As much as I don’t like pictures taken and as much as I really don’t like to be part of the limelight, I must reveal Barb’s rendition of our meeting on Monday.  It completely captured the moment and really accurately described our wonderful day.  So, take a peek.. I am not quite sure why my hand is LODGED on my jutting out hip (oh how I wish it was a bone.. but it is NOT) in both pictures.  So read it up.. you will meet Nicky as well and I hope you enjoy as it is SO well written.. actually impressively written!  Oh and that kissy picture at the end was completely ad libbed (is that a word??)!  LOVED IT!


So I made a card this morning

Let me know what you think!  I think it is a little BizZy.. but that is how my brain has been working lately.. I also wanted to show an example that there IS life beyond the bellas …LOL (altho I want you to know that the Bellas are my life..*giggles**) but I have a lot of OTHER funky stamps too that I am trying to load but a little short on time…  Anyhow.. here’s the card

[photopress image=”wine_bucket_002.gif”]

A little crooked (that’s how my brain has been working lately too..) but you get the idea.. who wants to know the ‘studio’ for this card pic?  My daughter, Jayden’s bookcase..  I need to set me up a proper place.. OHHH maybe I can use my laundry room for that too! (LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF)

Anyway, I used brand spanking new “ice bucket” stamp.. I put it in the celebration section cuz people were complaining that it was EMP-TY.. ya happy now?  there is one happy ice bucket in there..LOL.  I also used my medium lily pad (LOVE THEM LILYPADS) and my 3 line funky celebrate.. I love my 3 liners.. I have them in different themes and there is SO MUCH you can do with them.. Nicky is preparing a tutorial on what you can do with these stamps (RIGHT NICK?).  Also used the new American Crafts paper.. LOVE that paper.. and of course.. of COURSE my swarovski crystals!

hope you have a great day and there is MORE to come!



So… enjoy the c

To my bellas

I am so sorry I haven’t posted a winner to my sentiment contest.. it’s been crazy and I really need to sit down with everything and FOCUS… so please bear with me and continue contributing cuz I think I will extend it to next Monday…so the prize will still be BLOG candy ANDDDDD a free stamp of your choice! (only a sentiment tho–JUST KIDDING).. so keep your creative juices flowing and I promise you won’t be sorry!  I have been soooo biZzY running around today to pick up and design new goodies.. OMGGGGGGG… OMGGGGG.. just ask Nicky and Natanya.. they got a sneak peak.. I promise I won’t make you wait til the first for something new cuz you have been so good to me… SOOOO in the next coupla days, you will get something new.

Remember my grout sticks? (see post way down).. well the day has come.. they are now DEMOLISHING my first floor..HMPH.. my daughter and right hand woman, Ruby, who works with me and my kids (she is the best Rubybella in the WORLD!!) ate in the laundry room (otherwise known as the BELLA showroom–how extravagant, huh?).. YA thought I was a fancy shmancy pants, huh????oooohhh fancy shmancy… that would be cute sentiment with a funky dress no? (OK COMPETITORS, I SAID IT FIRST N’k?)

Sooooo…  I just wanted to keep you posted on my life…. tomorrow the demolishing will continue, so I will try to get fresh cut flowers and some mood music for the laundry room.. will keep posted..

Ohhh I almost forgot!  I met with Barb K yesterday! What a delight!  She came in from Thunder Bay Ontario just to see me! (LOLOL.. just kiddinK..she came to see her lovely grandson and children).. so we shmoozed, had coffee and took pictures.. EEEEEKKKKKKK. Thank goodness I was wearing makeup.. Sephora makeup.. mmmm.. delish.. So MAYBE if she posts the pic, I will link you to it.. depends how it comes out..LOL.. It must be so weird for you to speak to a blank space?  Do I really exist? Oh gosh… here I go again…



so I says to myself

Self?  Am I spoiling my sistahs? NAHHHH , I say, can never spoil them.. They are the BEST in the world and it is payback.. so I made a little teensy weensy card showing off my bella scalloped frame.. is it not phenom?  It fits MOST of the bellas not all but you can mask and play around and the great thing is.. you can color the scallops in.. I LOVE IT.. but then again, what don’t I love?  This is why I created this line.. because I love at least 99% of the images.. that may be good or not so good.. I know I should try to satisfy everyone’s taste but I SO can’t.. If I no likey, I cannot ‘selley’ or create for that matter.. so what you see is who I am.. really..

[photopress image=”scallopframe.jpg”]

 please excuse the mess in the background including the pink copic marker dangling in the middle.. I swear.. when I take pics.. I don’t create ‘ambience’.. LOL.. I slap it on my son’s bookshelf..on my daughter’s changing table, in my underwear drawer.. (haven’t gotten there yet.. note to self.. clean underwear drawer).  So here you have it.. surpriseabella with hat and my NEW FAVE Basic Grey “Phoebe”… I think you will see a portion of it on every single one of my cards.. LOL

Off to meet one of the ladies at the stamp shack (Barb K.- you remember her.. she won my contest with C.C.B.).. She was in town and we made a meeting point at my LSS!! SO EXCITED!! will report afterwards…



Didja miss me? huh, huh HUH???

I know I have been MIA for the last few days but I have been swamped with work, responding to the sistahs and entertaining my mom who came in from Montreal for the weekend.. All in all was lotsa fun and the kids were in HEAVEN being spoiled from morning to night.

I have been reading all of the posts on SCS and having a BLAST reading them and I SO WANNA participate more but can’t as I don’t want to disturb the rules and regs and don’t want to irritate any other company that posts on SCS.. SEE I PLAY nicely in the sandbox.

You sistahs have been SOOOO patient with me and I know I keep you on your toes.. so I think I will think of a day in the month to post new images.. (and of course I will sneak some in between to keep you on your toes..can’t lose my effect totally ya know)… so whaddya think of the 1st of the month?  Do you likey that idea?  let me know!

Even though it is the 18th today I feel like sharing a Bella.  I really LOVE her and there are such JUICIES coming, you will freak right out, I swear.  Oh and the storage thing is already in production and I think will be good to go in about 3-4 weeks.. So here goes.  I just want you to see that you inspire me every day.. I LISTEN to the sistahs and wanna make them happy.. so I think you will be happy with…………….. CHEFABELLA.

[photopress image=”chefabella_001.jpg”]

 Is she DEEEELISH?? I mean, literally.  I designed her to have a turkey in one hand and a pie in the other so that we can really satisfy the cooks and the bakers out there.. I personally, am the EATER (hmph.. note to self, diet starts on Monday AGAIN).  My fave part of her, of course, is the curly apron.. I LOVE HER!! She can be used for holidays, for birthdays, for dinner party invitations (haven’t done one of those in YEARS-dinner party that is).

 So…… I hope you likey and you realize how much I love you and listen all the time..

Hope you love her as much as I do

Emmabella.. chief dietabella (not)

on a blizzardy valentines day

a normal person would stay at home, relax, perhaps fill orders for the sistahs and take it easy.  Right?  Right.  Unfortunately, we aren’t talking about normal people today.  You may think I don’t have many friends as I ALWAYS talk about Nicky.. you’re right! LOL.  Just kidding.. Nicky’s role in my life is not only mentor.. but ‘partner in crime’.  So I have been stalking my supplier for a product I ran out of and he finally received it so I had ANTZ in my PANTZ.. I mean really.. should I keep the sistahs waiting for a product??? NOT SO MUCH in my humble opinion.. Before I ventured out to pick up my little Tyler from school I called Nicky.. “whatcha doing today?” I ask… she says “whhhhyyyyy?” and I say “well, I was thinking…” and she says “I’m IN!”.  So I say “you don’t even know what I am talking about?!” she says “it doesn’t matter.. I’M IN”.. so I say “did you take a peek outside”?  She says, “oh Em, we’re Montrealers.. we’re used to this HORRIBLE weather”.. and I say “I GOTS TO pick up some goodies for my girlZ (that’s YOU everybody).. Nicky says, “I’ll be in the car in 5″… so that’s the beginning of a wonderful shopping day.  did you ever have those days where all you wanted to do was be surrounded by pretty things?  Well, I had one of those days again.. so we drove at about 2km /hour .. In the U.S. that would equate to “REALLLL SLOWWWWW” and off we went! Oh I mustn’t forget to tell you that OF COURSE I have no windshield washer fluid left.. the beep in my van is beeping and I had to stop to buy some (OF COURSE I was cursing my husband.. wouldn’t YOU????)… SO I get 2 bottles.. had to go OUT OF THE WAY, and I fill the car up with some.. I get back in the car and look at Nicky and say.. “just do me a favor and look on the floor”.. we both look down and sure enough.. A BRAND SPANKING NEW bottle of windshield washer fluid (sorry for swearing at ya Ry).. what a pain.. wasted 20 minutes for nothing (insert FROWN here).

We get there 45 minutes later and the parking lot was FULLLL OF SNOOOOWWW (like you need these details).. so I created my own spot.. we get outta the car and there is tons of fresh snow so Nicky says to me ” I will follow in your footsteps”.. I say “no problemo” so I create the trail… Then she says ” Be Care—f”, “don’t F—-all”.. well as soon as those words came out of her mouth I heard SILENCE.  Deafening silence.. and I was so excited to get there that I forgot about miss magoo following me… I turn back and I see the black heap…She’s telling me to be careful and not to fall…. and kerplunk.. she is flat on her buttola .. she slipped and fell. Now here is the clincher.. I didn’t know what to do so within seconds we both started to hysterically laugh.. this lovely gentleman was watching us from afar  and asked if we needed help and just shook his head at me while I was laughing.. not nice but I think we both needed that.. (She’s being realllllly quiet right now.. I think she is soaking in a hot tub..LOL)

So we get into the place (finally) and I got SUCH goodies.. beautiful papers and lots of great blog candy/prizes for the sistahs..

all in all, despite the ‘accident’ on the sidewalk we had a GREAT day with lots of inspiration




you know the shoemaker and the shoe story?

That the shoemaker never has a pair of shoes.. well.. I am a little embarassed to tell you this story but Nicky CONVINCED me that I can’t get more embarassed than I have already been.  I am totally ashamed.  I went to mail my sistabellas packages today and guess what?  I passed by the Hallmark section at the pharmacy and YES, I did it.  I BOUGHT A $6.49 VALENTINE CARD FOR MY HUB.  can you believe it??  I have no time to make him one and I feel so guilty (that moolah coulda gone for craft use)!!!

Oh well, I feel better now.  My name is Emily, and I BUY cards.  hmph.  Now even better.. Nicky will MAKE a card for her family member.  DIG this (I don’t know what comes over me with this lingo.. holy kaboly).. she makes the card, and then she inserts a liner with repositionable tape.. writes her message inside and then once the family member reads it, she yanks out the insert, hands it to the family member and keeps the card.. IS THAT NOT HILARIOUS?

do any of you sistahs have stoooopid (“mommy that is a bad word”-says Tyler) stories to share?  Come on, tell us.. TRUST me.. you cannot humiliate yourselves as much as I do on a daily basis *LOL*


p.s. 15 minutes til VALENTINES DAY!! i am such a suck.