New Sentiments

I just about went absolutely MENTAL when I got the ok to use this font… MENTAL is not the word.. I think I almost DIED and immediately started manufacturing… My little daughter Jayden’s 2nd birthday party is in May and of course on top of everything I have to do, I MUST MAKE INVITATIONS.. hmph… double hmph.. I am SO TEMPTED to buy them but I don’t think I can.. so I needed a “please come to my birthday party” and in this new font? OMG OMG OMG.. you just wanna insert into mouth and DEVOUR.  So I created it for DA SISTAHS too.. then I needed a ” DATE TIME PLACE RSVP” stamp.. and again , in this font… not only to devour, but NEVER swallow cuz it tastes SO GOOD… I also left more room between the “place” and the “rsvp” cuz I find there is never enough room on any other stamp to write address, directions, love notes, etc.. so thaSS what I did!  There is also the CUTEST sentiment inspired by (actually recited by) Lisa Strahl.. you should find it in the sentiments.. LOVE IT.. and would put it with Grumpabella.. start searching in sentiments and you will find.. Let me know what you think!?   Thank goodness I ate my sentiments cuz they were so delish.. no snacks for me!

there will be another reveal in the next coupla days.. I am so not into the regimented 1st of the month so let’s drop that n’k?

Some of the storage is IN.. the only problem is that I have to figure out the least expensive way to ship.. so bear with me a little.. k?

Ummm.. had another shopping day.. had to drop something off at Cherished Scrapbooks (my LSS) and had to buy the Quickutz Revolution.. I already have the handle and I AM BEYOND EXCITED.. Does anyone have Quickutz?  I mean I have ’em all.. hmph.  I am a sick sick puppy. (but a happy one)..




so I NEEDED to get out.

I mean really… my @$$ (I learned this ‘symbol’ from Amy Rysavy.. LOVE IT cuz you won’t think I have a potty mouth and you will think that I am so clever for writing it that way) is now the size of the chair that I park myself on, I stare at a beautiful computer screen 18 hours a day, I am now suffering from carpal tunnel (not really but sounds kinda cute) from packing and stuffing and typing my blogs and my eyes are crossing behind my funky Chanels.. So really, don’t you agree that I shoulda gone out?  So i did.  I called my partner in crime.. Nicky.. and told her come on, let’s go.  We always end up going to the same supplier but we have SO MUCH FUN THERE.. so we walk in.. I kinda make an entrance by yelping and squealing at the new goodies, they all look at eachother and say.. BELLA IS IN DA HOUSE… we hug, kiss and I get ushered into the warehouse to SHOP… I gotta tell you.. I found THE CUTEST BAG I HAVE EVER SEEN AND HAD TO BUY IT IMMEDIATELY… lemme find the link….ok found it!  I passed right by it and literally, I began to move backwards cuz I kinda saw something that attracted me.. I HAD TO HAVE THIS BAG OR ELSE I THINK I WOULDA PASSED OUT.. do you hear me?  How’s THAT for a technique? LOL.  So I grab the bag which has goodies inside and went on walking with my industrial sized cart… Once we got to the cash, I look at Nicky and I say, why are there wheels here?  If there are wheels, then that means that there has to be some sort of telescopic handle, no?  Then a little chickie poopoo in a tank top and braces looks at me and says YA, there is a handle.. and then upon further inspection, I see a zipper at the top of the bag which I proceed to unzip and out comes the handle.. OMG.. I WAS IN LOVE.. never mind the polkadots.. never mind the compartments inside and pockets.. but the HANDLE?  that drove me over the edge.. am I a nut or what? (please don’t answer) So I bought it, it is now in my room and I am staring at it and I be happy.. why am I happy when I spend money?  WHY?  I think it is just in my makeup (not my bare minerals.. that’s another topic.. I mean my genetic makeup…LOL). We then went to a small stamp shop and got a tutorial of the Wizard.. not sure how I feel about it but not having bought it immediately kinda tells you something *winks*.

Anyway, I have my STORAGE in hand.. waiting for some other components but may just surprise you.. Oh and have designed other goodies too.. I can’t stop!  I am the quintessential bellaholic!!

The funniest part of the day was when we were ushered into the warehouse, we asked our representative for a cart.. then Nicky and I spotted this kid’s wagon and I checked my purse DESPERATELY for my camera.. I just had this image of her or I being in that wagon with legs in the air being wheeled around.. OMG.. what a vision and to have posted on this blog, you sistahs WOULDA howled but.. I didn’t have my camera so you will just have to imagine (it may be better that way)… LOL

Last thing.. I read each and every one of your comments on my previous entry about my lack o’ cards/techniques and I realized I DO have more than 8 readers!!  What you wrote was so beautiful and heartwarming and DOES not go unnoticed.. and guess what?  I WILL NOT change a thing cuz this is me.. I mean really me… Actually a little too much of ME


love and kisses and hugs


I am mortified

I just realized by reading a post on Splitcoast Stampers that people enjoy reading blogs based on techniques being taught and cards being shown.  It was also stated that these same people do not really enjoy reading about people’s personal lives, day to day activities etc… ****SHUDDERRRRRR******… I am the complete opposite of what people like to read??? I am in TRUBBLE (love that spelling)… I barely have cards, I barely have techniques and I am ALL ABOUT telling stories…. hmmmmmm.. Please tell me you like my blog?  HUMOR ME SISTAHS?

Sorry I haven’t been writing!  I have really been uninspired..oh, and of course BiZzY after I returned from Montreal.. So I am trying to think of goodies to talk about and slowly I am thinking of topics and as they come to me, I promise I will post.. Oh, and I guess I should throw in a card and teach a technique while I am at it *wink*.

So here I am introducing the fella.. trying to get him adjusted to the sistahs.. and what do my ladies ask me for?  MOREEEE!! How am I gonna handle you guys?  Oh I know.. by introducing more stuff? I just want DA sistahs to know that I honestly have no idea what I will post when I post it.. not only that, but it isn’t premeditated at all.. I just get this URGE.. this URGE to post something new.. and I promise that my well will never dry.. there is SO much to do!

So for now, MWAH MWAH MWAH

Love to all

So I spoke to mr. FELLA

And we had a long spiritual conversation about life… oh and about how we should approach his debut.  Upon discussion, he advised that he was too shy right now to appear by himself and since mademoiselle BELLA is already a recognized “supastah” (superstar), he wanted to make his debut alongside her.. in case no one liked him, he KNEW that the sistahs wouldn’t be able to resist him next to his luscious and lovely woman.. talk about a COMPLEX.  So, he will be introduced in the next 20 minutes or so.. he is so nervous about this so please be kind and try to tell him that he will be ok and have a happy home n’k?

He says “MWAH” to all the sistahs even though his lips are quivering..

I must say, I am a little nervous as well.. I am hoping you really LIKEY cuz there are lots of BROTHAHS coming with him (LOL at the “brotha’s”)

Love to all

Mwah from MOI


so I says to myself again

Self?  What do I need to do to keep my sistahs from thinking that I am neglecting them?  I respond  to myself and say’s’ self?  Me thinks a bella is in order….. This inspiration for the bella came from the very very first post by Skye’s mom AKA Sarabella.  In order to thank her for creating bella monsters out of everyone, I would like to thank her by offering her PMSABELLA.. check her out ladies.. I am loving her and feel like her almost every day (in terms of the position and food cravings..LOL).. she would be good for a pregnant announcement, or someone who loves to eat!  I have some warped (LOL) sayings to go with her which I will cross post so just click on the magnifying glass!

No funny stories for today.. just busy and processing is still up to 7 business days..  Storage is in but needs some adjustment so won’t be posted until next week and there is one fella coming up and will post some time ‘soon’.. dontcha just love me?

 MWAH and enjoy PMSABELLA.. let me know if you likey!


HI! big huge waves at you!

I am back.  hmmm.. the bella is back… why am I still awake?  I nunno but I will be going to sleep shortly.. just wanted to stop by (lol) and say hello.  All I have been doing for the past 4 days is this:

[photopress image=”emilywishbigpapercraftscall.jpg”]

the picture of course is a little “skewed” and the ribbon (which is a symbolic lane–did the sistahs get that symbolism???) is crooked but that will all disappear soon.  I think I am gonna take the plunge and buy a picture ‘tent’ or ‘studio in a box’ recommended by Lynnraeabella!  If anyone has any other recommendations regarding this, I would love to hear them!  I use my 3 line dots background stamped repeatedly, and Tyler’s car and “wish big” (you do NOT want to know what I was wishing while driving with 2 children and a crabby husband for 6 hours).. and glittah!  I Hope you like it!  I use *ALL* of my 3 liners and single borders as backgrounds.. keeps cost down and is so much fun to use.. try it! you’ll like it!

We spent 4 days driving from one food infested house to another (is it monday yet??), ate, visited and went to our next destination… hugged kissed, said hello and BUH BYE, and off we went to our next destination.. The best part of the trip was seeing my grandmother “nanny” who to my children is “nanny nanny” (twice over nanny) and Ryan’s grandmother.. they are the highlight of our lives (sorry moms and dads).. to see their faces when they see our children is priceless.. so it was worth the 6 hour drive!

Ok, you must think I am neglecting my bellas.. I totally owe some blog candy for the organizational contest.. OMG.. I feel so bad so I will announce it tomorrow!

(2) I am going to pick up storage tomorrow (KEEP FINGERS CROSSED)

(3) Fellas are being manufactured as we speak.. will advise big reveal (just wanted to let all of my competitors know..LOL)

(4)  I have SUCH a bella I have to show you sistahs… I know you are spoiled but I just havta so stay tuned over the next few days.. can’t say when yet (I know I am mean but you LOOOOOVEEEEEEE me anyway)

(5)  Is anyone thinking of going to the “CREATIV festival” in Toronto?  I am thinking of picking a day to be there at the “Cherished Scrapbooks” booth.. but not sure which day.. I would LOVE to meet some sistahs!

(6) I will be working like a fiend over the next few days playing catchup so if anyone has any questions at all please email me and I will respond asap!

So what’s new with all of you?  Did I miss anything juicy?  I have been reading the bellaholics yahoo group and am in LOVE with everyone there.. they are having SO MUCH FUN!