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I am gonna be SO ANNOYING tonight

WOULD THE NEW AND IMPROVED ELIZABELLA PLEASE COME FORWARD? My friend Liz in montreal (Elizabeth) looked at my line and I showed her her namesake.. she said “OH, that’s nice”.. so of course I ask her what’s wrong with her?  she says.. umm.. she’s not sexy at all and I SO (she so IS and I wanna kill ‘er)… SO, I decided to add *ahem* for lack of a word that I would LOVE to scream out on my blog but won’t (I promised I would be ‘clean’ here.. LOL).. a pair of SEDUCTIVE , HOT, laces up to the YAHOO boots..  NOW she be sexy. NO? 

This one’s for you , SHMIZ.


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  1. Beth Matson says:

    I thought Elizabella was looking a little different today. Nice change to her. I may have to break down and order her too.

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