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Sorry I am soooo late

hello my now dear 9

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First I would like to apologize for the lack o’ valentines images… it’s been a crazy crazy weekend….My daughter Jayden has been soo sick.. and a ‘magnet’ so I was unable to do much in terms of work this weekend.. My DS Tyler has more of a social life than I do , and he was at birthday parties all weekend.  Having said that.. I have put in some images in my “jumbo words and fillers” category and I am still putting a few more in to complete the collection.  These are **SO MUCH FUN**!  when you don’t feel like making a fancy embellished card but just want to make a BOLD statement.. this is the way to go.. I fell in love with this when I designed it and the rest is history.  I don’t have much time to blab today as I have to pack!  I am just going on an overnight ‘jaunt’ with hubborama until Wednesday.. can’t wait!  But no worries, orders are a priority so anything ordered will be shipped the next day!  Even if I have to stay up all night (I am up working anyway).  I promise that Valentines will be up soon so please check every day.. I don’t think you will be disappointed!

 This card was designed and executed by Nicky Manel (my design team-LOL) and I just love it.  You will be seeing a lot of her work on my website as we share the same mind, talk stamping and just have a wonderful relationship.. oh and yeah, I think her work is ‘a’ight’.  Actually I will be posting a link to her DVD INK IT UP!.. just go on the link and click.. they are the cutest bloopers ever!  But I will do a critique on the DVD at some point.. perhaps when my audience reaches ’10’..LOL

 Ok, I digress.. this card was made with my JUMBO HAPPY and my FILLER-Birthday.  in black cardstock and soft lilac Marvy Ink.. She also used my 3 roses  ( I LOVE THIS STAMP) and coloured it in and GLITTAHED it, just the way I like it :).. that’s my girl Nick.  Oh and don’t forget the little stitched ribbon around the neck of the vase.. I LOVE IT!!

I hope you all love it too.. and promise to write more when we meet again




  1. Sarah Moore says:

    Love the colors and the text on text main title.

  2. natanya says:

    Emily and Nicky ROCK!

  3. Michelle Sturgeon says:

    I LOVE the jumbo happy word!

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