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Guess where I was yesterday??


 [photopress image=”niagara_card_001.jpg”]

hello my wonderful ’10’ (this is including a little girl who sits on her mother’s lap and watches the pretty girls on my website).

I went on an overnight ‘excursion’ with my hub to the Niagara falls resort casino.. what fun!  This gag card I made is actually made with the room key.. (*giggles*).  Just wanted you all to know that I ‘think’ cards at every opportunity!  I see upholstery, I think of a layout.. wallpaper (does that still exist?  Actually I think it is making a comeback), beauty products.. you name it.. I think it ‘in a card’.. do any of you think that way?  When I knew I hit rock bottom was when Nicky and I were in the parking lot of our LSS and we both look down and see a shiny buckle.. we both took a dive for it and then realized how disgusting that really was and LAUGHED our brains out…  no words were exchanged and we never spoke about this again.. LOL.

The hearts in the background of the card and the sentiment (I use this all the time) are authentic though!  All STAMPING BELLA.. you got it!  I just felt like having fun today!

 We had lots of fun in Niagara.. We went crossborder shopping.. had a coffee in peace.. played a little at the casino (ok LOTS).. and it was just fun to get away.

 That is my today candy.. hope you *LOVE* the layout (hee hee) and the image and just remember… NEVER stop thinking cards.. that’s what keeps us going!!

I will announce the contest winner later today.. my husband is deciding what the best ‘lie’ is.. maybe he’s not the best judge…

 Toodles to you 10


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