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Hiya sistahs,

So glad you are back for DAY 3!  Today we have some Alice in Wonderland Oddballs.. If you are an Alice fan, you will definitely have a chuckle and you may even fall in love!  Our Elaine Hughes LOVED these images so much, I just could NOT say no LOL..  I hope you love them as much as we do!

It alll started with our ODDBALL QUEEN OF HEARTS.. when sistahs said MOOOOOOORE or OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! LOL.. I love drama.  So from this Oddball Queen of Hearts was born a WHOLE line of Oddball Alice in Wonderland!  Ready? SET?  HERE WE GO!

Let’s start by introducing our ALICE and 2 accessory stamps

and her CUT IT OUT DIE


Sandiebella’s shaker card rubber stamp used ODDBALL ALICE. Card by SANDIE DUNNE

Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL ALICE. Card by Debra James

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL ALICE. Card by Elaine Hughes

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL ALICE. Card by Michele Boyer



and his CUT IT OUT DIE


and for some inspiration!

Sandiebella’s pop up box rubber stamp used ODDBALL WHITE RABBIT Card by SANDIE DUNNE rubber stamp used ODDBALL WHITE RABBIT Card by SANDIE DUNNE

Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL WHITE RABBIT Card by Debra James

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL WHITE RABBIT Card by Elaine Hughes

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL WHITE RABBIT Card by Michele Boyer


Next we have ODDDBALLS TWEEDLE DEE and TWEEDLE DUM LOL.. I laugh every time I see them. and I LOVE their sentiment 🙂

they also have their corresponding CUT IT OUT DIE


Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM Card by Debra James

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM Card by Michele Boyer

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM Card by Sandie Dunne

Elaineabella’s card and she also used our FLORAL FOREST BACKDROP!  How fun! rubber stamp used ODDBALL TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM Card by Elaine Hughes




Next we have the ODDBALL MAD HATTER including a teapot and the Cheshire cat

and his corresponding CUT IT OUT DIE


Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL MAD HATTER Card by Michele Boyer

Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL MAD HATTER Card by Debra James

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL MAD HATTER Card by Elaine Hughes

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL MAD HATTER Card by Michele Boyer

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL MAD HATTER Card by Sandie Dunne




Next we have ODDBALL DORMOUSE with a sentiment and an extra little stack of teacups

and the “CUT IT OUT” die


Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL DORMOUSE Card by Debra James

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL DORMOUSE Card by Elaine Hughes

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL DORMOUSE Card by Sandie Dunne

LOOK AT THAT LITTLE face peeping out




Next we have ODDBALL CATERPILLAR including an extra hookah stamp

and the “CUT IT OUT DIE”



Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL CATERPILLAR Card by Debra James

Elaineabella’s card also featuring our GNOME BACKDROP stamp! rubber stamp used ODDBALL CATERPILLAR Card by Elaine Hughes

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL CATERPILLAR Card by Michele Boyer

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL CATERPILLAR Card by Sandie Dunne





Next we have our ODDBALL MARCH HARE

and his “CUT IT OUT” DIE



Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL March Hare Card by Debra James

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL March Hare Card by Elaine Hughes

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL March Hare Card by Michele Boyer

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used ODDBALL March Hare Card by Sandie Dunne


Last on our list for today are ALICE IN WONDERLAND SENTIMENTS!  You may have seen them sprinkled through all the cards.. they are sold all in one place 🙂


How’s THAT for today?!?!  I think that if you are an Alice fan you will love this set.. I think even if you are NOT an Alice fan, these Oddballs are to die for!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think  for a chance to win $25 to our shop!  All items will be available for sale on JULY 8th.  and winners will be picked on July 7th

MWAH!  See you tomorrow!



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  8. Sharon Brand says:

    Love todays peeks, especially Oddball Alice!
    My granddaughter is named Alice and I often
    use one of your stamps for her birthday ,
    which is soon!

  9. Manu says:

    OMG!!! Are so fantastic!!! Very very fun!!! ^_^

  10. Katherine says:

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    Loving this theme

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    This is so cool for a layout!!!

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  20. Kathy Andrews says:

    The Mad Hatter is my absolute favorite, then tweedle dee & tweedle dum are close in there, but in all honesty, I really LOVE them all. so so cute… Odd Balls the best EVER! Keep ’em coming… maybe a beach odd ball?

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    I absolutely love the Wonderland collection. I am looking forward to ordering. I love these stamps more than the G45 Wonderland collection and know I will use them a lot (I have been through 3 sets of the G45 papers).
    Funny I should like this so much. I saw part of the Alice in Wonderland movie and part of the Wizard of Oz movie back in the early 50’s and thought both were scared movies and never watched again.

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    But the fish ??

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  206. Debbie says:

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    • Stamping Bella says:

      I see comments from you on each day, don’t worry! Sometimes they get caught and need to be approved before they appear on the posts.

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