It’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY! and a REALLLY warm welcome toooooo….

Alice WERTZABELLA (Alice thinks her new name sounds like an exotic cheese.. I think it sounds JUST PERFECT. LOL).

I have been admiring Alice’s work for a long time now.. one of her techniques which makes me say “WOW” every time is her “lineless” techniques.. just gorgeous!  You can visit her on her BLOG or you can drool on Instagram (@alicewertz).. .  So when she agreed to be on our team I was absolutely thrilled and I think all da sistahs will be thrilled too!  All of my babes inspire me every single day.  I am so lucky to have all of the babes and my whole sistahood.  Sheesh. Im getting sappy..

So before I start hysterically bawling (lol) I will start bellarific friday Right NOW..  Ready?

Ok so this week’s theme was a pretty simple one.. BIRTHDAY WISHES.. .

Let’s see what our baberoonis came up with shall we?

First we begin with ALICE WERTZABELLA (I giggle every time I write this)



Angelabella used HOPPY POPPY has a PREZZIE



TracyMACabella used Petunia has a PARTY


Serious DROOLAGE over here (yes that IS a word)

And NOW for our  Sistahood!  I LOVE how our weekly group grows .. makes me so happy and I am also happy that it means you take the time for YOU.. to be crafty and to feel inspired :)   LET’S GOOO!


Barbara used BEDELIA the Bunny



Margo S. used WIZ




Pinky (LORI) used CLINK


Love love love this post!!

Now for next week’s theme?

A SKETCHYPOOOOO!  (I am addicted to sketches.. have I mentioned that lately?)

sketch-8-apr-24 copy

Mwah to my sistahs who love Bellarific friday ALMMMOOOST as much as I do :)


Smarty cat

hiya sistahs!

So I have been SO happy with my daily creative mojo and I am hoping I can share more and more of my creations with you through my blog.. our Facebook Pageour Facebook GROUP (over 550 members.. WOOOHOOO!) ..Instagram (@stampingbella)… AND Twitter :) (@stampingbella)

What is your favorite social media platform?  Would love to know in the comments section below… Twitter is my LEAST favorite LOL..

Along with sharing my creations, I also want to share with you the materials used and HOPEFULLY I can set up my tripod and make a few videos too :)  Only if you’re interested :)

So on today’s card (you may have seen it on FB if you follow us), I used SMARTY CAT… I LOVE this image by Christine Grove.  I love her sense of humor and her style!  The image comes with 3 little background stamps you can use as embellishments.. or for making a background as well.. I will try to make more samples using him… and his sentiment is quite perfect too ifIdosaysomyself :)

So here is the smarty cat image available HERE


And here is the card I made with him.  Or is HE a SHE.. hmmmm.  I think it’s a HE.  He is quite MACHO no?  #butnotsomachowithhispinkglasses LOL


Sometimes I challenge myself by looking at my stash.. picking something up and then creating the card AROUND that piece.  On this card , I picked up the HELLO polaroid frame (I honestly can’t remember where it is from… hmph.. I should remember these things).. and then I worked around it.. choosing the image that would fit… coordinating the papers around it.. I love when it works out :)  It’s a fun exercise when you are just out of ideas.. pick something up and make that your challenge… to make a card with it.  Sound good?

What I ALSO love is a FRESH 6*6 paper pack where I love EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. of paper in the pack.. I can NEVER EVER go wrong with a Studio Calico paper pack.   You will see me using this pad A LOT.  You can find it HERE.  You may end up seeing some of my favorite goodies being sold in my shop again.. you just may… it’s something I am thinking about…

I also used my COPIC MARKERS on Smarty cat..

I used





I also used my Prismacolor Pencil COOL GREY 70% or 90% just to make the shady parts POP.. I used it with gamsol and my handy dandy paper stump.

Now for coloring OUTSIDE of the lines which can be challenging but lots of FUN at the same time!

I used the following Prismacolors:
Deco Pink

Pink Rose

and Mahogany Red (for the pop)

I love when the 3 colors just work so nicely together. Oui Oui?

and of COURSE I used our Bella’s Bestest PAPER.. for all my colouring :)

So does this type of post interest you? with lots of details? Sources where to get the goodies..

Would you be interested in a video to go with the card?

I am trying to see what interests da SISTAHS.. and it would be SOOOO helpful if you would leave a comment and let me know what you are looking for..

Would you be interested in having a little Bella’s Favorite shop with goodies “other than stamps”?

Da Bella NEEDS ta KNOW. k?


Double Mwah’s if you leave a comment :)



What’s a Pocket Letter you ask?

Oh Sistahs.. how much do I love stationery, papers, pens, agendas.. planners.. you have no ideaR.  Once thing I love even more, is receiving mail.  Sometimes I order goodies just so that I can get that jittery excitement when I go to my mailbox and see a package addressed to me! I then proceed to hyperventilate a little.. and carefully open my package to see the goodies I ordered.  Even though  I KNOW what is inside the package, it is still so nice to open.. spread the goodies out.. sniff them a little (DONT JUDGE ME)… and then stare at them for a while.  LOL.  Yes I know I am strange.  But I ALSO know that some of my sistahs are as much into this as I am.. (I AM NOT JUDGING LOL)

So every night, I review my YouTube subscriptions with my headphones while my family watches hockey or does their own thing.. its MY time too ya know.. and I just get lost in these videos watching how people set up their planners.. watching people colour.. hand letter… stamp.. It helps me decompress and also inspires me to no end.

One of the lovely ladies I feel I know (it could be deemed stalkerish but I would rather call it hmmm… an admirer.. ya..an admirer.. that’s me)..

this is her channel.. her name is Cara from AKCaraboo.. you can find her channel HERE.  I just love her videos :)

So I watched THIS video and got INTRIGUED

SO THEN… during the same DECOMPRESSION time.. I decided to search POCKET LETTERS on YouTube and OMG… the videos were ENDLESS!!!

So I watched THIS ONE (I believe she is the “creator” of this type of mail) LOVE HER

and watched THIS ONE..  

I loved her style.

Well it then became a deep hole of pocket letters..LOL.. and I decided to make my own for 2 very special people.  I’m not naming any names here… but you will soon see who you are :)

So basically what a pocket letter is, is a business card/trading card/sports card holder where you embellish each rectangle and include some goodies in each pocket along with messages… SO. Fun. for REALS.

Analog communication is so special I find.. I also find USING MY STUFF instead of HOARDING MY STUFF is even more special… this made this project even MORE fun because of this!

I used our stamps.. I used my stash of papers.. I used wooden veneer pieces.. I used letter stickers.. I used my punches and dies for embellishments.. I used vintage pieces from my stash… OMG Sistahs… this was FUN!!!

here are a few little snippets of my pocket letters without giving too much away :)

What’s a pocket letter WITHOUT A HOPPY POPPY in the center of it? hmmmmm?

I used some stashed stickers.. a printed the quote at the bottom left and sized it and slipped it in a pocket.. used some older stashed cards (like the sassafras umbrella card top middle)… LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED making this!  have I mentioned that lately?


One of the ideas I got from the videos was to include my favorite tea.. so I whipped up a teabag with my favorite leaves… YUMMALISH!.. oh and the little blue tissues you see peeking out from behind the pocket under the “fragile” pocket are the cutest little tissues I needed to include.  Just HAD to.


I thought this quote was so cute.. also found it in one of my sticker hoard pile LOL.. thought it was so cute.  Yes.. it’s crooked.. because EVERYTHING I happen to stick down always seems to be at an angle.. don’t get me started.. hmph.


Yes, another thing I “collect” and LOVE are vintage photobooth pictures.  I have them EVERYWHERE.. even have a board on pinterest with interesting vintage photos.  They just make me smile.. and sometimes they are a perfect depiction of my mood LOL.  This little baby in the photo below.. I love how the parent didn’t know how high to put her so that the photo wouldn’t be the WHOLE curtain in the background LOL.. I love her expression.. I just love her LOL.  I also have her photo in my journal.  She makes me smile :)


So now here’s a little peek on the back side or the “Stuffies” that are in the pockets.. There are the balloon tissues.. I found some cute tags at Michaels bargain area that I thought were just PERFECT.  I bought the little postits from the dollar store.. and the little kraft envelope I bought and put some goodies inside :) Fun no?


and OF COURSE everyone needs a mini pink pocket knife for their tool kits and mini flat doilies no?


So that is the eye candy for today!  I am going to introduce this on our FB group and see if anyone would like to organize this among da sistahs!  I think it’s fun to have pocket letter pals no?  Everyone needs one.. or a few… me thinks.

Mwah to da sistahs who love pockets.



It’s Bellarific friday sistahs!

Hope you had a great week!  I see that most of you took advantage of our CRAZY TOOSDAY sale!  It’s such a great deal isn’t it!?

Our Facebook group is HOPPIN’ sistahs.. so if you ever need a crafty friend.. wanna share a card.. a favorite tool.. a favorite stamp.. need to be enabled or need to enable othah sistahs.. come and join!  I was FLOORED yesterday with all the gorgeous creations!   You can join here 

Now for this week’s AMAZING challenge.. Amazing BABEROONIS and AMAZING sistahood contributions.  Ready Freddy?

Here was our challenge.  A sketchypoo!

sketch-7-april-10 copy

Let’s see how our amazing baberoonis interpreted da sketch!


Angelabella used Petnunia has a Party.. Petunia is getting LOTS of love in our FB group!




and here’s the inside :)


I joined in this week and used “THE RIGHT SHOES”.. because EVERYONE needs them no? If you look on FB you will see the difference in both heels both before shading and after shading.. it’s an amazing difference!


Lesliebella used Valerie in Love


Stephabella used Uptown girl MARCELLA goes to the MASQUERADE


Tracybella used ONE OF MY PEEPS


TracyMACabella used Ramona and Teddy in a BALLOON

Seriously I think I drooled a little.

Now for our amazing DROOL WORTHY Sistahood!


Angela used uptown girls Pattie and Dottie




Now for next week’s challenge?

A very easy one.. “BIRTHDAY WISHES”.  Use any current Stamping Bella stamp and make a card for someone’s birthday .. and VOILA!  Oh and then please send it to me LOL

For a refresher about entering our Bellarific Friday challenge.. you can read about it HERE

Mwah mwah mwah!!

Hope to “see ” you Monday.. I have a new project to share!






every first Tuesday of every month, we offer a few of our stamps at a RIDICULOUSLY low price :)… It’s a way to say THANK YOU for your loyalty over all these years and it gives an opportunity for my sistahs to stock up for gifts or to add to their collection :)


You deserve a little retail therapy yes? :)


Here are our stamps on sale today only.. 24 hours.. that’s it and then POOF it’s gone :)


Mwah to da sistahs who love a good juicy sale :)


It’s Bellarific Friday on Saturday NIGHT sistahs!

Hiya sistahs :)

So sorry for the late post.  We are celebrating Passover here.. had my in laws from Montreal here celebrating.. it’s been CRAZY!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter and/or Passover weekend :)

Ok let’s talk BIDNISS.  We had an amazing Sistahood turnout this week. You just wait until you see all the amazingness!

AND let’s announce our MARCH Contributin’ sistah winnah (say that 100 times fast) shall we?

Winnah is… :

JAYNE!:  please email me and I will send you your $25 vouchah! WOOHOO!

Ok now for this week’s theme we had “STITCHING” on your card using a current Bella image!   But we have a treat from our BABEROONIS!  Every FIRST FRIDAY of every month, our BABEROONIS feature a card with our STAMP OF THE MONTH!  SO this week’s feature is UPTOWN GIRL REBECCA LOVES TO READ… she is 20% off all month long :)

Here we go!


Danabella’s card


Kerribella’s Card



Here is Lesliebella’s card


Sandiebella’s Bookmark!



Stephabella’s card


Tracybella’s card


TracyMACabella’s card

If these cards don’t inspire you to use Rebecca.. I don’t know what will LOL.. They are STUNNING!!!! (if I do say so meself :))

And now for our amazing sistahood following  the STITCH theme!!






Nancee used Uptown girl BIANCA


Terri used SNOOKUMS

How’s DAT for eye candy hmmmm?

Now for next week’s theme? a SKETCHYPOO!

sketch-7-april-10 copy

just plug in a CURRENT Bella image in this sketch and POOF!  card done.  LOL

Yes I wish it was that easy LOL

Can’t wait to see your creations!






Yes. I am obssessed.

hiya sistahs!

My “deal” with myself at being creative every day seems to be working!  I have seen so many cute projects online using a laminating machine (a laminator?  that sounds like the TERMINATOR  LOL).

I wanted to use it for my journal as well as paper projects…  Whenever we go to the bookstore, my girl child always bugs me for a bookmark and I REFUSE to spent $6 on one.. it’s ridiculous!  I decided to use my LAMINATOR (said like AHHHHnold) and make her one instead.  Ok, this probably cost me 865$ to make but it was fun… ok? LOL

This was my test one for myself.. gonna make her some to give to her teacher and her friends… she’s dying to get her little hands on that machine. LOL

I used Uptown girl Betty loves Books and I used some sticky letters to remind me that I should READ MORE and SURF LESS.  Before I go to bed every night, I have a book waiting for me to dive into.. but nooooooo Emily can’t read.. she has to go on YOUTUBE and watch crafty videos.. or surf pinterest etc.. LOL.  So then I am stimulated and don’t sleep all night LOL.

Here she is.. this machine is AMAZING I tell ya!

I already made a “dashboard” for my Midori journal..

If you have any other ideas of what to do with da LAMINATOR… please put it in the comments.. would love to hear!



It’s an AMAZING Bellarific Friday sistahs!!!

Oh how I love sitting down with my coffee and posting all the submissions.. it gets my juices flowing.  People always ask WHY oh WHY don’t you use “MR. Linky”.. so people can add their own submissions and less work for you!  Well.. It is a lot of work.. over 2 hours per post.. sometimes way more.. but Mr. Linky is no where NEAR as nice as seeing all the cards in front of you… well worth the effort no? Me thinks so.

So this week’s theme was a sketch!


I loved working with this sketch.. ok, I didn’t follow it to a “t” but still had fun with it!  It’s all about interpretation.. and I LOVE seeing how all da sistahs interpreted the sketch!



Here is my card… I used NATURE’ S SILHOUETTES (the dragonfly) and BIG WORDS ONCE SHE STOPPED RUSHING… I just loved combining the stamps .. the solid with the script. The BIG WORDS are so much fun to work with.. can be such an easy card and at the same time, you can build on it and make it “fancy”!


Sandiebella used BABY BOW


Stephabella used UPTOWN GIRL BUBBLES


TracyMACabella used our Woodsy BEDELIA


And now for our  AMAZINGLY PHENOMALISH Sistahood!




MaryLynn used ONE OF MY PEEPS




AMAZINGNESS!! LOOOOVE when we have lots of contributions!

Next week’s theme?

STITCH IT UP!  Use real or faux stitching on your card while using a CURRENT Stamping Bella stamp and you’re good to go!

Mwah to da sistahs who will get CRAFTY!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @stampingbella

and on Twitter @stampingbella

and Like our STAMPING BELLA page on Facebook!

Mwah again to da sistahs who love social media


It’s bellarific friday!

Oui oui? ooh lala? comme ci comme ca?

Yes I am taking this week’s challenge a bit literally LOL.

Check out our inspiration sketch this week and you will see why I am speaking francais!

Here is this week’s challenge


SEEEE?  I’m not crazy yet sistahs!

Let’s see what our amazing baberoonis have come up with shall we?  I love to see how everyone is inspired differently by the same photo!


Danabella used UPTOWN GIRL FLORA


I mean COME ON sistahs… Are these INSANELY amazing or what?!  hmph.  Wish I was half as talented!

And now for our AMAZING sistahood! With some new sistahs and even a mini sistah in this group! WOOHOO!


Jaynes little 7 year old Indigo (LOVE LOVE LOVE that name!!) also used Uptown girl Madison and her margarita


Nancee used Seniorita Harriet (I would also love to float in a glass of wine LOL)

WOWZA!  Are those amazing or what?  I love to see what inspires people AND I love to see the same image used multiple ways!  Phenom sistahs!

Now for next week’s theme? a SKETCH!


Can’t wait to see your creations!






Some inspiration :)

Hiya sistahs!

So I made myself a promise this year… one promise is to take care of myself.. treat my skin with amazing products.. lose weight.. you know, the usual LOL.. and to try my best to put on a bit of makeup every day.. just for an extra “feel good” experience… I rarely wear make up and when I do I feel so good.. so why not start the practice again, ya know?

The second thing I promised myself is to be more creative.  To try my best to create something every single day.  A card, to colour.. journal.. something for ME.. and of course for my sistahs :)

With out distribution having moved to the U.S… I have so much more time to actually create.. to talk to my sistahs.. to instagram.. to facebook.. to TWEET (even though it’s not my favorite platform).. you get the idea ;)

So today’s creation used the stamp “Petunia Thinks she’s a prezzie”… Petunia decided to be a “ham” and to be on her own for this image.. so I removed her chick friends and focused just on her (she’s a bit bossy that way)

you can find Petunia Thinks she’s a PREZZIE HERE

And here’s a simple card I created using just her :)