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this gets 100% on the CUTENESS FACTOR

who cares if it is useful or not..LOL!  Just kiddinK.. it is useful too! and it is PINK.. and it looks GREAT in your tool bag (we were just discussing this last night.. I have every tool bag imaginable and yet I travel NOWHERE..LOL).  What is it you ask? It’s the new WE R MEMORY KEEPERS  BRAD SETTER AND PIERCING TOOL! (oh and the piercing tool has a COVER.. you would think that would be a given but you would be surprised by what is out there.. can you believe I am giving SUCH importance to a paper piercer? LOL)

Last night we had an AMAZING time in Bellaland at my Art Journaling 101 class.  I think people were a bit apprehensive about what it was all about..LOL.. but as soon as we got “down and dirty”, they were cutting gluing painting MANIACS!!! LOL… We had such an amazing time and since it was a really big class, I will be offering it again next month as well as a 102 class.  WOOOHOOO!  In my class yesterday, I mentioned my little teeny tiny obssession with MOLESKINES.. no FAKESKINES.. they MUST be MOLESKINES.. I’m like Pavlov’s DOGGY.. every time I pass the Moleskine section at the bookstore I IMMEDIATELY drool.. LOL.  I will try to pile mine all together and take a picture just for you to really SEE my obssession.. or maybe I shouldn’t…. I just bought the LARGE sketchbook and am in love.. it usually takes a while to really find the journal that “fits” for lack of a better word.  Molesine is the one for me!! It’s not too tight…. it’s not too loose (when will that ever happen).. it’s JUUUUUST right!  Here’s a little technique that I did to make my backgrounds.. I used a dye inkpad, SHMEARED it all over the page and while it was wet (quickly), i SHMEARED (SPREADDDD.. SHMEARRRR just sounds bettah)   it again with a babywipe to spread the inks.. YUMMMMMMM!! and I layered two of them!  I also used our new “I AM STAMP” called FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and the LITTLE MOMENTS QUOTE STAMP.  Now please note, this is a page in progress but it’s yummy to stroke and lick..LOL (ok I don’t lick it but I do stroke the page sometimes when no one is looking…LOL)…

Don’t forget BELLARIFIC FRIDAY sistahs.. theme is ANY BELLA or STELLA (lol.. I got some EXCELLENT submissions so far!)  Also, don’t forget TANTALIZING TOOSDAY special this week are the TIM HOLTZ EMBOSSING FOLDERS and Dena’s kitabella!

Mwah to da sistahs who lovey da MOLESKINES like MEEEEE



  1. Tricia T says:

    Now that is a CA-OOOL tool!!! No more brad pieces up the fingernails!! 🙂 Love it!

  2. Kimmy K says:

    I want one!!! I’m always chipping up my fingernails spreading those brads.

  3. paula says:

    ok, fingernails work sometimes…but I am usually grabbing my piercing tool to pry some of the brads.

  4. Melissa Q says:

    OMG!! That is such an awesome idea…..I hate being poked by those stinkin’ little brads!!! And in pink! 🙂 Muah!

  5. Karen Steen says:

    Art Journalling 101 – great class & yes ‘scary’ at first but tons of fun.

  6. maryg says:

    enjoyed the art journalling class – so much fun to do this with others of like mind. dare i say it was even better than DD’s class? 🙂

    thanks emily for opening up your journals to us all and to Dena too for leaving hers behind for us to paw at and love up.

    looking forward to the next class

  7. Denimo says:

    Ohhhhhh… what great entries and inspiration today!!! Great job ladies!

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