bellarific friday

it’s Bellarific Friday sistahs!

Hiya!  I hope you are all doing well :).’s been a crazy week around here and I can’t believe how quickly it has passed!

I love Bellarific Fridays.. it gives me a minute to STOP and just look and drool and feel inspired again 🙂

Ok here we go!

JennyDIXabella used our UPTOWN GIRL BIANCA and her BIG CAKE Rubber stamp used: UPTPOWN GIRL BIANCA and her BIG CAKE. card by JENNY DIX

Shelabella used our FLOWERY GNOME Rubber stamp used: FLOWERY GNOME. card by Michele Boyer

Fayeabella used our GOLDEN WITH A SNEAKER Rubber stamp used: GOLDEN and his SNEAKER card by FAYE WYNN JONES

Christineabella used HUGGY SQUIDGIES Rubber stamp used: HUGGY SQUIDGIES. card by CHRISTINE LEVISON

Debrabella used Tiny Townie Rachel Loves the Rain Rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE RACHEL loves the RAIN card by Debra James

Sandiebella used our THE BEE and THE HEART Rubber stamp used: THE BEE and the HEART. card by  Sandie Dunne

I just love these cards and I hope you do too!

Hope you can take a minute or a couple of hours LOL to take time for you.  Be healthy and have fun!



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  1. Marn says:

    I am inspired. Love the images and the colors used.

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