Hiya sistahs,

Just a public service announcement from MOI LOL.  We just got in a limited amount of a necessary tool for your toolbox.  Sigh.  I love the image of a toolbox.. with all our goodies in it.. our treasures.. things we turn to every day when we are crafting.  Our arsenal.  I have so many things I need by me when I stamp and journal and now that we are producing dies, I thought  I would add this into our toolbox (there’s that yummy word again)

We are offering our “CUT IT OUT” snips which you can find HERE 

nothing fancy but SO useful 🙂


These “SNIPPERS” are perfect for those of you who buy our “CUT IT OUT” dies or for any other die collections you may purchase where all the pieces come attached to eachother.  Instead of bending, scratching and possibly damaging the dies, you simply use these snips to clip them off and get rid of any rough edges!  BRILLIANT n’est ce pas?  I think so.

So if you are a “cut it out” type of sistah.. you need these “cut it out”  typa snippers 🙂

Just sayin’

Would love to know what you NEED to have in your Toolbox 🙂  Leave a comment below!


see you tomorrow for Bellarific Friday