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Hiya sistahs!

Have you recovered from yesterday’s peeks?  I haven’t LOL.. this is how I’m gonna feel every day.  Giddy and EXCITTTED!

For today’s sneak peek we GOTS a little bit of everything.

Stamping Bella January 2017 Release Peeks Day 2 - Click through for the full post!

Stamping Bella January 2017 Peeks Day 2:

Let’s start with one of our favorite characters… EDNA.  Edna is a little angel/fairy.. I feel like she’s a fairy godmother.. well that was the idea when she was “born” LOL.  She is cute.. she is chubby.. and delish.. The thing is, Edna does not CARE that she is chubby… she wears her little leotard with PRIDE and CONFIDENCE.. I feel like she has a little British accent  a pit high pitched.. a bit like Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins (yes one of my favorite movies)..  That’s Edna.  If you are not familiar with her.. you can see the Edna collection HERE.. she is DIVINE..and DIVINE is her word.. she says it all the time 🙂

meet EDNA LOVES CHOCOLATE  and the sentiment?  LOVE. LOL

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Edna loves CHOCOLATE

This image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Edna loves CHOCOLATE "CUT IT OUT" die

And will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Edna loves CHOCOLATE CUT IT OUT DIE and RUBBER STAMP BUNDLE

those arms?  CANNOT

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s a card made by our very own Shelabella 🙂

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Edna loves CHOCOLATE card by Michele Boyer

and Fayeabella

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Edna loves CHOCOLATE card by Faye Wynn Jones

and Elaineabella

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Edna loves CHOCOLATE card by Elaine Hughes

Next on the agenda is another TINY TOWNIE GARDEN GIRL!

meet Tiny Townie GARDEN GIRL ORCHID.  I LOVE orchids but I am so scared of them.. to care for them..  It seems like such a challenge.  but THIS orchid I can really take care of LOL!  I will color her, and cut her out and name her george.. LOL (Remember that with the big foot on bugs bunny? Honestly never mind.. just ignore me if you have no idea what I am talking about LOL)

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl ORCHID

This image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl ORCHID "CUT IT OUT" die

And will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl ORCHID CUT IT OUT DIE and RUBBER STAMP BUNDLE

Right? is this Orchid not easy to maintain?  I LOVE HER!

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s a card by our Fayeabella using our new Orchid

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl ORCHID card by Faye Wynn Jones

Here’s a card by Elaineabella and if you look at the next image you will see she used one of the Garden Girl Flower sentiments in this card!  LOVE IT!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl ORCHID card by Elaine Hughes


Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl ORCHID card by Michele Boyer

and here’s Paulabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl ORCHID card by Paula Williamson

next on the list, Elaineabella helped create a set with our favorite “floral” sentiments to go with these girls or you can use it with any garden themed stamp.. Heck (I NEVER use this word but seemed so A PROPOS).. you can use these with WHATEVER stamp you want! LOL

Check these out.. they are AWESOME.  They are called GARDEN GIRL FLOWER SENTIMENTS

These DO NOT have corresponding cut it out dies.. I don’t want da sistahs to spend money for nothing.. these are simple to cut a rectangle around or a square.. I want to save the dies for the images that need them!  You’re welcome 🙂

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl FLOWER sentiments

look how amazing a simple card with a gorgeous sentiment looks.. nothing fancy.. nothing difficult.. quick and easy and elegant!

Here’s Sandiebella’s card using one of our flower sentiments

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl FLOWER sentiments card by Sandie Dunne

Next we GOTS anothah SQUIDGGGGGGGYYYYYYYY.. actually a pair of them.  I want to shove them in my mouth and EAT them they are so cute.. ok maybe not EAT them .. I’m trying to make a point.  hmph

Meet HUGGY SQUIDGIES  perfect for a best friend 🙂  Like I said before.. they are too cute to have in only one size.. LOL  so I made them in TWO sizes in one set.. so you can use them for your small AND large projects.. tags.. journals.. planners.. the list goes on and on :).. and the sentiment?  SO TRUE.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- HUGGY SQUIDGIES

This image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- HUGGY SQUIDGIES CUT IT OUT DIES

And will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- HUGGY SQUIDGIES cut it out die and rubber stamp bundle

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

On this card, Sandiebella used the larger squidgy image

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- HUGGY SQUIDGIES card by Sandie Dunne

and here she used the smaller one.  Now do you see why I HAD to make them in 2 sizes? LOL

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- HUGGY SQUIDGIES tag by Sandie Dunne

and here’s Elaineabella’s card 🙂

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- HUGGY SQUIDGIES card by Elaine Hughes

Next we have another CHICK IMAGE.. LOVE CHICKS!!! So Simple.. so PERFECT for all year long! And their little faces?  and also as a bonus I was thinking…  I would cut around the E chick and use it to monogram my letters/envelopes etc.  cuz ya know.. my name is Emily and all…. LOL  as if you didn’t know.    CUTE OR WHAT?

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- LOVE chicks

I decided again not to have dies made for this image.. again.. a simple rectangle around it and POOF you saved some money 🙂  You’re welcome squared. LOL.  They are also pretty easy to hand cut around each letter.  I’m getting VERY picky with our dies sistahs.. I know that it can be expensive and add up. I am using my noggin and only making dies where I deem it necessary .. LOL  because dies ARE necessary ya know.

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s Sandiebella’s card using our LOVE chicks

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- LOVE chicks card by Sandie Dunne

Danabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- LOVE chicks card by Dana White

and Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- LOVE chicks card by Elaine Hughes

Last but not least sistahs.. we have Petunia and her Miracle.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this image.  Having my own little girl .. the sentiment and the image make me emotional ..  I even showed it to her and she got teary eyed.  I said “jay”  this stamp is for YOU.. my little legacy.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Petunia and her MIRACLE

This image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Petunia and her MIRACLE "CUT IT OUT" die

And will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Petunia and her MIRACLE "cut it out" die and rubber stamp bundle

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s Paulabella’s card using Petunia and her miracle

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Petunia and her MIRACLE car by Paula Williamson

here’s Elaineabella’s card using these 2 little miracles 🙂

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Petunia and her MIRACLE card by Elaine Hughes

How’s DAT for day 1?  HMMMMM?

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