the “ribbit” theory

Hey Sistahs.. I am JUICED to write today.  It has absolutely nothing to do with cardmaking so if ya feel like reading about a card.. or a technique, I recommend you go to all of my talented Sistahs’ site.. you know the ones who are SO talented.. so resourceful, so AMAZING?  Ya.. if that’s what you want today, I recommend you visit them PRONTO (look at my favorite blogs I read)… Ok, so this is the scoop.  I am hoping that everyone who reads my blog (all 8 of you) will remember a few posts ago where I spoke about the frog and how he “ribbits”.  I have decided to call this the “ribbit theory” as it applies to MANY situations.. not just a cardmaker’s lack of muse.

Several situations here… had a long convo with my friend Natanya.. she went clothes shopping today.  It is beautiful out today and EVERYONE would probably be thrilled, right?  Wrong!  This nice weather means that I have to put away my SNOW SUIT and bring out the SHORT SLEEVES!!! OH MY.  This is the time where I think.. why didn’t I start Weight Watchers 9 months ago????  So Natanya was so excited to go clothes shopping.. she had tons of money to spend for a summer wardrobe!  So she goes into this store which is meant for the MINIS of this world (really Minis.. like mini in the sense that 95% of the population don’t fit in their clothes).. brings a WHOLE bunch of clothes into the dressing room (this is the figurative part where the frog is SINGING “hello my lady, hello my darling… ) , starts trying on the goodies with her body reflected in a 4 way mirror and….. RIBBBBBBBBIIIIIITTTTTTTT… nothing fits the way she wanted and things she never noticed before were noticed… WHAT’S up wit DAT?  Why do stores INSIST that you must see yourself at every angle?  I dont care WHAT size you are.. everyone has a little sum’n sum’n (pronounced like ‘somethin somethin’) that they don’t want peeking right back at them.. You know what I am sayin, sistahs?  I will never forget, I was telling Natanya this today that I once went to a warehouse sale and wanted to try something on… I went to this COMMUNAL changing room where a million boobs and tushes were staring at me… I was MORTIFIED.. the fact that I HAD TO UNDRESS in front of all these people?  I did do it.. that tells me I musta been a little slimmer.. but I will never forget this experience…

Here’s yet another question.. why is it that you can put on a full face of makeup, go to the hairdresser and when your hair is wet, you look in their sparkling mirror in front of you and you look like a wet drowned rat who is as white as casper the friendly ghost?  Actually at that point I am more like Casper the PISSED OFF white ghost!  Do they do something to the mirrors?  DO they want you to feel like that?  LIke the dressing room mirrors.. do they NOT want you to buy the clothes?  I recommend they remove ALL mirrors.  That will ensure increased sales.. me thinks… no? 

 Ok, last.. what about those videocameras.. they should be banned for ALL PURPOSES aside from our children.. My DH decided to candidly videotape me in the kitchen with a mouth full of food no less… shall I say more?  I am going into hiding in my SNOWSUIT.. pronto.  This is why, sistahs,  the holy one invented ACCESSORIES.  First of all, they ALWAYS FIT and second of all, if a pair of shoes don’t fit, we DON”T CARE that we need a bigger size… LOL!  GOTTA LOVE SHOES AND PURSES.

Another little fun anecdote.. I LOVED THIS.. I called one of my suppliers in the U.S. tracing a shipment… The lady in customer care asked for my company name.. I told her “stamping bella”… she says to me ” I LOVE YOUR STAMPS”.. I say to her… Ummm how do you know about my stamps?????  She says to me, I am a ‘sistah’ you know… OMG  I freaked out!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!!!  I want to be connected to people all over the world!! I was SOOOOO happy!  That should be our code word… “sistah”.. LOL .  Is that the cutest thing you ever heard?

OK, I need to go out and buy the SMALLEST purse ever made… cuz I KNOW it’ll fit.



i know I know

I haven’t been around.. but HERE I AM NOW!!  It’s been a rough last little while..So BIZZY and had a few hurdles to overcome.. but GUESS WHAT?  Everything has been resolved!  Today was the first day I can tell you that has been amazing..  Things are coming together so nicely!  So I wanted to keep you posted

(1) I rented a new place.. an office/warehouse/studio where if any of my sistahs are in town, we can go and play there!  SO EXCITED!!!!!!

(2) I was told that storage will be done this week or latest monday of next week!  (HOW GOOD IS THAT?).. plus I am designing a few other things too!

(3) THE FELLAS.. OMG.. his face and body have been finalized.. he will be in rubber as early as next week!!  (SO HAPPY and I think my Ryafella will be jealous of him)

(4) processing times for orders are still 5-7 business days

 Ok, now that bidniss is out of the way, I have to tell you the CUTEST story about my Tyler.  We had a school play in December for him and Ryan and I went  VERY proudly to see the play.  Well, when he laid eyes on us (his father more specifically) he was CRYING his head off from nerves, would not leave our side and actually sat on the principal’s lap for the whole show and did not participate one bit.  We were so silly back then… we forgot to use the power of bribery.  Needless to say, we were quite embarassed with his behavior but still did the usual kissin and huggin afterwards saying how wonderful he was (not) during the play.

I am trying to build up to this story.. ok?

So today, we had another play to attend.. for the past two weeks the whole junior kindergarten class has been practicing.. he was coming home and singing all the songs.  I learned 2 days ago that he had “the second biggest part in the WHOLE play, mummy”… Well, when I heard this, I had a huge pit in my stomach.. I mean, the teacher remembered the last disaster in December.. how could she subject MY SON to failure???  So Ryan took Tyler to school yesterday and the teacher took Ryan aside and said to him “YOU BETTER PSYCHE TYLER OUT CUZ HE HAS THE 2nd BIGGEST PART AND WE ARE PETRIFIED”… so all day long all you heard in our house was “Tyler, can you sing for me?  Tyler are you gonna cry?  Tyler you are AMAZING”.. you get the pic.  Poor little one PROMISED not to cry.. that he was gonna be THE BEST…

So today came.. Ryan and I were waiting to get into the classroom with a line of the other parents.. one of the other mothers says.. OMG I am so nervous for you….which increased pit size in the tummy.

We get in the class and Tyler smiles at us (did not run to us.. first good sign)… the children gather around and the play starts.. Actually before it starts, my brilliant son mouths to his father if he can get a new action figure and of course we both nodded yes FRANTICALLY…. I mean, anything for him not to cry, right?  He coulda asked for a car at that moment and gotten it..LOL.  So all throughout the play.. no CRYING!  Then it was his Part… omg.. the dreaded part… My son got up (you could see the eyes welling).. and sang his part… tall and proud… Well, I GOT UP, with no bella shame and looked around me and said “did you just see my kid?  THAT’s MY kid”…LOL all the parent’s looked at me like I was on CRACk but I was SOOOO excited!  I then went to the mother who was sooooo nervous for me and asked her if she would like my son’s autograph…

I was SOOOO happy.. he was SO CUTE… I realized many times what being a mother really is.. but today gave me such happiness and pride.

So sistahs,

forgive my long winded story

But I soooo happy today and had to share!


 Oh ya, and I think I am gonna reveal another bella one of these days…..hmmmmmmm


sistahs, you heard it here first!

HELLLOOOO ladies!  I am so happy to see how ‘hopping’ the bellaholics anonymous yahoo group is!! I think it is amazing that we can all unite and gab.. LOVE IT.  Second of all, I have had lots and lots of questions regarding the emergence of a boyfriend/hubby for bella… All I can tell ya’s is that the Bella does indeed, have a fella.  He is adorable and we are just working on final details and then he will be introduced!! Ok, how excited are you?  I mean come on.. we all need to make cards for guys and have NOTHING in terms of stamps… don’t worry sistahs.. this will take care of allllllll your needs!

How excited are you?  I mean come ON. I am DYING over here.. wish you were all here.. hmph



I can’t believe

the response towards the bellaholicsanonymous yahoo group?!  I am so proud!  Sistahs.. and I really mean SISTAHS.. you have done more than enough for me (keep it coming) and you have been so kind to me (don’t ever stop) and just have become really great friends (you break up with me-you’re dead). 

 I read some of the entries on the yahoo group and I LOVE it.. Honestly, my dream is coming to fruition.. my VISION shall we say.. (I am not becoming all loopy).. I wanted “bella sistah’s all over the world” uniting.. finding a ‘place’ to fit in, filling a void where like me, when I speak to my non crafty best friends about the shape of a button and how perfect it is, or the twinkle of this glitter vs. another glitter,they look at me like I am off my rocker.. well, my vision of B.A. (bellaholics anonymous) is that it is a place where we can be candid about our thoughts, our dreams, our art, our goodies that we bought.. OF COURSE enabling etc.. that’s my vision.. where we can also talk about hair products or makeup if we feel like it! Of course we are all uniting because of the bellas but we also have something ELSE in common.. we have a shared sense of humor, a common passion etc.

So come on SISTAH’s.. let’s make this the best group EVAH.. I am so proud of all of us.. actually standing by each other for this long without a catfight!  REOOOOWWWWW!!! (just kiddinK)

Love and mwah’s to all!


Ok.. 2 down, a million to go

Cut my hair and did my colour.. I should be good for another 6 months! LOL.. now have a kajillion other things to work on.. oh did I say diet starts on monday? LOL.  I see the responses from fellow curly haired people and I have to tell you that there is this product called OUIDAD along with a special cut for curly hair as well!  I won’t bore the straight haired people out there so if you would like more info and less money, just email me and we can discuss.

Next on the list.. maybe last for tonight but AMAZING news!  Jennabella (aka Jenna Hipps) has decided out of the kindness of her heart to start and moderate a yahoo group for bellaholics!!!  How COOL is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?  HOW NICE IS THAT???? Jenna mentioned that we can chat about Bellas, organize bella swaps, create RAKS and much more!! If you join between today March 21st and March 31st, you have a chance to win a free Bella stamp!  I wonder who will donate that?  Anyone? Anyone?

Here is the link to join bellaholicsanonymous:



Mwah! AND YOU BETTER JOIN if you know what is good for you!



Just count the hairs…(sounds kinda gross but it’s not–promise)

Thank you for the great wishes and not wanting me to change..LOL.  Cuz I AM NOT! I know I haven’t written in a coupla days as I have been swamped and zonked.. I love the word zonked.  Anyhow.. Here I am writing.. it is 7:01 PM and I can’t wait to curl up in bed and snore.. I am coming down with something AGAIN.. It’s so nice to have little children, no?  My mom is coming into town tonight and we will spend a little time together tomorrow to celebrate her birthday which was last week.  I am going for a desperately needed cut and colour.. LOL.  My mom comes into town, gives me the once over.. then the twice over.. then I get a comment as to whether I gained or lost weight (usually option A).. then she goes into detail about how I don’t take care of myself.. SHEESH so critical. but yet wonderful, with a heart of gold and  a similar sense of humor (yikes). You know when you look in the mirror and you see a coupla grey hairs poking from your scalp and you brush it aside and think it is a figment (OMG IS THAT A WORD??–I just drew a complete blank) of your imagination and you say “I just coloured my hair 3 weeks ago!  IT CAN”T BE” (but it was really 3 months ago (laughing my head off)… Well..then you get to the point where it is more than one hair peeking and it is more like about a dozen and you look in the mirror and say “OMG How could this be?  I just coloured my hair like 3 weeks ago (the same 3 weeks as before but it is really 6 months).. Well, that is the point I am at.  And any of you with curly hair to boot.. you KNOW when you need a haircut.. you get that “pyramid thing” going on where you look like a christmas tree? flat on top and bushy on the bottom…Well, I just cut my hair 3 weeks ago!  (really 8 months)… So bottom line is.. WHERE DOES TIME GO??  I just don’t get it?  You know how you count the rings on a tree to find out it’s age? (Tell me where I get this stuff?  just tell me?!)   Well you just have to count my grey hairs-35-almost.  Time to colour.  PRONTO.  Gonna do that tomorrow with mom… Should get a pedicure too cuz it’s looking like I have walked to California barefoot… you do the math.  OK.. TMI (TOO MUCH INFO).. I am in great need of a little TLC!

[photopress image=”chillout.jpg”]


Don’t we all just wanna “CHILL OUT”?




so many things to talk about

and so little time…

First of all, I have to tell you that I enjoyed writing my previous post SO MUCH that every time I think about it, I laugh.. Before I hit the “publish” button, I called Nicky (in the wee hours of the night cuz I am always up) and read it to her.. she was peeing in her pants but by the same token (or is it in the same token?  whatever) she said “Emily.. I know you, I hear you speaking when I read your blog.. your friends who read your blog and who are close to you know you , hear you and ‘understand’ you.. but aren’t you EMBARRASED to write stuff like that??? I mean you’re so funny but if people don’t know you they will think you are completely nuts!”.. I thought about it for a split second and clicked ‘publish’.  Y’know… this IS really who I am!  Unfortunately, at times, there is no filter and I wish there was one but really if you ever meet me, you will understand.  This blog thang is actually the most therapeutic venue (aside from stamping) I have.  I enjoy writing so much and the fact that I am so candid and let everyone know what is going on just makes me feel so liberated.. I go to sleep in peace..LOL.. (although I never sleep-but if I did…).. Ok, so that is topic 1.  How many people feel so liberated writing their blogs?  I mean I also don’t put any pressure on myself to concoct a technique, to create a fabuloso card etc.. I just like to write.  Now I know most people enjoy beautiful cards (as I do), and wonderful techniques (as I SO do) but I just can’t do that.. but that’s what Nicky is for!  Hopefully we will come up with some techniques, or ways to use my stamps that will make you all soooo happy.. so stay tuned

subject #2 – you must must must read Ellen Hutson’s blog.  Before you go there though, beware.. not only is she a true GEM of a person, but she is so very talented and thorough and most importantly (to me anyway) understands quality.  Ellen has a post today about dressing the bellas.. it is such a wonderful tutorial, and her precision, sense of color and of course her use of the Basic Grey Phoebe collection (my personal fave of the moment) will rock your world.  I am warning you though.. Ellen has a wonderful store where I have bought many many many wonderful goodies incluting her “create a cut” cutter..  I have not cracked that baby open yet but have heard wonderful things about it.. it cuts scalloped edges! That alone sold me.. and of course.. do you think I bought the cutter solo?  NOOOOOOO.. I needed to buy the wheely bag it comes in along with extra blades etc.. I got the DELUXE version.  I will try to write about it once I have tried it out but you can read all about it on Ellen’s blog.  Right when I saw the smiley face on her blog, I knew I was in love.. A DOLL I tell ya.. Also when you read about her favorite products, items she sells, she is so similar to me.. I would buy anything from her sight unseen because I TRUST her.  And that, to me, is the most important thing.  I know that if she is selling it, or recommending it, that it has been tried and tested by her and that, my sistahs, is good enough for moi (not to be confused with MWAH!).

I wasn’t so ‘ribbity’ today (see blog post previous to this one).. I did come out with a cute card (I think) and I am introducing my “walkers” stamp.. I thought the image was SOOO DELISH

enjoy it

[photopress image=”they_followed_me_home_002.jpg”]

 I wanted to talk about another thing but I think this post is long enough.. YOU STILL AWAKE?  So manana we talk about layouts, pressure to perform (AKA RIBBIT)

MWAH to all


still excited.

Thanks so much for your warm wishes from my previous post.. I so appreciate it!  Can’t wait now to actually SEE the card! LOL.

Today was a great day.. went to my supplier with Nicky.  Thank goodness there was no snow for her to slip on BUT she did spill her BURNING tea all over herself in the car.. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH HER? *huge* giggles but thank goodness there was no man watching me laugh and shaking his head at me in revulsion (see post way back to refresh your memory).  I was driving and Nicky and I were SO bizzy talking about designing cards and what we need to NOT buy.  I had just finished telling Nickeroony that it took no time to get there this time and what do I do?  I get off the highway and go around this huge bend that does not seem familiar at all.  I ask Nicky if she knows where we are (insert HUGE swearword but I have to be clean here) and she says nooo.. then I realize that all the signs point to us going in the direction towards home.  How smart are we?  So we had another detour and our shorter journey ended up being not-so-short.

We finally got there and bought lots more goodies we don’t need and a crazy amount of prima flowers (ya you heard me).. I am at the point that if I see one more freakin’ flower, I will explode.  I say that now but when I see another waffled, ginghamed, ruffled, textured, PINK flower, I will say OMG I SO need that and will buy it.  Why does the Prima have such POWAH? Hmph.

What else?  Oh ya.. more brads, paper and got a tutorial on Coluzzle.. I have these wickedly cute Coluzzle templates in scallops and I think I destroyed all three cuz I have NO idea how to use it.. I actually think I flung it across my room.. So now I am desperately trying to find the pieces so that I can try it again (what’s WRONG with me?).

All in all a great day was had.. we were so excited with the papers and bellies we bought and I am now sitting at my desk so uninspired I cannot come up with one idea.  This reminds me of my favorite episode of bugs bunny (just bear with me…)  I refer to this regarding my kids all the time.  Not sure if any of you watched BB but it is the one with the frog.  This man finds a singing frog on a parkbench .. the frog sings “hello my lady hello my darling hello..” and kicks up his skinny legs and really works the bench.  The man who sees this has lots of greedy thoughts and decides to SNATCH this frog and open a theatre and CASH in by filling the seats!  Well everyone wanted to see a singing frog and they paid and filled up the theatre.  Sure enough.. the lights go out, enters frog center stage in tuxedo, cane and tophat and what comes out of his mouth?? “Ribbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt”.  *LOL!*  no song, no verse, no prose, not even a musical note.  How’s that for pressure to perform?  It’s the same with my kids.. they can do the coolest tricks but when I put them in front of someone and tell them to do it, the audience gets the proverbial “RIIBBBBIIIIIT”.  The same with cardmaking.. in a sense.. Nicky and I brainstorm and blab and say “oh we could do this! If we only put this there!  we can POP this! Colour that! Cut this! Texturize that!  and what happens at the end when we gather our tools, our colors, our paper, our bellies and surround ourselves to make the most extraordinary card? “RIIIIBBBBIIIIIIIIIIT”

Hope you enjoyed my banter and NO I am not under the influence! LOL. And really, arent’ you glad you stumbled upon this cardmaker’s blog?  Could you get a better tutorial? *HUMUNGO-GIGANTIC-GIGGLES*

love to all my bella frogs




that I am about to *plutz* (a jewish term for wanting to pass out/faint etc).. I just love that word and any opportunity I can use it in, I will..LOL!  So here’s the scoop.  I was reading the Bella Post  today on SCS (ya I know I should be packing orders but I WAS WHILE I was reading the post) and someone mentioned that there was a Bella baby card on the editorial page of the new Paper Crafts “BABY CREATIONS” on newstands now! (Ok, I always wanted to say that too!).. So guess what I did? COME ON.. GUESS.. I DARE YA.  Yup, you’re right.. I drove like a mental case to Michaels, and  2 Chapters and got NADA.. saw NOTHING.. I was frazzled to say the least.  So what did I do?  I emailed my pal Megan at Papercrafts and asked her to spill the beans.. I mean come ON babycakes.. tell me what card where when how what?? FEED ME SEYMORE (from the little shop of horrors movie)…. so she told me.  UMMMMM YA she told me.  Do you know what she told me?  That our very own STACYFISHABELLA (Stacy Croninger-the chief BELLA editor in chief of Papercrafts) included the card in her opening editorial!  Can you believe?  Oh I am so excited I could plutz.  But I said that already, didn’t I?

me happy

*Mwah* to my sistahs who have helped and supported me along this wonderful journey.  I thank you and kiss you and love you.