’tis FUH-riday!  I miss da sistahs.. I have been SOOOO buried under piles of paypah but I have emerged for a second to say Hello!  soooo.. HELLO!  what’s everybody up to?  I think it is a loooong weekend there?  I hope you are up to lots of good times, barbecues, food, fireworks, rest relaxation 🙂 .. if that is happening in your neck of the woods, can I come ? 🙂

My kidlets started camp this week.. Tyler (6) is a veteran.. it is his 2nd year in a row hopping on a bus and going to a beautiful day camp… I grudgingly make his lunch (I don’t LOVE making lunches.. have I mentioned that evah?  I am running out of ideaRs)… Little daughter Jayden (3) started camp as well (in the mornings) and is loving it but when I see her little body walking with her GINORMOUS backpack I get these little aches and pains and pangs… I am not into making her lunch either..lol

Sooo my long weekend question to you issssssssss: what can I possibly give my kidlets for camp lunches.. fast, easy, and you guarantee me that they eat it.  I mean REALLY GUARANTEE anddddd that I will like to prepare it at 7:00am.. LOL

Big challenge and BLOG CANDY involved sistahs

Mwah to da sistahs who will give FOOD advice


3b8d33– and the free shipping code continues…..

until tomorrow July 1st!  I am hoping that everyone is taking advantage as it wil be a while til the next one comes 🙂  please also note that due to the volume, shipping may take a little longer!

I also wanted to let the local sistahs know that the boutique is OPEN tomorrow July 1st!  We are closed today for the holiday and tomorrow will be refreshed and ready to pack and ship!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

mwah to da sistahs who love free shipping


FREE SHIPPING code 3b8d33 (case sensitive) over $45 til JULY 1st! (happy birthday Canada too)

Happy birthday to US (da sistahs) happy birthday to US (da sistahs), happy birrrthday to usssssss (da sistahs)…. happy birthday TO US.. oh and Canada too (*winks*)

Please use the code above for free shipping over $45 all over DA WORLD!  if per chance the code DOES NOT WORK.. please put a comment in the comment section and we will credit you the shipping upon processing.  WE PROMISE!

stay tuned throughout the day as a few stamps will be launched and some eye candy cards and maybe I will sneak in some birthday party pictures of my local sistah acting FUH-REAKY!

mwah to da sistahs who love da free shipping 🙂

Edited to Add:  HALOBELLA!

[photopress image=”halobellacard.jpg”]

MORE!  all bummed out  stay tuned for the cutest sentiments that go with him/her (stick a bow on her..LOL).. love the loose feet.. love the long sleeves.. LOVE the teddy.. and nicky popped up the bum bum and the teddy

[photopress image=”nickyallbummedout_1.jpg”]

you likey da bum bum?


soccermomabella + sentiment!

i know that lots of sistahs will be happy  :).  Please note that soccermomabella can be used generically as well as I just put up the new sentiment best coach

Birthday Flalas from PINKY DINKY DOO!!!!! I love you pinky 🙂 thank you!!

[photopress image=”pinkyflower1.jpg”]

[photopress image=”pinkyflower2.jpg”]

 my darling husband Ryan… this was waiting for me on my chair this morning.. he always says I am “ONE OF A KIND” (notice the middle rose :))

[photopress image=”ryansflowers.jpg”]

[photopress image=”ryanflowers2.jpg”]

Maralyn just RAN in like a whirlwind and represented da CUZZINS who I ADORE with flalas (MORE!) and sephora gift certificate.. can you say BARE ESCENTUALS????? and a beautiful card.. take a looky!

[photopress image=”maralyn2_1.jpg”]

**birthday bash with the Thursday LUNCH BUNCH last week :).. YES we are FREAKS but get to know us n’k? LOL

dena and nicky!  Everybody knows Nicky but I am not sure if anyone knows Denabella.. she is the BESTEST in the world and is my absolute right hand.. without her.. OMG.. let’s not think about it.  MWAH AND KISSES DENA.. I LOVEY YOU! but you and nicky ARE goofballabellas 🙂

[photopress image=”denanickyblower1.jpg”]

[photopress image=”nickydena2.jpg”]

and YES I am a freak… see below.  Thank you to everyone for making every day such an amazing day.   I love you all.. da locals and da not so local sistahs

[photopress image=”emilyandgroup.jpg”]

teacup daisies anyone?

[photopress image=”nickysteacupdaisies.jpg”]


Rose Bouquet featured here and the background used on the card

[photopress image=”nickyrosebouquetcard.jpg”]

LOTTIE AND GUSSIE… friends forevah!! LOVE THEM

and nicky’s card?  priceless 🙂

[photopress image=”nickygussieandlottiecard.jpg”]


tomorrow is DA DAY.. DA FUN DAY

da 36 year old day.. lots of celebrations!!  I will be releasing some stamps.. some NEVER BEFORE SEEN pictures (LOL) and an additional surprise 🙂

happy birFday to meeeee, happy birFday to meeee… happy BIIIIIIRFFFFFF-DAY to MEEEEEEEE, happy birfday to me.

well, not yet but you can FEEEEL my excitement no?

Mwah to da sistahs who loooove surprises


so many goodies… so little timmmme

Ok so I promised I would be finished my uploading yesterday.. ya.. not so much!  But here I am… sitting in my corner of the office.. it is now 8:25 pm and Nickabella is teaching a PHENOM big shot class.. (did I mention that I lovey DA BIG SHOT?)  I  LOOOVE hearing all da local sistahs ooohing and ahhhhhing.. makes my heart piTTAH paTTAH…

so here is some eye candy made by DA NICKY.. hope you lovey as much as I do :)… P.S. did you book the cruise yet?

branch with birdie card

[photopress image=”nickybirdbranchcard.jpg”]

is that STUNNNING or what? I love the fact that Nicky put a sentiment right on the branch.. kinda like a special delivery.. or a special message (if that makes any sense at all?)

we then gots da ENJOY LIFE card featuring Krista’s  funky dandelion as a soft shadow behind the sentiment and Jan’s loopy criss cross border repeated several times on the pink paper.. YUMMMO!! (there’s that WORD again..) and DA BONBONS??? OMG.

[photopress image=”nickycardenjoylife.jpg”]

4th of july purses… I thought this was PHENOM using my star punches and their negatives.. brilliant no?

[photopress image=”redwhiteandbluiecard.jpg”]

Ok, so as u noticed, I STARTED writing this post last night.. then I continued this morning… and now I am finishing it 🙁


mwah to da sistahs who NEED more time 🙁

love ya



I heard through the grapevine (hee hee I have CONNECTIONS YA KNOW) that there is now a little teeny tiny weeny winy bit of room on the cruise!!! SOOOO if you wannnnnna join in on the fun….. click on Stamp and Cruise for more information and COME AND JOIN US!! will ya? won’t ya?  we NNNNEEEEDDD to meet DA SISTAHS! and boy do we have goodies planned.. ohboyohboyohboy (said with hands rubbing togethah)

for even MORE information click here

You can rest assured sistahs that Nichole, Gina, Nicky and I have lots of goodies planned!!!

 let me ..er ‘ahem’ I mean, let us know if you can make it

You may be asking yourselves.. there is NO WAY my hubby would join me on this adventure *right Sarah?* *winks*

but rest assured that the hubbies will be entertained! I mean Ryan will be there and Ryan is a MASTER ORGANIZER.. Nicky’s hubster Joe, and Gina’s and Nichole’s hubs… it will be fun!! The guys will have such a great time just knowing that we will no?

Mwah to da sistahs who will swim with DIS SISTAH (well, not so much swim but HANG OUT FO SHO’)


solid WEEDS anyone?

Ok, so I am in love with these stamps.. n’k?  I ADMIT IT..  I think we  needed these!  I have a few more to post tomorrow so bear with me.. but NICKABELLA has OUTDONE herself 🙂  Check these out.. and mixed with dots and daisies.. YUMM-O (that’s new…LOL)

introducing funky dandelions

[photopress image=”cardsoliddandelions.jpg”]

introducing flowery weeds

[photopress image=”cardsolidfloweryweeds.jpg”]

take a looky at the daisy peach embellishments with bling centers.. OMG.. in love with a daisy..LOL

introducing funky grass

[photopress image=”cardsolidfunkygrass.jpg”]

on the bottom right of this card you will see the poppy glitter dots “resting” on top of the raindrops eyelets.. it’s a feast for the eyes.. the gloss of the raindrops and the glitter from the dots (YUMMM-O– again..LOL)

mwah to da sistahs who LOVEY the word YUMMO


I am BACKKK with a VENGEANCE (sp?)

Hiya sistahs!

I am back from my weekend at “home”.. I wanted to thank all the good wishes about my grandma (I call her “nanny”.. lol.. a little nugget of bella info).. Ryan and I arrived in Montreal and rushed to the hospital and guess what happened? LOL.. we rushed and rushed.. got the hospital information desk (visitor’s hours were ending in approx 7 minutes).. and the lady behind the glass told us that we were in the wrong hospital… LOL… so we had to rush to the CORRECT hospital and sneak in.. I was very sad seeing her  in the hospital, my independent, vein grandma (nanny) was not so vein, quite humbled and was just feeble.  She broke my heart.  Hopefully she is on the mend though 🙂 will keep you posted.

The weekend was also devoted to my beautiful sister in law who had her bridal shower on Saturday night (I was one of the hostesses).. it was absolutely divine.  Will share pictures with you tomorrow!

What else?? hmmmm.. aside from driving 14 hours in two days?  nothing much..LOL

The good news issss that I will be  posting some YUMMALICIOUS stuff tomorrow.. a small new line including stamps that I think will be quite popular.. especially after you see what Nicky does with them! LOL. THEY ARE PHENOM!

I also have some products I will be uploading tomorrow as well.. STUFF I LUV of course!

I think that’s it for now..

mwah to da sistahs who care about DA SISTAH


Couldn’t resist.. I mean HONESTLY.. how could I???

OK so I had to post this card.. I mean, it is WAY too beautiful to pass up no?

[photopress image=”justanotecard.jpg”]

Created by the wonderful and talented NICKABELLA.  I just love this technique and wanted to share especially cuz it is SOOO quick and easy!  I also wanted to explain that Nicky did NOT make this technique up.. we saw it somewhere.. probably on someone’s blog or splitcoast and thought it was a PHENOM technique!

Step 1: Nicky SHMEARED lulu lavender ink onto the cuttlebug folder.. always remember.. A neat trick I learned from DONNA is that the side of the paper you would like embossed should be placed under the CUTTLEBUG black logo on the embossing folder..  (how BRILLIANT IS THAT?) 

[photopress image=”justanotestep1.jpg”]

[photopress image=”justanotestep2.jpg”]

[photopress image=”justanotestep3.jpg”]

Cut your white paper to size to fit in the inked embossing folder and close

[photopress image=”justanotestep4.jpg”]

put it through your CUTTLEBUG or BIG SHOT… is this the CUTEST MACHINE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN??? it is my ULTIMATE FAVE… it has BLING and it is a POWERHOUSE.. Have I mentioned it is INCREDIBLE??

[photopress image=”justanotestep5.jpg”]

[photopress image=”justanotecardstep6.jpg”]

then you run it through an VOILA!!

[photopress image=”justanotecardstep7.jpg”]


we used the MEMENTO dye based ink  which works wonders and used my 2 FAVORITE punches that are now in the what’s new section… LOOOVE them  small flower power and the medium retro flower punch! and end it with a little GLITTAH DOT!  Mwah!  YUMMALISH!

 Hope you love it!

oh, and if you click on the magnifying glass icon under the card, you will see all pieces that went into the card

 mwah to da sistahs who missed me already



where have I BEEN?  I honestly don’t know.. under orders?  in a big PLATTER OF SUSHI? searching for Copics? hmmmm all of the above!  It has been so much fun in “BELLALAND” which is what our sistah friends Dana, Karen and Leslie have coined our digs (big hugs!!!).. Other words I have heard are “it’s our HAPPY PLACE”.. LOL.. So yes I think the name BELLALAND the HAPPY PLACE will stick!  Nicky has been hard at work creating the most LUSCIOUS YUMMY cards with a new line we are coming out with.  It is quite different from our usual 🙂 but I KNOWWWW that you will love it!  I PLOMISE (as my 3 year old Jayden would say)

Tomorrow is Tyler’s 6th birthday.  Where oh WHERE has the time gone… I remember him in my tummy.. ummm is he still in there? Sure looks like it..LOL.. Watching him grow and become a little gentleman has been an amazing experience I would trade for NOTHING in this world.  My little boy will be going to GRADE 1 in September.. can you BELIEVE IT?  I can’t!  I don’t think I am OLD enough to have a 6 year old.. LOL.. mentally I am definitely not.. PHYSICALLY I can have a 50 year old..LOL!  Happy Birthday my little man.. I LOOVEY YOU!

We are going to Montreal tomorrow for the weekend as I have to visit my grandma in the hospital.. she had a bad fall and lots of injuries so I must go and visit.. we are also celebrating my sister in law’s bridal shower!  SO we will be veeeryyy BizZy.

I have started to load some of the copic sketch sets (had to mix in a ciao or two here and there to make the complete sets and the prices will reflect that.  I have these in very limited quantities so get them while you can!  These are the colours we find blend beautifully and you can find them on the SIDEBAR under Bella’s favorite Copics!  and on the Copic paper found under new products.. YUMMALISH!  so enjoy sistahs! (you will notice that I have provided NOOOO active links… YA KNOW WHY??? cuz I got a new MAC and have no idea how to use it..LOL.. I am logged in through home and all these commands are coming up etc.. and I am IGNORING THEM.. YA HEAR ME MAC?  Forgive me sistahs!!!!)

So next week we will have some surprises.. would love to hear from you and will miss you LOTSNLOTSNLOTS

Mwah to da sistahs who need da COPICS