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Hiya sistahs!  You still with me?  I hope so 🙂

Today we have some more amazing images for you .  I know you will love them.

Our Mochi Girls have done so well.. they are so much fun to colour as they has lots of space in the face and hair.. like barbie doll heads.. REMEMBER THOSE?  maybe I’m too old.  Hmph.  I used to love making different hairdos on my barbie head LOL  (that really sounds so CREEPY .. but that was my inspiration for the Mochis… )more space to use different colouring techniques, to play and to experiment.. that’s what it’s all about!  so without further ADO, let’s introduce some Mochi Girls shall we?

meet  our MOCHI Christmas Girl

CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used: MOCHI CHRISTMAS GIRL card by DEBRA JAMES rubber stamp used: MOCHI CHRISTMAS GIRL card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used: MOCHI CHRISTMAS GIRL card by Faye Wynn Jones rubber stamp used: MOCHI CHRISTMAS GIRL card by Michele Boyer rubber stamp used: MOCHI CHRISTMAS GIRL card by Sandie Dunne


CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used MOCHI BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN card by Amy Young rubber stamp used MOCHI BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN card by Debra James rubber stamp used MOCHI BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN card by Michele boyer rubber stamp used MOCHI BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN card by Sandie Dunne rubber stamp used MOCHI BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN card by Stephanie Hill


CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used MOCHI FALL GIRL card by Alice Huang rubber stamp used MOCHI FALL GIRL card by Michele Boyer rubber stamp used MOCHI FALL GIRL card by Tamara Potocnik Rubber stamp used: MOCHI FALL GIRL. Card by Sandie Dunne


Last of the Mochi’s is MOCHI ORNAMENT GIRL

CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used MOCHI ORNAMENT GIRL card by Christine Levison rubber stamp used MOCHI ORNAMENT GIRL card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used MOCHI ORNAMENT GIRL card by Jenny Dix rubber stamp used MOCHI ORNAMENT GIRL card by Tamara Potocnik rubber stamp used MOCHI ORNAMENT GIRL card by Sandie Dunne


CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used UPTOWN GIRL KATRINA's CHRISTMAS KISSES card by Alice Huang card by Christine Levison rubber stamp used UPTOWN GIRL KATRINA's CHRISTMAS KISSES card by Debra James rubber stamp used UPTOWN GIRL KATRINA's CHRISTMAS KISSES card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used UPTOWN GIRL KATRINA's CHRISTMAS KISSES card by Michele Boyer


next we have UPTOWN GIRL WREN and her wreath

Uptown Girl Wren and her Wreath Colouring Video

Watch Elaineabella colour this stamp in the video below. If you enjoy watching please do like the video and subscribe over on her YouTube channel.

CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used UPTOWN GIRL WREN and her WREATH card by Alice Huang rubber stamp used UPTOWN GIRL WREN and her WREATHcard by Christine Levison rubber stamp used UPTOWN GIRL WREN and her WREATH card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used UPTOWN GIRL WREN and her WREATH card by Faye Wynn Jones rubber stamp used UPTOWN GIRL WREN and her WREATH card by Stephanie Hill


CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used BUNDLE GIRL and PENGUIN bake a cake card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used BUNDLE GIRL and PENGUIN bake a cake card by Faye Wynn Jones rubber stamp used BUNDLE GIRL and PENGUIN bake a cake card by Elaine Hughes card by Jenny Dix

Next we have KNITTING penguin

CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used Knitting Penguin. Card by Debra James rubber stamp used Knitting Penguin. Card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used Knitting Penguin. Card by Tamara Potocnik

Penguin’s BIG CATCH

CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used PENGUINS BIG CATCH. Card by Debra James rubber stamp used PENGUINS BIG CATCH. Card by Elaine Hughes


CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used Penguin Family. Card by Debra James rubber stamp used Penguin Family. Card by Elaine Hughes


CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used SNOWFIGHT PENGUIN. Card by Elaine Hughes rubber stamp used SNOWFIGHT PENGUIN. Card by Michele Boyer rubber stamp used SNOWFIGHT PENGUIN. Card by Stephanie Hill

and last but not least for today SNOWSUIT PENGUINS

CARD SAMPLES: rubber stamp used SNOWSUIT PENGUINS. Card by DEbra James rubber stamp used SNOWSUIT PENGUINS. Card by Michele Boyer

HOW’S DAT for inspiration? HMMMM?

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Hope you’re loving this release as much as I do 🙂




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    thanks for all the great images coming our way and the talent that these artists share with us, to bring them to life.
    HUGS to everyone today

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    • Stamping Bella says:

      Elaineabella here! If you check out our Amybella she’s done some stitch looks on previous stamps. She has a FB page where she does live colouring sessions (which you can watch on replay). Hop on over to her blog (link is in the sidebar here).

      I will try and work in some stitchy looks soon in videos. I do have videos showing easier “fluffy” or plushy textures, not just smooth colouring. You can find those on my YouTube channel – MarkerGeek – I did two on gnome beards showing different approaches, which work for hair/fur, both in Copic and pencil.

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