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my feet hurt already and I have a blister


Sistahs!  The show hasn’t even started and I am soooo tired and blistery.  We are having a blast, met tons of people  while I limp (lol), and I already have an adventure to tell.

Yesterday our friend Natalie, the owner of Scrapbook Centrale in Montreal (DA best store evah) picked us up from the convention center to go for lunch and a little shopping… so here I am looking all glitzy and sparkly with my bare escentuals makeup (another story I may share later) and my sparkly sunglasses.. we go into the restaurant and we are sitting down and I am searching for my glasses.  My regular glasses, you know?  so I am searching.. dump my purse and searching.  NO GLASSES.  I proceed to panic.  Natalie runs to the car to check there.  Nicky is consoling me that for the rest of the show it is OK to wear SUNGLASSES….LOL.. and at NIGHT PARTIES.. it will be OK to wear sunglasses.. what would people thinky???? Either that I am a addicted to some substance and hiding behind my sunglasses ORRRRRRRR that I think I am a superstar (LOL) and need to wear sunglasses in public not to get recognized (just laughed my HEAD off here)… so we are talking, blabbing, gossiping (with my sunglasses on) and all I was thinking about were my little Chanel’s all alone somewhere…

After lunch we returned to the convention center and I proceeded to go to the information desk, who pointed to the coat check (lost and found) about 67 miles from that desk… once I got to coat check, they told me to go to the show office.. I said “OK thank you!” all excited that I would find my glasses…went to show office who proceeded to send me to registration (LOL) another 85 miles to get there… I go to registration they look at me like “WHY would someone send you HERE?”.. then I speak to a security services officer who sends me outside to NOTHING.. then I speak to a security guard outside who sends me to the SECURITY OFFICE… which I couldn’t find (at this point I know you are are so annoyed with this story but TOO BAD).. I then called from there “RECEPTION” and they say to me “WHAT KIND OF GLASSES ARE THEY?” i said CHANEL’s.. and they say to me BUT WHY ARE THEY IN A BULGARI CASE?  and I Said WHO CARES.. DO YOU HAVE MY GLASSES? and she said yes.. so I walked another 67 miles escorted by a lovely security officer where I found my “eyesight”.. at least i got my exercise for the year, no?

We are hanging out with DA coolest people.. the list is too long to even mention

OK sistahs, gots TA GO.. will get you lots of goodies

miss you 🙂

mwah to da sistahs who don’t have blistahs




  1. ~Lana b~ says:

    Oh Em,
    So glad to hear you found your *eyes*!!!! That is truely a horible feeling…and think of all that crafting time lost looking for them too. At least you counted it as exercise! lol
    You are a supa-stah w/ or w/out your sunglasses on!!!!!!!
    Be safe,
    ~Lana B~

  2. Katie Skiff says:

    Glad you are getting your exercise…I hope that you can see all the great ness that is there now!!

  3. Addictabella Angela says:

    Em! So glad you found your eyesight. Sounds like you and Nicky are off on another fabulous adventure!! Have fun looking at all the fab new goodies.


  4. So glad you got your glasses back. Love hearing about your adventures, though. Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. Connie says:

    are you sure you aren’t my twin seperated at birth?! that would sooooo happen to me. Hope the blisters magically disappear and you have a FABULOUS time! MWAH!

  6. Kerry says:

    Do you need bandaids for those blisters….there’s a flight leaving in an hour!!! Can’t wait for the next installment of ‘The Adventures of Emmabella’
    MWAH to da sistah who was blind but now can see!

  7. Hope says:

    Oh, Em! So glad that your story has a happy ending!

    I have to tell you, I love, love, love Bare Escentuals make-up. It has been my favorite for years now. Maybe you can work a deal with Leslie Blodgett and we can have a Mineral Veilabella! Her sentiment is, “Swirl, Tap, Buff!” LOL! Seriously, you’ll have to share your BE story if you get the chance.

    Take care and keep us posted!

  8. JenHoover says:

    WHEW! I’m glad you found your specs 😉 I wonder what on earth you would have found without them {hmm… that could have been interesting!} no?

    hope you are having a ROCKIN’ great time and blisters, blisters go away, don’t even come back EVaH!

    mwah! 😡

  9. JenHoover says:

    woopsy! that last post ended up with a MEANy facey … was trying for a kissy face anyway… you get it! 😀

  10. Gay Ferland says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!! I love your stories!! Continue to have fun!!

  11. carmen says:

    Miss you Em!!! Don’t forget about me while shopping;)

  12. lindaH says:

    FAB story #1…LOVE IT…i must share a story here…during my ‘sewing’ years i used to go to the Sewing and Needlework convention in Toronto…at the time (pre-bifocals) i could afford to have multiple pairs of specs, regular glasses, prescription sunglasses, etc…so drove from chatham to toronto (wearing the shades)……SOOOOO forgot i had the shades on and got there, parked the car, rushed on to my shirtmaking class and realized folks were looking at me funny…..then i realized….i HAD THE SHADES ON!!!!!!!!!!! well it was too late for me to walk 15 bazillion miles to the car to switch to the regular specs so i sat thru the entire class wearing the SHADES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that i have come of ‘age’ and get to wear bifocals….i just can’t justify $450 on a pair of bifocal shades….so i have resorted to other methods…think of how many bellas i could buy with $450!!! ….AND….CHANEL glasses in a BULGARI case…how decadent!!!!!!! another reason why i LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!…..this calls for a glass of merlot!

  13. jessica says:

    I can’t believe Natalie got a mention! She’ll be so proud.
    Thank got you found your glasses!
    Enjoy the rest of the show.

  14. Bela White says:

    Em: You look so happy in someone’s blog photos. Oh yes, please do tell all about your trip when you return from the CHA.

    Bela, the other Bela with one “L” from Oshawa. LOL>

    Aveno for the blistahs sistah

  15. Jamie Morris says:

    Em you are a rockstar!!! Hope you have a great time, and I can’t wait to hear your other adventures.

  16. My dearest — I expect a full-on naming as the coolest of the cool people you and Darling Nikki are hanging out with. I’ve earned it, don’t you think? Is there someone else who wears a smoking jacket and has purchased enough make-up to be a shareholder in Bare Escentials based solely on your recommendation? Because if there is, I need to meet her. She sounds FABULOUS!!!

  17. Jen says:

    So glad you got your eye sight back! 😉 Have a great time and keep on Rockin’!!!

  18. Marilyn G says:

    oooh! All that schleping around got ME aching.LOL.
    Here’s to a SUPER FANTASTIC to-day!

  19. Rebecca says:

    Blah Blah Blah! Who cares Em? How old are you?

  20. Joanne B says:

    Emily, you’re one of the few people I know that could actually get away wearing your sunglasses day and night. Thanks for all the laughs, it was a blast to meet both you and Nikki, can’t wait to see what you picked from all that amazing goodness. And, ps, how are your feet? That was a serious LOT of ground to cover. My back is still aching…

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