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I said to Jayden as we went in for her 5 year physical knowing that she was going to get her booster.  Tyler was busy chanting that he was SOOOO happy he was NOT getting a shot and I saw my little girl’s bottom lip quiver (I gave Tyler SEVERE EYE MAIL..LOL) .  When we were alone together the night before chatting outside (we do that almost every night) and Tyler and Ryan were at baseball practice she asked me if the needle would hurt.  I looked at her like she was CUH-RAZY (even though I am SCARED TO DEATH OF NEEDLES) and asked her if she ever heard of the BLA BLA BLAH medicine against a shot.  She said “no mommy”.. so I told her all about the BLABLA.  What IS the blabla medicine that takes away all needle pain you ask?  Well.. this is a very big secret but I allow you to use it with your kidlets too.  I told Jayden that as SOON as she knows the doctor is going to get the needle she MUST look at me and grab my hand.  When the doctor comes in she is NOT allowed to look at him (LOL) and we just look at each other and say BLA BLA BLA (like we are having a pretend conversation).. sometimes the blabla goes to a higher pitch (like when the needle goes in) and then by the time she got to the third BLA, I told her it was OVAH.. she couldn’t believe it!  She looked at me and said.. is it over?  I said yes… she made sure to tell me that it “STILL HURT” just so I acknowledge it.. and she took a lollipop and off she went while Tyler STILL made sure that we knew that he was happy he didn’t have a shot. LOL. and our doctor looked at Tyler and said “YOURRRRR TURNNNNNN”…LOL. (he was joking).. Tyler was PETRIFIED and I said to him.. “ya wanna do the blabla medicine?”.  He was NOT amused.

That’s one of my little nuggets of the day

Don’t forget BELLARIFIC FRIDAY this week is to use a BELLA or a STELLA!

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Mwah to da sistahs who will start BLA BLA’ing ASAP



  1. Laura (llevans) says:

    You are an AMAZING mother Em!!! I love your stories….you need to blog more! LOL

  2. BellaG says:

    great trick, thanks Em!
    BTW, i love your doctor’s sense of humor!!!

  3. Diana says:

    Emily.. I think you forgot to announce the winners from last Friday’s challenge

  4. Stamping Bella says:

    Friday’s Challenge will be announced on Friday


  5. paula says:

    LOL…I wil be chanting bla-bla-bla when the dentist {who is HOT} goes to put the big needle in my mouth. Me, I don’t care what size that needle is as long as I know the pain is going away!!!

  6. See, I don’t just lovey you cuz you provide stuff to feed my addiction – I lovey you cuz you’re such a good momma, too. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  7. Emily D says:

    I love it. That is the greatest advice EVER!

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