Marker Geek Monday – Copic Colouring Mice in Boots (video)

Happy Monday! Elaineabella here with a little festive colouring fun for you. November is whizzing by, so I guess it’s time to start getting those cards created!

Watch me colour MICE IN BOOTS in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Here’s the card I created using the coloured image:

That’s it for now, catch you tomorrow for Spotlight Tuesday!

Spotlight On: November 2018 Crazy Tuesday Offers!

Hey hey! Elaineabella here with my CRAZY TUESDAY spotlight post!

It’s the first Tuesday of the month, which means there are THREE stamps and “CUT IT OUT” DIES on offer at Crazy Tuesday prices today and only for today! Check out the inspiration below to see why you need them, then click on over to the store to grab them before the prices return to normal! (by midnight tonight!)

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Marker Geek Monday: Oddball Scarecrow Copic Colouring Video

Hey folks, Elaineabella here! I’m playing catch up with the colouring videos, and I’ve got a few more of the recently released autumn/Halloween Oddballs to share before I crack on with the Christmas ones! Today I’ve got the video for the awesome ODDBALL SCARECROW to share with you.

Watch the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Here’s the card I made with her, and the AUTUMN SENTIMENT WORD DIE SET

Catch you tomorrow with my CRAZY TUESDAY spotlight post. 😉

it’s bellarific friday sistahs featuring our STAMP AND DIE OF THE MONTH! WOOOHOOO!

Good morning my sistahs!  How is everyone doing?  I had a stressful night with a limping, HOPPING , DRAMATIC daughter.. she fell and was in terrible pain and insisted on being driven to the hospital LOL… I said she didn’t have to go.. to ice it.. to elevate it and lets see what happens in the morning.. she continued to whine and cry and finally Ryan said that’s it, we are going to the hospital.  She sprung up and hopped to her dad and off they went.  I was so irritated I can’t even explain how she has him wrapped around her little finger but I let them go… My best friend called me and said.. Where’s JAY?  I said she went to the hospital, why?  Well my daughter was documenting her journey on Snapchat LOL.. I can’t find the picture but you would seriously get a good chuckle out of this character… In the picture all we saw were legs in a wheelchair with a BIG sign of the hospital.. Honestly only my daughter.  My mother then facetimes her and she is giggling and laughing on FT (thank GOD she was with her dad because I would have strangled her LOL).. so she gets an Xray, and the diagnosis?   A BRUISE.  So they came home and MAGICALLY the HOPPING became a LIMP .  This morning she claimed she was still in pain and when Ryan told her no hockey for the weekend up she got up .. got dressed and marched herself to my car to school.  Funny how that happens AY?  Just had to vent.  A mother knows, I tell ya.  For some better news, my BABY TYLER (16) who we all grew up with through this blog got his DRIVING PERMIT yesterday morning… I can’t even tell you what a MUSH pile I am.. Where does the time go sistahs.. WHERE?  Ok enough of my BLABLA .. I am a puddle right now.. let’s get cheery and talk about our STAMP AND DIE OF THE MONTH:  EDNA LOVES THE OCEAN… She’s such an amazing character  really.. so happy so magical.. and she’s 25% off (and her die) all month long.  The dies are LIMITED in quantity so once they are gone they are gone.

Ready for some DROOLATION? (yes that is a word)


www.stampingbella.com: rubber stamp used EDNA LOVES THE OCEAN. Card by CHRISTINE LEVISON

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Wonderful Wednesday: Jasmine’s Uptown Girl Marcella Card

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a Spooktacular day.

This week for Wonderful Wednesday I’m sharing a little customer appreciation! We love seeing all of your creations on social media, and we love it when you tag us. If you would like a chance to be featured here on the blog in one of these posts, simply tag your Stamping Bella creations with #stampingbella so we can find them! As a bonus, we would absolutely love it if you included your stamp set in the photo with your card.

Here’s Jasmine’s gorgeous card featuring our UPTOWN GIRL MARCELLA GOES TO A MASQUERADE rubber stamp. She’s perfect for all sorts of occasions, and she definitely fits the bill for a grown up, glam Halloween!


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Thank you for sharing, Jasmine!

Catch you next time.



Marker Geek Monday: Day of the Dead Oddball Colouring Video

Hey, Elaineabella here! I hope Monday has been kind to you so far. Today I’ve got a quick post for you, to share my latest Copic colouring video, featuring the fabulous DAY OF THE DEAD ODDBALL rubber stamp!

Here is the card I created using her:

Watch the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Catch you tomorrow for Spotlight Tuesday!




Hiya sistahs!  Hope you had a good week.  I have been stuck in a mess of computer problems.. Today I actually almost flung it out the window.  Before I became violent , I decided it was a perfect time to enjoy the Sephora sale on this weekend LOL.. ever have one of those days where you just HAD to get up and GO before…..  yup that was me today :).  I hope you had a better week than I did!

I digress.. let’s discuss this week’s Bellarific Friday.. it will totally cheer me up LOL

Ready? Set? HERE WE GO!

Sandiebella used MICE IN BOOTS

www.stampingbella.com: rubber stamp used: MICE IN BOOTS. Card by SANDIE DUNNE

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