Card Samples

so who is this masked woman?

Christie Ortman that is!  I don’t know how I found Christie, but I think, actually, she found me (we are not affiliated in any way, just new friends)!  If you really want to know who she is, I can tell you.. she is a mother of 4 boys with LOTS of time on her hands (not–LOL!).. she has designed the Stamping Bella Gallery the way it should be.. except it is in the wrong place!  It is on HER blog/website and NOT MINE! LOLOL.  My gallery is still under construction, OK?????? really!!! I SWEAR!!!!  Christie and I firmly believe in the PAY IT FORWARD theory (rent it, buy it, I don’t care, just watch it! with Kevin Spacey)… Since that movie, I have always tried to follow that philosophy.. helping one person in such a little way can really snowball into an effect of kindness that is unbelievable.. so please SISTAHS.. always pay it a little forward.. let’s see how far we can get!

Ok, yet again , I DIGRESS.  Christie has developed a new ‘sensation’.. a card in a box.  She is investing her artistic abilities and giving it to you in a box.  What’s a box, you ask?  Basically, you can read up on it on her blog/website.  She has created a new business called Paper Pretties (Is that NOT a spectacular name?) and what she does is designs a card (you have all seen samples of her work on her blog.. if not RUNNNNNN, GO SEEEEEE), and supplies you with all materials (see her website for exceptions) to reproduce this card 6 times!  Now I know PLENTY of people who need this inspiration and knowing and seeing the quality of her work, I think you will likey!

So all of you, sign up for her membership, get the boxes, make the cards, buy more stamps, have a smile on your face, enjoy, relax, and ALWAYS remain a sistah.


Love to all



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