We have decided to release our goodies tomorrow. YUP TOMORROW.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? We are having a special bellaversary day in our store on friday and I just wanted to make sure I had TIME to load everything!  so that’s what I decided.  Yup.. gonna load tomorrow.

We will also have some surprises as well so stay TOOOONED.

How HAPPY does this card make me?

always remember how BEEYOOTIFUL you are :)

always remember how BEEYOOTIFUL you are 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who WILL stay tooooned


happy bellaversary to us.. happy bellaversary to us.. HAPPY BELLAVERSARY TOOO USSSSS

happy bellaversary to us!

This Friday is our 2 year online bellaversary.. can you believe we have been together that long?? LOL.. and we still get along like sistahs?? LOL.. just kiddinK

Friday night we will have a big party on our SplitCoast forum here :).. contests and challenges will be had and some great prizes!  So will you come and celebrate? please?

So I decided since it is our bellaversary that we will have to release some stamps no?  So you will have 2 BELLAS, 2 TIDDLY’s, and 2 STELLAS! Maybe more… we shall see 🙂  There will also be an extra surprise on Friday to celebrate!


EDITED TO ADD: Couldn’t resist posting my new CHARM BRACELET stamp!  I am IN LOVE with this image.  It comes with 3 charms that you can stamp anywhere on the bracelet and 3 sentiments!  More charms to come!  This stamp is great for a girlfriend… for a loved one.. for a sweet sixteen.. YOU NAME IT!

these are using my silver baubles and brand new sassafras paper.. YUMMMOOOO!

these are using my silver baubles and brand new sassafras paper.. YUMMMOOOO!

using same paper and bonbonS

using same paper and bonbonS

Mwah to da sistahs who are as excited as I am!


Don’t think I am crazy.. LOL

And I mean it.  One person makes fun of me and that’s it.. I will never blog again.. (like that would EVAH stop me).

We had an AMAZING NICKY cardmaking party here at DA BELLA BOOOTIQUE last friday night in honor of the CUTEST sarah EVAH.. take a looky at her blog here!  Happy birthday Sarah!  Christine who owns/runs www.scraptime.ca also came along with Penny and Amanda and Diana and and and..!  We had a wonderful time laughing our heads off.. EATING our heads off and dancing OUR HEADS OFF! AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

It was almost midnight.. we were a little giddy and Sarah HAD to mention Christine’s collection.  Ummmm DO THEY KNOW ME?  DO THEY KNOW THAT I AM AN OBSSESSIVE COMPULSIVE SHOPPAH?  DO THEY KNOW THAT I LOVE WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT?  Yes.. they knew.  OHHHHHH they knew.

They were discussing Christine’s Blythe Doll Collection.. So I “says”.. WHAT”S A BLYTHE AND DO I NEED IT?  And THEY “says”.. YA you so need THEM.. Ummm THEM??? there are multiple BLYTHE thingies?  And they said YES.. they are DOLLS.. and they are sooo cute and cool and funky.

So off we went to the internet and searched them all and oohed and ahhed.. 4 GROWN women… oohing and ahhing.  COULD YOU BELIEVE?  but I really can’t help myself when it comes to dollhouses, dolls, miniatures etc.. CANNOT help myself.  THEN Christine tells me that this Blythe collection has a HUGE following!  There are outfits made and sold on ETSY, there are BLYTHE DOLL  PARTIES.. furniture etc…  The blythe doll originated in 1972 (my birth year) and were stopped in production a year after.. well 20 years later a RESURGENCE came about and here we are..the history is actually quite interesting and can be found here if anyone is as CUH-RAZY as I am.. Now some are QUITE CREEEEEEPYYYYYY.. so I was turned off for a minute.. and then Christine told me that they come in a PETITE SIZE.. and then I was sold…


Whaddya think I did on Saturday Morning?

Yes they are sitting in a cubby in front of my desk keeping me company! LOL.. would YOU WANNA SIT AND STARE AND NICKY AND RYAN ALL DAY? LOL.. just kiddinK 🙂

And YES.. I am COLLECTING THESE for my daughter when she is older :). And that is the story I am STICKING TO.

Mwah to da sistahs who likey da blythees



congratulations number 219!  (chosen by my handy dandy computer)


“Oh my word!! The new buggies are too die for cah-yute!”

Thank you sooo much for all the participation!  Michelle, if you can email me privately to collect your information that would be great and all 8 huggubuggs are yours!
Mwah to da sistahs who entered the contest


new *SHTUFF*s


Don’t forget to place a comment to win all 8 huggabugs on this post.. contest ends TOMORROW! and will announce winnah by Monday morninK.

So how have you all been? LOL.  I have been reading each and every comment and am SO THRILLED that you are loving the huggabuggs! They are PHENOM in my humble opinion and the collection will grow.. already have some in my “bank”! along with some bittyblooms 🙂

I have been VERRRY busy yesterday putting in a brand new product called SHIMMERZ paints and BLINGZ paints.  Unfortunately it was very difficult to capture the actual color online.. but trust me they are ALL spectacular :).. so sheer and light and sparkly waterbased paints.  They come in liquid form in a little container… you can use them on vellum, cardstock, flowers etc.. all you need is a paintbrush and off you go!  We LOVE them so start collecting sistahs!

I have also been .. working very closely with CHRIS from PEERLESS who has made a spectacular FELLA BLEND of peerless colors. they are such subtle and soft masculine colors.. YUMMMMMMMM and made especially and EXCLUSIVELY for us!  SO if you LOOVE Peerless watercolors, you will DEFINITELY need these to add to your collection.  A bella blend is in the works for the new year with all of MY favorite girly colors!

Also keep in mind when ordering, our new ANYTIME ANY PLACE $4.99 shipping for orders over $50! No need to enter any codes, you will automatically be offered that option

Ryan and I are going to the Toronto One of a Kind show today.. I go every year and it is SUCH an amazing show.. full of unique and wonderful items.. it’s my FAVORITE activity every year.  If I am allowed to buy anything (PLEASE RYAN??? PLEASE??) I will take pictures and share 🙂

We are also working on a WHOLE new division of stamping bella so there are a LOT of exciting things planned.. mostly to be launched early 2009.. maybe a sneak peek before then!

We are also going to be celebrating our 2 year anniversary on the 5th so stay tuned!

Also our DECEMBER CALENDAR is UP with PHENOM classes by Nicky and Dianne!

Mwah to da sistahs who love new goodieZ AND classeZ



and then EAT them.. and then LOVE them.. and then HUG them.  YUP.  Things people think, I just SAY..LOL

Welcome to Tiddly Ink’s new world of HUGGABUGGS… They are to DIE for cute and really a labor of love between Christy and I.  I LOVEY you Christy!

Christy is giving some blog candy.. some original prints of the HUGGABUGGS.. Like I said, you will need to collect them all.. and there are more to come!!

WANNA WIN ALL 8 HUGGABUGGS? Just make a little comment in the comment section and I will pick a winner by Friday!

you can find them all in Tiddly Inks’ section or what’s new.  Here’s a FABULOSO sample that the BESTEST NICKABELLA made












don’t forget to post a comment to win all 8 HUGGGGGGGGS

Mwah to da sistahs who lovey my buggies


we have been thinking and thinking and thinking

you get the picture.. LOL.  We decided at Stamping Bella to help out our sistahs all over the world and help you save wherever we can.  SOOOOOO we have developed the Anytime Anywhere $4.99 shipping for orders over $50.  Yup, you heard right.. you order any time (24/7), and we will ship anything anywhere for that one price!  Kinda like “subsidized shipping” where we share the costs.. Shipping from Canada is quite pricey but we know what everyone is going through financially and how unsteady the economy is so this is our way to help.  Free shipping will be very rare now as this constant program will replace it.  There is no time limit, no code to enter.. if your order is entered and over $50, you will have the Bella shipping special offered as an option.. choose that and we pay the rest!

We hope this helps.. especially before the holidays 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE the number $4.99


Bidniss Bidniss and mo’ BIDNISS

helllllooo my sistahs!

hope you all had a great day. We had fun at da bella’s today.. I finally had a moment to upload most of the GARTER ribbon collection which is PHENOMALICIOUS.. different widths and colours.. YUMMM!!!

I also received a very limited quantity of new nestabilities!  I have the Large Labels, small labels, labels one and labels two! Also received the nested flowers and nested birds.. YUM! you can find them all in the “what’s new” section

We have also created a new card kit.. monochromatic and beautiful.  Great for gifts!  More colors to come tomorrow

I hope you will enjoy the new goodies 🙂  We are always up to something  (we are in the midst of working on a whole new project) and stay tuned for Nov. 24th!  We will be releasing a new small line of the CUTEST stamps evah!

Mwah to da sistahs who can’t wait 🙂


Artist Trading Card album.. but you can call it A.T.C. for short

Ever have one of those “light bulb moments”.. when you look at something and then realize you can use it for a multitude of things?  I have those ALLLLL THE TIME.

here’s a little blurb about ATCs which I thought was interesting.

Artist Trading Cards (A.T.C.) are individual art miniatures which pass hand to hand. Some sources have credited M. Vänçi Stirnemann, who began trading sessions in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1997, as popularizing ATCs in the modern era, although modern ATC’s can be traced back to portrait miniatures and to a kind of business card popular with Impressionistic era artists.

Artists have produced miniatures for trade or self-promotion in many eras and places, and the current trend is thus part of this larger context. Historically there were few standard rules or guidelines to art trading cards, and many variances in sizes can be seen in older cards. The standardization in size of baseball cards is credited with creating the standardization in size for art cards. Today the only rule for these cards is their 2.5 by 3.5 inch size (64 x 89 mm), same as baseball cards and collectible card games. There are, however, certain conventions usually observed by those who make and trade these cards, such as the expectation that they be traded, not sold, and that they be created as unique works or small limited editions of prints. Artists generally sign and date the back, and may also include a title and contact information. For many, the face-to-face trading session is considered an integral part of the concept, although others find each other via the internet and trade by mail.

Artist Trading Cards are typically made on a base of card stock. However, ATCs have been created on metal, stiffened fabric, plastic, clay, glass, balsa wood, leather, embroidery canvas, acetate, heavy watercolor paper, and many other materials. The art on the cards can be done in any media: pencils, watercolors, acrylic, oil, collage, scratch board, mixed media,assemblage, digital art, calligraphy, beadwork, rubber stamps, carved soft block stamps, pen and ink, colored pencil, airbrush, pastels, and many others – anything artists use.

Another great thing about ATC’s is that you can use them as card fronts.. they are ready to layer and put on your card!

So now we get to wonderful storage.. .OMG.. you know me and storage.. we are BFFFFF”s

I LOOOVE this book… it’s called the QUEEN’s COLLECTION and I have another style as well!

but of course I bought this one for myself cuz of the colors and the attitude *winks*

This is the closed album with several of my colored "ATC's"

This is the closed album with several of my colored "ATC's"

Here it is opened to the first page and shows you all different size card fronts inserted in there

Here it is opened to the first page and shows you all different size card fronts inserted in there

What’s really great about this system is (a) it is pretty to look at.. I take it everywhere with me! Second of all, the refills are PHENOM quality.. all sewn and the reinforcements are made of muslin fabric.. PHENOM!

here's what it looks opened.. shows the refills

here's what it looks opened.. shows the refills

Another great thing about this is that you can fit full cards in there for storage, you can put your card pieces in there (I love to color so while I am watching tv I color and then I put them in the book so when I am ready to make a card, I pull what I need out!)

You can “grow” with this book and add pages.. each insert refill comes with a post.. GREAT!  I also put my receipts in here… ya know the ones I don’t wanna show anyBUDDY? LOL

here it is opened showing different sizes and a full card!

here it is opened showing different sizes and a full card!

Did I mention I love this thing???? OMG.. LOOOOVE IT.


I’m in love with a BOOK.


Mwah to da sistahs who MUST HAVE/NEED this booky


and the winner is….

I asked Ruby to choose a number from 1-263 and she chose #17 so…. Sarah Armstrong, you are DA WINNAH! Email me your info and I will send over your $50 voucher! Happy shopping!!

Another “nugget” of info is that I have not been well for the last few days.. my throat has been terrible where I can’t swallow and just feverish and plain old blechy.. I was convinced that I had strep throat.. so off I went to the clinic and if anyone knows me.. i don’t go to doctors unless I am CRAWLING on the floor..LOL.  SO the doctor looks in my throat and says.. “do you have kids”?  I say “yes”.. she says you have HAND FOOT MOUTH DISEASE!!! OMG.. isn’t that a 4 year old disease? I Ask?? she says YES and it is rare in adults.. of course ONLY ME… between my 95 year old Diverticulitis and my 4 year old HAND FOOT MOUTH disease, I am about 64 years old on paper..LOLOL.  She still took a strep swab but for now there is nothing I can do but rest (ya whatever) and rinse with this gargly stuff… I have been banned from the BOOOTIQUE for the last 2 days.. Ryan told me to STAY HOME.. can you believe?  SO here I am reading magazines and struggling as to whether I should go in or not.. I won’t I won’t don’t worry!

On another note.. We will be having a big release of a new line of stamps on Nov 24th!! THey are the CUTEST stamps evah.. I know my sistahs will totally freak out.. I actually GUARANTEE IT!

We are actually having a SCRAPBOOKING stamp launch at the boootique tomorrow from 1-4.. Light refreshments, make and takes… LOTS of FUN!! These stamps have NOT been seen before and will be “appearing” soon on the website 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who will come and join us tomorrow and YES I will be there 🙂