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#135- carol S. you win tiny townie birthday party

#26  MAR NAVARRO you win tiny townie Peyton loves to pretend –


Hiya sistahs!

So the SNEAKPEEKATHON (yes this is a word too) continues..

Let’s see what we have on the menu today shall we?

Oh Oh OH!!

Look how BEAUTIFUL and INNOCENT these 3 little girls are.  This is a great birthday girl card.. even for GIRL’S NIGHT OUT.. or even just a pick me up from a group of friends don’t you think?


Meet TINY TOWNIE BIRTHDAY PARTY.. they are just EDIBLE in my books!


Tiny Townie BIRTHDAY PARTY comes with a 3 set “CUT IT OUT” set A LA CARTE


or as a BUNDLE with it’s matching stamp for 15% off!! WOOOHOOO!


Would you like to see these girls “in action?”

OK don’t have to ask me twice 🙂

Here’s KERRIBELLA’s card.. she used both sentiments which looks AMAZING! oh and the colouring? *SIGH*


Here’s Paulabella’s card


and Tracybella’s card



Seriously.  I CAN’T AGAIN.

now for our next peek?

You’re gonna LAUGH YOUR HEADS OFF LOL..  Meet Peyton loves to PRETEND

Look at how those chicks are looking at her.. LOL.. and the single chick and the group of 3 chicks will be separate stamps and dies!  so you can make a “scene” again… (not like the scenes I make.. ok?)… Every time I look at this stamp I giggle.  You can use this one all year round too.. Easter.. Every day pick me up.. and even Halloween!!  LOOOOOVE thse chicks and this townie SO much!  I hope you do too!


Like the rest,

you can purchase the “CUT IT OUT” die “A LA CARTE” (4 dies in this set)


OR you can purchase the “CUT IT OUT” and the STAMP as a BUNDLE for 15 % off!



Now for some samples!

Here’s TRACYMACabella’s card


and SANDIEBELLA’s card


I hope I got you to giggle 🙂  even a SNORT would be nice hehehe

WANNA WIN a STAMP AND DIE SET?  Just leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a randomly picket set (picked by MOI)

And now for our regularly scheduled program… BELLARIFIC FRIDAY!

Our theme this week was 1-2-3.. STAMP, CARD and EMBELLISHMENT

Let’s see what our BABEROONIS came up with shall we ? (let’s get a round of applause for all of their hard work!!)

AliceWERTZabella used CHICKS with a SPRINKLE ON TOP


Angelabella used one of the CHICKS who COULDN”T EVEN


Danabella used PETUNIA has a PARTY




Lesliebella used UPTOWN GIRL BRYNN has a BABY SHOWER


Sandiebella used 3 sets.. !  She used UPTOWN GIRL ANABELLE needs your ADDRESS, she used UPTOWN SEAL OF APPROVAL

and she used the sentiment from TIFFANY LOVES TO TEXT


Shelabella used UPTOWN GIRL AVA loves to CELEBRATE


Stephabella used Tiny Townie PETUNIA gets a PIGGY BACK


TRACYbella used the STUFFIE GANG




and NOW for our SISTAHOOD!

Take a LOOKY at the INLINKZ contributions for this week at the BOTTOM of THIS post!

and now for the EMAILED contributions!

ms. bond

Ms. Bond used HELGA the HOT CHICK




Stephanie used UPTOWN GIRL LILY loves LAUNDRY

Hows DAT for a sistahood? AMAZINNNNGG!

Now for next week’s theme?

a MOJOBELLA sketchypoo!



If you have any questions about submitting your entry for next week you can CLICK HERE

if you don’t want to email your contribution to me, you can simply add it to the INLINKZ link below!  YAY!

Mwah to da sistahs who haven’t left me yet




  1. Jane says:

    Really? I love it and more stunning inspiration too.
    Love Jane x

  2. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    Love both the tiny townies & the chickies in this set you combined them both and the results are spectactular!

  3. Just love this sneak peek, but had a good chuckle with REALLY chicks! Spring is coming (I say hopefully after shovelling 20 inches of snowfall inOttawa)?

  4. Connie says:

    Another cute creation and love the die cuts. No more fussing cutting!!!!

  5. Mirella says:

    Really? I love it! Fab creations with both the new release and the older sets for Friday challenge! How do you guys come up with so many lovely creations? 🙂

  6. Penny H says:

    I love the 3 girls, perfect for my friends!

  7. Lou says:

    Oh my goodness!! I just don’t know what to type because each day has been so full of gorgeous new stamps and makes from the DT! I do just adore them all! Huge hugs Lou xx

  8. Terri says:

    Love these both …these bundles make creating easy! Can’t wait to place my order!

  9. Kris B says:

    Cute new Tiny Townies! Peyton Pretends is so funny! Love it! Great cards by the Sistahood!

  10. Kristie says:

    Loving all the new releases. It is awesome that all the new images have matching die cuts. Thanks for the chance to win a bundle.

  11. Jayne says:

    Oh my, I LOVE the little girls with the balloons – they could be my daughter and her friends. That’s a definite must have !!!! And those chicks are just super funny 🙂 Jayne xx

  12. Bex2d2 says:

    Love those tiny townies! Looking forward to the release!!!

  13. Jayne says:

    That chickee is the cutest! Really!

  14. Kim says:

    I love those party dresses.

  15. Denise I says:

    I am so in love with these stamps!! Yikes!! There goes the budget!

  16. Seriously cute. Love these

  17. Laura P. says:

    Hi Em, Another hilarious release!! Love the faces on all the chickies. They go from bewildered to just plain mad!! Still love the stuffie gang stamp, sentiment, and all the Uptown girls!

  18. Tanya says:

    Oh wow I love both of these new images so much! I think this is my favourite sneak peek day!! And so many beautiful cards from the DT, so much talent!

    Happy weekend!

    Tanya xx

  19. Dee Ann Matthews says:

    The Bella Chick is fabulous as is the trio of beautiful Birthday balloon girls!

  20. Cheri Burry says:

    Oh M Gee!!!! Peyton Loves to Pretend almost made me spit my coffee all over my screen! She’s adorable and the looks on the other chicks faces priceless! Another wonderful day of releases!

  21. Janice says:

    The creativity never stops!

  22. Lucy Woods says:

    Oh my goodness a whole birthday party of townies AND a townie with chicks dressed as a chick!!! This is too much!!! Love love love!!!
    Lucy x

  23. ann lomax says:

    oh wowzza these are ab-fab my bank account is going to be absolutely flat when the new releases are available in the uk.

  24. caroleann says:

    Great end to a fabulous week of peeks!!! Love them all such great inspiration from some awesome artists out there!!!! Hugs

  25. Barb G says:

    These are adorable. Love the chicks especially but the girls will be very useful for all kinds of celebrations.

  26. MAR NAVARRO says:

    I love tiny townies and this ones are the cuttest

  27. Well…. both are just great… but…. the Tiny Townies…. that is a seriously fantastic stamp! Cheers.

  28. Angie Brown says:

    Ahhh!!! I love the birthday girls! And the “Really?!” That’s awesome!

  29. Diane says:

    Love both of the new stamps today, fun fun fun!!!

  30. I love the tiny townie birthday party! They are so adorable and cute!

  31. cindy says:

    Let the torture and the drooling continue – this is the best seek peek so far because giggling has been added to the list! These images are beautiful and so much fun!!!

  32. Liz Robinson says:

    More stunning stamps and creations using them. Love them x

  33. TinaS says:

    Oh my…really?…I love the chicks and in combination with this (silly) tiny townie…? Who could resist…? I can’t even…

  34. Dawn Beery says:

    The sneak peeks just keep getting better & better! Love the new dies!

  35. Carla P says:

    I want both of them!! Love it!!!

  36. Jordi P says:

    Nice new designs!!

  37. Blair says:

    I didn’t think the stamps could get any better….yet they did and I can’t wait to purchase

  38. How can you not love those little girls… or those cute chicks! So far, I have wanted every single stamp in these peeks… going to need more money!

  39. LOVE the cute new stamps!!!!!!! Love all the DT creations and the sisterhood creations too for the challenge!!!! Great work everyone!!

  40. I absolutely adore the three little girls. Totally reminds me of my sisters and I. Can’t wait to be able to purchase all of these awesome stamps!

  41. stephanie Serrano says:

    Love the birthday girls and the chicks-lol!

  42. Cynthia Flynn says:

    Happy stamps… Love them all…. So hard to choose a favorite.

  43. Shelley says:

    Ohhhhh, love the Birthday Party Girls and all the makes!

  44. Casey Thrush says:

    Oh my goodness I love them!!!! Those teeny townies are just too cute!!

  45. Susan G says:

    You are so right. I’m, like, in love with those little chicks. Toooo cute. You can tell they’re saying “really”, even if the sentiment weren’t there. Perfect. The little girls are just adorable. Both are really perfect.

  46. Tami O says:

    These are amazing, love the cut outs too!
    Super cute!

  47. Der says:

    Super cute!! I love it.

  48. Queen Mary says:

    Really love the tiny townies for birthdays and the chickies – which my auto correct actually turned into chickpeas!!! Is it time yet?

  49. Heather Clay says:

    Is it possible for something to be TOO adorable?

  50. Wendy Hoff says:

    Oh my i love them too cute.

  51. Diana Ly says:

    the sneakpeeks are killing me!

  52. Debbie J says:

    Those party girls are soooooo cute!

  53. Rikki Scott Morgan says:

    The Tiny Townies are adorable, and as always love love love the chicks. What a great release as always.

  54. Margo D. says:

    The birthday Townie girls are super cute! And excuse me…hahahahaha.. the Peyton likes to Pretend with the chicks is just awesome!!!!! 😀 LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! These sneak peeks get better and better! 😀

  55. Larisa says:

    Ok, must have both of these stamps! I am going to be broke! 🙂

  56. Lynda Smith says:

    These are just adorable!

  57. Dot Freel says:

    Those 3 little girls and their adorable dresses!!! Love!!!

  58. Kyle Burch says:

    Those are going to be really fun to make into cards. Just love em.

  59. Gael G says:

    What fun sneaks, I am loving them all.

  60. Dana Dutton says:

    Oh how stinkin cute! I think I did snort! Oh the possibilities!

  61. Dee says:

    Really???!!! So cute! Love the birthday party trio too – so much fun to color!

  62. Jane Crisci says:

    This release just gets cuter and cuter!!!

  63. carol says:

    Oh. my. gosh. How is it possible to have soooo much creativity all in one place? You’ve cornered the market in that…and in products that have me wanting them all. Need to check my lottery ticket! Seriously…I’m beside myself dazzled; the birthday gals are especially amazing…

  64. Laura says:

    Chicks strike again! Love the new stamps and the fact that they all come with dies is such an added bonus. I see hours of coloring ahead. 🙂

  65. Amy Young says:

    Squeee! I want to be invited to that birthday party! LOL
    LOVE these stamps so much… the chicks in the second image just crack me up!

  66. Rebecca Purcell says:

    How sweet the Tiny Townie Birthday Party girls are…again love anything that comes in three’s!!!!!! Peyton likes to Pretend made me giggle out loud. Must have them! Love the dies. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!!

  67. Carla says:

    Oh, how I love EVERY Stamping Bella Stamp! Can’t wait to try the dies … and then buy the dies … for all my stamps …

  68. Carla says:

    I know someone who could use this! ME!

  69. Anastasia says:

    These two stamps are the cutest! Absolutely love them!

  70. Debbie says:

    You did it again! Made me giggle. Love these new stamp sets!

  71. Carol Dee says:

    Just when I think things could not get any cuter…. there you go again.

  72. You are making it so hard to pick the ones to purchase first. I absolutely adore these two. They are my most favorite of your stamped images.

  73. Mary J says:

    Wonderful…!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  74. These stamps r so darling..I love them..I love the stamp images and your paper to color with my copics..SWOOOOOOON….Thanks for a wonderful chance to win..Krista

  75. Georgia says:

    I already have 4 ways to use the Tiny Townie Birthday Party! C-U-T-E!

  76. Pam Brown says:

    So darn cute! Can’t wait til we are able to buy them!

  77. Cathy P in AZ says:

    Townies AND chickies?! An adorable match made in stamping heaven! LOVE.

  78. Alyce says:

    You’re killing me here. lol These images are too cute. I REALLY like that the dies don’t leave a white border around the image.

  79. Lynda J says:

    Simply adorable!

  80. Air Incolore says:

    In love with the TINY TOWNIE BIRTHDAY PARTY !!! They ‘re so adorable !!! ?

  81. JULES says:

    Oh wow what gorgeousness!! i really must have them all!!

  82. More great stamps, love the townies.

  83. Again such very cute images gonna have to get these too.

  84. Sharon H. says:

    More cute designs today. Lovin’ those chicks! It will be so nice to have dies to accompany the new releases. Thanks for the giveaway offer.

  85. Vivi Casale says:

    omg, they are so cute!!
    love them!

  86. Gabriella says:

    I know this was just a sneak peak, but you really put out some great inspiration

  87. crestajune says:

    I just love all of the sneak peeks! Can’t wait to order!

  88. Pat C says:

    I have 3 sisters what a wonderful card this would make for them. I could have lots of fun with them and this stamp.

  89. Christine says:

    OMGosh – I’m falling in love over and over with each of your sneak peeks! I can’t wait to order these for my collection and to use. The new birthday bundle is adorable and who doesn’t love Spring sets?!?! Happy and warm times are just around the corner! (I hope – I live in MN). 🙂

  90. Karen O says:

    Today’s choices are so sweet! Your making it so hard to choose which to pick from!

  91. Tracy says:

    Love, Peyton and the chicks, and how fun is that sentiment- I could use that everyday!!!! Still 4 more days of torture until we can shop!!! LOL

  92. Lynne in NI says:

    Awww those girlies are gorgeous!

  93. Linda Cole says:

    Oh, gosh! Two of my favorites, tiny townies and chickies! Every day brings something cuter. Love them both.

  94. Denise Bryant says:

    Lovin’ the new Townies!!! So sweet! The chickies are absolutely adorable! Each day with your peeks, I think they are just cuter and cuter!

  95. Joanne says:

    Birthday party is so adorable. Love it!

  96. Donna West says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Love these too!!! Yes please!!!!

  97. SarahC says:

    Just loving all the new ones! Birthday girls are wonderful and so are the chicks. I just keep smiling! TFS

  98. D.Ann C says:

    Those chicks are just too stinkin’ cute!!

  99. Anne says:

    They are adorable, really like the girls.

  100. Kristina Hein says:

    Everything has been so darn cute!

  101. Tricia M says:

    I LOVE the birthday girls! Great job!

  102. Shannon F. says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Those three girls with the birthday balloons was my absolute favorite… and then I scrolled down to the girl dressed as a chick! Hilarious!!!!! Love your stamps!!!!!

  103. hasmintc says:

    Can’t handle the cuteness!

  104. SuzanD says:

    And the hits just keep on coming. Two more great stamps sets.

  105. Olivia, says:

    I just adore all the Townies and the dies are a great addition.

  106. Marilyn Cotter says:

    The chicks are precious. Townies are fun, too.

  107. Marlyn Rojas says:

    I love the birthday girls, they’re beautiful! … and the chicks super cute!

  108. Sharon h says:

    I still can’t decide which are my favourites! love them all. You’ve done a fantastic job creating the new collection and also making our lives that bit easier with the matching dies – thank you!
    Sharon x

  109. Norma says:

    Oh wow wow wow. Bella cuteness. Love them!

  110. Martha Kempf says:

    Reminds me of when my daughter was little
    With her friends.

  111. Vicki Smith says:

    SERIOUSLY! How do you continue coming up with these cute designs, again and again? Love and adore all of it…

  112. Laura P. says:

    Hello Em,
    Just got the news about your Dad and am sending lots of hugs and prayers for comfort and a speedy recovery. Travel safely!

  113. SabineVDK says:

    oh my!!! Tiny Townie Birthday Party is fantastic!

  114. Cara T says:

    Love both of these stamps from this post. My favorite is definitely those 3 cutie pies waiting to wish someone a very happy birthday. Love that one.

  115. Laurie Alexander says:

    These sneaky peekys are so cute! Love the Tiny Townie Birthday Party! And Peyton is so adorable!!

  116. Gilda (McStamper) says:

    Love the girls with their balloons.

  117. claudia gassett says:

    Your creativity is just amazing! Love the new Peyton stamp!

  118. mary says:

    But…… Why are these stamps so nice?? We do never have enough and there are always some nicer coming.

  119. mary says:

    But… Why are these stamps so nice?? We do never have enough and there are always some nicer coming.

  120. Ausra says:

    Any of these stamps and dies would be the most amazing to win. Oh, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed.

  121. Susan B says:

    Adorable Birthday Party Townies.

  122. Maria says:

    The birthday Party girls are adorable, so cute.

  123. Maria says:

    and best wishes for your dad’s recovery

  124. Laura Turcotte says:

    oh my—cuteness overload with these cuties!!!!

  125. Sue McW says:

    Tiny Townie Birthday Party is perfect!! The girls are so adorable!

  126. These remind me of my 2 best friends and I that all share a birthday, so cute! Will definitely have to get these!

  127. karen says:

    I love the chicks, and just in time for spring.

  128. Valerie Bullock says:

    I. Just. Can’t. Waaay too cute!!

  129. Margo S. says:

    more super cuteness!! Love the 3 besties!!

  130. Carol S says:

    Really wonderful designs!

  131. Wanda Reynolds says:

    Super duper cute!

  132. Melanie Fisher says:

    SHUT UP! omg, every single image in this whole post is edible! don’t get me started on their faces, and the pretender and alllllllllll the submissions to you of all the talented cardmakers…oh, what a lovely place to linger…right here with all the cuteness!!!

  133. jamie says:

    Love these new sets!

  134. Kim Swenson says:

    What!!! Get out of “Tiny Townies”!!! Love the birthday girls. The “Chickie” is adorable too!! Great cards by the design team!

  135. Another cute addition to the Townies, yahoo!

  136. Ethel Balla says:

    Love those gals. Thanks for sharing.

  137. Ethel Balla says:

    Love those gals! Thanks for sharing.

  138. Cecilia Rose says:

    These are just so precious. Love them!

  139. Angie says:

    I LOVE all of these cards! Gorgeous!

  140. Sandra Lyons says:

    Peyton Loves to Pretend is just way too cute. Each day brings something more adorable than the day before. Please pick me!

  141. Janet D. says:

    Everyday it has gotten cuter and cuter. Tiny Townie birthday party reminds me of my girls parties when they were little, and Peyton is adorable!!!

  142. Really?????? I believe I have said that at least 10 times today!!!! Oh my, both images are just too cute! Really?????? You gonna make us wait another 4 more days until we can get our hands on these?????? Great cards by everyone! You just can’t make a bad card with an image from Stamping Bella……they just won’t let ya! 🙂

  143. Robin Yerman says:

    I love all of your products…great designs. So much fun.

  144. Helen Van Daalen says:

    Gorgeous cards and great sneak peaks! Thank you for the inspiring blog posts.

  145. Lucy Schmidt says:

    Peyton and the chicks made me literally laugh out loud. If anyone had been home besides me, they’d have wondered about my sanity. There’s some seriously good artists featured! It always provides needed inspiration.

  146. Francine says:

    STILL giggling and did that chick just ROLL his EYES at her?? lol
    Both of these are have-to-haves for me!

  147. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I loved all the cards and I loved seeing my card on your site! It was so cool to see it! I also love the new stamps. They are just so amazing, cute, fun, sweet, I’m running out of adjectives! LOL How do we know if we won for the Bellarific Friday? If you guys keep coming out with these adorable stamps I’m going to need a whole bunch of jobs just to afford my habit. So many stamps and not enough money to buy them all! LOL Please, please, please, pick me!

  148. I truly have to thank my sister Mary Kay Deibold:) she is the one that got me interested in your bella stamps. She always made me the coolest cards. Now i’m hooked. they are so nice. All of your collections.

  149. Michele S. says:

    I love the detail you put in to these. Toy even think of three shoes.
    Thank you!!!

  150. Karen S says:

    Love them all! Your designs are adorably cute! Thank you for your generosity to your (stamping) fans.

  151. Cindy Major says:

    Oh, Em, those two new stamps are to die for! The little girlies made me go, “Aww…” Reminds me of my niece. And yes, the chicks made me crack a smile. This is the kind of stamp that produce cards that will automatically put a smile on somebody’s day. No way around it.

    Thanks for the awesome sneak peek!

  152. Beneta says:

    I love those little chicks look up at her. So sweet and the townies are cute too.

  153. F Bond says:

    The birthday girls are sooo cute- A must have!!! I am so Peyton! I dress up in animal costumes every halloween for the little kids- nothing scary. This year I might try to make a costume like that- she is just too adorable!!!

  154. Linda Lipford says:

    Yep, ya got me! Love the face-palm chickie!!!!!

  155. mary ann says:

    adorable and versatile, can’t wait to have them.

  156. Gail says:

    I just found your site and I love your designs. The coloring is great…something I am working on ..

  157. The sneak peeks just get better and better. The 3 little girls are just to die for and the chickie is so cute x x

  158. Linda says:

    Those Little Townie birthday girls are adorable!

  159. Margreet says:

    Adorable stamp with the 3 beautiful girls.
    I love Peyton with the chickens…this is so cute!
    Great DT inspiration.
    xxx Margreet

  160. Jeannean M says:

    hahaha! Really?! Those chicks are funny! I Love the birthday party trio though!!

  161. Claudine G says:

    I just LOVE the Teenie Townie collection and both of these are a great addition to it.

  162. Wonderful these are so special love and hugs Carole x

  163. Lainey says:

    Love these, particularly birthday party and great idea to have the dies to match!

  164. AJ says:

    The trio of girls is fabulous and Peyton is adorable in her chickie outfit.

  165. Alice Lukasik says:

    Love, love love the Townies as much as the uptown girls. My favorites to color. You are amazing!

  166. Eileen M says:

    Adorable! And loving all the inspiration today, too.

  167. Denise Gebalski says:

    Ok, those chicks are too funny. Just in time for Easter too! Great release.

  168. Adorable! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  169. Yvonne says:

    So stinking cute! I love all the cards….everyone did am awesome job!

  170. Kristen says:

    I just love my Uptown Girls!

  171. Monika Reeck says:

    more adorable stamp Emily
    the lady with balloons I adore so much
    and the REALLY aaahhh soo cuuutee
    I want I want I want
    I want to be your DT member Emily
    all of your stamp I loveeee
    stunning DT sample

  172. kathleen brackett says:

    Really? Too cute.

  173. eeek, I’m in love, both sets are awesome, I love that they all come with dies and it really helps with the “want/need” factor when you see them all coloured up and those beautiful creations from the DT. ummmm yaaa, I’m drooling!! <3 them both and the ice cream cone with the chicks is soooo freakin' cute!! Your killing me! 😉 lol

  174. Rachel V says:

    Those chicks! I can’t even!

  175. Inma Banegas says:

    Adorable! !!

  176. Debbie says:

    Love both of these new images, but think Peyton is my favorite.

  177. Annie says:

    Cute, cute, CUTE!!! Been looking for a “from all of us” stamp. Yay!

  178. Mary B. says:

    Chicks with sprinkles, is there anything better?

  179. SandyJ says:

    My shopping list is growing by the day. So many cute new stamps!

  180. Vera Yates says:

    Oh my word… I can’t even… The Cut It Out is so cute & totally make me grin!

  181. Oh wow !!! Could I use this set for lots of birthday cards… love it!

  182. Angelique Vela says:

    Oh, the tiny townies are just so adorable!

  183. gotta say that Peyton gives me a big case of the giggles! precious! 🙂

  184. Tiffany says:

    OMG! so great… need for the start of my collection.

  185. Tabatha LUft says:

    Oh my! I love these cute girls and the chick and pig – so cute!!! I want everything!!!!!!

  186. Alexis CSmith says:

    Tee hee she is super cute as a chick!

  187. Flo says:

    Gorgeous dresses on those cute girls. Love the chickie girl with the funny looks the real chicks have.

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