this week is SUCH a screwed up week.. with the long weekend, the release.. STRESS!

Hope you are all having a great week so far.. I am excited for Friday where I am finally able to attend SCRAPFEST in OSHAWA as a guest and shopper rather than a vendor.  I have had many emails asking why I was not going to be there.  I figured I would answer here :).  I AM TOO BUSY!!! LOL.  I always try to make time for an event such as Scrapfest.. an amazing place where everyone shares the same passion.   Inspiration is OOZING.  Friendships are made and remade.. I just love it.. but having just  done Scrapfest in Minneapolis, I just didn’t have the strength so close in time to make Scrapfest an event that it deserves to be… SOOOOO.. Helenabella, Denabella, Angela (bella) and I-abella will be walking the show with our VIP tickets (that’s a fancy word for buying in advance) in hand and our wallets ready to be opened and just chill and ENJOY.  We are so excited!  So if you will be at Scrapfest and you see us wandering aimlessly, please come and say hi 🙂

So yesterday Jayden brought home a Fancy Nancy book.. has anyone read them?  I have been reading them for ages and actually the illustrations look so much like our Mo Manning!.. But FINALLY, Jayden is enjoying the books and now of course, I am stuck with writing fancy words with meanings in brackets..LOL.. This phase should last only a few EXCRUCIATING (that’s a fancy word for painful..LOL) days.. then I will be done.

Ok enough of my blabla.. let’s talk ART JOURNALING MONDAY (on wednesday).  I am hoping that your journals are becoming JUICY and CHUNKY (that’s fancy for CRUNCHY..LOLOLOL.. I kill me)

Our theme this week was to work with your favorite COLOUR on your journal page..   I am hoping that even if you aren’t submitting (shame on you) you are playing along at home (that’s FANCY for YOU BETTER SUBMIT NEXT WEEK..LOL) SOMEBODY STOOOOOPPPPP ME…..

Ok here goes.  Focused now.  Favorite colour

Corey's page

Ebrubella's card

My page

Lindabella's page

Violet's page

jen b's page

How much do I love these entries?  OMG.. LOVE.

Next week’s theme is SPRAY AND STENCILS as a background on your page.  Now it doesn’t necessarily need to be stencils.. you can use masks, doilies, punched out paper as your stencil, hmmm… lace.. anything you have!  Now if you don’t have spray ink.. you can put a few drops of inkpad refills into water in a spray bottle, shake and spray away!  You can even use RIT dye.. Food coloring.. Kool aid.. mix it up with water and spray away.

Mwah (fancy for I love you and you better leave a comment)


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  1. lindaH says:

    ummmm yes, we do sometimes need translation in brackets! and most definitely i can SPRAY with the best of them…luv ya…luv AJ monday even if it is on wednesday.

  2. maryg says:

    beautiful work ladies… ( fancy for i wish i could play more these days but big busy times that never slow down….) merci for posting ms Em.

  3. Robb_eeie says:

    Hey Em~~ The ladie’s journels this week are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!~ And I’m sure they are all Krunchie and thick 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday at the *Calendar* class ~~~~ MWahh

  4. OMG! Always blows me away,

  5. Jhann says:

    Working at home on these, book is getting thick! Enjoying so much. Thanks for blogging so enjoyable will look for you at Scrapfest!

  6. jenlynnie says:

    so happy for art journal day!!

  7. Wow…unbelievable art work!
    Emily have fun at Scrapfest. Enjoy yourself!

  8. Crystal Colburn says:

    Fantastic work! I love them all!

  9. very nice still thinking if I want to try this…thks for sharing

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