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This is IT!

Home office.  Lights off.  Corner light on again.  MUSE running through my veins.

I just watched the Michael Jackson movie THIS IS IT, and I have to say, I could not believe how quickly I reverted to an innocent, chubby, glasses wearing (still am), braces needing (need them AGAIN), 10 year old blubbering yoyo brain! LOL.  That movie really hit a spot… I can’t explain.  My little ones were watching their mama spin, dance, grab her crotch (LOL.. NOT), moonwalk (I wish) across the family room.  They looked at me in bewilderment.  They asked me.. MOM, WHO WAS Michael Jackson?  While, they knew some of his songs (from their bellowing mother and father), they didn’t know “WHO” Michael Jackson was.  While i did not want to go into detail about some of his “idiosyncracies”.. or some of his “decisions”, or some of his “misfortunes” growing up..I wanted them to know how Michael Jackson was an ICON.  How talented he was, how he really represented most of my childhood through song.

I think they “got it”.. by watching me smile.. by watching me dance.. by watching me know almost EVERY SINGLE WORD TO EVERY SONG, while I forget what I did yesterday (lol)…

What a sad day it was (actually my birthday) to lose such an important and talented artist who made history.

Wow.. to think that this movie really affected me is crazy! but it did.

Cheers to Michael Jackson, and the odes he left to us to sing to, to dance to, to enjoy.

Mwah to da sistahs who will NEVAH “BEAT IT!”



  1. Leslie W. says:

    OMG (michael jackson is dead)….you know what i mean! the kids and i saw it in the theater. i was in absolute awe….and yes it actually sang and dare i say cried just a little bit. i’m glad you enjoyed it! i agree a true icon.

  2. Cindy Holshouser says:

    I agree completely. I was so sad the day he passed. He really was a pathetic person in so many ways and a musical genius for sure. It is so unfair the way he died. Whenever I hear his music I smile.

  3. Lillian Child says:

    That man sure could entertain us … and his music will live on in our hearts forever.

  4. lindaH says:

    Mark and I saw it at the theatre….SOOOOO GOOD! I didn’t think it was being released until Jan 26th! If that movie doesn’t get your muse going, nothing will!

  5. Pinky says:

    I saw the movie twice in the theatre and was completely awestruck. A tragic life he had on so many levels but he is undeniably a musical genious. I immediately ran out to buy the This is It CD the moment it was available and have been playing it ever since – I will never grow tired of it. Dance on Sistah!

  6. Becky T. says:

    I am right there with you! I saw it in the theater with a friend and we were both singing and dancing in our seats. I grew up loving his music. I feel like if he would have done his tour, he would have won back the hearts of everyone. He was amazing. It’s super tragic that he’s gone and so hard to believe. 🙂

  7. Karen Wilson says:

    Hi Emily!! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I really want to. I told my guys all about him too. No matter what his life tragedies, that man was a musical icon and will continue to be so. I look fwd to seeing the movie, especially after reading all the posts here! There’s certain actors/actresses/singers etc that really make you feel at a loss when they’re gone, especially like him and he was right up there for sure. I love his music still!!

  8. Isa Norris says:

    Hey Emily,
    Lovely meeting you today.
    I’m soooo with you on the MJ thing. Have always been a huge fan, loved This is It. My kids are mad about his music too! Even 6 1/2 years old Melissa!
    DH is not as keen so it’s kinda torture for him in this house as the boys even play Billie Jean on the guitar!! lol
    Anyway, better get back to work…
    After our chat this morning and reading this, I think we have quite a lot in common 😉
    A bientôt

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