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I LOVE what you sistahs write

in SCS.. and make sure you KNOW that I read them all.  I cannot really participate as I would really like other vendors not to be upset with me and to give them the opportunity for their lines to be posted too.. I respect all of my fellow stamp companies as I have been a “collector” myself and have supported them lots!   soooo I rely on my blog.. I keep on sneaking in new stuff (I try daily).. so if you THINK it is new, it probably is!  Just wanna keep you on your toes!!

I am taking all of your recommendations and ideas into consideration as they are AWESOME!  SO please keep the inspiration coming.. if I LOVE it, it will come true.. Unfortunately for my wallet, I have no time to wait.. I need to have it in RUBBER pronto!!

Keep reading ladies, PLEASE and keep posting on SCS.. I really love you for it!


chief bla bla once again


  1. Thanh says:

    Im not on SCS, but I know you mean even us little ones. lol. Two words for you Em, BRING IT. I am awaiting more creations from you and Im pretty sure I can handle what you got. LOL!

  2. I love your blog and visit it everyday. OK, several times a day (just in case).

  3. LinzyD says:

    Hee hee…I LOVE reading your thoughts as well…I check this site before I even check my email! I do have a coupla ideas for some bellas…one in a bubble bath….one jumping up in the air with her legs bent behind her and her arms held high (could use for many things-happy for you, congratulatinos, heard the exciting news, et), also… how about a Bella with a kitty?
    Just some thoughts…

  4. Michelle Wooderson says:

    Hey there! My name is Michelle Wooderson and I am a Bella Junky now! Woohoo, my favorite kinds of cards are fun chick cards and boy am I happy to have found the bellas!! My friends and family LOVE them!!!!!!!!! I just uploaded 15 new Bella cards to the Splitcoast Gallery, go check them out!!

    Here’s my suggestions for Bellas:

    cheerleader Bella with pompoms
    hands on hips….snap out of it Bella
    telephone bella…girl on phone
    love the bathtub bella idea posted above
    convertible bella….she definitely needs a convertible with her hair blowing
    best friend bella…two bellas with a big smoochy hug
    billabella….up to her elbows in paperwork, ug!
    chefabella……..floppy chef hat and cookin up a storm
    chocolate bella…..she surely loves chocolate as much as I do
    blingabella……all dolled up with jewelry
    yardsale bella…..bella’s gettin the good junk!

    Just a few of my ideas for ya! Oh, and I love reading your blog, your slapstick humor just CRACKS me up! Michelle

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