Hiya sistahs!  Hope you had a great weekend! Well my Tyler ended up being ok.. he got a dose of a steroid that cleared him up instantly.. now we have to deal with the sleeplessness..LOL

I , on the other hand have SUCH pneumonia brewing…LOL.. I am feeling achy and fevery, and yucky.

I wanted to thank everyone who said hello at Scrapfest 🙂  It was great seeing familiar faces!

Our free shipping for our last mini release ends tonight at midnight.  All orders over $55 are eligible.  Please use discount code freeshippingoctober

Ok now back to BIDNISS..

Our theme this week was STENCILING.. SPRAYING our backgrounds.. let’s see what everyone came up with!

Corey's page

Denabella's page

my page

Jennifer's page

Lindabella's page

Lori (aka PINKY)'s page

Sheryl's page

Violet's page

*sigh*.. just sayin’

Now next week’s theme… hmmmmmm……  USE PUNCHES on your page… be creative.. use the NEGATIVE of the punch as well!  I LOVE that look…  so have fun punching and spraying and colouring and stamping… YUM.

mwah to da sistahs who are feeling PUNCHY (i know very lame but I am sick ya know)



this week is SUCH a screwed up week.. with the long weekend, the release.. STRESS!

Hope you are all having a great week so far.. I am excited for Friday where I am finally able to attend SCRAPFEST in OSHAWA as a guest and shopper rather than a vendor.  I have had many emails asking why I was not going to be there.  I figured I would answer here :).  I AM TOO BUSY!!! LOL.  I always try to make time for an event such as Scrapfest.. an amazing place where everyone shares the same passion.   Inspiration is OOZING.  Friendships are made and remade.. I just love it.. but having just  done Scrapfest in Minneapolis, I just didn’t have the strength so close in time to make Scrapfest an event that it deserves to be… SOOOOO.. Helenabella, Denabella, Angela (bella) and I-abella will be walking the show with our VIP tickets (that’s a fancy word for buying in advance) in hand and our wallets ready to be opened and just chill and ENJOY.  We are so excited!  So if you will be at Scrapfest and you see us wandering aimlessly, please come and say hi 🙂

So yesterday Jayden brought home a Fancy Nancy book.. has anyone read them?  I have been reading them for ages and actually the illustrations look so much like our Mo Manning!.. But FINALLY, Jayden is enjoying the books and now of course, I am stuck with writing fancy words with meanings in brackets..LOL.. This phase should last only a few EXCRUCIATING (that’s a fancy word for painful..LOL) days.. then I will be done.

Ok enough of my blabla.. let’s talk ART JOURNALING MONDAY (on wednesday).  I am hoping that your journals are becoming JUICY and CHUNKY (that’s fancy for CRUNCHY..LOLOLOL.. I kill me)

Our theme this week was to work with your favorite COLOUR on your journal page..   I am hoping that even if you aren’t submitting (shame on you) you are playing along at home (that’s FANCY for YOU BETTER SUBMIT NEXT WEEK..LOL) SOMEBODY STOOOOOPPPPP ME…..

Ok here goes.  Focused now.  Favorite colour

Corey's page

Ebrubella's card

My page

Lindabella's page

Violet's page

jen b's page

How much do I love these entries?  OMG.. LOVE.

Next week’s theme is SPRAY AND STENCILS as a background on your page.  Now it doesn’t necessarily need to be stencils.. you can use masks, doilies, punched out paper as your stencil, hmmm… lace.. anything you have!  Now if you don’t have spray ink.. you can put a few drops of inkpad refills into water in a spray bottle, shake and spray away!  You can even use RIT dye.. Food coloring.. Kool aid.. mix it up with water and spray away.

Mwah (fancy for I love you and you better leave a comment)


p.s. don’t forget to leave a comment on the bellarific friday post for a chance to win $10

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Hiya sistahs 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend!  It was gloomy and rainy so we cuddled all weekend.. and I cut rubbah WHILST cuddling 🙂

So the theme this week was adding a PHOTO to your journal page.   I am trying to give different themes to help you explore different avenues and see what style you like best.  I am still exploring but having a great time doing it!!

OK so lets see our entries this week!

Corey's page

Denabella's page

my page 🙂

Lindabella's page

Lorie's page

Paulabella's page

Sheryl's page

Violet's page

Jennifer's page

*sigh* I love Art Journaling mondays!

Ok so for next week’s challenge?

USE YOUR FAVORITE COLOR on your page.. Do all versions of that color.. add white, make it lighter.. add black , make it darker.. find pieces of collage with that color… fabric… anything that doesn’t MOVE in that color, stick it down.. use pencils, paint, watercolor, crayons, oils..   let’s see your creations!

Mwah to da sistahs who are gonna get PAINTY

P.S. don’t forget to place a comment on BELLARIFIC FRIDAY for a chance to win $10 in bella bucks!


the iddy is back FOR art journaling monday!

hiya sistahs,


so sorry for the delay in the post.. as i mentioned, someone wh will not be mentioned lost her page… but *ahem*  she happened to find it under a stack of papers…

before i start this post i have to apologize to those customers who have been waiting a long time for their orders.  i am beyond upset about this as i know how it feels to wait.  you have all been so patient with us and for that i am truly blessed.  we are incurring major growing pains and trying our best to get the rubber out as expeditiously as we can.  we will keep you all informed and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me.

ok here goes!  our challenge this week was to work with your favorite quote… i mean i know i have a kajillion of them but this one just meant something to me..  it starts off my journal.  i love it 🙂











is that art journaling candy or what????
i encourage you sistahs if you have any questions to post it in the comments..  this is where we can share all of our knowledge in da sistahood…








Am I DEVOTED or WHAT?  On a long weekend.. in my PJ’s entertaining the kidlets..LOL.  Actually I still have my DO NOT DISTURB hanger on (see post below)

What’s everyone up to?  hmmmm?   I had my inlaws here this weekend.. got to do some journaling WHILST cutting for scrapfest…grrrrrrr……  Ok NUFF complaining  let’s start INSPIRING!

This week’s theme was using a TAG on your page.  Let’s see what everyone came up with

My darling Jayden was DETERMINED to participate in today's challenge. She watercolored, she stamped and she wrote 🙂 ahhh I just love her.

corey's page

Deanna U's page

Denabella's page

Here is my page.. had SO much fun with this! I used our DISTRESS STAINS that we have in the store on wet tags and paper, stamped our FLUFFY FLOWER HEAD which I LOVE and eclectic mini backgrounds..and I AM SCRIPT. I inked the script stamp with the DISTRESS STAINS.. I just love the look it gave! I also used PITT PENS for my journaling, some WASHI TAPE and the kitchen sink! LOL

JENN B's page

Lindabella's page

Paulabella's page


Now how much fun was that???

NEXT WEEK’S THEME… Find a quote that pertains to you.. that you can associate with.. your FAVORITE quote.. practice your handwriting, use a different pen.. and make any background you would like!

Hope to see lots of entries and don’t forget to place a comment on BELLARIFIC FRIDAY below to be eligible to win $10 in Bella Buckeroonis!  Also Bellarific friday this week is an ANIMAL theme!

Mwah to da sistahs who are GETTING TO WORK! LOL





hiya sistahs,

hope you had a great weekend!  I had Paulabella here and all we basically did was CUT CUT CUT for Scrapfest in Minnesota.. and still didn’t make a dent..LOL.. we managed to get in a few laughs.. a little bit of coloring and lots of fun!

Ok, so let’s talk about Art Journaling Monday.. oh how I love this day!

Our theme this week was to use stamps.. ANYONE’s stamps.. just to be free and to have fun!






Dena used ECLECTIC MESH stamp

Ebrubella's page using ECLECTIC background set

Violet's page

Isabelle used her ECLECTIC background stamps as well!

Jenn B's page and she used PATSY PIXIE and one of the Pixies from PIXIES SET A

here is MY page..used copics, watercolors and our ARTSY HOUSE STAMP

Sheryl's page


Soooo you likey AJ MONDAY??  I DO!

Next week I will talk about my favorite supplies.. hope you have a WEEK to read the post..LOL

NEXT week’s THEME is to use a TAG on your page.. or a KAJILLION tags.. crumple them, wet them, age them, stamp on them, doodle, journal on them.. the SKY’s the LIMIT!


Mwah to da sistahs who are “it” (get it?  TAG you’re it!?  Im glad I am making myself laugh)


Art Journaling MONDAY.. in lovvvve

Hiya Sistahs!

hope you had a great weekend.. I was just zonked.. I don’t know why.. but feeling better now 🙂

and I am SOOOO excited about this post :). I had so much fun creating this one and I think you all did too!

Now don’t forget about our new “COMMENT” system.. if you want to discuss what inspired your page, what you used on your page etc.. feel free to add comments, respond to comments and even upload some images as well!!

So here we gooooooo!! Today’s theme is CIRCLES…

Corey's page

Deanna U's page

Denabella's page

Ebrubella's canvas

The page for today is the one on the right.. all done with watercolors

Closeup showing watercolors and DRIPPAGE. I LOVE WATERCOLORS!! I think they are my absolute favorite mediums

Gloria S.

Jenn B

Paulabella's Page

Lindabella's page

Lori (Pinky)'s page

Mary's page

Rhian's page

Sheryl's page

Violet's page

How’s DAT for EYE CANDEE?????

NEXT WEEK’S theme is STAMPS.. use a STAMP on your page… (  Now the Bellarific Friday me says to use only Bella stamps.. but the ART JOURNALING me says to be FREE and use what you feel you would like to use 🙂 )

Mwah to da sistahs who are coming on board!  and to those who have already joined~!

mwah mwah mwah!


Art Journaling Monday on TOOSDAY.. and the release and gift with purchase continues!

Hiya sistahs!

I am so thrilled that you lovedthe release as much as I do.. I am SO crazy about the uptown girls.. the potty kids, the 3 sisters design.. *sigh* art makes me SOOOO VERRY HAPPY.

So let’s see what everyone came up with this week shall we?  The theme was COLLAGE (I think that is becoming one of my most favorite styles right now)..I was thinking.. if you have ideas or challenges that you want to overcome and try out in your journal, why not suggest in the comments what you would like some of the challenges to be!  we can work on this togethah!

Ok so here goes.. ready?  This week is really making me giddy.. you wouldn’t really wanna be around me..LOL

Ok so Paulabella got carried away (as usual.. lol) and made 2 GORGEOUS pages

Here is one in TEESHA MOORE style.  If you haven’t seen her style, take a look at her blog and website.. I believe she is the PIONEER of art journaling of one of da first sistahs recognized for her artwork.  She is VERY distinct.. you know a Teesha page from a million miles they are colourful and collagey.. and you basically build a character or focal point out of different elements.. you will see here on Paulabella’s page

Here is Paula’s other page.. I just love these!

Here are my pages.. now I am aggravated and I know NO ONE will be surprised .. I can’t FIND MY CURRENT JOURNAL!!!! So I looked through my kajillion other ones and found these 2 pages which I love.  The style of THESE pages are from KELLY KILMER.  I cannot mention her name ENOUGH.  I adore her.  First of all, I thank HER all the time for taking me on this journey.  She has inspired me to no end.  Her commentary, her opinions on products are honest and “bang on”.. her collages are phenom.  and I had the honour of meeting her in California in January.  She is a gift and I urge you to take her online classes and just follow her.  The one thing I regret not doing on this page is DATING it and actually journaling on it.. I wonder what I was thinking about when I did this?  was it random?  Or was it done with thought?  Not quite sure.. So now I vowed that I would date the pages and write something.. even if it is one single word depicting how I feel… then I can recreate the mood..  I don’t have many of these left in stock but I LOVE these smash date stamps.. they have sentiments along with the date.. they are AWESOME!

and here is a closeup

here's the closeup.. milk bag tags and a chicken... hmmm what the HECK was I thinking really? LOL

Corey's masterpiece!

Deanna's masterpiece! using our bird stamps and her daily "fodder".. AKA paper stufffff

Isabelle's s masterpiece showing you how to mix photos in your page!

Jen's masterpiece! still on VACAY but contributing to our weekly journey! thanks Jen!

Lori (aka PINKY DINKY DOO) made a beautiful collage.. don't we all share her feelings?

Mary g. sent me a few samples of her art journal pages and I SWIPED this one hehehehe.. LOVE the ephemera.. GORGEOUS masterpiece!

Violet's Masterpiece!

Lindabella also got carried away!

Simply Gorgeous!

Another very well known art journaler is SUZI BLU. She is really talented and teaches great online classes!  Linda has captured Suzi Blu’s style to a “T” (what does that mean anyway?  “to a T”… LOL)


SOOOOO whaddya think??? wanna join our journey?  Just grab a journal and join us!!!  I enjoy these posts SO VERY MUCH.. and a HAPPY BELLA is a GOOD thing..LOL (said like MARTHA)..

Next week’s challenge? USE CIRCLES on your page.. punched, drawn, painted, ripped, scribbled.. collaged… you get the picture.. I LOVE CIRCLES!

don’t forget to look at our new release if you haven’t on the post below

don’t forget to leave a comment HERE for a chance to win $10 in bella bucks

and don’t forget to leave a comment HERE for Paulabella for a chance to win a gorgeous piece of signed artwork!

and don’t forget if you have any themes you would like to challenge us with on AJ mondays, leave it in the comments section and I will start the list on my end!

Mwah to da AJ sistahs who LOVE CIRCLES!



and I really have to say.. I RE-HEALLY look forward to the entries!  It’s getting as exciting as BELLARIFIC FRIDAYS!! First of all, I am SO happy that I see new names joining our group every week and it is SO worth my time to post  these as I find them SO inspirational!  Second of all, I AM THRILLED that my book is filling up and getting “CRUNCHY”.. and THIRD of all, I am THRILLED that this is starting to take off so that I can have some accomplices.. hehehehe.. I even have some sistahs who couldn’t stop at one spread and had to submit two!  THAT makes me SHMAPPY 🙂

Ok.. let’s GO!  Our theme this week was da DOODLE.  I hope you had fun doodling and that you make many more pages using this technique!

This is Corey's! Fantastic doodles Cor!

Ebrubella's DOODLE! Beautiful colors and designs!

here's mine where I decided not to go the traditional black micron pen way but to just use all of my PITT pens and copics and any colored marker I could get my hands on..LOL

this one's mine also.. *ahem* I was one of those who couldn't stop at one.. are you shocked?p.s. all the white that you see is LIQUID PAPER (white out).. with a precision needle tip.. it's awesome.. one of the best tips I received along my journey!

Galit doodled in honor of her friend who passed away last year. Art journaling really helps us heal

Gloria Sauve used AMAZING and VIBRANT colours!

Jen was traveling with her goodies and made this page!

Lindabella ZENTANGLED !

PINKY DINKY DOO (Lori B) doodled this amazing bouquet!

Paulabella zentangled and doodled a flower!

Paulabella also couldn't stop at one..LOL.. and do I see our ARTSY HOUSE STAMP over there??? hmmmm???

Rhian zentangled so BEAUTIFULLY and used our STAMP in the middle as her focal! beautiful!

Sheryl colored and doodled the beautiful flowers and cut out meaningful text and collaged it!

violet's beautiful doodles

So whaddya think of this weeks doodly theme?  I AM IN LOVE with all the entries!  thank you sistahs for participating!  makes me soooo verrry happy!

Now next week’s theme?  COLLAGE.. what is collage?  Basically taking any “FODDER” (paper stuff.. ephemera.. receipts.. take out menus, business cards.. scrappy paper), FABRIC,  IMAGES that make you happy and gluing it on to a page!  You can use PPA glue or a glue stick.. both work.. the benefit of PPA is that you can seal the top as well!  Now don’t stop just at collage if you don’t wanna… you can use the other elements that we have used here on AJ monday!  You can combine it with crayons and doodles as well!  Build your page!  Layer your page!  And here is another wonderful nugget.   If you are looking for GREAT ROYALTY FREE ephemera, go subscribe to  She has AMAZING images that you can print out and use as collage pieces!  FANTASTIC!  So have fun with this challenge.. it is due by next sunday so PLENTY of time to spend money, and collect receipts to glue in your journal…LOL

Don’t forget to post a comment on BELLARIFIC FRIDAY for your chance to win $10 in Bella bucks

This friday’s challenge for Bellarific friday is PAPER PIERCING!  Submit a card and you have a chance to win $20 in bella buckeroonis!   Can’t wait to see your creations!

Mwah to da sistahs who felt DOODLY and now feel COLLAGEY (LOL)



Ok so I hope you had a week to “marinate”.. thinking about all the art journaling possibilities… Maybe you have done some research?  bought some product?  or just stared at the journal you bought. LOL.

We need to discuss BACKGROUNDS for a second shall we?  Some people enjoy the white space in their journals and so they should!  Some people are intimidated by the white space… there are “remedies for this ailment ya know” 🙂

Here are some things that can get you going

wet a tooFbrush, dip it in water (or “WADOH” as my friend’s 3 year old says..LOL).. dip it in some watered down  paint, or liquid ink (LIQUITEX brand) and FLICK your brains out on the page.. Hey, you can even dip the TOOFBRUSH in the paint and paint with it.. you would get some neat textures

simply grab a paintbrush and use any medium you like… watercolor, acrylics, crayons, pastels and paint the background

spray and spread the spray like waterpaint (adirondack)

Spray through a stencil and see the amazing shapes that come from there!



take a pencil and journal all over the page

COLLAGE (stick down tissue paper/scrapbook paper scraps/ magazine clippings) and glue down randomly.. ahhh feels SO good to cut and glue (don’t laugh at me..i’m SERIOUS :))

Ok.. that should get you going.. now you have NO EXCUSE!

Ok, let’s discuss this week’s theme.  Now this is not a contest.  No one is gonna win.. I want this to be as free spirited as it can be.  You don’t have to send me your page, although I would be THRILLED to post it.. even if it is not on the correct day.. and you do it late, just email me and I will post on the correctly dated post 🙂

Ok enough babbling..

Here is my entry.. i used JULIE’S WORDS TO LIVE BY, used my FAVORITE CRAYOLA COLOUR SINCE BIRTH – CARNATION PINK (which Is now finished 🙁 )… I melted it on a little iron and drew with the hot wax to give texture.. framed the whole page with vintage children’s book text and stained it… also watercolored the whole background which is fun because it resists the crayon so you just wipe it off whatever got on the crayon portion

Rhian made a gorgeous grid and used our FLOWER GARDEN stamp

ISABELABELLA used a clear crayon resistl

take a looky at her blog for a tutorial!

Lindabella just colored and melted…. FANTASTIQUE!

Paulabella melted some crayons


here is Jennifer B’s gorgeous page.. I love seeing so many layers!  I think I see my flower garden in there again!

Here is Corey’s DREAMY page.. I LOVE IT!

Here is Sheryl’s page.. I LOVE the script stems and the crayon petals!!

Here is our resident minibella’s  art journaling page!  Melissa is Isabellabella’s daughter! mwah!

Ok there are more coming!  just wanted to get this up since I was on a roll…LOL

Please don’t hesitate to send your entries in.. and if there is something you have a question about, just let us know!  you can write it in the comments and we can all respond to eachother!

mwah to da sistahs who lovey their CRAYOLAS!

NEXT MONDAY’S THEME IS USING TISSUE PAPER ON YOUR PAGE!  scrunch it.. flatten it.. glue it.. paint it.. it’s your choice!