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It’s DA first BELLARIFIC friday of 2010!

Hiya sistahs!

Well I am a little late.. been so busy shipping ordahs and trying to keep my head afloat.. it’s been CRAZY around bella land for the past little while..!

let’s start by discussing our topic for BELLARIFIC FRIDAY this week!  The theme was BACK TO SCHOOL.. omg.. note to self.. make more BACK TO SCHOOL THEMED stamps! LOL.  you will see what I mean in a minute.  I just love bellarific fridays, seeing people’s entries, enjoying each and every one of them.. it’s magical!

Ok let’s see what our BABEROONIS have been up to.. have I mentioned how much I lovey them so?


Jeaniebella used BETTY BOOKWORM

Joannabella used SPENCER the BOOKWORM

Jodibella (how does that sound JODI??) used Scarlett the Teacup girl (jodi explains how this fits in)

Karen MOTZABELLA (still lol’ing on that one) used SPENCER the BOOK WORM


Paulabella used BOOKWORMABELLA

Meahnibella used ALL PUNKED UP

SHANNANABELLA (let’s all welcome her back!! MWAHHH!) used BOOKWORMABELLA.. first she used IMELDABELLA and I asked her WHAT DOES IMELDABELLA HAVTA DO WITH BACK TO SCHOOL??? (I said it quietly and softly.. so emily-esque and she had a whole convoluded story and then submitted this one in it’s stead..LOL.. I would ask the same thing to Jodibella but I still wanna impress her so I will be quiet.. shhhhh

So do you think I should rename this challenge to be DIFFERENT LAYOUTS WITH ONE STAMP? LOL


Angela Pruisman used CLICKABELLA

Angela Pruisman used CLICKABELLA

Chris Parmenter used READING REVERIE

Chris Parmenter used READING REVERIE

deborah southard used BETTY THE BOOKWORM

deborah southard used BETTY THE BOOKWORM



Karin Hoeve used ALEXIS' BAD HAIR DAY

Karin Hoeve used ALEXIS' BAD HAIR DAY

Leslie Good used LATTEBELLA

Leslie Good used LATTEBELLA



Michele Ghent used LADY OWLIE on her sign

Michele Ghent used LADY OWLIE on her sign

pauline godfrey used CLICKABELLA

pauline godfrey used CLICKABELLA



Erica Johnson Wanzer used TEACHABELLA

Erica Johnson Wanzer used TEACHABELLA

What a great roundup!

don’t forget, Monday we are going to be giving a random CONTRIBUTOR $20 in bella bucks and a random COMMENTATOR $10

Mwah to da sistahs who love that their kids are BACK TO SCHOOL



  1. Mitzi Koons says:

    It’s always so bittersweet when the kids go back to school! Lovey the cards this week and I’m hoping I get to play next week! Great work everyone!! Welcome Jodi and welcome back Shannan!!

  2. Karen Motz says:

    Bwah ha ha!!!! I LOVEY the “same stamp different layout”!!! Who knew we all loved the same stamps so much!!! The entries are all so fabulous!!

  3. lisa henke says:

    so sad I didn’t have time to play this week (I did stamp with bella stamps, but no back to school!). LOVED all the samples this week, how could I not-the stamps are A-dorable!

  4. Jamie N. says:

    Loved the samples this week! And a belated congrats to Jodibella!

  5. Everyone’s work is amazing, I love all the intellectual bellas and “book worms” that were used. Great theme and great job everyone!

  6. Jeanette S says:

    Oh where did the week go….i planned to do this, but time escapes me sometimes. And lo and behold, i had my Betty the Bookworm stamp chosen for it!

  7. Angela P says:

    Congratulations to Jodi! Great cards by the babes and players this week. Loved the little lollipop gal in the last sample—this one was my most favorite!

  8. Debi says:

    LOL the Green Bean Babies certainly got lots of play this week. Everyone did a wonderful job!

  9. Sara Spencer says:

    Great entries!! Love all the inspiration. I am waiting for new stamps from Stampingbella so I hope to play along sometime soon. =) Yay!!

  10. Leslie G. says:

    Great cards ladies – love the bookworm cards! I feel I need to explain my Lattebella…….I’m sure loads of Mums are now able to enjoy their morning coffee a little more with the children back to school 🙂

  11. LoriT. says:

    Love back-to-school time other than that it also means back-to-work time for me (sigh…)…love all the entries! Great cards!

  12. Jodi Collins says:

    You are SO funny Em! I am LOLing!!! All the cards are GORGEOUS!!!

  13. But I was being CREATIVEEEEE!!!!! 😉 Just for you I decided to float in the same direction instead of swim upstream…but just you wait…
    I’m so happy to be back!! MWAH

  14. paula says:

    yahooooo, this was funny and I loved it!! LOL I have one more idea and no one used that stamp…I am doing it for sunday! ohhh, I da genius!

  15. Kristin says:

    Love the theme, and the cards!! Have to say I wish it still was the holidays.

  16. Pauline says:

    Loved this weeks theme (even though I only own one back to school related stamp) guess I need to buy more :). Great cards ladies!

  17. Tanya says:

    Oh my heck…FUNNY!!! I thought for sure Teachabella would’ve been used, was so surprised she wasn’t! I think it would be fun to use one stamp and see what everyone comes up with…maybe advertise the week it’ll be used say 2 months out so that’ll give everyone who wants to play plenty of time to purchase the stamp or swap images with others, etc. Anyhow…great cards everyone, loved them all and loved reading the funny comments to go with them!

  18. Erica J-W says:

    These are all amazing. I love how versatile the stamps are and how everyone interrupted the challenge. Great work all!

  19. Linda C. says:

    Wonderful artwork ladies!

  20. Jessica B. says:

    Maybe it’s not the stamp …maybe great sisters think a like!!! I loved the bad hair day card and Bookwormabella would be a great going off to college card. Good job sisters!!!

  21. Katie W. says:

    Well, the sistahs definitely convinced me I need Spencer and Betty, so I guess they did their job well, didn’t they? 😉

  22. Jane B. says:

    The cards are so CUTE! Great job everyone!

  23. jen says:

    Hahahaha- love all the same stamp!!! 😀
    Super cute!

  24. sammi says:

    Oh lovely cards 😀 LOL – GREAT stamps too

  25. Terri E. says:

    Fabulous coloring ladies!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  26. Arianne says:

    Hi Em, you definitly need to make some more school-themed stamps! ;0)

  27. sheng says:

    lovely cards!! I’ve been too busy with baby Max to play the challenge): maybe next time.


  28. Great cards! Definitely a great way to begin 2010!!

  29. terri says:

    So glad we are back on track for the new year…missed doing the weekly challenges! As always, darling cards this week!

  30. Shelly says:

    FABULOUS creations! Your Bella Babes are so talented and influential – as enablers! I just got my order of 14 stamps – more if you count all the extras that come with the main images – and I can’t wait to play with them!

  31. Susan P says:

    Fabulous cards and such a great way to start the new year.

  32. Colleen says:

    Wow! So many amazing cards and fun to see what people did even with some of the same stamps! Simply fabulous ladies!

  33. Beautiful cards! Love them all!

  34. Bela says:

    Gorgeous cards ladies!

  35. Tina Mayo says:

    cute them!!

  36. sylvia durrant says:

    I really liked the tag placement on the ‘Gracie Lollipop’ card.

  37. CArol S says:

    I am just in awe of the talent here. I just love how some of the images pop with color! Great job ladies!

  38. Crystalbella says:

    All the entries are fab! Great job to everyone!!!

  39. Tara says:

    Great cards ladies : ) I’ll admit I was a lacking a stamp for this one : )

  40. Michelle A. says:

    Fabulous cards girlies!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. Regan says:

    I totaly missed this one!!

    WOW what a bunch of gorgeous cards!

  42. Rhiannon says:

    I loved seeing all the back to school cards. I know I’m happy that my kids went back to school! Thank you for sharing the inspiration!

  43. Jaycee says:

    Beautiful cards ladies! Love the school themed stamps! They are adorable! =)

  44. Tanya P says:

    Beautiful cards ladies! Love the bookworms

  45. Denimo says:

    Wonderful cards gals! Very fun theme this week!!

  46. Emily says:

    OMG the talent in this group AMAZES me!

  47. Karen Steen says:

    gorgeous cards … inspiring ideas …. loved Clickabella and the bookworms

  48. Monika Davis says:

    Great cards! Love those cute bookworm images… I didn’t find anything in my pile that would’ve worked so I set this one out… but I can’t wait for the next challenge… :o)

  49. Jacilynn says:

    oooh, Gorgeous cards. Love the line up

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