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Hiya sistahs!

Welcome to the last day of our sneak peeks!  I have had so much fun reading the comments and interacting with everyone.. it’s been so LONG!   All the goodies will be available tomorrow!

Let’s start shall we?

We have some new amazing Bundle Girls!


CARD SAMPLES: Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL WINTER FRIENDS. Card by Alice Huang Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL WINTER FRIENDS. Card by Christine Levison Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL WINTER FRIENDS. Card by Michele Boyer

Next we have BUNDLE GIRL with a TREE

CARD SAMPLES: Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL with a Tree. Card by Elaine Hughes Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL with a Tree. Card by Jenny Dix Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL with a Tree. Card by Michele Boyer


CARD SAMPLES: Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL ON A SWING. Card by Amy Young Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL ON A SWING. Card by Debra James Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRL ON A SWING. Card by Michele Boyer


CARD SAMPLES: Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRLS OPHELIA and ODELIA card by Elaine Hughes Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRLS OPHELIA and ODELIA card by Faye Wynn Jones Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRLS OPHELIA and ODELIA card by Faye Wynn Jones Rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRLS OPHELIA and ODELIA card by Stephanie Hill


CARD SAMPLES: Rubber stamp used: UPTOWN GIRL GLENDA card by Alice Huang Rubber stamp used: UPTOWN GIRL GLENDA card by Christine Levison Rubber stamp used: UPTOWN GIRL GLENDA card by Elaine Hughes Rubber stamp used: UPTOWN GIRL GLENDA card by Stephanie Hill

And we have Christmas Sloths!

First we start with our new MERRY SLOTHMAS sentiment set

next we have SLOTH ORNAMENT

Sloth on an Ornament Colouring Video

Watch Elaineabella colour this stamp in the video below. If you enjoy watching please do like the video and subscribe over on her YouTube channel.

CARD SAMPLES: Rubber stamp used: SLOTH ORNAMENT card by Elaine Hughes Rubber stamp used: SLOTH ORNAMENT card by Jenny Dix Rubber stamp used: SLOTH ORNAMENT card by Michele Boyer Rubber stamp used: SLOTH ORNAMENT card by Sandie Dunne

and SLOTH on a WREATH Rubber stamp used: Sloth on a wreath card by Elaine Hughes Rubber stamp used: Sloth on a wreath card by Michele Boyer Rubber stamp used: Sloth on a wreath card by Tami Potocnik


CARD SAMPLES: Rubber stamp used: Sloth in a stocking card by Debra James Rubber stamp used: Sloth in a stocking card by Elaine Hughes


CARD SAMPLES: Rubber stamp used: Sloth on a Branch card by Debra James Rubber stamp used: Sloth on a Branch card by Michele Boyer Rubber stamp used: Sloth on a Branch card by Tamara Potocnik


and Voila!  That’s the end of our torturepalooza .. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win!

We will announce the winner by 9pm EST






  1. Kim Swenson says:

    The sloths are super cute! Can’t wait for the release!

  2. Sharon Brand says:

    I love everything here today!
    The puppy in the stocking is
    just so cute!

  3. Sharon Brand says:

    Sloth or puppey it really is cute!!

  4. Sharon Brand says:

    It is too early! Now I’ve spelled
    puppy wrong!

  5. Julie Gawthorpe says:

    I absolutely love the Bundle Girl winter friends as it makes me think of my sister back in Canada and the sentiment is so true to us. Can’t wait for it to be available :-)!

  6. Sue says:

    SLOTHS!!! – beautiful geniusness (which IS a word)! (;
    I love today’s peeks! The bundle girls are heart stealers and the uptown girls are gorgeous! Love and thanks for all the fun and beauty!
    From Sue…xxx

  7. Wendy Peterson says:

    OMG You killed it everything is fabulous..

  8. Èly says:

    Oh …. The sloth!!! So lovely!!! I want!!! Èly

  9. Lesley Prothero says:

    SLOTHS!!!! Love them!!

  10. Jo says:

    They are all AMAZING. Now comes the hard bit of choosing 1 or 2……or maybe 3,4,5……or maybe everyone.
    Thank you 🙂

  11. Tina says:

    The bundle girl and sloths are so adorable ?

  12. Ann says:

    Beautiful All Beautiful. xxx

  13. Candy Richard says:

    Love them all, but Bundle Girl Winter Friends steals my heart.

  14. Lisa Byers says:

    All of the stamps are fabulous!! The sloths are so cute but I love the Uptown Girls!!

  15. Brenda Peterson says:

    All are so cute!! how to decide?

  16. Janet Durbin says:

    Sooo much talent on the design team!! Everything is awesome, I can’t pick a favorite!

  17. dolly/scrapthat says:

    Totally fun release and I think the Sloth is the spirit animal of 2020! LOL

  18. SarahC says:

    Too cute! Lots of fun with this release.

  19. HelenG says:

    Oh my goodness…. That Sloth is way too cute!!!

  20. Shari M says:

    Beautiful! Looking forward to release day!

  21. Kristy says:

    Can’t wait to buy some sloths ? and use them as my husband loves sloths!! Loving a lot of the stamps that are about to be released. ?

  22. Christine Copic says:

    Im so in love, what a lovely and stunning image.
    WOW <3 Im lost for good words right now. Love them so much

  23. Mary Campbell says:

    Even more adorable sets. I am loving the sloths and more Uptown Girls. One more sleep!

  24. Tina Goodwin says:

    I love that sloth! I mean I love all of the new stamps, but that sloth!!!! Your DT has done a lovely job showcasing these new stamps. Loads of talent here!

  25. Karen K says:

    Sloths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more.

  26. Kathy j in Ellicott City says:

    I love it all what a great release!

  27. Jill says:

    Cute, cute and more cute!

  28. Denise I. says:

    Can’t wait! I am so glad to see so many uptown girls!!

  29. Joie Botardo says:

    Too much for me and my pocket to handle ! Love !!!!! it 🙂

  30. Jane M Crisci says:

    I can’t say enough kind words to describe Bundle Girl. These are my absolute favorite!!!

  31. Patti Schafer says:

    The uptown girl really have to join my collection. But my favorite is the “sticking with me through my ups and downs, You have really outdone yourself with this release

  32. Vicki K says:

    Love the Bundle Girl on a swing, with a tree, and Winter Friends. She is so adorable. So many beautiful card samples.

  33. Karen Sherlock says:

    I love this release!!! I’m so happy to see some Uptown Girls. (I’d love to see some new Uptown Guys or Uptown Couples!)

  34. Susan G says:

    Fabulous card creations. So inspiring. The last day of torture, now we can buy our favs tomorrow. Thanks for the wonderful release and chance to win.

  35. Marilyn S says:

    What a pleasant way to start my day – a cup of coffee and checking out the Stampingbella peeks!

  36. Jeanne says:

    The sloth is adorable! And I love the sentiments to go with her!

  37. Heather I says:

    The bundle girls winter friends are so cute!

  38. Pamela says:

    Love all if your new stamps from all 3 days!

  39. Sue D says:

    Fabulous. Love the cute bundle girls.

  40. Jennifer says:

    The soothes are adorable idk which ones I like better the penguins or the sloths, but both are super cute and can’t wait to play with them.

  41. Christine Jannetto says:

    I love seeing your sneak peeks 1st thing in the morning. It brightens my day and today even better since it’s cold, gloomy and raining.

  42. Kerry says:

    I have just started stamping again after a very long break. Stamping Bella was always a favorite and apparently still is! I cannot wait to place my second order within a week for some of these new stamps!

  43. Beatrice says:

    Love the Christmasy girls with the decorations! Everything is so cute!

  44. Ellen H. says:

    These sloths are so adorable and the girl on the swing oooh yay!!

  45. Lori Joiner says:

    I love them all , especially the Uptown girls and Curvy Girls. Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  46. Julie Cochran says:

    Every day the sneak peeks get better and better! Sloths? Are you kidding me? LOVE!

  47. Mel Hampton says:

    Omg!! I love each and every one. Cannot wait for release day ?

  48. Keersten says:

    They are all so pretty!!! Those bundle girls!!!???

  49. Kriss Cramer says:

    So sweet! I was looking for some stamping inspiration and I found it!

  50. Cynthia Cole says:

    Perfect seasonal and holiday stamps, adore the Bundle Girls!

  51. Chanda Mullen says:

    Love the Uptown Girls and Bundle Girl! Great release!

  52. Sonia S says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful images. Your team did a great job designing images and coloring and putting together wonderful examples for us. Thanks for the fun sneak peeks. We are all excited and ready to start our own projects. Those bundle girls are so lovable.

  53. Lyne Lemire says:

    Wish I could afford all of them, they make me smile and are so original and different than other stamps. Great job!

  54. Yvonne Boucher says:

    Fantastic release! So very much adorableness and too cuteness!!! Love all the cards…excellent colorng by all!

  55. Marn says:

    Love the adorable bundle girls.

  56. Lisa Trickett says:

    You did it again! Incredibly 100% adorable. I love them all, I want them all. Thank you!

  57. Chris S. says:

    Really great Christmas release…all so adorable!

  58. Heather Clay says:

    That Sloth though!!???

  59. Mary G says:

    The Girls are so great. And the sloths are just darling. So many cute Christmas ideas, that can carry into other seasons.

  60. Denise Bryant says:

    What wonderful samples! Love these designs! The Bundle Girl images are just adorable! Darling sloth too!

  61. stephanie serrano says:

    Oh my goodness, The sloth! love, love, love!

  62. Rebecca P. says:

    THE SLOTH….do i need to say more???? L-O-V-E it!

  63. Michele K. McBane says:

    ILOVE the Bundle Girl stamps! Perfect to use for my special family members and friends! ??

  64. Michele K. McBane says:

    ILOVE the Bundle Girl stamps! Perfect to use for my special family members and friends! ??

  65. MICHELE BERG says:

    I just love all of these too! Thank goodness tomorrow is payday.

  66. Holly says:

    Good thing this week is payday! Love the Uptown girls as well as the two Bundle girls. Reminds me of my big sister and best friend who has been there through all of life’s trials and tributes. This stamp would be a great way to recognize that. Can’t wait!

  67. Francine says:

    WOW.. I love everything in this release. You make it so difficult to be good.. Santa is not going to be visiting me..

  68. Lisa Wiley says:

    The sloth is my spirit animal, but those bundle girls are sure cute too. Now, to decide how many I can afford from this release …lol

  69. Joleine Lind says:

    Love the uptown girls!!

  70. kim s says:

    The sloths really are cute. I didn’t want them to be.

  71. Fabbie R. says:

    Bundle girls are so my FAVE!!! But LOVE the Uptown Girls and the Sloths are way CUTE!!

  72. Lori Brown says:

    I just can’t get enough of those bundle girls. So darn cute!

  73. valerie b BAITY says:


  74. Kim Woods says:

    Love them all! So cute can’t decide what I like best,

  75. Jen B. says:

    All I can say is pink GLITTER IS AWESOME!!!

  76. Tereasa Nagy says:

    Sloth and Bundle girls are perfect!

  77. Rebecca says:

    Yes!!!! More Uptown girls and the sentiments couldn’t be more perfect!

  78. Becka says:

    The Uptown sistahs are delightful. Enjoyed all the different scenes. Great coloring.

  79. Teresa Sather says:

    HELLOoooo! I am so thrilled to see all the new things, they are all terrific images. I am IN LOVE with the Bundle Girl Winter Friends : ) OMG, can’t wait to get this. The Uptown girls with the amazing TREE that really looks LIT and fantastic, Amybella created, just gorgeous. THANKS for all the inspiration and a chance to win a little somethin’ somethin’. BEST company going : ) Teresa

  80. Susan B says:

    Q: Who doesn’t want a sloth in their stamp collection?
    A: No one I know of.
    I’m loving Sloth on a Branch!

  81. Kathy K says:

    Beautiful stamps, it’s going to be hard to choose!

  82. Sara Herzog says:

    LOVE the sloth…he looks like he could be cuddled… Thank you for all the amazing stamps… LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! ??????

  83. Olivia says:

    Who knew what I was missing…yeah to the sloths. Fantastic collection.

  84. Kimberly McField says:

    More super cute stamps! I don’t know which ones I like best, but I’m leaning toward Bundle Girl.

  85. Lisa Herbstreith says:

    I love it all today! How am I going to choose? Great job on this release.

  86. Ally S says:

    The sloths are so cute! I just love how unique your stamps are.

  87. Frances Casados says:

    Soooooo wrong to have so much cuteness, adorableness, and the absolute desire to want it all, in one place, oy vey :).

  88. Joanne H says:

    Just lovely, as usual!

  89. Jacki Griep says:

    So happy to see more bundle girls, the girl on the swing and the two girls standing together, I want to get these right away to send to friends and family. They are so sweet!

  90. Holly Mahoney says:

    I love all the Bundle Girls!! I only have one in my collection so far and happy to add some of the new ones. The design team did a fantastic job showing off this whole release.

  91. Kathleen Dippner says:

    So adorable! I love the bundle girls and the sloths. Both are so cuddly.

  92. Lorraine Melin says:

    This release is darling!!! Love the Bundle Girl with tree and those sloths!!! oh, my…

  93. Kathi Rerek says:

    Once again, you design team gals created gorgeous samples.

    Great release. I’m especially taken with the sloths!

  94. Jo Anne says:

    I soothed around and around my decision and I’m just going to have to get them all love love love them
    Yay tomorrow!

  95. Deborah B says:

    I didn’t think you could top the cuteness of the penguins from Day 2, but the sloths are adorable! Thank you for such a wonderful release.

  96. Joan Capitano says:

    All of them are so very cute! I will probably end up buying one of each. The designers did a great job Giving us alternative ways to lay out our cards.

  97. Micheline says:

    Really cute! Love all of these! ,!

  98. Janet says:

    I really love these stamps. Can’t wait to make my cards!

  99. Trudy says:

    ? sloths are so cute!

  100. RuthCM says:

    I love that the Uptown Girls are in a festive mood. Let’s party and be happy!

  101. Cindy Major says:

    The Uptown Girls are great! The sloth is adorable, too.

  102. Faith says:

    I especially love the bundle girl on the swing and bundle girl friends. I’ve got quite a bundle girl collection at this point, and I’m sure it’s going to grow!

  103. JANICE E BRYANT says:

    Oh definitely need the sloths! They’ve been a joke between me and my bestie for a year or so now..

  104. Kris Johnson says:

    These are all so festive and fun!

  105. Kristie says:

    This has been a great release. Thanks for the chance to win.

  106. Consuelo Garcia Vargas says:

    I love your new releases, your stamps are so artists, the images are just elegant and cozy to see. One of my favorite line is uptown girls and stuffies, and your stamps with cats… simply adorable… and love that your stamps are rubber, big difference for quality stamping.
    Thank you

  107. Denise Kinsley says:

    Too bad I won’t be able to make Christmas cards this year, I have a friend who will love the sloths! Guess she’ll have to wait until next year.

  108. Sharon Knopic says:

    I’ve been a scrapbooks for 25 years and recently found stamping. Your designs and videos are the best of both worlds: giving ideas and instructions to the beginner stamper, and letting the design team take it up to advanced ideas to try when I’m brave. Thanks so much.


    Again, another amazing collection ?

  110. Ann Krucek says:

    Love Ophelia and Odelia – I love the samples – fabulous inspiration! Well done team!

  111. Sue Z says:

    Stop it! I am desperately IN LOVE with the sloths- all of them- but especially the ornament one. Sweet and adorable!!!

  112. Denise says:

    Love the sloths! I feel like a sloth today 🙂

  113. Doreen Cosenza says:

    Oh, oh, oh….those bundle girls are tooooooooo cute!!

  114. Kari DiBiaso says:

    The Bundle girls and sloths are too cute! Love the coloring.

  115. Ashley says:

    Oh. For. Cute!
    I need to redo my holiday list again! I love all of these bundle girls. WTG. You really out did yourself with this release!

  116. Leslie Jensen says:

    Hi all! I have to say, the sloths are my favorite. I actually think they’re adorable in real life. Excited for the release!?

  117. Suzi H says:

    Oh that bundle girl!!!!!?

  118. Hanh says:

    Oh those Bundle and Uptown Girls are soooo cute! Can’t wait for the release!

  119. Kayla Neuman says:

    OMG those sloths are adorable! I love the bundle girls too – especially the example of the one on the swing in the knit hat 🙂

  120. M. Carmen Rodriguez says:

    They are all so darn cute. But I do have some favorites, that I’m unable to choose just one, I really love the Uptown Girls they are so awesome.

  121. Angela says:

    OmG he Bundle girl winter friends are sooooooo cute, love them.? And the Sloths are also really cute.?

  122. Linda Sivyer says:

    What a great release!!! Loving the Uptown Girls. Looking forward to tomorrow morning!

  123. Roz says:

    Loving these and those sentiments – just up my street!

  124. Judy A says:

    Ok…I’m gonna need a bigger craft table! Another great launch! Beautiful, quality stamps! Thank you for making these tough times just a little bit brighter!!!

  125. Mia Cervi says:

    This is just a fabulous release. I love the Uptown girls and oh my gosh at the sloth! In love!!

  126. Cindy says:

    They are all so adorable…….how does one choose?

  127. Beth McCaa says:

    So many cute stamps! How am I going to choose? :>O

  128. Bernadet says:

    What a great release is this!!
    Your DT girls did such an amazing job with their beautiful cards!!

  129. Audrey says:

    Today is full of so much cuteness. Love all the images.

  130. Renee Thompson says:

    Friends through every season <3

  131. Louiseabella says:

    The sloths are ADORBS!! Santa Sloths! Wheeeeee!! Love them!

  132. Vania Gizzi says:

    the sloths are so cute, but the bundle girl on the swing has my heart. They are all beautiful. As always. Congratulations

  133. ShariB says:

    Love the Bundle Girls and the Sloths!!

  134. BunnieH says:

    Sloths!!! LOL! Oh, my word and those Uptown Girls are perfect, the Bundle Girls are simply precious, and the samples are… well the samples are AMAZING!! All so creative and beautiful. Thanks for another budget-busting release!

  135. steph says:

    Those sloths are adorable and what great sentiments too!

  136. Jes Ballas says:

    The sloth is too cute!

  137. Kathy Earhart says:

    I love these cute sloths!!!

  138. Marina says:

    OMG the bundle girl is absolutely lovely ? and the sloth is so much fun ?? can t wait to have them all ?

  139. Faith B. says:

    Oh my….it’s cuteness overload! I love the Bundle girls and the sloth in the stocking! Me want! Lol

  140. Sylvia Oliphant says:

    Oh no! How do I choose? This is one of the best releases, I can’t wait to order ?

  141. Diana Banash says:

    Best. Release. Ever. !! UG’s and Sloths and Bundles, the fantastical just never ends!!!

  142. Lori Podolsky says:

    I very much enjoyed admiring all these beautiful and inspirational cards! I cannot decide which images I love more. Beautifully done, ladies!

  143. Azzurra Papa says:

    Sono tutti meravigliosi, io adoro i bradipi. Ma l’ultimo è il mio preferito

  144. Karen Senior says:

    Y’all are killing me with the sloths! So adorable!

  145. Sheree Clayden says:

    Gorgeous! Looking forward to sending these festive smiles across the miles 🙂

  146. Mar N says:

    I really lile the new uptown girls!!!

  147. barbara ridley says:

    So cute, my fav is the sloth ornament. So many stamps, so little time.

  148. Nancy JB says:

    The sloth is great!

  149. Anne Fledderman says:

    Love the Bundle Girl and the Uptown Girls (they’ve just always been my favs), all of the stamps are just beautiful!

  150. TERESA GODINES says:

    Those little girls are super sweet. Loving all the new images.

  151. Carla P says:

    Those sloths are the cutest!!! ???

  152. Deanna Blaskie says:

    Love the Bundle Girl with a Tree. Thank you.

  153. tina z treebug says:

    wow, wow, these stamps and cards are amazing!!!

  154. Jordi P says:

    Ophelia & Odelia are cute!! Thanks for a chance to win

  155. Carla P says:

    Bundle girls and sloth are very nice

  156. Kandi Gallegos-Garcia says:

    I’m in love with the Bundle Girl Winter Friends. They are just darling.

  157. Beverly Atkins says:

    Love them all! But especially the Miss Amy Bella!!!

  158. Meghan Kennihan says:

    I AM IN LOVE with the sloth and Uptown Girls! This release is just SOOOO FABULOUS!!!

  159. lee says:

    I have to say I am very partial to sloths and these are adorable!!!

  160. Kathy S says:

    So much Christmas Spirit and inspiration wrapped up… can’t wait for the release!

  161. Donna Ellis says:

    so stinking cute

  162. Laura S says:

    I can hardly wait to see the release… Thank you so much!

  163. Cheryl Taylor says:

    I love all the new products, but my favourites are the sloths!

  164. kathy Tanner says:

    These are all awesome!
    I particularly love the girl on the swing xo

  165. Joan says:

    WOW! I’m going to have to make some serious decisions tonight!! Wonderful release!

  166. Scraporcraft says:

    I really like the little bundles. Such a great look to them. If only I could do the backgrounds myself. I like the option of setting them anywhere.

  167. Jeannean M says:

    This is going to be a fantastic release!!! Yay! (Glad it is almost here!!)

  168. Michele Slater says:

    I love the sloths! I can’t wait for the release. I didn’t think I would want to make sloth Christmas cards before seeing the release now I know I what stamp I will be using.

  169. Tracy Gentry says:

    What a fun holiday release! Can’t wait to add these to my stash!

  170. Elizabeth Wall says:

    I’m a huge fan of the oddities & hope I can manage to snag some from this release! ????

  171. Tanya says:

    OMG that sloth!!!! So. Frickin. Cute! Love love love all these stamps so much!!!

  172. Sandy C. says:

    I love the sloths!!!!! They are fab!!! I need them!! Need them all!!!!! Everything is amazing but the sloths speak to me!!! Great release as always. Thanks. Take care ??

  173. Julie G. says:

    More beautiful new stuff! I love Glenda!

  174. Titus Debbie says:

    Yup .. torturepalooza for sure!! Too many choices and super inspiration from your team!!

  175. BARBARA WHITING says:

    They all are very cute, but once again the Uptown Girls are my favorites. I love them!

  176. Nancee Purdum says:

    What a great release. So many great stamps and love those sentiments!

  177. Jolene x Smallwood says:

    oh my gosh ! These are all so adorable I cannot pick a favorite, guess I will have to get one of each !!!!

  178. lynn says:

    Oh the sloths are sooo cute! And the bundle girl, adorable as ever ?

  179. Dawn Paape says:

    Sloths are so in right now and to have them for our Christmas stamps, we are so blessed! Great artistry on all of them. Thank you Stampingbella for all the great stamps!!!! We love them all!

  180. helen markee says:

    love them all but really like the sloth!!

  181. Rachel Duong says:

    As always I love them all but the bundle girl in the swing is amazing! She is so adorable in action and I love all things I can do with her outfit!

  182. Cassy says:

    I want every stamp posted today!

  183. Virginia says:

    I’m a sucker for the bundle girls. Can’t resist these adorable images and cards!

  184. Mel H says:

    I love the new uptown girls and I have to have the sloths! So many cute things in this release.

  185. Lynda Jackson says:

    More and more fabulous goodies!!!

  186. Eulanda Silvey says:

    The sloth hanging out of the stocking?!!! OMG SO CUTE!!! Very creative…well who am I kidding each one of them is!! Fabulous from your DT again!!!! Great release!! WOW!!

  187. Starqueen says:

    Oh, those festive Uptown Girls are so lovely.???

  188. Casey Thrush says:

    I just LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!

  189. Kathy says:

    The Bundle Girls are too much adoreableness!

  190. Hanh says:

    Awesome release! Love those Uptown Girls!

  191. Mary says:

    Love, love, love the girl on a swing. So many “ideas” to use that stamp for.

  192. Andrea M says:

    Oh my the Bundle Girls are darling!

  193. Pam says:

    Omg, the little bundle girls designs are too cute!!

  194. Cindy Wilson says:

    Your creativity is astounding. Love these stamps.

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