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Hiya sistahs!

OMG I have been holding this release in for so long.. I am so so happy I can start sneak peeking (yes that is a verb).  As usual, I always have some blabla to go with this release.  Every image has a story to tell.  Each one is a part of my past, my present and sometimes even my future.  FOR REALS.  Chrystal and I work very hard together.. between her imagination and talent.. and my INSANE imagination and memories, we build a story and we get to share it with all of you!

Our one and only Markergeek, Elaineabella, is also a very close party in helping us realize these memories,  make them come to fruition along with new and fresh ideas.. and also even to bring me down a notch when I get a little CUH-RAZY. LOL.. Thank you my Elaineabella.  Not only does Elaine ground me.. but she also colours in our amazing images (ifidosaysomyself LOL) for our website!

I also have to thank my AMAZING DT who I love and cherish for bringing these images to LIFE… Like I’m not joking.. some of them I even feel like I need to poke to see if they are breathing LOL… SO here’s to AlicewertZabella, Danabella, Fayeabella, Jennybella, Lesliebella, Paulabella, Sandiebella, Shelabella and Stephabella.

Stamping Bella January 2017 Release Peeks Day 1 - Click through for the full post!

Ok Let’s begin?  READY? SET? HERE WE GO!

Stamping Bella January 2017 Peeks Day 1:

Now please note: some images are meant for Valentines Day, however I try to make them not as obvious so you can use them all year round!

Meet THE BEE and the HEART. Please don’t tell him that he is really a BEAR, I think it would crush him.  He really truly thinks he’s a bee.  Hmph.  As important as the images are to me, I love words, sentiments. This sentiment I feel like stamping everywhere! See what I mean about Valentines/year round? I TOOOOLLLLLD YOUUUUU


Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- THE BEE AND THE HEART

This image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- THE BEE AND THE HEART "CUT IT OUT" DIE

And will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- THE BEE AND THE HEART CUT IT OUT AND STAMP BUNDLE

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Lesliebella made a very clever shaker card using our new THE BEE and the HEART STAMP!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- THE BEE AND THE HEART card by Lesliebella

and here’s Elaineabella’s The BEE and the HEART card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- THE BEE AND THE HEART CARD by Elaine Hughes



and another adorable sample by Lesliebella! I could SQUOOSH this Bear/BEE!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- THE BEE AND THE HEART card


Next we have BEE mine.. same Bear AHEM BEE making another appearance

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- BEE MINE

this image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- BEE MINE "CUT IT OUT" Die

and will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- BEE MINE BUNDLE

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

What a gorgeous sample using our new BEE MINE by Shelabella!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- BEE MINE card by Michele Boyer

ElaineAbella’s ADORABLE card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- BEE MINE CARD by ELAINE HUGHES

And this beauty is by Jennybella!  Love the honeycomb background!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- BEE MINE card by Jenny Bordeaux

Next up are of course.. some COOL CHICKS.. Everyone loves the chicks no?  They just make me laugh LOL

Meet CUPID CHICKS.  Ok seriously.. the one with the arrow focusing on his target? I cannot.  and the one on the left that you can “plunk” on top of anything?  he’s just hanging out.. and the third sprinkling the hearts?  PERFECT for snail mail no?  They are separate stamps that can be used individually or togethah!  LOVE.

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- CUPID CHICKS


this image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- CUPID CHICKS "CUT IT OUT DIE"

and will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- CUPID CHICKS BUNDLE

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

and how about this sample by Sandiebella using our sprinkly cupid chick? Just a perfect all year round feel good card. LOVE!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- CUPID CHICKS card by Sandie Dunne

Danabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- CUPID CHICKS card by DANA White

and Elaineabella’s card using Cupid Chicks!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- CUPID CHICKS card by Elaine Hughes

Next on the list we have a brand new TINY TOWNIE GARDEN GIRL!  I remember a while ago I walked into one of my favorite stores, Scrapbook Centrale, in Montreal  (if you EVER go to Montreal you HAVE to go and see her.. amazing!) and saw the owner and my friend Natalie and she said to me.. don’t you remember you used to have these flower girls in your collection? They did so well.. you need them again.  I bet she didn’t know I listened to her.. but I did!  So Natalie, these are for you!

But first, I have 2 favorite flowers… the Lily of the Valley and the Lilac.  They are my FAVORITE smells.  EVER.  I love lily of the valley so much that one of my most COVETED perfumes is JESSICA MCLINTOCK which smells just perfectly of my sacred lily of the valley.  I remember when I was young and my mother had a FOREST of them in the garden and would cut them and put them in water in the kitchen and every time I passed them I would just inhale deeply.  My. Favorite. EVER.

So because of that, we just had to have a Tiny Townie Garden girl Lily of the Valley, no?  YES! and we may just have a lilac too.. we’ll just have to wait and see!

Here she is.  *sigh*

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Garden Girl LILY OF THE VALLEY


this image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Garden Girl LILY OF THE VALLEY "CUT IT OUT" die


and will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Garden Girl LILY OF THE VALLEY BUNDLE

Card Samples:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s Sandiebella’s beautiful card using our new Lily

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Garden Girl LILY OF THE VALLEY card by Sandie Dunne

and Stephabella’s stunningly simple card.  So So sweet!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Garden Girl LILY OF THE VALLEY card by Stephanie Hill

and Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Garden Girl Lily of the valley card by Elaine Hughes


We have another Tiny Townie on the list today!  Tiny Townie Lacey has a letter.. she’s a bit shy but she has something to give you 🙂 (give her some time.. she is bound to warm up!)   Also great for cards and envelope decoration!  So much fun! Of course I am also VERY partial to curly hair!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Lacey has a letter

this image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Lacey has a letter "cut it out " die


and will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Lacey has a letter BUNDLE

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Here’s Sandiebella’s card using timid little Lacey

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Lacey has a letter card by Sandie Dunne

And Lesliebella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Lacey has a letter card by Leslie Good

and Stephabella’s card using Uptown girl Maybelline’s sentiment!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-Tiny Townie Lacey has a letter card by Stephanie Hill

and Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Tiny Townie Lacey has a letter card by Elaine Hughes


and last but not least… we are introducing to you a whole new line of characters :).. they are cute.. they are a little rotund shall we say.. and simple and fun to colour.  We have so many more coming this release and future releases.. I cannot resist them.  So much so, that I made them in 2 sizes per set LOL.. the small one can be used on tags, journals, planners or for cute small cards.. and the bigger one for cards or special projects.  I CANNOT with these.. really.  C-A-N-N-O-T.  I always hear my British sistahs saying the word Squidgy.. and just the sound of it makes me smile.. SO this line of characters is called the SQUIDGY line.  LOL.. Yes.. only I think of these names.

in case you were wondering, here is the formal meaning of the word squidgy LOL

squidgy adjective. uk /?skw?d?.i/ us /?skw?d?.i/ UK informal. soft and wet and changing shape easily when pressed: Bread which has just come out of the oven is often still squidgy in the middle.

you will see that these squidgies will also change shape and are DEFINITELY soft and squidgy in the middle! LOL

May I introduce you to SMOOCHIE SQUIDGY.  LOL.. the eyes.. the pucker.. the arms.. SUCH A SQUIDGE! Anyone who would receive a card with this face would definitely smile, no?

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-SMOOCHIE squidgie

this image will have a corresponding “CUT IT  OUT” die

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-SMOOCHIE squidgie "CUT IT OUT" die


and will be sold as a BUNDLE as well to save 15% when bought as a bundle!

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-SMOOCHIE squidgie BUNDLE

Colouring Video:

Elaineabella filmed the colouring process for us, which you can watch in the video below or in HD over on her YouTube channel!

Card Samples:

Seriously.  I mean SERIOUSLY.  lol.. check out thiss card by Shelabella using our newest addition to the SQUIDGY line.  That’s how much I love my sistahs.  Multiplied by INFINITY. (I used to say that to my kidlets.. still do)

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release-SMOOCHIE squidgie card by Michele Boyer

and Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella JANUARY 2017 rubber stamp release- Smoochie Squidgy card by Elaine Hughes

How’s DAT for day 1?

Leave a comment on THIS POST for a chance to win a $25 gift voucher to our shop!

winners will be announced on Sunday January 15th.  Our Release is on Monday January 16th!

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂










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    Thanks for all the amazing, inspiring examples from the DT gals !
    Judy K

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    The bee/bear is cute but if I had to choose, I wouldn’t choose to get that one right now. I love the cards though especially the one with the yellow in it.
    Those chicks? Who couldn’t love them and they are yellow. I may have to think about those.
    The Tiny Townie with the Lilly of the Valley is precious! We used to have those flowers in our garden like you said and I loved the smell! They kind of grew wild years ago, at least that’s what my dad said and he dug them up. I wish we still had them. I really like that one.
    I also love Tiny Townie Lacy has a letter. That one gets to me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I make cards and I still hand write letters. Who does that anymore? Me! Maybe it’s because the Tiny Townies remind me of me. I’m 62 years old and buy my clothes in the girls dept. because I am that small.
    Last but not least the Smoochie Squidgy! How cute is she? She is my size height wise which is probably why I like her.
    Why do you have to give us so many wonderful images to pick from? Who can choose? Do you think if I started a go fund me page just to buy a bunch of your stamps people would send me money? LOL

    • Gail Plaskiewicz says:

      Forgot to mention that the coloring on each card is a-ma-zing! Your Bella’s make really great cards, each and every one of them. Give yourselves a hand, girls!

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    Always fall for animals that are
    so cute.
    Cards are fantastic.
    thanks for sharing.

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  237. Favorite time of the year…sneak peeks in January! Weather is dreary… Christmas is over…spring too far away (at least here in Montana) and all the delicious new stamps colored in bright colors just absolutely brighten my days! Love all these and will look forward each day to see more and more! Lovin’ that little bee bear!!!

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  259. Mar Navarro says:


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    “Happy Mail “has completely stole my heart, love her!

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