in love with your coloring. You have amazing talent!!

  12. Hello!
    And what a super cute image this stamp is. I’ve always been a fan of “the bug”. And I love the whimsical style of the Christmas tree. Your coloring is always amazing, no matter what medium you use.

  13. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    I love the effect with the pencils. Beautiful!

  14. Patty Eifert says:

    Adorable stamp and excellent coloring!!

  15. Chris Baker Cox says:

    Love Kathy! She is amazing! I hope to be as good some day. Adorable stamp, and I loved how she colored it. I love my Copics, but there is something about coloring with pencils that I just love.

  16. Pam T. says:

    Super cute and of course awesome coloring. You’re inspired me to dust off my colored pencils.

  17. Ann Kulseth says:

    What an adorable little bug … awesome Christmas stamp.

  18. Amy Cooley says:

    Love this fun little car image with the Christmas decorations! Very pretty coloring!

  19. Jana Millen says:

    I love this! So fun with the colored pencils

  20. BunnyD says:

    What a gorgeous stamp! Great idea to stamp it in the softer grey colour. Sometimes I am finding Black too jolting against the colours I’m using. I’ll try stamping with a lighter colour. Great tip Kathy!

  21. Kimb says:

    I love the way this image is colored!!! it looks amazing!!!

  22. Dee Earnshaw says:

    love the wonderful details you have achieved with these colored pencils – very inspiring:)

  23. Denise Bryant says:

    I just love this fun Christmas Bug stamp! Delightful card and awesome coloring! Thanks for sharing your coloring tips with us, Kathy!

  24. Melissa Friedrixh says:

    Beautiful coloring, love this Christmas bug stamp!

  25. Jenn MOrrill says:

    Just Luv the Bug! Merry Christmas to you!

  26. Melitta Ball says:

    I was visiting Kathy’s blog and she told me to come over and say hello! Well I have been reading many of your posts and I’m in love with your blog! Kathy, another amazing piece of art and thanks for sending me to Stamping Bella!

  27. Jeanne-Martin says:

    Such a cute stamp! Thanks for the sharpener tip!

  28. Such great coloring as always.

  29. Annie Sanchez says:

    Love Stampingbella stamps! Especially for coloring with pencils!

  30. Barb Schmidt says:

    Love this stamp.

  31. Jane Crisci says:

    Hi Kathy! Great post!

  32. Bunny says:

    Hello, Kathy. I think this is a cute card. I haven’t tried coloring with pencils. I love this image. Did you fussy cut it? If you did, you get an A+.

  33. Dolly says:

    Hello Kathy!!! Totally loving your coloring of this adorable stamp! it’s just too cute! TFS girl

  34. mary ann says:

    love the coloring with pencils, doing a lot of that this challenge. are you going to add any more to the uptown girl series?

  35. Susan says:

    So cute. Thanks for the inspiration to you and Kathy!

  36. Lynda J says:

    Awesome bug! Love this stamp set!

  37. Dot Freel says:

    Hello and wow! I saw this on Instagram and didn’t even realize it was made by the fabulous kathyracabella! Fabulous coloring!

  38. Laurie DiGregorio says:

    So glad this 30 day challenge has introduced me to Stamping Bella Stamps! The designs are just the cutest ever, and Kathy just brings them to life!!! Thanks, Kathy Rac!

  39. diane bolton says:

    beautiful stamp and coloring. thanks for the chance to win gift certificate!

  40. Debbie Smith says:

    Love the colours. Makes me want to get my pencils out again as I don’t use them enough.

  41. Susan G says:

    Kathy did a great job on the Christmasbug. I love this stamp. So reminiscent of my earlier days. Anyway, thanks to StampingBella and Kathy for the lovely stamp and finished coloring choices and final touches.

  42. Rowena M. says:

    Love this stamp!!! And Kathy you colored it so beautifully

  43. Debbie Hight says:

    HELLO!! I’m here! & I am already doing my coloring for the day 🙂

  44. Maryjo Monterosso says:

    That car and tree are adorable. Love the vibrant colors you are able to achieve with pencils.

  45. Louise Wagner says:

    Love the bug! Wonderful coloring!

  46. barbara macaskill says:

    Kathy is an amazing colorist!! I love her work and am trying to participate in the color challenge!! So fun!!! LOVE your stamps! They are so cute and easy to use!! TFS!

  47. Janet D. says:

    Thanks for all the great tips, I struggle with shading using pencils. Also I am going to get that sharpener!

  48. Cheryl says:

    Love this stamp and your coloring as usual is awesome. My sis has a VW Bug and I think of her every time I see this stamp!!!

  49. This stamp reminds me so much of my family around the holidays- yes, we would be driving down the street with a large tree hanging out of our car. Love Kathy and her coloring challenge!

  50. Hello! Love this stamp and your coloring is wonderful:)

  51. Sherry B says:

    Kathy is so awesome and so glad you are part of this hop and the 39 day challenge

  52. Oh Kathy; you do amazing coloring with ANY medium; love seeing your talent!

    Cute image; I love how you made it sooo realistic – particularly the car. As always, well done!

  53. Jan O says:

    Hello! Cute image, great colouring!

  54. Tona says:

    I always love Kathy’s work and this is no exception.

  55. Becky Partan says:

    I love the way Kathy colored the image. The colored pencils give it a softer look, which is great!

  56. Valerie Breingan says:

    Can’t go wrong with Stamping Bella,look at the amazing coloring from Kathy.Hello Stamping Bella,keep the wonderfully designed art coming.You got this.Thank you for a wonderful chance.

  57. renee milner says:

    Such a fun image — makes me smile 🙂

  58. Linda Coley says:

    HELLO! I love the coloring on this cute vw with the tree 🙂 reminds of a Christmas long ago trying to put a 10′ tree on top of a Z…ha ha what fun memories a picture can bring up 🙂

  59. Sheri K says:

    Awesome coloring from Kathy as always–I’m participating in her 30 day challenge, I’ve done several of them and it’s always a good thing. This stamp set is wonderful!

  60. Mary Holshouser says:

    Love that tree sticking out of the top of the VW.
    The coloring is fantastic.
    thanks for sharing a fun idea.

  61. Linda Tupper says:

    Hello! What a beautiful stamp. I just love it. Kathy’s coloring is so awesome.

  62. Lavonne says:

    Love your coloring, as usual, Kathy! So nice. 🙂

  63. bev p says:

    Kathy is the best! And this stamp is pretty awesome, too. And I have those pencils too and love them. I still haven’t found the perfect sharpener (sorry, Kathy, I must have missed that post!). I actually have several. Since I color all over the house, I just keep them in lots of places. I just hate stopping long enough to sharpen once I get going! Thanks to all of you!

  64. Nancy Wilcox says:

    I love the look of colored pencils.

  65. Oh I love that stamp, Kathy’s colouring is stunning too!

  66. Silvia says:

    This stamp is do funny….I looooove It. ???

  67. Donna says:

    When I open my emails I always look forward to this one.

  68. Carla Hundley says:

    Fabulous coloring
    and this stamp is
    Carla from Utah

  69. Sue LD says:

    Fabulous coloring of this cute holiday car image.

  70. Beverly Atkins says:

    I just ordered this stamp! It will be here any day. Can’t wait to see what I can do with it. Thanks for some good tips. I’ll be trying some out soon!

  71. Kulbir Kirkland says:

    Amazing coloring. Love the stamp. Thank you so much for sharing

  72. Regina says:

    Hello, Kathy!
    Looking forward to seeing your card with this stamp, you colored it beautifully and these yellow areas around the lights are adding some volume and air (if I can say so) to the scene!

  73. Hetty says:

    Oh my, that tree is so beautifully colored!
    I love the image. Can’t wait to see the finished card, Kathy.

  74. SarahC says:

    Love it all. Really cute stamp and I had a VW square back. Looked pretty pooor but always ran. Coloring on it is just wonderful and makes me think I can hear it putt along. Thanks for sharing.

  75. Jean marmo says:

    Such a cute stamp. Love the coloring.

  76. Donna Lewis says:

    Isn’t Kathy a wonder? I have just recently discovered your stamps and love what I see.

  77. Billie A says:

    This image is so cute. I like the idea of starting from the top to the bottom. I seem to just work were I am comfortable and go on from there. The pencils give a great soft look. I will have to find that pencil sharpener. The added glossy accents give a great finish. Love it.

  78. Gloria Reynolds says:

    My girlfriend drives a bright red bug and this stamp will be perfect for her Christmas card this year. Wonderful coloring!

  79. So wonderful to see Kathy on your blog with her amazing colouring skills!!!

  80. Aileen Ryan says:

    Kathy has highlighted this wonderful Christmas stamp perfectly with her amazing colouring skills. Another stamp well worth getting.

  81. Lucy Schmidt says:

    Just came from Kathy’s blog to say hello and to thank you for highlighting her work. She chose great SB stamps to feature her exquisite work. I love this!

  82. DeNel Brister says:


  83. Moz Roberts says:

    Such a wonderful stamp and beautifully colored! Brings a big smile to my face as this was our very first car we owned and we too had a Christmas tree strapped onto it one year! Thanks for the opportunity to win and a lovely warm memory!

  84. Lindarub says:

    Love the bug reminds me of one I had.

  85. Carolyn says:

    I love these stamps. I’m so glad Kathy introduced them today.

  86. Vicenta Ghylin says:

    Super cute stamp and the coloring is awesome

  87. sano says:

    Most beautiful coloring ever. I love colored pencils and need that sharpener.

  88. Trina Flynn says:

    I love the beautiful details throughout the image. The Christmas tree and the glowing of the lights came out fabulous!

  89. irene grau says:

    This stamp is ADORABLE! I’m not familiar with these pencils, but you’ve used them fabulously! Thanks to Stampin’ Bella for the giveaway!

  90. Patti G says:

    Hello!!! Love it!!

  91. Tracy Lustick says:

    Wonderful coloring and stamp , I’d love to have one of my own .

  92. Arlene D says:

    Hello! Nice coloring on a cute image!

  93. Karen P says:

    Beautiful coloring Kathy and I love the stamp.

  94. Sandra L. says:

    Gorgeous! I love this stamp and always wanted a VW Bug. You colored is beautifully and I have yet to master using colored pencils.

  95. Judy McGoodwin says:

    Love the coloring of this stamp and it is so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  96. Marlyn Rojas says:

    Hello! Great image, awesome coloring!

  97. Kathy Thisted says:

    Wonderful coloring! the whole image looks so bright and sparkly!

  98. Suzanne Keenan says:

    I really like what you did with the colored pencils. Have you used other brands of colored pencils in the past? Which do you prefer?


  99. Angela W says:

    You did a wonderful job coloring this piece with pencils, Kathy! Stamping Bella makes fabulous images!

  100. Janet Sisk says:

    Woo Hoo! I was so excited to see that I won!!! Thanks bunches.

  101. _chevron2 says:

    So lovely! And such a cute stamp!

  102. Doriane Howard says:

    Gorgeous coloring on this festive stamp. Love it : )

  103. Hi! I came over from the 30 day colouring challenge.

  104. Carey Nusbaum says:

    Beautiful coloring! Adorable card!

  105. Kim Potts says:

    I love this bug stamp so much! I just sent a link for it to my husband’s cousin. She drive a beetle bug and I know she would flip over this!

  106. Carol Austin says:

    Pretty image. Loving the pencil crayons again.

  107. Rebecca N says:

    This makes me want to start coloring everything in pencil now! I love the lights.

  108. Jude says:

    Love this and all the detail. Awesome!!!!!

  109. Claudine G. says:

    That coloring is AMAZING!!! I love the yellow glow of the lights, really adds a lot to the image.

  110. Hello, Had a heck of a time trying to figure out where to comment! But looks like I found it 🙂 Thanks!

  111. Carol H. says:

    A little yellow bug was my very first car and I just love this stamp!!!! Kathy, your coloring is just fabulous as it always is! Beautiful!

  112. Vivien Lee says:

    Love Stamping Bella stamps. I have got quite a few!

  113. Abby says:

    Great coloring!

  114. Natalie Godfrey says:

    Hello! Love the coloring you did on this car and tree.

  115. Neha Tulsyan says:

    Hello. Thank u for the giveaway

  116. Kel h says:

    Such a cute stamp and wonderful job of coloring.

  117. Hello. Cute stamp and great coloring!

  118. Cathy Johnston says:

    Hi! What fun!

  119. Love her coloring and this image is so darn cute!

  120. Diane F says:

    Hello! Love your coloring. Thanks for the “work top to bottom” tip.

  121. Anne Rifat says:

    Hello to soft colors…I know Copics are faster but oh my…this stamp is perfectly colored.

  122. Sandy Lane says:

    I;m in love with the car tree & the coloring

  123. Jennifer T says:

    Love this little bug! Amazing coloring Kathy…Too cute!

  124. Linda Carson says:

    Kathy is a coloring whiz w/pencils or Copics or you name it!!

  125. karenladd says:

    Coming over from Kathy’s blog to say hi ! Loving that color penciled tree-filled bug!! Always enjoy your stamps and trying to improve my techniques.

  126. Nancy Deffner says:

    Cute stamp and lovely coloring.

  127. Mar Navarro says:

    Amazing coloring!!! I love it!!!

  128. Awesome stamp and Kathy colored it fabulously,gorgeous color combination…hugs Željka

  129. Leanne S says:

    Fabulous coloring as always.

  130. Mary-Anne V says:

    What a fun image…awesome colouring.

  131. I LOVE your fabulous pencil colouring – it’s inspired me to pick up my pencils!

    Christine x

  132. What gorgeous colouring, as always. I am really enjoying the Daily Marker 30 Day challenge and all the lovely discoveries I am making including this lovely brand of stamps 🙂

  133. SusanME says:

    Love your coloring! I need to get me some pencils … 😀

  134. Christmas Bug is outrageous and I love Kathy’s coloring talents using it!! Simply hilarious!! LOVE it!!

  135. OMG! I have always associated stamped images with markers, but this is a great idea…using colored pencils. Beautiful, Thank you!

  136. Hello! Beautiful project with great coloring!

    Sammibug in Ohio

  137. Love this stamp, love Kathy’s blog and color challenge and her coloring is awesome.

  138. Susan Wareham says:

    Love this Image your coloring is fantastic never used those pencils before must check them out

  139. Kathy, your coloring is amazing on this car. You brought it to live! THANKS for sharing some tips with us 🙂

  140. Love this stamp set and the details are so pretty!

  141. Candy says:

    I haven’t had time to colour this great stamp yet :o(
    You have done a fantastic job with your pencil crayons!!!!

  142. Judy B says:

    What a cute stamp. I love Kathy’s coloring of it. Thanks for sharing with us .

  143. Brenda D says:

    Love the way you colored that Christmas Tree!

  144. Lilibet says:

    Fantastic colouring of a brilliant image x

  145. Dawn Y. says:

    Such a cute stamp! Kathy, it’s such fun to watch you use colored pencils! ?

  146. Jean Bullock says:

    Hi, Kathy! Dropping by to see that cute car you colored. I didn’t know about Stamping Bella, so I was glad to be directed here. Thanks!

  147. I love this! I have this stamp, and have even already stamped the image! I just have to get busy and color it up! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  148. Linnea Sundstrom says:

    I NEED to be driving that car!!

  149. nancy dempsey says:

    Cute stamp and awesome coloring, as usual!

  150. Patt H. says:

    Absolutely love what you can do with colored pencils! This little bug is awesome!

  151. indy says:

    Oh I just love how you colored that amazing image! 🙂

  152. KT Fit Kitty says:

    Such an adorable stamp! Your pencil colouring is beautiful! I haven’t heard of these pencils before so thanks for showing them!

  153. Sandy Lane says:

    love the stamp & coloring

  154. Arianna Barbara says:

    As always I love Kathy’s colournig! Congrats to Janet!

  155. Lisa says:

    Love Kathy’s colouring, whether pencils or copics, and this is such a cute stamp for colour pencils! Gorgeous!

  156. Tanya ODea says:

    Gorgeous stamp, I have this one in my collection! Stunning colouring too <3 I recently purchased my first ever pencil set so I might have to give them a go with this image 😀


  157. Rebecca Mack says:

    I’ve never used stamps before, but I LOVE everything you make! I can’t wait to get some and try on my own!

  158. Maureen Hayes says:

    Kathy told me to say hello!

  159. Teresa Doyle says:

    Oh my goodness Kathy this is too cute! It reminds me of back in the day when a Volkswagon was often used as a truck! LOL, They sure were a tough little car! haha

  160. Andrea says:

    Isn’t Kathy just absolutely amazing? And I don’t just mean her gorgeous coloring! The kindness and encouragement she spreads during this challenge is incredible!!! How she and her team for the coloring challenge manage to keep track of everything, post innumerable lovely comments on everyone’s images, organize giveaways and on top of it manage to create the most beautiful cards and videos is beyond me. 🙂

  161. Linda F says:

    Hello. That stamp is adorable. Kathy’s colouring is fabulous. That purple bug is fantastic.

  162. shartl says:

    Big trees in small cars always bring a smile to my face! I love the coloring on this and the fun image. Kathy rocks it!

  163. Ilda says:

    Hello! Love the colouring ??

  164. Milka Gubo says:

    Hello! :o) Kathy, your coloring is amazing. Love this image a lot. I like how you used white gel pen to “fix” ornaments. :o) I wish everyone wonderful day. :o)

  165. Janet I says:

    Lovely stamp and your coloring is wonderful!! Thank you stampin bella for the generous gift!!!

  166. Alicia M says:

    Just saying hi and thanks for being a part of the 30 day coloring challenge.

  167. Katie B. says:

    Such an amazing coloring job on this stamp, I love it, WOW! The idea to add the ornaments back on top of the coloring was neat too. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  168. Cathi Thorpe says:

    Hello! Coming over from Kathy Rac’s blog. I’ve had a blast coloring my Stamping Bella Christmas stamps.

  169. wonderful coloring… 🙂

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