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YA I caved

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Ok, those who are just tuning in, you will probably think you arrived at the wrong page.  Unfortunately you haven’t.  Read a coupla posts down and you will understand.  I went shopping with my kids and hub today and YES, I had to buy this camping marshmallow kit.. JUST for the marshmallows.. I am not sure if you can see them or not but they are C_U_T_E! hmph.  I will never get better..LOL.  I am one crazy chick but am about to have a blast when I (I MEAN WE) crack this baby open!

 Toodles to the sistahs



  1. LOL! I love it! I’m sure your kids (you) will LOVE it! Cute, cute, cute!
    Hmmm….maybe a Camping Bella is in the future?

  2. Addictabella Angela says:

    I am never surprised…this time you came home with something and you KNEW what it was and what it was for…(read here grout sticks.) A dollhouse to me is certainly normal. *giggle*

    Keep ’em coming Em!

    ~Addictabella Angela

  3. veronica says:

    oh a campingbella…that would be fantastic. I can’t wait until we have a bubblebathabella, talkabella, a cookabella kinda like a pauladeenabella…lol
    Oh the fun we can have with our bellas. can’t wait to see it em!

  4. Rachel says:

    I would totally buy campingbella!!! Can we also get vetbella (with some animals?), chocolatebella and an actual stamp of blogabella?

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