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2019 Holiday Release Sneak Peek Day 1

Hiya sistahs and welcome to our HOLIDAY/WINTER release!  I hope you love it as much as I do.  We are introducing new characters, new themes and new fun images!  I am so excited for this release and I hope you are too!

Meet our amazing new YETI! We hope you love him as much as we all do, with all his adorably abominable antics! Or is that abominably adorable? Either way!  He’s clumsy.. he’s a bit naughty and goofy… and a bit

There are NINE Yeti stamps to choose from/collect, and a fantastic new sentiment set to go with them. Let’s check them out, along with all the BABELICIOUS card samples!

Yeti Sentiment Set

You will see these on many of the samples below, and on other cards throughout the preview days. There are some yeti specific sentiments, and others that are more general!

A Gift From a Yeti

This one is a great multi-purpose image – perfect for year round birthday yeti fun as well as Christmas. We’ve included a fun birthday sentiment to get you going!

Card Samples:

Shelabella has used one of the sentiments from the new Yeti Sentiment Set

Both Elaineabella and Debrabella have used a sentiment from another new set that will be revealed soon!

AliceHuangabella used one of the sentiments that comes with Yeti!

Sneaky Yeti

How cosy and festive is this little scene?

Card Samples:

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our older but still amazing HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella used one of the new sentiments from the Yeti Sentiment Set.

Sandiebella used one of the new sentiments from the Yeti Sentiment Set.

AliceHuangabella used one of the new sentiments from the Yeti Sentiment Set.

Tangled Yeti

You’ll see over the next few stamps that our yeti is prone to getting himself into trouble! I think he’s been taking some tips from the Cool Chicks.

Card Samples:

Sandiebella used one of the new sentiments from the Yeti Sentiment Set.

Debrabella used a sentiment from another new set that you will be seeing in full very soon!


Elaineabella used a sentiment from our new Yeti Sentiment Set.

What Did Yeti Do?

See? He means well, but what a mess. As if the elves don’t have enough to do! 😉

Card Samples:

JennyDixabella used one of the sentiments from our new Yeti Sentiment Set.

Elaineabella also used the new Yeti Sentiment Set.

Debrabella used one of the other new sentiment sets, watch out for this one soon!

Yeti and Santa

Could this be any cuter? Teeny tiny Santa and the yeti. I can’t…

Card Samples:

Tamibella used our new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella used our new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Sandiebella used one of the new sentiments from the YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Elaineabella added a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Yeti on a Prezzie

There he goes again! Presents all nicely wrapped and arranged, then here comes Yeti.

Card Samples:

Elaineabella used the new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

JennyDixabella used the new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella used the new YETI SENTIMENT SET

Sandiebella used a sentiment that comes with Yeti!

Paulabella used a sentiment from the new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Yeti’s Loot

Careful Yeti! Those presents are packed ready to go, they aren’t for you!

Card Samples:

Debrabella used another new sentiment set you’ll be seeing soon.

Sandiebella used the new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Elaineabella used the YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Fayeabella used a sentiment from the YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Tamibella used our new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Yeti Sneaks a Cookie

He’s a Christmas menace! An adorable one, but still… Those bulging cheeks though – can you even?

Card Samples:

Stephabella used the new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Elaineabella used the new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella used another of the new sentiment sets, which is being previewed soon!

Sandiebella used the new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Yeti with a Star on Top

Last but absolutely not least. This one is so sweet and sentimental, while being a little bit humorous too.

Card Samples:

Amybella used the new YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella added a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Elaineabella’s card.

Sandiebella used one of the new sentiments from the YETI SENTIMENT SET.

Is this INSPIRATION OVERLOAD? LOL. I don’t even think that is possible is it?  We hope you enjoyed today’s sneak peek and our TORTUREPALOOZA.. there is more torture coming your way tomorrow ! bwahahahaha


Leave a comment on this post and we will announce two winners from each post on release day!  So please comment… let’s us know you saw this post and how much you love it 🙂 hehehe you have no choice





  1. Natasha says:

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  2. Jill says:

    OMG SQWEEEEE cannot wait to see the rest! It’s gonna be a LONG week!

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    He’s so cute! Can’t wait for Friday! I have been a huge fan of Stamping Bella for so long.!

  4. Tammy Sorrell says:

    I cannot wait for the 20th. I want so many of these new stamps! I simply adore any with the yeti.

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  6. Kim Mordang says:

    These stamps are soooo cute!!!

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  8. Andre M. says:

    Fab start to this launch, the designers have shared so many wonderful ideas for using these new sets!

  9. DebbieS says:

    OMG Yeti is soo cute I cannot wait until Friday 🙂

  10. SarahC says:

    Very cute stamps. Don’t know if I’m yeti for them, but they are adorable.

  11. Donna Cannon says:

    You guys are the best! Love these new images!

  12. Makalah says:

    That yeti is so cute and all those colorful scenes the DT came up with are amazing!

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  14. Wendy Peterson says:

    OMG I love every one. I am so much trouble AGAIN!!!

  15. Linda says:

    Omg his little facial expressions are so cute!! You did it yeti again!!!

  16. Debbie says:

    Great start to your Christmas release, can’t wait to see the rest. Your DT did an awesome job showcasing the sets.

  17. Kim Swenson says:

    The Yeti’s are beyond adorable!! Beautiful job design team! ?

  18. Tina says:

    Oh my cuteness, I especially love the Tangled yeti and the Yeti’s loot!

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  22. Shaunery says:

    Seriously!!!! OMG these are too freakin cute! 100% adorns! I was missing to myself that I haven’t played with my SB in a while and thought I’d troll for inspiration. I’m so ready to play and can’t wait to get my hands on a Yeti!!

  23. Jennifer Scull says:

    I am in love with your precious Yeti!!!! Oh my goodness, is he ever adorable, in every stamp set!!! 🙂 Santa, please add these to my stocking!

  24. Nancee Purdum says:

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  26. Susan G says:

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    I don’t know which Yeti stamp I like the best–they are all so adorable! I think Sneaky Yeti and Yeti and Santa are so cute, and Yeti on a Prezzie,Tangled Yeti and What Did Yeti Do are hilarious! This collection is a lot of fun! 😀

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    And I just adore that little cottage!

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    Thanks for the chance to win! ?

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    Fabulous stamp set and the sentiments are great too. Xx

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    OMG!!! Are so cute!!! I love all!!!

  207. Cynthia Johnson says:

    I didn’t know how much I liked Yetis! These are just the cutest things!

  208. Holli Esch says:

    I love all of the yeti stamps so cute!

  209. Patty Q says:

    Oh Yeti yes, I want them all.

  210. Virginia says:

    I’d never thought of Yeti’s for a card, now I can’t stop thinking about them!

  211. Christine says:

    How What an AMAZING team. So pretty cards made. I found this post link via Amy. Im a big fan of her and that took me to rhis blog post

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