Scenic Saturday with Amybella: Mini Oddball with Reindeer Scene

Hello bellas!

Amy here once again and I’m switching gears as we head into serious Christmas card making season with this week’s Scenic Saturday. The new WINTER WOODLAND BACKDROP has quickly become a go-to for quickly setting the perfect snow-covered scene. This time around I paired it with the cute MINI ODDBALL AND HIS REINDEER.

I did do a minor alteration on this Oddball by wiping the ink off of the antlers on his head before stamping, which left me with the simple head of hair that I was after. 

Because this mini Oddball is carrying a lantern, I knew that I wanted to color these two into a night scene and really play up the glow of light being cast from the candle within. So, even though these woods are covered in snow I pulled out a full range of blue markers to color most of the space. The only white snow that I left is directly around the lantern and even it has a light coat of Y0000, which is a super light yellow. It is by being generous with the amount of blues used that the Winter Woodland Backdrop becomes shrouded in night time shadows. In contrast, Mini Oddball and His Reindeer were both colored to include the festive reds and greens of Christmas which when paired with the bright light of the lantern, draws your eye right to them. So as pretty as the winter background is, there is no doubt as to who are the stars of this show. Ok, well I hope this card helps you to not be afraid of adding plenty of color the next time you try your hand at coloring a snowy night.  

Stay crafty my friends!


  1. Linda Meunier says:

    This is so cute and absolutely amazing!

  2. Denise Potter says:

    WOW! This is really a work of art. The varying drifts of snow are very well done as is the light and shadows cast by the lantern. Again, truly exceptional! Happy Holidays to you!

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