valentine wishes

I know that you are still trying to get through Christmas…LOL.. but I think it is time that I reveal my new Valentines collection, no?  If you don’t want me to do it just tell me.. but I was thinkin’… just thinkin’…. that perhaps tomorrow would be the day to reveal?  Samples will follow..LOL! but you know me.. it just depends on how I feel.. and how I FEELS is, that I can’t TAKE IT NO MO’ and have to show you what I have been up to!

 I have missssseddd you so much and was away Monday and Tuesday.. now here I am staring at the phenom images and wanna share with you… so you know what?  TOMORROW IT IS… I’m a launchin’ whether you likey it or not!


Mwah to da overwhelmed sistahs


shipping updates

good 7:26am in the morning sistahs!  It is a snowy blechy day here in Toronto.  I am sitting on my teeny laptop in front of my tv with my kidlets who have decided to “Organize” their toys.. can you say DISASTER ZONE?  OMG…   I am drinking my coffee and looking out the window.. It is so peaceful in the morning, even if the little ones are screaming their heads off..LOL

Ok, so this is the update for shipping.  The volumes have been crazy  and with the holidays and less help, it has been a challenge.. but we have been working day and night trying to get all your goodies out.  We will be working later on today as well.  A lot of you will be receiving order confirmations today for shipping tomorrow.  I will be off on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as I have to go out of town but work will still be going on… shipping will resume on Thursday and I will be working on and off until after new years.  Again, I apologize for the delays.. if you have anything rush, please let me know today and I will try my bestest to get them out. 

mwah to da patient sistahs


Penelope and Elmer

Once upon a time, there was a stamping bella momma who had a 5 year old stamping-minifella named Tyler and a 2.5 year old stampingbella-ette named Jayden.  Well, the momma had to make birthday cards for all the birthday parties the minis were invited to.  Stamping Bella always used high tops in her cards.. would colour them in pink for the young ladies and blue for the young men.  SHE LOVED that stamp and still LOVEEEESSS that stamp.  She always found there was a “missing link” in the toddler, young boy/girl stamp collection so Penelope and Elmer were born.  Penelope was Stamping Bellas’ imaginary friend when she was little and this is what she looked like in her imagination … Elmer, is just her perfect companion looking so innocent but really up to mischief.  Two stars have been born.. Penelope and Elmer.. they have siblings as well who also have been in the works for months on end and will be coming to fruition shortly.  Penelope and Elmer have accessories as well which will be coming throughout the week…

Stamping Bella is in love.

In love with a Penelope and an Elmer.

Are you?


~stamping bella


She’ssss up and she comes with “OUR WORDS” to go with her!! You can place the words on her hand .. like she is blowing  a kiss!!!  Check out Nicky’s card..   Nicky grabbed her before i could even see her take her! You can make your own background paper with her.. you can mix her also with Billboardabella’s words as Nicky did…. OMG OMG OMG. This party is gonna be sooo much fun!!!

Hmph.  I am in love with a bella.  Who blows kisses.

[photopress image=”mwahabella_001.jpg”]


Mwah to all da sistahs with 7 layer dips.


ever feel like this?

LOL.. I feel like her all the time AND I want her title

[photopress image=”bellabustah_003_1.jpg”]


I used Goldfish baubles

copic markers

Stardust glitter pen (which looks a little TOO OBVIOUS in the picture but much more discreet IRL- in real life-just learned that one)

bellabustah (of course)

and my Roseanne sentiment which I LOOOOVE.


You likey?  I lovey! and I feely likey her-y




P.S. you ready for the PARTY tonight? LOL.. I AM SOOOOO READY.