Just had to share.. this is HILARIOUS. Rhonda Coleman a sistah on the Bellaholics group (you should totally join if you haven’t.. the link is on my homepage). I asked Rhonda for permission and she agreed :). She posted this after my last bella release.. OMG I hope you enjoy it as much as I did..LOL

“…I guess that’s why I’m in an “aholicsanonymous” group!!!

I read the words “LatteBella” in an email and I just HAD to visit www.stampingbella.com . And then I SAW her, and she started calling to me, then, the LatteBella coffee cup on my desk started calling to HER, and THEN, she just JUMPED right into my shopping cart. And as if THAT wasn’t bad enough, I saw the card charms to go with her and before I knew it THEY had joined LatteBella in my cart.

Well, then I read about a crafty bella, so, like a silly fool, I followed that link. OMG!! How perfect is she?!?!?! Well, you KNOW how those Bellas stick together – silly girls! Next thing I know, LatteBella is serving CraftyBella a cup of White Chocolate Mocha Latte in the shopping cart!

And THEN, they started whining that they were lonely and needed some “pretties” to keep them company. LatteBella kept whining and whining that she wanted some baubles to play with. Well, you guessed it, next thing I knew, a set of Tutti Fruitti baubles was sitting on her little cafe table in MY shopping cart!! Of course, I KNEW once that happened that CraftyBella – the little copycat – was going to have to have something too, but SHE wanted RIBBON! She screamed and cried, and threatened to hold her breath until she DIED. By this time I just really had a headache and HAD to give in or lose my sanity, so a spool of Bella’s Favorite Reversible ribbon joined the rest of the stuff in my cart.

Recognizing a DANGER POINT was quickly approaching, I said, “THAT’S IT!” I had to get out of that place or totally lose control. So I VERY QUICKLY hit the “check out”button before the ribbon and the baubles and the charms and the Bellas set up such a racket that THE BELLA herself would have to come and see what was going on!!! Hopefully in a week to 10 days those silly little Bellas and their “pretties” will be showing up in my mailbox. THEN, I’ll show THEM a thing or two when I put Stazon ink all over their pretty little bodies and STAMP, STAMP. STAMP with them.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Rhonda – poorer, but alas, not much wiser!”

Mwah to da sistahs who have argumentative bellas and embellishments in their cart


soooo excited (yet again) LOL

So I have committed to the AMAZING new paper (cardstock) line coredinations.  If you haven’t seen this line yet.. PLEASE DO SO.. DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT $200 (yes, I am a loser).. I have committed to the WHOLE pallette (don’t tell Ryan, we have NO SPACE to put it) but of COURSE I will find room.  This paper is FAB-O as the “core” of the paper is a lighter shade of the surface color.. not white! so if you sand or distress, the COLOR is what shows and not a white core.. LOVE IT!  there is also a “black magic” line where if you sand the black of this paper, a color shows underneath.. MAGNIFIQUE! and a “Vintage” collection which is already distressed looking!  PHENOM!  could you ask for MORE in a paper?  black magicked (lol) vintaged, and VIBRANT?  sooo excited.  My order will be picked up by MOI (minivanabella) on Wednesday and I will be posting as soon as I receive!  IF anyone has ANY requests or orders, please email me by wednesday and I will try my best to add to the order and get it for you!

I will also be adding more bag’ o’ inspirations.. I have a new one with baubles, ribbon, patterned paper and cardstock that all match soooo beautifully for layouts or cards.. I kept them in their 12*12 original size so that it gives more freedom to da sistahs.. meet OrangeTulip

let me know what you thinky!

mwah to da sistahs who need to be “cored”


Ok.. since you asked so nicely….

I have now released 3.. yes COUNT em 3 new bellas… lattebella, YOGABELLA (finally perfected after 1.5 years in the works) and Craftybella.  Craftybella was made with an empty mason jar so that we can FILL IT… see this little sample Nicky whipped up.  This stamp is NOT for sewers only.. there is glittah and glue and paintbrushes there.. I wanted it to apply to a general crafter :).. notice the BONBONS in the jar :).. makes me HAPPY

[photopress image=”craftybellacard.jpg”]


Next.. is there a CHICHI in da HOUSE?  well  meet Patricia Birthdaycake… I am SO in love with these fairies (lots more coming).. to me they are a classic, whimsical illustration.. I am so close to this line and the artist Gretchen, cuz my late aunt was an illustrator and this was EXACTLY her style.. I actually have a painting of hers (I have to find it).. and she did a fairy that was MY little face and they look like these! Once I find it I will show you sistahs n’k?  ANYWAY, this fairy is so elegant and poised.. see THIS card that Nicky whipped up.. simple and elegant.. LOVE LOVE LOVE her (and LOVE the bonbons under her..LOL)

[photopress image=”patriciacakecard.jpg”]

Next is a release by my wonderful Tiddly Christy.. I LOOOVE her and her work.. Her artwork puts a smile to my face, SHE makes me giggle as well….  meet KISSIEFACE

[photopress image=”kissiecouplecard.jpg”]

We are not working tomorrow as it is a long Easter weekend…

Mwah to da SISTAHS who LOVEY my stamps and artists as much as I do… Mwah to da sistahs who will celebrate Easter.. Mwah to my spoiled sistahs

Love you



Ok, that’s all I can say about these babies… OMG…  Miss Christy TIDDLY has outDONE herself with these.. they are just the right size they are mooshie and gooshie (see above subject title).. you want to SHOVE them in your mouthes whole.  Ok.. I am done.  MORE COMING..

mwah to da sistahs who DON”T wanna be SHOVED.


[photopress image=”mayasittingcard.jpg”]

[photopress image=”mayastanding.jpg”]

[photopress image=”kirbystanding.jpg”]

 p.s. wanna know what the embellishments are on Kirby’s card?  welll juuuussst stayyy toooooooned.  Lookie at the BONBONS on the Maya Standing card… check out the daisies on the sitting Maya card…. YUM!

hibiscus anyone?

Have I told you sistahs lately that I love you?  Just got a pang.. sorry…

So last saturday we had a BLAST at the 2 Cherished Scrapbook stores… LOVED IT!  Nicky made a STUNNING make and take.. take a lookie

[photopress image=”hibiscuscard.jpg”]


I LOOOVE these circles and LOOOVE 3*3 cards that I just ordered lotsa envelopes to make some kits.. these are my new faves (for the moment cuz there are lots of other goodies coming 🙂

I have just approved more artwork for MORE circles with images.. I call them the “perspective” circles cuz the focal points are at different angles and just shows different point of views of the subject at hand.. these circles fit in your blue marvy 2″ punches (Giga) and the larger scallop is the mega.. ARGHHHHH LOOOVE THEM..

have I mentioned that I am NOW OBSSESSED with 3*3 cards?  thanks nicky.  Imagine making a set of 6 and giving it as a hostess gift?  YUM

Ok that’s it for me obssessing yet again.

Mwah to da sistahs who want to LIVE in a 2″circle with me.


the “LINE”

today sistahs, Ryan and I had a moment.  A moment that we have been anxiously waiting for.  A CATHARCTIC moment while being a nervous moment as well.  We have asked ourselves this question for a long time and finally received the answer today.  The answer was YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  We knew we had succeeded as parents.  Yes.. the BEST PARENTS EVAH.  You want to know what it was?   Ok.. you ready?   Jayden’s pigtailed head (thank goodness for the piggytails) reached THE LINE.. barely.. and I mean B-A-R-E-L-Y…

SHE WAS TALL ENOUGH TO JOIN HER BROTHER IN THE IKEA BALL PIT!  She ran in with Tyler with a quick wave and a “bye daddy and mommy” and OOOFFFFF she went!

Ryan and I looked at eachother and gave a high five (LOL) and had the BEST coffee of our lives.. oh and bought some SHTUFF too!

Just thought I would share 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who have their own pigtails that reach “THE LINE”


it’s a GLITTERY day in DA neighborhood

Sistahs… It’s a great day at DA BELLAs place.  When we were at CHA, I was busting at the seams wanting to tell you this and NOW I CAN!  Shannan, Jen Del Muro, Carole Burrage et al witnessed DA bella in ACTION at the Art Institute Glitter’s booth.   Barbara Trombley and I and her lovely daughter Shannon went a little mentalbella and we created our own Glitter set called Bella Bling 1.. HOW CUTE IS THIS?

[photopress image=”glitterbellabling1.jpg”]

We were SOOOO bIzZy choosing the bestest colours and I think we succeeded!  If you look in the Bella Bling section, you will see the amazing tools and must haves that coordinate with the glittah!  glues, pins, all the necessities (and honestly, they really are)

 DO YOU LOVEY MY GLITTAH???? cuz I sure do


Mwah to da sparkly sistahs who love GLITTAH as much as I do 🙂



Bella’s BONBONS.. yes, I said BON-BONZ (oh and STUNNING BLOOMS TOO)

K, I know I am totally UBER passionate about everything we sell here but THESE??? THESE?? they are glisteny, and rich looking and just perfect in my opinion.. I actually was tempted to SHOVE them in my mouth but I was told not to.. hmph. Let me know if you LOVEY da bonbons as much as I do!

I also posted the most PHENOM blooms.. matte and luxurious and beautiful!  perfect embellishment for any card.. and to put a little ss20 swarovski in the center?  Mwah! (said as I scrunch my hands together, put them up to my mouth, make the mwah sound and wave my hand up in the air.. like a chef saying DEELISH.. OMG I am a nutjob.. I hope you get what I am trying to say! LOL)

Nicky put together yet ANOTHER bag o’ inspiration…called heard it through the grapevine.. we LOVE it!

just call me QUEEEEEEEN of da emBELLAshments!  P.S. I am also working with a lovely company overseas for another unique, exclusive to da BELLA emBELLAshment.. OMG.. you will FREAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

 mwah to da sistahs who love the emBELLAshments as much as i do 🙂