wonderful wednesdays with...

It’s Wonderful Wednesdays with…..


Ya know, da sistah who created the amazing HEX CHART

da sistah who colours so beautifully in every medium out there?  Ya THAT Sandy Allnock. mmhmm


Hello sistahs! I’m Sandy Allnock – and I am so stinking excited to be guesting here on the blog all month! A little about me for those who I haven’t yet met: I color all the things. Yes, #allthethings. Give me any stamp with lines and I’ll go at it with some coloring medium or another! I create a couple videos a week, so if you’re a visual learner, come on over and visit on my blog and YouTube channel and we can have some fun. Oh and be sure to visit on Instagram too…since I’ll be sharing more Stamping Bella fun there all month, too!Sandy Allnock Fixing Coloring Mistakes

The first installment in my four Bella videos uses Beachabella – I’m first off jealous she rocks a bikini like that. But I also wanted to share some mistakes I made along the way with my Copic markers. Oopses can be our best way to learn, and since I make a lot of them – well, heck, I’m a learner extraordinaire! Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another video – see you then!


  1. denise i says:

    beautiful coloring! wish mine looked that good! 🙂

  2. Michele says:

    CUTE, CUTE, CUTE – love to see Sandy fix her mistakes; I swear you’d NEVER know she EVER made a mistake. 😀 She rocks!!

  3. Cathy P. says:

    I love the way you use other colors to shade, Sandy. Took your Copic class and it pushed me to think differently! I’d sign up for another one all about blending and shading outside of the natural colors! Love the BVs on this girl and the R in in the turquoise!

  4. Lynda Warder says:

    You ask which type of swim wear I wear …thank goodness you did not ask if in public!
    My first date with my husband was 50 years ago! I wore a black one piece when we went swimming in an indoor pool!
    Now a days I still wear a one piece but not in public …somehow I doubt the make two piece suits for my figure style …grin. But swimming is still so relaxing. BTW, I love your “style” in colouring …may you never lose your creative enthusiasm! Hugs from a colour lover in Canada, Lynda

  5. GiniK says:

    So glad to see that Bella has started “filling out” her people! I have several from years ago, but would love to go shopping again now that they look a little more like people I know!
    Sandy – Thanks for reminding me that not every boo-boo needs to end up in File 13 – you’re an inspiration, as always!

  6. Beth says:

    Lynda Warder you and I are of the same generation. I will be married 50 years this month and while I thought I was the cat’s meow in my 2 piece then, I like you, am reluctant to be seen in public in even shorts now. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could order up that body from Sandy’s adorable card.

  7. Casie W says:

    Great video! At my age, one piece is the kind thing for everyone.?

  8. Dot Freel says:

    So excited to watch all of these Sandy will color. She colors everything so perfectly!!! I want this cute stamp set now.

  9. Janet D. says:

    Lovely! Your coloring is phenomenal!

  10. Becky W. says:

    Great video! You wanted to know what type of swimwear I wear, well…it is a two piece, but it’s not a bikini. I wear a top like a tank top and bottoms with a skirt. Everything is covered and then some. Thirty years ago, this body rocked a bikini. Amazing what age, kids, and gravity does to a body.

  11. Liz MCa says:

    Beautiful coloring as always. Someday I will try copics!

  12. Carol b says:

    A one piece or two piece that is not a bikini.
    Carol b

  13. Francine says:

    Great video! My jaw just drops every time I watch you color! You are just amazing. But it IS nice to know that even the experts have some boo-boos once in awhile. Helps us casual colorers realize there is hope for us. 🙂

  14. Thanks so much for sharing! I always enjoy watching Sandy’s coloring! I too, took her Jump Start Class and did learn a lot! I’m looking forward to more of her videos coloring Stamping Bellas! 🙂

  15. Candy says:

    I have never seen anyone shadow with the colours you have used.
    She is stunning. Great to see how you fixed your ‘mistake’. Thanks for showing us all.
    Love to colour.
    Candy – from Canada

  16. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I love the way you color with Copics! I’m learning how to use them sort of. I can’t do what you’ve done and I need to learn how. Right now I only use them like you use regular markers, I don’t know how to do the fancy stuff. I only have 4 or 5 markers because I can just about afford them when they are on sale. I love markers but I was doing something for a coloring contest and one of my Copic markers bled into something else on my card stock! I hope the judges don’t notice.
    Thanks for showing us what you did. I’ll have to check out the video you did.

  17. Cynthia Cole says:

    I truly enjoy all your amazing, informative, and fun cardmaking videos! You always inspire me! Love this card!

  18. Barbara Walborn says:

    I am always mesmerized by your coloring with copics. Glad to see that you have some issues from time to time too. Helps me not fret so much over my own problems. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Lagene says:

    Fantastic card, Awesome coloring, thanks for the great video!

  20. Love how Sandy colored this Bella. She’s always teaching us something. She is amazing as are the Bella stamps.

  21. Jennifer K says:

    Love your card Sandy and I so enjoyed your video too.

  22. Shauna S says:

    Love how you colored this card and telling how you made the correction!

  23. Erna Taylor-Stark says:

    Well – for a lot of mistakes – this sure looks GOOD! I wish I could make mistakes like that. 🙂 I never tire of watching you colour and I have learned so much from you, Sandy. Thanks for another lesson with fabulous results.

    By the way…..I always wore a bikini but I never go out in public in a swimsuit of any kind these days. It is better for my peace of mind!!

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