she’s baaaaaaackkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

[photopress image=”flowahbella_with_ribbons_ca.jpg”]

My dearest ONE (you know who YOU are).. I am afraid I have lost my captive audience.. I have been away *way* too long and I miss you!  I hope to restore my confidence and bring my audience back to the high volume it was at before (9.5).  I am so sorry I stranded you (Natanya) but I am back with a vengeance.. I am hoping to bring this blog to new and higher places!  So this is the scoop.  I have been away for a while.. we decided to spend some time with our families in Montreal.. oh boy..it was non stop.. first 6 hours in the car and plenty of BARNEY and DORA (I now can recite every song backwards and forwards and upside down), snacks being flung to entertain, singing (you get the idea).  Once we got there it was a tug of war between two families of who gets who for how long and what percentage of time spent.. we had to work on our calculus skills (*giggles*) to figure this out.. there was lots of inspiration there, no sleep and lots of shopping!  I got to ‘escape’ several times with Tema  (my Montreal crafty friend) and she took me to scrapbooking shops where I loaded up on funky ribbon (nothing i love more) and of course the new AMM storage tins (I needed at least 14 of them–ARGH) cuz they were cute and they hold things and they are neat (unlike my office-hmph).. I bought some paper and some ‘bellies’ (LOOOOVE that term I read on SCS for embelishments.. whoever coined this term should win an award –*LOVE* it)

I will go into more detail during the week regarding the embelishments and other goodies but enough about me.. let’s talk about this card.. I JUST LOVE IT!

 I am busy working on designs for some mags and I feel like I am accomplishing SO much and then at the end of this production I take a look and what do I see??? satin, bows, ribbons, knots, green, pink on EVERY CARD… LOL.. I just get fixated and can’t stop?  DO any of you ever feel like that?   I just love green and pink.. I just love ribbons, knots and bows… should I really get out of it or should I just continue.. since it makes me happy.. I think I will continue (*wink*).. but it is annoying, I must say.. SOOOO nicky and I created a challenge where we have to use other colours and boy is it working.. I am reinspired but I have to tell you that somewhere just somewhere teeny tiny.. you will always see a hint of me.. no matter what colour chosen.. so rest assured there will always be a bow, or a hint of lime, or a little baby pink!

Ok, so I LOVE this card–back to the card– (I always seem to get distracted, don’t i?)  I made a pink back to rest the white cardstock on (I love this look–NIcky taught it to me-of course). made the white card 1/4 ” smaller than usual and glued onto the pink back.. I stamped my stitches on the Bazzill parakeet (one of my fave colours) lengthwise and crosswise to create a type of plaid.  I stamped small flowahbella and colored her in with my Copic markers (LLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE them-you get the picture?)  they color in without streaks and have a pallette of colours not to be believed.. oh ya, and they are so easy to color with.  then I GLITTAH’ed the edges around the flowahbella card (I always glittah the sides and edges–it adds such SPARKLE and is very discreet).. then I took my pink and green stitched ribbon and made ‘v’s and layered under the image, then I added my sentiment “thanks a bunch” and voila!.. YOU LIKEY??

 I hope you like the card and I hope you have a phenom day

love to the 1


I’m off like a prom dress!

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Hello fab 10

 I just wanted to let you know that I will be away for the next few days.. going home to be with family in Montreal!  Wish me luck on a 6 hour trip with 2 little ones!  We will be well prepared though.. games, snacks, blankies, milk, books, coloring books.. oh did I mention snacks?

I also wanted to let you know that a lot of my Valentines images are up!  I hope you enjoy them!  Also wanted to let you know that a few new bellas are up too!  There is causabella, sellabella, and loveybella.

 and there will be a new surprise one put on tonight.. hope you find and *love* her cuz I DO!

 Hope you have a great few days and I promise I will write back as SOON as I return!




and the WINNER is……………

Joann!  Ryan (my hubby) took the plunge and decided to be the judge.. he wanted to see how women think and what kind of nonsense (as he says it) they can come up with and he liked them all but chose Joann’s.. I think the part of her little girl sitting on her lap ‘got him’.. so Joann… send me an email and let me know which bella you would like!  On the house!


Congrats and I will host yet another contest very soon!


Merry holidays everyone


Guess where I was yesterday??


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hello my wonderful ’10’ (this is including a little girl who sits on her mother’s lap and watches the pretty girls on my website).

I went on an overnight ‘excursion’ with my hub to the Niagara falls resort casino.. what fun!  This gag card I made is actually made with the room key.. (*giggles*).  Just wanted you all to know that I ‘think’ cards at every opportunity!  I see upholstery, I think of a layout.. wallpaper (does that still exist?  Actually I think it is making a comeback), beauty products.. you name it.. I think it ‘in a card’.. do any of you think that way?  When I knew I hit rock bottom was when Nicky and I were in the parking lot of our LSS and we both look down and see a shiny buckle.. we both took a dive for it and then realized how disgusting that really was and LAUGHED our brains out…  no words were exchanged and we never spoke about this again.. LOL.

The hearts in the background of the card and the sentiment (I use this all the time) are authentic though!  All STAMPING BELLA.. you got it!  I just felt like having fun today!

 We had lots of fun in Niagara.. We went crossborder shopping.. had a coffee in peace.. played a little at the casino (ok LOTS).. and it was just fun to get away.

 That is my today candy.. hope you *LOVE* the layout (hee hee) and the image and just remember… NEVER stop thinking cards.. that’s what keeps us going!!

I will announce the contest winner later today.. my husband is deciding what the best ‘lie’ is.. maybe he’s not the best judge…

 Toodles to you 10


Sorry I am soooo late

hello my now dear 9

 [photopress image=”jumbo_happy_card.jpg”]


First I would like to apologize for the lack o’ valentines images… it’s been a crazy crazy weekend….My daughter Jayden has been soo sick.. and a ‘magnet’ so I was unable to do much in terms of work this weekend.. My DS Tyler has more of a social life than I do , and he was at birthday parties all weekend.  Having said that.. I have put in some images in my “jumbo words and fillers” category and I am still putting a few more in to complete the collection.  These are **SO MUCH FUN**!  when you don’t feel like making a fancy embellished card but just want to make a BOLD statement.. this is the way to go.. I fell in love with this when I designed it and the rest is history.  I don’t have much time to blab today as I have to pack!  I am just going on an overnight ‘jaunt’ with hubborama until Wednesday.. can’t wait!  But no worries, orders are a priority so anything ordered will be shipped the next day!  Even if I have to stay up all night (I am up working anyway).  I promise that Valentines will be up soon so please check every day.. I don’t think you will be disappointed!

 This card was designed and executed by Nicky Manel (my design team-LOL) and I just love it.  You will be seeing a lot of her work on my website as we share the same mind, talk stamping and just have a wonderful relationship.. oh and yeah, I think her work is ‘a’ight’.  Actually I will be posting a link to her DVD INK IT UP!.. just go on the link and click.. they are the cutest bloopers ever!  But I will do a critique on the DVD at some point.. perhaps when my audience reaches ’10’..LOL

 Ok, I digress.. this card was made with my JUMBO HAPPY and my FILLER-Birthday.  in black cardstock and soft lilac Marvy Ink.. She also used my 3 roses  ( I LOVE THIS STAMP) and coloured it in and GLITTAHED it, just the way I like it :).. that’s my girl Nick.  Oh and don’t forget the little stitched ribbon around the neck of the vase.. I LOVE IT!!

I hope you all love it too.. and promise to write more when we meet again



for my fellow canadians, eh!

I have had several appreciated questions about my Canadian currency converter button or lack thereof.  For professional reasons, I had to launch my site on a certain day without certain things in place.  For instance, my Canadian currency button.  As important as this is to me (being a proud Canadian), it has taken me a lot longer to have this done than anticipated. Too long, if you ask me.. but I am at someone’s mercy and it is out of my control.  Trust me, everyone, when I tell you that if I were in my control, it would have been done a while ago!  The Canadian button is being worked on as we speak, actually even before we have begun speaking! 

I have taken that into consideration and decided to lessen my shipping rates to compensate for the currency conversion until I have it ready!

I will keep you posted as to when it is ‘live and kicking’.. until then, there are alternatives we can discuss ( and have discussed with many of you already),  so please feel free to write the maple-leaf-bella herself!

 Thanks for all of your understanding



what to do to do to do….


 [photopress image=”creative_accounting_001.jpg”]

My dearest 8–perhaps another repeat customer so I may have 9 on Monday!  YIPPEEEE

It’s Friday..and the first night of Chanukah… SO EXCITED… what tool should I buy myself to celebrate? (*giggles*)… Already have my EYE on a purse.. hmmm just what I need.  The great thing about shoes or purses are that they always fit AND if you need a BIGGER size, you don’t get aggravated or depressed!  So what.. I am now a size 10 shoe rather than a 9.  Do you get depressed?  NOPE.  Same with stamp supplies.. they always *fit*– LOL.  Next week, I promise to get more into the card making techniques and I have to concentrate on posting more images on my site.. lots and lots more. So, we will wait for next week for the juicy stuff.  Now I would like to confer with all my fellow crafters.. How many times have you gone to the cash at your LSS or Michaels or any hobby store and recite the following mantra “my husband is gonna divorce me if he finds out that I spent this”.  I think I have said this line about 6543 times and counting SO… thanks to my mentor and design team member Nicky Manel (you will see her work here next week), I have learned several ways of dealing with this issue.  Namely, creative accounting.

(1) as you see in the attractive picture above (hey at least the garbage can is PINK!), you can easily just crumple up the bill and flick it carelessly into the trash.. and BURY IT. (you can light on fire as well, but this is quite dangerous)

(2)  You can take your goodies to the cash and simply pay a portion in cash and the rest on credit, get two bills, make sure that the lower bill is the cash bill and keep that one in the bag.. come home with a *BIG GRIN* on your face and say to your beloved “CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT I BOUGHT FOR $20??”  little does he know that the other $180 bill is stuffed in the bottom of your purse.

 (3) you can leave the goodies in the car til your lovey goes to sleep and THEN, ONLY THEN, dressed in holy ratty pj’s run to the car when no one is looking, grab the bag and STUFF and I mean STUFF into your closet.  When you take it out and he happens to ask you when and where you got it (if he cares) then you will have a look of SHOCK and HORROR on your face and say “THIS OLD THING?”.. ALWAYS works..

 These are my FAVES but they are getting old so if anyone wants to share their creative accounting tips, it would be my honour to learn from you.. need to freshen up the excuses!

 Toodles and love to all

Have a PHENOM weekend and I will *see* you on Monday!




you would read a blog about an eraser? 


[photopress image=”prisma_markers_and_gamsol_003.jpg”] 


Hello Extravagant 8! 

Today is considered “useless” day in my books.  By “useless” I mean I-SO-CAN’T-GET-ANYTHING-DONE-SO-I-WILL-TALK-ABOUT-AN-ERASER-DAY.  I ran around dropping off my son, picking up my son then dropping him off again (only to pick him up YET AGAIN-LOL).  I stopped at my LSS to celebrate Hannah’s birthday (one of my stamping group ladies) and we all ate, shmoozed,ate drank and ate (sounds like my driving schedule! *giggles*)  Anyway enough about me cuz CLEARLY I can go on and on and on!

 I wanted to talk about this BIG TICKET ITEM for sale on my website!  I just love this eraser I swear.. it is soft and gummy yet firm enough to even get into close corners!  I use it to erase my chalk *errors* and the paper comes out soooo clean that you wouldn’t believe there was anything there in the first place!  important stuff huh?  But really, it is important cuz without it, you would have one helluva messy card!  Another use for it is to smudge your chalks.. fun to play around and make backgrounds!

 So, I thought I would post something today.. Something brain candyish that you really don’t have to focus on and HERE IT IS!

Off to cut, stuff, and index.. til the wee hours of the night….

 toodles to my 8!