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2019 Holiday Release Sneak Peek Day 3

Meet our amazing new BUNDLE GIRL character! She’s so sweet and sentimental, and she brings friends! There are winter/Christmas themed stamps as well as some gorgeous Fall themed images.

There are ELEVEN Bundle Girl stamps to choose from/collect, and we have another fantastic new Christmas sentiment set to share with you. Let’s check them all out, along with all the BABELICIOUS card samples! We’ll take a look at the Fall/Halloween stuff first, then on to some incredible winter magic.

Christmas Sentiment Set

You will see these on many of the samples below, and on other cards throughout the preview days. You will get so much use out of all of the new sets.

Debrabella has created a simple card with a background stencil to show how well these sentiments stand alone!

Bundle Girl at the Pumpkin Patch

This gives me all of the cosy autumn vibes!

Card Samples:

Elaineabella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

Tamibella’s card.

Debrabella also used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

Sandiebella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

Bundle Girl in a Pile of Leaves

I want to wrap up JUST LIKE THIS.

Card Samples:

AliceHuangabella’s card.

Sandiebella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET and the FALL BACKDROP STAMP.

Debrabella used a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.


Bundle Girl on a Turkey

I absolutely CANNOT with this one – it’s too cute.

Card Samples:

Elaineabella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella also used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

Sandiebella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

JennyDixabella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.


Caramel Apple Bundle Girl

So many autumn feels and memories coming up with this one! I can almost taste that apple.

Card Samples:

Debrabella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

Shelabella used the awesome sentiment that comes with APPLE CIDER ODDBALL.

Elaineabella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

AliceHuangabella’s card.

Crystal Ball Bundle Girl

We’re getting a little spookalicious now! Not too spooky though – she’s far too cute to spook. The cat though – with his own little crystal ball…

Card Samples:

Elaineabella’s card.

Sandiebella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET

Debrabella used our DRAGON SENTIMENT SET.

JennyDixabella used our new FESTIVE GNOME SENTIMENT SET.

Grim Reaper Bundle Girl

Can you even? Look at her trying to be scary.

Card Samples:

Debrabella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

Sandiebella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET

Elaineabella also used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

and JennyDIXabella’s card

On to the festive magic, and oh boy is there some magic coming!

Bundle Girl Skater with Penguins

How is your cute-o-meter doing? Is it in the red zone yet? No? Hang tight, we’re going to blow it!

Card Samples:

Shelabella used a sentiment from the new YETI SENTIMENT SET (See Peek Day 1)

Amybella used a sentiment from another set you will see tomorrow!

Sandiebella also used a sentiment from a set you will see previewed tomorrow!

Debrabella also used our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Elaineabella used our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Tamibella used our new FESTIVE GNOME SENTIMENT SET.

Bundle Girl with a Penguin

One of the penguins is tagging along for the ride. How cute? Can we also appreciate the adorableness of Bundle Girl’s little upturned nose?

Card Samples:

Debrabella used our FALL SENTIMENT SET.

Elaineabella used our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Shelabella used our new GNOME SENTIMENT SET (see Peek Day 2)

Amybella used our new Christmas Sentiment Set!

Christineabella’s card.

Paulabella used our new CHRISTMAS SENTIMENT SET.

Bundle Girl with a Polar Bear

I almost can’t breathe, this one is so sweet.

Card Samples:

Elaineabella used our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.


Shelabella used our new Christmas Sentiment Set.

Amybella used our new GNOME SENTIMENT SET.

Debrabella used our new Christmas Sentiment Set.

and Paulabella’s card using our Bundle Girl and Polar Bear

Bundle Girl with a Reindeer

That reindeer… So magical!

Card Samples:

Shelabella used our new GNOME SENTIMENT SET.

Tamibella’s card.

Debrabella used the new sentiment set you will see tomorrow!

Elaineabella added our CHRISTMAS TREE SILHOUETTES to help set the scene!

Sandiebella used our new CHRISTMAS SENTIMENT SET.

Paulabella’s card.


Bundle Girl Wrapped in a Polar Bear

This one is a heart stopper. So sweet it almost hurts!

Card Samples:

Amybella used our new Christmas Sentiment Set.

Debrabella also used our new Christmas Sentiment Set.

Elaineabella used our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET.

Shelabella also used our new Christmas Sentiment Set.

I think I need my own personal Polar bear who will hug me every day and make me feel warm and cozy.. Everyone needs one.  And that BUNDLE GIRL?  I can’t even she is irresistable and delish.  I just love her.

Hope you love this release as much as I do … take your time.. look through them all and I hope it brings up some memories from your childhood or just some good feels 🙂



Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post AND ALL OTHERS for this release and you have a chance to win a $25 gift cert to the shop.  2 random winners per post will be chosen and announced on FRIDAY!




  1. Natasha says:

    Arghhhh these are just so gorgeous!!! How are we meant to choose just a couple????

  2. Sandra Starkey says:

    Once again, each one is cuter than the one before. I will have a hard time choosing which ones I want to purchase. Maybe I will have to purchase them all ????

  3. Sharon Brand says:

    WOW! These are super, super cute and adorable!
    My favourites are the winter ones!

  4. Andrea Hastilow says:

    Another fabulous set of stamps, adoring the gorgeously cute from reeper, must buy this one for sure xxx

  5. Denise Kinsley says:

    These are so sweet! It will be difficult to choose. I love seeing the range of designs possible with a single stamp.

  6. Sue D says:

    These bundle girls are adorable–especially the one with the pumpkin and the leaves.

  7. Sue says:

    Bundle Girl is just scrumptious and Bundle Girl wrapped in Polar Bear and Bundle Girl with a Reindeer have broken my heart! You are all total geniuses! BIG MWAH THANK YOU…xxx <3

  8. Helen F says:

    These super new stamps just keep coming! I love the wonderful Christmas sentiments! My favourite images are the reindeer and little girls. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Louise Wagner says:

    That Bundle Girl is fabulous! Her and the reindeer melts my heart.

  10. Meagan E Vaughn says:

    Everyday just keeps getting better! I love the little grim reaper one and the penguins just make me smile

  11. Pauletta says:

    OMG! Another collection I have to start! Cutest one ever! I am loving this release!

  12. Susan Dube says:

    Oh my, they just keep getting cuter and cuter! How will I ever decide what to get? Maybe just all of them! So sweet and great projects!

  13. Kim S says:

    These are gorgeous! The Moose is adorable. Beautiful job design team! ?

  14. Janet says:

    WOW how adorable are they! It will hard to choose when they come out of peeking.?? Love them All!!

  15. Jillian Norwood says:

    I am in love!!! There is something so sweet about these images from the never-ending scarf to her paired with the polar bear and more. And that caramel apple!!!!! Oh my these are soooo charming! I want them all! Lol!!! Wonderful cards all! And to the illustrator(s) of all these releases- Thank you for making such sweet and beautiful and fun images for me to create with!

  16. Carol R says:

    All these stamps are so CUTE! Love how they have been displayed in the examples.

  17. Casey says:

    Oh my gosh!!! This release is HUGE!!!!! And EVERYTHING is so ADORABLE!!!! It’s going to cost an arm AND a leg because I HAVE TO HAVE almost ALL OF IT!!!!!!!

  18. Leanne says:

    Punpkins, penguins, cute bundled up little girls and boys, polar bears…this release just keeps getting better and better!!

  19. JoAnne Dillard says:

    Oh my gracious I am so in love with these stamps. I can’t even decide which one is the best. I guess that means I have to buy several.

  20. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    Amazing! I love and need them all, this release is going to put my finances in trouble.

  21. Sharron Gregory says:

    Goodness, love every one of these! Don’t know how I will decide what I can order!!

  22. chicagoann13 says:

    I love that little cutie and her friends. I wanted to be her in all the cards. The stamps keep getting better and better. You guys are killin’ me! What a way to go 😀


    The Bundle Girl is so cute, sweet and a perfect addition to the Stampingbella family. She’s on my ‘gotta have’ list!

  24. Dawn Sullivan-Relling says:

    Clearly you guys are hell bent on taking every cent I have! Gah! The cuteness!

  25. Susan G says:

    Bundle Girl is soooo very sweet. Love all the charming sets. The design team samples are, as always, amazing and inspiring. Of course, I want them all. Thanks so much.

  26. Wendy Peterson says:

    Ok I absolutely love this Bundle Girl. I am going to need a 2nd job for Friday unless there is a really good sale. LOL

  27. Mar N says:

    This bear is completely amazing!!!

  28. LindsayB says:

    Sooooo many cute ones! Can’t wait to get coloring these little guys! Love them!

  29. Joyce Lee says:

    so so so CUTE i can’t stand It!

  30. Denise I says:

    love the little bundle girl! she is sooooo sweet!

  31. Jane Crisci says:

    I love Bundle Girl!!! She is so sweet!

  32. Sandy says:

    LOVE the reindeer! And the polar bear! They are all so cute!

  33. rachel duong says:

    OMG this was the day I was waiting for! I love them all and the Bundle Girl is too much to handle. I couldn’t pick a favorite and the animals paired with her are perfect!!!

  34. Cynthia Cole says:

    There are just so many cute new images and I love them all!

  35. Mary says:

    Oh Stamping Bella! You have THE BEST stamps… I love all of them but will have to make some difficult choices tomorrow. #stampersstruggles

  36. Denise Byrnes says:

    These set of stamps are so heart warming. GREAT JOB!!

  37. Carole Sheridan says:

    They are all so cute! How can I choose?!!!

  38. Lois says:

    I LOVE the polar bear snuggle, my grandson calls polar bears “spirit bears” so this is a must have. Love it!

  39. Lisa Trickett says:

    This is a big release. I’m just in awww.

  40. Tina Goodwin says:

    Once againI am in awe. The design team has done an amazing job showcasing the new stamps.

  41. Fabbie Castaneda-Razo says:

    This release is so SWEET and TENDER! And the images are gorgeous, and all the designers have hit it out of the park with such beautiful samples. Love it!!!

  42. NGCARDS says:

    Another fantastic preview, I love them all I can’t even pick a favourite! xxx

  43. Linda says:

    Your releases never disappoint!!! So cute, so perfect for any holiday card! Love this little bundled gal.

  44. Renee Thompson says:

    Bundle Girl in a pile of leaves, today’s fave!

  45. Trish Cordell says:

    I want them ALL! Every single one! Here’s my paycheck. haha

  46. Sandy W says:

    Love, love, love these Bundle Girls. Think I like them more than the gnomes…. but its a hard decision.

  47. DebbieS says:

    Loving these more each day – these are so cute and full of love 🙂

  48. Cindi Flass says:

    The bundle girls are soooo adorable! I want them all!

  49. Pamela Munafo says: these!

  50. Jennifer Scull says:

    such adorable fall and winter cuties! wonderful projects made by your designers, too. 🙂

  51. Renee Storch says:

    The bundle girls are so adorable!!! I’m loving this new release!!

  52. Annette Connelly says:

    These girls are adorable. I love the one all snuggled up like an Eskimo! That’s me as soon as it starts to get cooler weather!

  53. Johanne White says:

    Oh my gracious I am so in love with everyone of these stamps. It’s just impossible to even decide which one is the best. My poor bank balance ?.

  54. Debi Berk says:

    Wow! love it! These Christmas stamps are sure to put me in the Christmas spirit!. Love the bear!!!!

  55. Denise Bryant says:

    These are all just adorable! Fab new images, and spectacular cards to show them off!

  56. Lenore Bamberger says:

    Oh my, huge fan of today’s peek. Love the giant hat. Between these and the yeti, I don’t think I’m going to have much extra cash for other vendors. You guys rock.

  57. Mary Anderson says:

    The bundle girl is adorable!

  58. Teri says:

    So many *needed* stamps. The polar bear! Love it.

  59. Cindy Major says:

    That new little girl is very sweet. Some great images – love the bear hug! The samples are gorgeous, as always – I’m very impressed with the stampers that did the knit texture. Wow!

  60. Debra Jacox says:

    So far, today is my favorite sneak peek. I’m in BIIIGGGG trouble!

  61. Chris S says:

    These are super cute!

  62. Ally S says:

    The two Bundle Girl stamps with penguins are just too cute!

  63. Brenda Peterson says:

    These are just adorable!

  64. Judy A says:

    The stamps are adorable and the samples are gorgeous! Going to be a struggle to choose?

  65. Robin C says:

    You have outdone yourself once again. These are all absolutely adorable! I want them all.

  66. Sherry W says:

    Oh, my. Too hard to choose! I love all of the different scenes and palettes used to get such different looks. What inspiration!

  67. Susan B says:

    Cute, Cute, Cute!!! All the card samples are amazing!

  68. Heidi says:

    What a great selection of winter and fall images – I especially love the Fall/Halloween images. Halloween is my favorite!

  69. Nancy Leach says:

    Well finally…there is 1 I probably won’t add to my SB collection…the Grim Reaper. Day 3 of sneak peeks…what’s that about 30+/-? So…one. Incredible release!??????

  70. Kerri s Boucher says:

    ok I am in love with them oh man there goes my budget!! Great job by the dt team as well

  71. Mary Yorde says:

    These are adorable & I can’t wait for this release!

  72. ~steph~ says:

    Oh my gosh, so many gorgeous samples!! I just adore all the little bundled up cuties, there goes my paycheck, lol!

  73. Ana del Rio Aguilar says:

    OMG!!! That little witch just stole my heart!!!!

  74. Rosy Newlun says:

    That little bundle girl it’s going to make us go broke. My husband does not know this yet.

  75. ionabunny says:

    Bundle girl is so cute. Really love the christmas ones. Penguins, Polar bears and reindeer are awesome companions for her. Hugz

  76. Julie Cochran says:

    OMG! Sugar overload! So sweet! And the witch? How can I possibly choose and it’s only Day 3?

  77. Nancy J Burdge says:

    Your stamp sets are so cute that I don’t know what to choose!

  78. Ann says:

    Wow, wow and thrice wow. They are all so Bella beautiful.

  79. Kim F says:

    How do you do it? Such super sweet images. And you are right the polar bear hugging the girl is a tear jerker. If only we could come together and save the polar bears and all the other Endangered and threatened animals.

  80. Bette says:

    Beautiful stamps. I’m in love with the tiny penguins having fun with their girl.

  81. Andre M. says:

    Oh my, what a cutie, and so many options. Bundle Girl is a sure winner!

  82. Sara Smith says:

    Cuteness overload!

  83. Lisa Wiley says:

    So, so cute! Your design team is knocking it out of the park!

  84. Michelle says:

    Darling stamps I especially love Bundle Girl Skater with Penguins and Bundle Girl with Reindeer.

  85. Christi says:

    Om Goodness! I love this precious little bundle of a girl! She is just darling! I was on card envy overload looking at these gorgeous cards! There isn’t one I didn’t like! The polar bear is just too handsome! I will have to add these to my wish list!!! Hubby has been in critical care for over 3 months and off work so finances are tight so my wish list keep growing and growing! LOL Keep up the wonderful work!

  86. Judy K says:

    Pure Love seeing all of these! Especially love the reindeer and bear ones. Oh My! How do we choose 🙂 Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration from all these beautiful card creations!!

  87. Donna Cannon says:

    Love these images – Such a great release for 2019!

  88. Tina says:

    So so adorable, favorites are the sentiment set, skater girl with penguins, the reindeer and cradled by that cute polar bear. Eeeek, can’t wait!

  89. Rebecca P says:

    Love, Love, Love the Bundle Girl….

  90. Lorraine S says:

    The Bundle Girl is absolutely the BEST! She is so cute, one will not do! I need them all.

  91. Elizabeth says:

    that polar bear snuggling is just the cutest thing ever !!! I love it xxx

  92. Avra N Williams says:

    Adorable holiday images!

  93. Victoria Banaszak says:

    These are the most adorable stamps ever! I love this little girl! She reminds me of when I was a child and my mom would bundle me up and send me outside.

  94. kate zortman says:

    so warm and sweet.

  95. Tina Lewis says:

    I love her with the reindeer! Oh and the ones with the polar bear! Oh and the penguins!!!

  96. Mary M says:

    Oh my goodness! How cute! I am going to have a hard time choosing which to buy!

  97. Bunnie H says:

    Oh my gosh, these are all SO adorable and I do have to say that the samples are absolutely super!! I love them all! I am thinking that a few of these little Bundle Girls might match up with some of the Tiny Townies that I already have… hmmm…

  98. Janice E Bryant says:

    Oh how wonderful! Love the snugglebear the best! Oooh my poor budget!! LOL

  99. Gilda says:

    The new images are adorable. Love the moose and turkey.

  100. Angela Walters says:

    So many cute new stamps!!! Great job on all the samples by the design team, too!

  101. Diana Banash says:

    This is it! It just can’t possibly get better than this. Best Holiday release ever!!

  102. sonia s says:

    The precious bundle girl and reindeer are just adorable. These are super sweet stamps. each day is more exciting than the previous day. My list of stamps keeps getting longer.

  103. Jo McCausland says:

    Bundle Girl and all her friends are just too cute. Maybe Santa could visit me a few months early. I promise I’ve been good. X

  104. Heike says:

    Lots of cuteness in here. Really like the Grim Reaper and the wrapped in a polar bear sets, too cute.

  105. Teresa Godines #6857 says:

    OMG!!! That bear is super sweet. He will need to come home with me.

  106. JOIE says:

    My goodness….so many goodies to choose from ! Love it 🙂

  107. Cynthia Johnson says:

    Wow! I want every single one of these stamps! How am I going to choose?

  108. Elida Cuellar says:

    My goodness these are all beautiful. If I go bankrupt is your fault ??.

  109. Lynda J says:

    Love the bear and reindeer!!!!

  110. Nancy Aubrey says:

    My fave so far. I want to snuggle with that polar bear too.

  111. Peggy Ridley says:

    Cant wait to get these too!

  112. Meghan Kennihan says:

    I JUST LOVE the little bundle girl! I want to squeeze her!

  113. Cheryl says:

    Love the reindeer!

  114. Sonya van Stee says:

    Oh my word! How on earth is one supposed to pick a favourite? They’re all soooooo cute! Beautifully demonstrated by the team, as usual.

  115. Angela Brown says:

    She is so sweet! Especially love her paired with an animal!

  116. Faith A Robeson says:

    Omgoodness that reindeer is beyond cute

  117. terri says:

    Oh my goodness..cuteness overload on these little ones.. love them

  118. Janet Durbin says: are amazing! Love Bundle Girl with Penguin!

  119. Dawn Jones says:

    These bundle kids are so cute. I loved the reindeer, but the polar bear is awesome!

  120. Sara Herzog says:

    Again! LOVE THEM!!

  121. Shaunery says:

    OH OH OH!! Now HOW can i choose??? I’m so in love with ALL of these!

  122. Bunny says:

    They are all so cute but I do have a few favorites. Great inspiration.

  123. Claudia Gassett says:

    It is going to be soooo hard to choose from this awesome release!

  124. Claudia Gassett says:

    what an awesome release!

  125. Bernice says:

    So adorable!! Can’t wait to order some soon.

  126. Nancy says:

    Love Love Love they are all adorable not sure what to choose first when I order.

  127. Lara P says:

    These are simply precious. What an amazing release and there is still one more day. Sigh! I want everything so far. Just take my checkbook.

  128. David Cochran says:

    Great ideas just in time for the fall and winter holidays.

  129. Frederica Bond says:

    I just have to have those Christmas sentiments!!! And Bundle Girl adorable!!!

  130. KristiS says:

    I am really enjoying these bundles.

  131. Heather I says:

    Love the reindeer stamp & Christmas sayings set!

  132. Jes says:

    Your artists are amazing! Love the coloring.

  133. Tara M. says:

    How could one not possibly love this wee character and her friends??!! Hoping to add her to my collection too.

  134. Christine Jannetto says:

    I’ve FALLen in love with these gorgeous Fall stamps!

  135. Makalah says:

    Excuse me, I would like to snuggle a bear and a reindeer too!? It would make me feel itty bitty and cute!

  136. Eulanda Silvey says:

    I have to be honest. This little girl reminds me of me! Hee hee. Just a bundle! Again outstanding images and amazing makes from the DT! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW! just sayin ???

  137. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Oh my gosh, I love them all! The cards are so beautiful! My favorites have yellow in them but I love them all. The tiny bundle girl is me! I’m child sized or as the saying says “I’m not short, I’m fun sized.” That would be bundle girl. I need a bear like that to keep me warm & cozy!
    Love it all!

  138. Starqueen says:

    Oh my! I think I’m now a Bundle Girl…they are just adorable! My fave is the Girl with the Crystal Ball…with that sweet clairvoyant kitty! L?VE!!

  139. Cecila Castro says:

    I cannot decide which is my favorite! They are all so cute.

  140. Kristine says:

    This release is amazing. I am in awe!!!

  141. Carisa says:

    I friggen love bundle girl! She is the perfect new addition to your line of stamps!

  142. Steph K says:

    So cute!!! Loving the polar bear.

  143. Diane T. says:

    These bundle girl cards are so cute! Love them all! A great release!

  144. Michele says:

    Want! Such a precious group of stamps!

  145. Deb Heinritz says:

    They are all adorable!

  146. Linda says:

    Adorbs! Just love this whole line 🙂

  147. Tia Barker says:

    These are adorable

  148. Sue says:

    OMG I don’t think I’ve seen anything sooooo darn cute in ages! I just LOVE them. Fab cards DT’s

  149. Christine Dol says:

    OH MY GOODNESS…I want them all! Oh how I love these Emily!!!!!

  150. Jackie S says:

    I don’t know if I could choose which Bundle Girl I love the most. All are so sweet

  151. Elizabeth L says:

    I love them all it will be hard to pick just a couple. But I think the Bundle Girl wit the penguin is at the top of the list.

  152. Janet Labadie says:

    These cards are absolutely stunning. I can’t pick a favourite!

  153. Frederica Bond says:

    Amazing! So much cuteness!!! I love it all! Fabulous job on this release!!!

  154. Grandma Bonnie says:

    Yep, this is my favorite day. I decided to plant a money tree (a couple of them) in the backyard because there are so many stamps i love.

  155. Cindy G says:

    First – I love love love – the “have a pefectly imperfect Christmas!” – letting you know to just “let it happen”. Beautiful idea. With the images, I thought I liked the snowball best then there was the penguin, then the other penguin, and the polar bear. And on and on, Oh my – I may need to go back to work…

  156. Emma H says:

    Adorable, love the reindeer and polar bear particularly. Wonderful cards

  157. CaroluHensel says:

    I just want to hug this little kid in a hoodie. Such cute expressions!

  158. Teresa Pires says:

    What an adorable release – love them all, will be hard to choose which to get first.

  159. Sandy C. says:

    Good gracious!!!!! You had me at polar bear!!!!! I keep hoping you will introduce at least ONE thing I don’t absolutely need ,but NO!!!!! You are killing me!!!! Well, my stamping budget anyway. Who needs a budget!!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Take care ??

  160. Lori Brown says:

    This has to be my favorite Stampingbella release EVAH!!! Each day I keep hoping that I don’t have to add another stamp to my wish list….”no such luck” says the stamping budget. Love them all!! Luv, Pinky

  161. Diana Fisher says:

    Wow! That bear is the best! Love this!

  162. Maja says:

    Love, love, love them ALL!

  163. Eileen M says:

    Oh, my, oh my! Absolutely adorable stamps. The polar bear ones are just amazing.

  164. tina z. says:

    soooo beautiful!

  165. Denimo says:

    All bundled up!

  166. A.K. Zamudio says:

    These bellas are amazing – they make me want to cuddle up and stamp. And lovin’ that penguin!!!!

  167. Elisa says:

    This collection Is super!!! All in my Wish list.

  168. Manu says:

    OMG!!! Are so lovely!!! So sweet!!!

  169. Holli Esch says:

    Love all of these stamp sets.

  170. Kimberly McField says:

    Bundle Girl is adorable and I LOVE HER! I especially love the images with the reindeer.

  171. Jennifer Turner says:

    Love the animal stamps.

  172. Lori Morency says:

    I’m in love with all of bundle girl’s encounters with wildlife!!! I thought the penguin was my fav, then came the polar bear, and by the time she got to the reindeer, My heart was melted!!!

  173. Patty Q says:

    Small girl, big pumpkin, too cute. All the bundle girls with the wildlife are also very cute.

  174. Virginia says:

    I so love the little acorn stamps! Fall has arrived!

  175. Christine says:

    I love the new collection here. So many lovely stamp Big wow for all the inspiration from all the designer. Im so deeply impressed

  176. Christine M says:

    Best release day ever. Its just all about Christmas. They got it all. Thank you so much ??

  177. kathy Tanner says:

    WOW! I especially love Girl with a Penguin and Girl with a Reindeer 🙂

  178. Georgia says:

    Today’s stamps are all so cute, I can’t choose a favorite — I guess they are ALL my favorite! LOL!

  179. S Lee says:

    Another FABULOUS reveal. Loving all the new stamps and the cards are such great inspiration. The wish list is definitely getting longer!! 😉

  180. Linda says:

    This release is just too sweet???

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