oh boy am I cha-tty today

people who will log into their computers at work on Monday will have a lot of catching up to do!  That’s for you Ingrid.. I *know* you are out there!

 I have been up since 5:00AM as my dear dear dear children just felt like waking up…arghhh so my hub slept in and then he took them out to give me a little bit of alone time.. is he not THE BEST? (she -says -cuz- she- knows -her -mother -in law -reads -this every- day)–no really.. he is DA BEST.

 Anyway, as I mentioned I will be posting throughout the weekend.. I just posted the BEST sentiment ever (well not really cuz more are still coming).. I was inspired by a credit card.. I think it is american express but not sure.. since I have so *many*.. if any of you can confirm, please do!  Anyway, I have this discussion with my stamping friends all the time.. How much do you thing each handmade card has cost you?  I am thinking around the $1000 mark. *giggles*.. AND if they keep on coming out with new &*(&% tools and dies and dies with tools and bags to go with the tools and boxes and ‘bellies’ and and and and and , then the price is SURE to go up…. next question.. do you give all your cards away to people?  my answer is absolutely not, they are very very comfy in their shoebox.  hmph.  Would love to hear responses on this one.. (shoulda saved this for next week but couldn’t wait).. so take a look at “stamps, supplies” and let me know what you think…

are you guys worried that I will give a lengthy intro on each and every one of my stamps?  like you care what the origin and history of the stamps is.. oh well, TOO BAD.. you gonna get it anyway *BIG HUGE GIGANTIC SMILE OVER HERE*


love ya


have you ever had one of those days?

Where you felt that you had a child hanging on every limb… where you felt like you were a constant chauffeur?  Well I sure have!  I will never forget.. when I demo’d at a 4 day show here in Toronto in October (the ‘creativ’ festival.. and YES I DID SPELL IT RIGHT OK?) where I had 2 super cool hot mamas sitting with me at my table.. we were just chatting and having glitter fights (one of them SHMEARED it into the other one’s hair, then the other one took the spoon and put it down the other one’s shirt and I participated by dunking myself in it (I swear, my husband thought I ate the stuff as each and every night my TONGUE.. yes my TONGUE was saturated in glitter–along with the rest of my bod). Anyway, these two ladies followed me to the LSS who launched me for another demo about a month later.  We started talking about our kids and they said to me “Emily, I think it is so important that you have a bella who drives a minivan with lots of kids in the picture.. that’s our lives and we would have tons of people to send that to”.. I say to myself. “self? do ya think that is a good idea?” and I answered myself.. (no i did not.. that is a sign of TRUE sickness).. I thought about it and said WHO would send that to someone.. and then I looked out the store’s window and what do I see parked there?? Yup you guessed it my tres-chic silver MINIVAN… who usually sits in there?? MY 2 KIDS… so I said, you know what?  That is a phenom idea.. I think I will dedicate this “minivanabella” to all those moms out there who are the dedicated chauffeurs/caregivers/boo boo kissers/feeders/lovers/minivan-drivers (i mean to drive that you deserve a medal). Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my minivan but it took quite a bit of convincin’ to make me drive that big piece of metal.. but now I have finally learned how to drive it without bashing into sidewalks (remind me to tell you that story.. OY YOY), or running people over (you get the picture).. now the great thing about this stamp is that the minivan (thank you Nicky for the great idea!) can actually be cut out and used for a background.. HOW CUTE IS THAT??????

In any event.. I am pretty pleased with this one.. have you ever heard me say “pretty pleased?”..  no.. I am all about superlatives.. I LOOOOOVE this bella and can totally associate with it… I even made a stamp that says “I know you’re bizzy”.. HOW cute is that??

So that’s my little nugget of information tonight.. I am half asleep right now but wanted to just keep in touch..I will be posting annoyingly throughout the weekend so stay tuned.. have some ideas up my sleeve and wanna know your thoughts..


chief executive addictabella but you can call me sista for short

 have a great weekend



P.S. arent you glad you finally found a cardmaker’s blog who doesn’t feature ANY techniques or cards?? (LOLOL.. even making myself laugh here).. I promise I will post some cards but you know what?? Where can you find a goofball addictabella who can shamelessly write about her antics and capers without blushing??


toodles for now AGAIN


shopping bellas

Hello sistahs


I will be posting more as the day progresses.. ok, maybe after the kiddies are asleep 😉

I just wanted to let you know that I have 2 sizes of the shopping bellas.. the bigger one has more room to color but is second on the drop-down list so you would have to click on the arrow.. I wanted to put the bigger one as the first choice but no can do..


just wanted to give y’all (my contribution to the american contingency) a head’s up!

speak to ya latah


CAO  (chief addictabelling officer)–*giggles*



this is an important one to me…

ok, so this is what I have been thinking about and let me know what your thoughts are.  I have created cardbackabella. She is deliciously CUTE.  I want to just EAT her.  I have been thinking long and hard about this and I think it is fair. Let me know your thoughts.  I have created a very affordable stamp to be placed at the back of the beautiful cards (or whatever else was created with my bellas).  it is teeny tiny measuring 1″ * 1.5″ and it is visually appealing. It is a stamp of stamping bella and next to it in little print it says

“images owned by Stamping Bella ©


very very small and inconspicuous and it allows the artist to still stamp or handwrite “created by and their name”

am i out of my mind or is this tres cool with everyone?  Please give me your thoughts.  It is important to me and my angel policy to have it known that my images are copyrighted and belong to me but at the same time, I want to allow my fellow sistah addictabellas to create create create!  That’s how I started!

Tell me what you think oh sistahs


I am gonna be SO ANNOYING tonight

WOULD THE NEW AND IMPROVED ELIZABELLA PLEASE COME FORWARD? My friend Liz in montreal (Elizabeth) looked at my line and I showed her her namesake.. she said “OH, that’s nice”.. so of course I ask her what’s wrong with her?  she says.. umm.. she’s not sexy at all and I SO AM..lol. (she so IS and I wanna kill ‘er)… SO, I decided to add *ahem* for lack of a word that I would LOVE to scream out on my blog but won’t (I promised I would be ‘clean’ here.. LOL).. a pair of SEDUCTIVE , HOT, laces up to the YAHOO boots..  NOW she be sexy. NO? 

This one’s for you , SHMIZ.


you won’t believe this.. actually if you know me, you will!

[photopress image=”grout_box_002.jpg”]

 no more “fab 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1”.. we have MOVED ON.. We are now considered (and please spread the word), the addictabella sistahood…n’k?  I AM LOVING that term and actually one of my readers, Angela, will be signing her blog that way.. and so will I.. this way I really don’t have to tell you how many people read my blog (*giggles*).

Before I tell you what the above picture is about, I first want to thank ALL OF YOU for the support on SCS, on your proper blogs, on your sweet words about me etc.  I have had great success over the last few days and my family has not really seen me as I have been hiding under rubbAH and papAH.. but I am loving every minute of it.. so DON”T STOP!! I am gonna say it again.. thank you thank you thank you thank you… Thank you for devoting blog entries to me, thank you for saying nice words, but most of all, thank you for loving the bellas…!

Ok, now that that is said (phew!), here goes..

My DH decided that we should change our floors on our main floor.. not much of a job, just get someone to SLEDGEHAMMER and CRACK white tiles and simply place a new set of beautiful chocolate brown tiles..  Doesn’t that sound easy with 2 kids in the house?  I think so (NOT).  Anyway, my friend Shari is a decorator and I decided to use her services (for free of course.. I woulda given her RUBBAH, but that is the furthest thing down her list.. CAN YOU BELIEVEEEEEE?? There is nothing I would want more!).. Ok, so we go to the tile place.. this huge empire where I musta walked 5 miles.  My DH kept on giving his opinion (since when did HE have one in the decorating process?).. We ended up deciding on a beautiful color.. ok.. boring for you no?  This is the clincher and what makes my non-stamping friends think that I am absolutely nuts..

We get to the customer service desk as Shari asks for samples so we can lay it out on our floor and see if the colours are good (I have no patience for this.. brought it home… left it in the bag and Shari called me to see how it looked and I said “PHENOMENAL”.. shhhh don’t tell her that I didn’t have the patience to let it leave the bag..).. she says to me “place it on your floor in the hallway, make sure it matches the carpet and the wall.. see if you are ‘comfortable’ with it”.. then she says “place it on the kitchen wall with the new backsplash tile and see if you like it and can live with it”… does she realize that all I wanna do is STAMP and COLOR????? people just don’t understand.. SHEESH..

Ok, so you are probably saying “get to the point, woman”.. I am getting there right now.

We get to the customer service desk and I spot something.  Something colorful.  Something in a case.. you tell me colourful and in a case and I absolutely NEED IT.  I say to shari.. “I want that (pointing to this case of colourful sticks)”.. she says “what do you need it for?” ” I say I JUST WANT IT AND NEED IT so please get it for me”.  She says “do you know what it is for?”.. I say “STOP ASKING QUESTIONS, just get it for me pronto”.. so she gets it for me (IT WAS FREEE!).. I had it in my lovely hands.. had no idea what to do with it and she tells me that they are grout colours.  Can you believe I got excited over GROUT COLOURS??? What is wrong with me??? WHAT???????  She thinks I am nuts, my D D D D H thinks I have lost my marbles.. but you know what?  I have a little box, with sticks of colours and I am happy.

 Have a marvelous, phenomenal, spectacular Tuesday and I love you all

Chief Sista Addictabella


‘whodathunk’ that there would be sooo many advantages to unmounteds?



[photopress image=”unmounted_1.jpg”] 


hello ‘all ‘ (I got a little embarassed of counting the people who read my ‘shtick’ (a jewish term meaning idiosyncrasies (I confirmed the spelling at www.dictionary.com   lol) or individual mannerisms of a specific person))

Before I started this adventure I was an avid ‘collector’ (fancy term for spendthrift, shopaholic or pure addict) of rubber stamps, tools, organizational  apparatuses (or is it “apparati” (I confirmed the spelling  ‘apparatuses’ again via www.dictionary.com– weird spelling, no?).  Oh I forgot about the paper and the ‘bellies’ (new fave word as per previous blog post).  Ok, so with all of the stamps I have purchased, I cannot even begin to explain how much money was spent and yet I still felt there was a missing ‘link’ in the stamping world today.. backgrounds, frames, oh ya and DA BELLAS.. ladies with personality.. ladies with pizazz… ladies with a CAREER.. ya all get where I am going?  So that’s how they were born. 

Now the next step was.. how should I have them manufactured? In what material?  Like I said I was a DIE HARD wood mounted fan and I had just put away about 3-4 rubbermaid boxes of them-and boy were they *HEAVY* (as if I lifted them..LOL).. you get what I mean ;).  The thought of mounting each stamp gave me heartache though.  I had no time!  I had to get the Bellas OUT THERE! I had plenty of unmounteds that were never used and thrown in a drawer (under the paper, the organizational tools, the ‘bellies’, the wood to mount them, the velcro, the ribbon.. *giggles*).  So what did I do?  I bought ‘meself’ a polymer making machine.. OMG.. I could go on and on..LOL.. my darling husband redid my ‘office’-the laundry room.. put halogen lights in, racking, pans, tape, etc.. set me up.  And there I was.. STOOPED over a table, pouring polymer, baking, taping, rinsing …you could imagine the rest.. Sure enough there was a prob with the machine and I was able to return it.  So there I was… with a huge PIT in my tummy…. lots of great designs, a backache from the stooping, blind from the halogen lights and STICKY from the polymer.  A beau-tiful sight.  I was scared.  The new trend WAS polymer , I didn’t wanna mount my stamps due to the work involved and the obvious storage issue.  I wasn’t particularly impressed with the crispness of the image of the polymer and I did love the rubber… Don’t get me wrong.. I **ADORE** polymer for alphabets.. you can’t compete with that.. they are amazing and there are great quality polymer stamps out there too..

Sooo, the thinking cap went back on.. I wanted the best of all worlds.. I wanted rubber.  I wanted the ability to place it on an acrylic block and see through it for placement and i did not want to permanently mount them to wood… Ok, I was getting somewhere here.  I did not like the fact that the unmounteds I bought I had to cut myself (little did I know that my FUTURE would be cutting rubber..LOL), so another feature I wanted was to have rubber closely trimmed, highly etched, great quality with no need for cushioning (do not like cutting ‘icky’ stuff).. that way I am GUARANTEED that people will use my stamps and NOT throw them in the same drawer I have with the bellies and the paper and the and the and the… (you get the pic).

So that was how I made the decision of unmounted, closely trimmed, highly etched RUBBAH. 

Ok, so we know about the storage.. I store mine in sports card pockets in a binder.. I have about 200-300 in a binder.. my sentiments are in slide pockets.. they are perf!

easy to clean.. no worries about using solvent inks (cannot use solvent inks with polymer/acrylic)

no need to cut as they are already done for you

now  my FAVORITE plus is that you can use the ‘puzzle method’ with unmounteds.. see the pic above (please forgive the *well loved* stamps above).  I would take any image, border, sentiment etc that I want and just place it on the cardstock!  If I feel that it doesn’t work or needs something else, I remove one stamp and add another until I like what I see! Isn’t that amazing!  I do that all the time!  And especially since the stamps are closely trimmed, there is no guesstimating… what you see is what you get!  LOOOOVE IT.  So now you see how I work.. you should try it too! it really saves a lot of grief.

 OMG.. can I talk more?  Will I have anything else to write tomorrow????

 Of COURSE I will!! 

toodles to my ‘all’