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now i lost my credit card.

Can you BELIEVE IT?  from my glasses to my Visa card???  Well I was told  by Nicky that it MUST be in my purse cuz I tend to “dump” things in and sure enough.. it WASN”T THERE.  I retraced my steps and finally found it at a restaurant we went to 2 nights ago.  Why did it take me that long to realize that it wasn’t there???  Cuz I am SOOOOOO tired.

 Sistahs, we had the bestest time!  Aside from missing my family, all was great.. ate well (WW starts tomorrow AGAIN), shopped our hearts out, and met the most wonderful sistahs.. will post about them when I get back but can I tell you that there were so many talented and amazing sistahs in one room?

Ok, nuff about DAT.  CAn I tell you how many goodies I have ordered?  I designed my own embellishments as well.. I hope you love them.. so things will be coming in over the next 3-4 weeks and I will introduce them as they come in.. so stay tooooooooNED.

 leaving in the morning and miss you lots.


mwah to da sistahs who don’t have to FLY for a MILLION hours.



  1. Katie Skiff says:

    Yay!! The Bella Mama is coming home!! Can’t wait to see what goodness you have for us!!

  2. Joanne B says:

    Sadly, I am the queen of leaving my credit card behind. That moment of panic where you assume it is tucked between nine thousand receipts in your purse, but find that you’ve left is somewhere behind is the worst feeling. So glad that you were able to locate it safely.

    So excited to see what you picked up at the show. So many amazing possibilities on that floor… How fun!

    Have a safe journey home!

  3. Marilyn G says:

    {awww} Girl. You’ll wake up from Ur own bed tomorrow morning be all-a-buzzing!! thk goodness u found ur card. Nothing worse than bieng away from Home and cards go missing. I KNOW. happened whilst England to Me.{sigh}

  4. Jamie Morris says:

    Oh Em you have been missed!! Safe travels and I am so excited to see what you bring home.

  5. Gay Ferland says:

    Em, we miss you too! I’m so glad you are having fun, fun, fun! It’s not that often you get to get away! See you soon!!

  6. Lori PinkyDinkyDo says:

    Happy Valentines Day my friend!
    Glad to hear that you had a great time, did lots of shopping, met lots of wonderful people and found your credit card!
    Have a safe journey home.
    We love and miss you!,

  7. Michelle says:

    Do you lead an amazing life or what?!?!?!?!!!!! Go home to your family who misses you more than you could eveh know…nothing is quite right when mommabella is gone. Simply cannot wait to see the emBELLAishments that you’ve designed along with all of the other fun stuff you found 🙂 .

  8. Jen says:

    Have a safe flight and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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