it’s CRAZY TOOSDAY sistahs!

and you know what that means?  CRAZY PRICES for handpicked images for 24 hours only! These prices do not include the “CUT IT OUT DIES” but it makes buying them even more tempting.. BWAHAHAHAHA

Crazy  Tuesday happens every FIRST tuesday of the month and it’s SO MUCH FUN!  It’s a great way to continue your collection.. to start your collection.. to start a collection for someone else?  To start a gift pile?  Or simply to be able to have a little retail therapy without the guilt!


to check out the CRAZY prices.. go to our website.. it’s on our front page!  It sure is CRAZY!

Happy shopping sistahs!

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  1. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I like the chick in the flower pot and I did want to buy a few of the new ones. I might even buy one for my nieces 22 birthday. I need some retail therapy since I broke a bone in my foot. I took an Alieve for the pain. I go to my regular doctor tomorrow and then another doctor for my foot. It’s hard to be a caregiver with a broken foot that is only right now bandaged up with an ace bandage.
    I have a question that I hope maybe you can answer for me. My nephew is going to college in the fall. He’s 18. I want to do something for his wall. Any suggestions for a good stamp for a wall picture? I want to do two. A coloring book one that I will let him pick out and one of your stamps that I can do and frame.

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