Hiya sistahs!  Hope you had a great weekend! Well my Tyler ended up being ok.. he got a dose of a steroid that cleared him up instantly.. now we have to deal with the sleeplessness..LOL

I , on the other hand have SUCH pneumonia brewing…LOL.. I am feeling achy and fevery, and yucky.

I wanted to thank everyone who said hello at Scrapfest 🙂  It was great seeing familiar faces!

Our free shipping for our last mini release ends tonight at midnight.  All orders over $55 are eligible.  Please use discount code freeshippingoctober

Ok now back to BIDNISS..

Our theme this week was STENCILING.. SPRAYING our backgrounds.. let’s see what everyone came up with!

Corey's page

Denabella's page

my page

Jennifer's page

Lindabella's page

Lori (aka PINKY)'s page

Sheryl's page

Violet's page

*sigh*.. just sayin’

Now next week’s theme… hmmmmmm……  USE PUNCHES on your page… be creative.. use the NEGATIVE of the punch as well!  I LOVE that look…  so have fun punching and spraying and colouring and stamping… YUM.

mwah to da sistahs who are feeling PUNCHY (i know very lame but I am sick ya know)



  1. Michelle Galloway says:

    love it! So glad to see u at scrapfest! I hope Your feeling better soon! Just to say I did a journal page today and I’m happy with it, I might just partake in this weeks challenge!

  2. lindaH says:

    {sigh} I REALLY do LOVE AJ Monday!!!! glad tyler is on the mend…my boys used to get croup/asthma…not fun! not fun at all! for you, take the night off, get under a nice cozy blankie, cuddle up with frankie, drink tea, and MAKE YOURSELF REST!!!!

    now, hmmmmmm…..will be gone all weekend so i don’t know if I can squeeze a page in before I leave on Thursday. 🙁

  3. Pinky says:

    AJ Monday brought some sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day here in Canada’s capital. I’m “sighing” along with you and Linda. (Waving hi to Lindabella). Get yourself under those covers and feel better soon Em. {{HUGS}}

  4. Diane Clark-Sutton says:

    Free shipping code is not working for me. It’s 4:45 PM Pacific Time right now.

  5. jenlynnie says:

    feel better. hope that someone will rub your shoulders and feet to make you feel better.

  6. Diane Clark-Sutton says:

    Pilot Error. My total was less than $55. Code works. Order has been placed.

  7. Diane Clark-Sutton says:

    Figured out what was wrong. My total was less than $55.

  8. Robb_eeie says:

    Hi Emily ~~ Hope you are feeling better & staying home, snuggled-up if need be 😉
    These Journel entries are breathtaking and seem so freeing from my constant attempts at straight lines, impeccable stamping, and stroke-free shading. Will have to take the LEAP soon and discover this medium. TFS.

  9. Linda S says:

    Truly Inspiring….just can’t figure out where you very talented ladies find the time and creativity to create such wonders…..incredible job!

  10. Hi Emily, I do hope you feel better soon, don’t let it get you down. You do a marvellous job as well as your artists. Just love all your teams work and will send lots of hugs and love to get rid of the nasties. Hugs

  11. paula says:

    I am so sad that I can’t work the mm time into my sunday. I just ain’t feeling it now with all the other stuff and coloring is keeping me busy. 🙁 But one day, the time will return and I can play…until then I am LOVING all your pages! Sooooo creative, each and every one!! Thumbs up artists!!!!!!!!!

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