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2019 Holiday Release Sneak Peek Day 2

We all love the GNOMES, so they are back in full force with lots of festive fun!

There are TEN new Gnome stamps to choose from/collect, and a fantastic new sentiment set to go with them. Let’s check them out, along with all the BABELICIOUS card samples!

Gnome Sentiment Set

Here’s the gorgeous new Festive Gnome Sentiment Set you will see on many of the samples below, and throughout the previews. There are plenty of all round festive sentiments in there.

To show how beautifully these sentiments work on their own, Debrabella created this card with a simple stencilled background and one of the sentiments from the set!

Christmas Card Gnomes

How many gnomes does it take to post a Christmas card? 😉

Card Samples:

Shelabella used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment Set.

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our older HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment Set.

Sandiebella used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment Set.

Gnomes with Presents

These guys look like they are slacking, to be honest!

Card Samples:

Sandiebella used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment Set.

Shelabella used a sentiment from another new set you will see in another batch of peeks!

Debrabella used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment Set.

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our older HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Gnome with a Candy Cane

Look at him, happily strolling along! I can almost hear him whistling a festive tune. The stamp set includes some different sentiments to stamp on the tag to personalise it!

Card Samples:

AliceHuangabella used one of the sentiments from the set.

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our older HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET – the tag area is a nice size, so mix it up and use the ones in the set or add your own!

Debrabella used one of the sentiments from the set.

Sandiebella used one of the sentiments from the set.

Gnome with a Lantern

This one is just pure cosy Christmas joy.

Card Samples:

Amybella used one of the new Festive Gnome Sentiments.

Debrabella used the Festive Gnome Sentiments too.

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our older HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Sandiebella used one of the new Festive Gnome Sentiments.


Gnome with a List

Look at him…thinks he’s Santa with that beard and the hat!

Card Samples:

Sandiebella used a sentiment from another new set you will see soon!

Debrabella used a sentiment from another new set you will see soon!

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Jingle Gnomes

I don’t think images come much more festive than this one!

Card Samples:

Debrabella used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment set.

Stephabella used another of the new soon to be previewed sentiment sets!

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Sandiebella used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment set.

Milk & Cookies Gnome

You’ll see in a minute, this isn’t even the worst of the festive over-indulgence!

Card Samples

Tamibella used the new FESTIVE GNOME SENTIMENT SET.

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella used a sentiment from the Festive Gnome Sentiment Set.

Sandiebella used our MERRY SENTIMENT DIE SET.

One Sip Too Many Gnome

See what I mean? Well, at least they’ve been enjoying themselves.

Shelabella used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment Set.

Sandiebella used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment Set.

Debrabella also used the new Festive Gnome Sentiment Set.

Elaineabella used our MERRY SENTIMENT DIE SET.

The Perfect Gnome Bow

Ah, we’ve found a pair doing something useful! Look at that gorgeous bow.

Card Samples:

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Sandiebella used our FALALA SENTIMENT DIE SET.

Debrabella used a new sentiment set that you will be seeing previewed soon!

JennyDixabella’s card using the sentiment that comes in the set!

Paulabella used the sentiment that comes in the set!

Two Gnomes on a Log

And they’re off! Whizzing off as the last peek for today…

Card Samples:

Sandiebella used our new FESTIVE GNOME SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella used another sentiment set you will see very soon!

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET, and set the scene using our WINTER BACKDROP STAMP.

AliceHuangabella used one of the sentiments from the Gnome with a Candy Cane set!

Well that’s it for today sistahs!


Leave a comment on this post and we will announce two winners from each post on release day!  So please comment… let’s us know you saw this post and how much you love it 🙂 hehehe you have no choice


hope you love our gnomies as much as I do!  You can find all of them HERE.. I know there are avid gnome collectors out there.. you know who you are 😉




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  204. Denimo says:

    These are ALL so great!

  205. tina z. says:

    such incredible design!

  206. A.K. Zamudio says:

    Our Christmas tree is covered in gnomes. These guys are adorable and may have to come to live at our house, too!!

  207. Elisa says:

    I LOVE this gnome… All gnome, but… Gnome +Christmas= i want this!!!


  208. Manu says:

    The gnomes are very very nice!!! I love them all!!!

  209. Holli Esch says:

    The gnome in the wine cup I think is my fav but love them all

  210. Kimberly McField says:

    Aww, I totally love the gnomes! The card samples are amazing, too.

  211. Jennifer Turner says:

    Gnomes usually aren’t my thing, but these guys are cute

  212. Patty Q says:

    You had me at Gnome. I really love your Gnomes and I want all the Gnomes you showed in this sneak peak.

  213. Virginia says:

    Gnomes are taking over my craft room, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Love the sentiments that go with these!

  214. Christine M says:

    I doooo loooove gnomes. I think I just fall in love with 9 of them. They are so Sweet and funny. Love them all them all the way ????????????????????

  215. kathy Tanner says:

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  216. Crafty Natalie says:

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    These are getting cuter each day -I love the gnomes 🙂

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