It’s Scenic Saturday with Amybella ! card by Amy young

Hello bellas!

Amy here with some new Scenic Saturday inspiration. You may remember that my last card featured the Sketchy Corner Backdrop and how I mentioned then that I can’t stop thinking of all the different character stamps that will look amazing with it. Well, I thought about creating something totally different this week but in the end, I decided to the keep this theme going because this background stamp, and all the different ways you can use it, is still very much inspiring me. So, this time around I’ve stamped Uptown Girl Vienna on her Vespa. I mean, come on… she is literally waiting for a street to stop traffic on with that thing. Vienna is a large stamp, filling quite a lot of space on this standard A2 sized card front. To change up the look of this card I decided to use a 4×6 clear mounting stamp to ‘mirror flip’ the Sketchy Corner and have it fall on the upper right-hand side of the card rather than the left. This simple flip gave Vienna all the room she needed to park her Vespa. In the distant background I used some of the same Copic colors that I used on the Sketchy Cornerto draw in a simple building shape, matching the stamped background and making it look like there is a cross street back there. Because I’ve used this background several times by now, I also didn’t feel bad about covering some of it up when I decided to stamp the sentiment onto a die cut speech bubble. I think it is a playful touch that kinda makes this card look like a panel out of a comic book. 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing yet another take on this cool background stamp. Stay crafty my friends!

It’s scenic Saturday with Amybella on Sunday!

Hello friends!

Alright, alright… even though MerMay is over, I still had one more mermaid card up my sleeve for this week’s Scenic Saturday. I’ve always thought that with some minor tweaking Uptown Zodiac Girl Cancer would make for a beautiful mermaid. The real clincher to making it happen came when I was inking up Edna with a Manatee for my previous Scenic Saturday and realized that with some very simple masking I could combine the end of Edna’s tail with Zodiac Girl Cancer to finally make my vision happen. I began by deciding where on the card this mermaid would reside then I placed a post-it-note where I wanted the water to cut her off at the waist. I inked the top half of Zodiac Girl Cancer and stamped her just above the post-it. I then masked off her bent arm, flipped Edna and the manatee upside down and inked up only the fin and stamped her just above the post-it as well. Once I removed the mask on her arm and the post-it below, I quickly colored some blue around her until it looked likeCancer was half in/half out of the shallow water. To alter her top half, I simply grabbed a 0.1 black multi-liner pen and sketched in some connecting lines under her bust line to turn her slinky dress into a bikini top. I then dressed it up a bit by adding the decorative scallop shell and completed the look with a belly button on her newly exposed torso. 

For the background I colored in a spit of land behind her, complete with palm trees and flowering bushes, to help give the sense that we have found our mermaid in a sheltered lagoon. I then added more sand down in front of her with large fronds of beach grass framing the sentiment, from the Summer Sentiment set, that I stamped at the bottom of the scene. Adding that tall grass also creates a really strong foreground which adds extra interest to this scene as we hit the trifecta with the mermaid in the midground and jetty in the background. When you can get all three in a scene, that’s when things really come to life!

Well, I hope this easy transformation reminds you to keep looking at the stamps in your stash with fresh eyes and how combining them with newer additions can breathe new life into those older images.

Stay cool and stay crafty!

It’s Scenic Saturday with Amybella ! rubber stamp used : bundle girl with snowdrop . Card by Amy Young

Hello, hello!

It’s Amy here with a new Scenic Saturday card to share. Now that all of the snow has finally melted out of the yard, we are finally getting the first signs of spring peeking up out of the flower beds. And while we don’t have snowdrops to look forward to, I figured that Bundle Girl with a Snowdrop could look like crocus flowers in a pinch, and we have a lot of crocuses. Now the Bundle Girl with a Snowdropimage is on the smaller side, featuring the little cutie holding a sprig of two little flowers. Because I wanted to fill up more of the scene with a few more flowers I decided to do some creative stamping and modification. Using my Misti stamp platform, I first stamped and then masked off Bundle Girl. I then took the same stamp and turned it so that the flowers were standing vertically, inking only the top portion of the flowers and not the Bundle Girl, then stamping them directly over the masked image. I moved the stamp to the left and repeated the process behind her once again. I did the same thing for a smaller clump of flowers growing out in front of her and even inked up the flower on the end of her hat for a few extra blossoms. This gave me most of what I needed for my make-do flower bed, all I had to do was grab a 0.1 fine tip black pen to complete some of the missing stem and leaf lines and I was good to go. I love how this trick really immerses her into the lush flower bed that I imagined and gets a bit more mileage out of a stamp, which is always an extra bonus if you ask me. All I had to do from there was color them in pretty shades of purple and gold, even going so far as to loosely sketch in the hint of more crocus growing back beyond this little cutie and her special blooms. Finally, I added a sentiment from the Garden Girl Flower sentiment set in the upper left corner of the card to balance Bundle Girl on the right.

I hope this trick of selective inking inspires you to see just how far you can stretch the Stamping Bella stamps in your stash and take your creativity a step further. 😉  

Stay crafty my friends!