It’s Scenic Saturday with Amybella ! rubber stamp used : bundle girl with snowdrop . Card by Amy Young

Hello, hello!

It’s Amy here with a new Scenic Saturday card to share. Now that all of the snow has finally melted out of the yard, we are finally getting the first signs of spring peeking up out of the flower beds. And while we don’t have snowdrops to look forward to, I figured that Bundle Girl with a Snowdrop could look like crocus flowers in a pinch, and we have a lot of crocuses. Now the Bundle Girl with a Snowdropimage is on the smaller side, featuring the little cutie holding a sprig of two little flowers. Because I wanted to fill up more of the scene with a few more flowers I decided to do some creative stamping and modification. Using my Misti stamp platform, I first stamped and then masked off Bundle Girl. I then took the same stamp and turned it so that the flowers were standing vertically, inking only the top portion of the flowers and not the Bundle Girl, then stamping them directly over the masked image. I moved the stamp to the left and repeated the process behind her once again. I did the same thing for a smaller clump of flowers growing out in front of her and even inked up the flower on the end of her hat for a few extra blossoms. This gave me most of what I needed for my make-do flower bed, all I had to do was grab a 0.1 fine tip black pen to complete some of the missing stem and leaf lines and I was good to go. I love how this trick really immerses her into the lush flower bed that I imagined and gets a bit more mileage out of a stamp, which is always an extra bonus if you ask me. All I had to do from there was color them in pretty shades of purple and gold, even going so far as to loosely sketch in the hint of more crocus growing back beyond this little cutie and her special blooms. Finally, I added a sentiment from the Garden Girl Flower sentiment set in the upper left corner of the card to balance Bundle Girl on the right.

I hope this trick of selective inking inspires you to see just how far you can stretch the Stamping Bella stamps in your stash and take your creativity a step further. 😉  

Stay crafty my friends!

it’s SCENIC SATURDAY with AMYBELLA! rubber stamp used: SQUIDGY AND TEDDY card by Amy Young

Hello Bellas!

Amy here with a Scenic Saturday card that has all the feels. I figured it was a good time to show the Squidgies some more love so I grabbed my stamps to see which one would light that creative spark. To my surprise and delight it was a mash-up of two Squidgy cuties that got my wheels turning. Many of the Squidgies include two versions in the package, a large one and a small one and as cute as they are I had never actually inked up any of the smaller versions. That all changed when I noticed how adorable it would be to pair the larger Squidgy and Teddy with the small version of Grumpy Squidgy. I stamped Grumpy first then masked her off before stamping Squidgy and Teddy slightly higher and overlapping. That way when I removed the mask it would look like Squidgy is bringing a teddy bear to surprise and cheer up her grumpy little friend with. I mean seriously, how can she not cheer up when gifted with a teddy that is bigger than she is?! I colored these two friends into a simple indoor scene with a wood floor, base board and wall. This allowed me to add the sentiment above and frame it like an art print hanging on the wall behind them. Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a few simple lines to effectively tell a delightful story with your stamps.  🙂

Stay crafty my friends!

It’s Scenic Saturday with Amybella!

Hey Bellas!

It’s Scenic Saturday with Amy and this one is kind of a special as it wraps up my year of flowers personal challenge featuring the Tiny Townie Garden Girls. Now when I looked up the flower for December there were two choices, narcissus and holly, neither of which are part of the Garden Girl collection. So instead, I looked outside the Garden Girls and found the perfect replacement with Tiny Townie Pamela the Poinsettia. Personally, I can’t think of a better flower to represent December and all of the holiday cheer that comes with it. For the background I wanted to play up her tiny fairy-like size so I ‘zoomed in’ real close and colored in a wood window sill for her to stand on with a snow-covered window directly behind her. Now this hot house flower is safe and warm inside while she can still enjoy the view of a snowy winter night. A simple and sweet message from the Holiday Sentiment set was all this needed to be complete.


With the completion of the challenge, I thought it would be fun to take a quick look back at all twelve of the cards in this series. It’s kinda cool to see the progression of the seasons when they are all side by side like this. Well, I hope you have enjoyed these cards as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them, I guess I need to figure out a new personal challenge before the new year arrives, LOL!  😉

Stay crafty my friends!