Marker Geek Monday – Copics & ProMarkers!

Time for your weekly dose of Marker Geekery! 🙂

Today’s Marker Geek Monday post is a bit of a follow up to last week’s post, in which I talked a little about keeping things simple and also about finding comparable colours in other marker brands. This week I am revisiting the same image ROW OF BUNNY WOBBLES, keeping the colouring simple again and also providing some colour matching info for Copic Markers & Pro Markers.

Winsor & Newton ProMarkers happen to be one of the brands of marker that I own a selection of, alongside my Copic markers. Since I had a little difficulty finding colour comparisons between the two for last week’s post, I thought I would spend a little time playing with the markers and come up with some suggestions of my own. I don’t own a complete set of ProMarkers, so this information is based on the selection I do have available. I have created a colour match chart which you will find at the end of this post.

ProMarker Colour Map

Stamping Bella Bunny Wobbles ProMarker Colour Map

A few observations I made while testing out the ProMarkers and colouring the ROW OF BUNNY WOBBLES image:

  • Ink seems to go on a little “wetter” than Copic. Lines seemed more liable to smear and ink seemed more likely to bleed over the image lines.
  • When using the same paper I prefer for my other alcohol based markers like Copics, I found that with several layers of ink the fibres in the paper started to break down and “pill”.
  • I found it more difficult to create depth in shading than I did when using Copics for last week’s post.
  • Colours that appeared a good match for Copic shades based on a small one layer sample look quite different when compared after layering.
  • Because of the differing colour systems and varying properties of the different markers, it is unlikely that colour matches will be exact.
  • The ProMarkers do seem to dry easily to a nice streak free finish, which is great when covering larger areas.
  • The ProMarker colour range does include some nice “light” or “pastel” options that I feel are lacking in the Copic range, particularly in the Yellows. I found that the Yellows were the hardest to find a close colour match for in the Copic range.

ProMarker & Copic Marker Colour Match Suggestions

Here is a handy reference chart I came up with based on my comparisons of the ProMarkers I had available with my Copic marker collection. Please bear in mind that the appearance of colours will be affected by a number of factors, including the tone of the paper you colour on and your colouring style. As such, these are suggestions based on my own observations, which I hope you will find helpful.

Marker Geek Monday - Copic & ProMarker Colour Match Chart


Other Alcohol Based Marker Brands

As soon as I can, I will be working on some similar information for other marker brands that I have available to me, so please watch this space!

Spectrum Noir users may find THIS CHART created by Corinne Jones and Irene Sherman useful!

Thank you for joining me again this Monday! I hope I’ve helped inject a little colour into your day. Do get in touch to let Emily and I know how you are enjoying this post series! Drop us a comment below, or tag your colouring pics on Instagram with #markergeekmonday so we can check them out.

NOTE: Next week Marker Geek Monday will be taking a little break, but don’t worry, there will be plenty of colouring inspiration as the June 2016 release previews will be happening! Make sure you join us starting on Saturday 18th June, you definitely won’t want to miss out. 😉


Elaineabella aka Marker Geek


  1. barb2167 says:

    Thanks! Love the comparison and thanks for adding us Spectrum Noir users.

  2. Janet D. says:

    Oh I do love this series! I need all the help I can get! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I don’t have any other markers than Copics but will keep this handy in case I ever get any. Thanks again for sharing your coloring tips ! 🙂

  4. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Great coloring! I love how you didn’t make them your typical bunny colors and when I do mine, because I have that stamp, I will do them in fun colors too! Thanks for all the info.

  5. Jes says:

    I would love to see a comparison chart for Shinhan markers.

    • Elaineabella says:

      Hi Jes,

      You will, as soon as I get my hands on some much needed refills! I have a lot of experience with the ShinHan markers as I used to be on their design team. 🙂 So, watch this space!

  6. Cathy P in AZ says:

    LOVE Marker Geek Mondays, Elaine! Your tips are amazing! Please keep them coming!!! I can’t wait for the comparison with Shinhan Markers – I have Copics galore but I also have a decent amount of Shinhan too! It’s an illness LOL!

  7. Thanks again for another helpful post Elaine… this is going to be very useful!

    Christine x

  8. Sonja says:

    Was looking all over for something like this. TFS!

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