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it’s SNEAK PEEK day 2 and a chance to WINNNN!


#4-Elizabeth Shuck

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Welcome to day TWO!  We hope you enjoy these sneak peeks as much as I do :).  All coloring of our images for the website was done by our amazing Elaine Hughes, AKA Markergeek and you will see who created each and every STUNNING card on this post.  We are still MAJORLY struggling with China stealing from us.  We stand by our product, stamp companies have united together, and I REFUSE to let them bring my morale down.  We are doing whatever we can do to stop them.  So without further ADOOO. let’s begin shall we? (I will keep repeating this on every post because I need everyone to understand how much it is hurting the stamp industry and creating so much work to just fight them :(. I am really not meaning to be annoying just truthful)

For day two we present more memories from my youth and the cutest Tiny Townies EVAH!  Ready? Set? HERE WE GO!

Let’s begin with out TINY TOWNIES HAIR PLAY

This is a perfect card for an old friend, a hairdresser… I LOVE IT so much

They have a “CUT IT OUT” die as well

and now for some gorgeous samples!

Amybella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIES HAIR PLAY card by Amy Young

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIES HAIR PLAY card by Elaine Hughes

Fayeabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIES HAIR PLAY card by Faye Wynn Jones

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIES HAIR PLAY card by Michele Boyer

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIES HAIR PLAY card by Sandie Dunne

Debrabella’s card

and Stephabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIES HAIR PLAY card by Stephanie Hill

AliceHuangabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIES HAIR PLAY card by Alice Huang


Next we have our TINY TOWNIE PIRATE

and some inspiration 🙂

Amybella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE PIRATE card by Amy Young

Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE PIRATE card by DEBRA JAMES

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE PIRATE card by ELAINE HUGHES

Fayeabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE PIRATE card by FAYE WYNN JONES

sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE PIRATE card by Sandie Dunne

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE PIRATE card by Michele Boyer

and Stephabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE PIRATE card by Stephanie Hill




and its CUT IT OUT DIE


And some amazing inspiration!

Amybella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE TIRE SWING card by amy young

Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE TIRE SWING card by DEBRA JAMES

Elaineabella’s card also using our SUMMER BACKDROP. rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE TIRE SWING card by ELAINE HUGHES

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE TIRE SWING card by MICHELE BOYER

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE TIRE SWING card by SANDIE DUNNE

Stephabella also used our Garden Backdrop as a little flavour for this card.. gorgeous! rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE TIRE SWING card by STEPHANIE HILL

Stunning? YES!

Meet our TINY TOWNIE HULA HOOPERS. They are too cute and are separate stamps and dies, you can play play play!

and their CUT IT OUT dies

and now for some inspiration!

AMYBELLA’S card rubber stamp used: tiny townie hula hoopers. Card by Amy Young

Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used: tiny townie hula hoopers. Card by Debra James

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: tiny townie hula hoopers. Card by Elaine Hughes

Shelabella’s card rubber stamp used: tiny townie hula hoopers. Card by Michele boyer

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: tiny townie hula hoopers. Card by Sandie Dunne

and her second card featuring the third hooper 🙂

Stephabella’s card.  She also used our CELEBRATE CUT IT OUT DIE SENTIMENT SET rubber stamp used: tiny townie hula hoopers. Card by Stephanie Hill

And that’s it for today’s sneak peeks!

Hope you enjoyed them 🙂

If you would like a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to our shop, please leave a comment letting us know if you love these images as much as we do

Winners will be announced the day before the release on July 7th



  1. Allison Inouye says:

    I love these…these stamps are so cute…memories of my childhood… 🙂

  2. Pat Ceccacci says:

    These are adorable. Love them all but the little girl that can not hula hoop yep that was me

  3. Jill says:

    OMGoodness, they just keep getting cuter! I have to say that Pirate and the sentiment is off the charts The Best! I love a good pun.

  4. Elizabeth Shuck says:

    Best release yet love all of todays sneek peeks.

  5. Janet Durbin says:

    These are the sweetest summertime images! Great release!

  6. Joie Botardo says:

    Lovin’ these tiny townies! Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Sharon Brand says:

    These are awesome!
    Perfect for summer cards!

  8. Joie Botardo says:

    Love the hairdresser one! Brings back memories ! Too cute!

  9. Wendy Peterson says:

    This is way too much cuteness. I love them all. My favorite is the hairdresser girls

  10. Jen Hill says:

    These Hula Hoop girls are the cutest! They remind me of me and my two sisters! Adorable! I love them!

  11. Denise Carter says:

    Absolutely love everyone of them. Keep up the great work!!

  12. Ann says:

    fab samples, adorable images and they would make a fabulous additions to my SB addiction. x

  13. Laura P. says:

    Hi Em, This release is so heartwarming! You’re right, it brings me back to those fun times in childhood! The sentiments are just perfect, too. I can’t pick a favorite! As for your images being pirated, it is so important for everyone to know this is being done and the impact it has on innovation. So, you are not annoying at all! If people stop buying the stolen images maybe honest companies producing the products we want will have a chance to stay in business. You do what you need to do to survive this wave of theft and we will support you! I have never purchased a knock-off anything and never will. Hang in there…we love all of you at stampongbella!!

  14. Lisascreativeniche says:

    Love them hula hooping!

  15. Marie payette says:

    So cute!
    I love them all!
    Sweet summer memories.

  16. Janet says:

    Memories memories ! My daughter is in a wheel chair now and is living in another state. I send her cards always and I know she will just Love these new cards! ??

  17. SarahC says:

    Just lovely. Love those little girls and all the memories they bring back.

  18. Mary Van de Houten says:

    Another amazing group of stamps and dies. I want them all!! Love your creativity in designing new stamps. I will buy from you over any stupid China company any day. We’re on your side!!

  19. Kimberly says:

    The memories these inspire. Oh my! So very cute!

  20. Fjardil says:

    So cute? love the tiny townies!

  21. Liz says:

    more amazing stamps!! Love the tire swing! Def memories of my childhood ?

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    All are so cute …. but the Hula Hoop and doing hair are so timely, personally for me today…. brought many smiles.

  23. Andre M. says:

    Fab new stamps, these girls are darling. My fave are the Hula Hoopers.

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    What a great release! These girls are just adorable! I have so many ideas for these cuties!

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    Everyone of them is designed & colored beautifully.
    ???? Up!!

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    Keep fighting those thieves in China! I’m backing you 100%!

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    Absolutely ADORABLE! and you all have proven that you can do so much with these. Really very special! Plus – KEEP up the good fight against those that are stealing your designs. I support you!

  52. jackie moore says:

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  53. Rachel Duong says:

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    Such cute images of childhood! I remember the curlers in my hair and how much fun it was to have a girlfriend to share those adventures in early beauty with. Thanks for always making great stamps!

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    OOOOOOOOooooohhhhhh! Just love them all. I know for a fact my hairdresser would just love a card with the curler girl one. Love the pirate saying….lol. Your hula hoop girls are my childhood revisited with my two besties. We each had a different colored hula hoop (pink, green and yellow) and would practice for hours in our driveway. I even have old home videos of my mom and dad in the 1950’s hula hooping as an adults and my young cousin hula hooping with it around his neck… many fond memories. The tire swing is super cute too. Such an amazing group and I want them all. Thanks for taking me down memory lane, it was such a delight and you brightened my day.

  88. Jes says:

    All of these are adorable!

  89. HelleDG says:

    So hard to choose one favorite – they’re all so cute! If I had to pick one, I would, however, go with the tiny hula hoopers. I can totally relate to the girl, whose hula hoop is not moving and clearly must be defected somehow! ?

  90. Sue D says:

    So cute. My fave is the Tire Swing–our kids loved the tire swing at their grandparents house when they were little.

  91. Diana Banash says:

    Oh my Heavens! I need a new drawer for my SB’s! A huge applaud to the DT as well for introducing these fantastic new images using their incredible perspective and talents! Keep doing all you need to do to remain proactive in stopping these design thieves, I am right behind you. Please offer any advice you can as to how we, the customer, can also help more. I keep spreading the word but feel I/we can do more.

  92. Ana Deac says:

    I love the tree little girl with the hula circle. So cute…

  93. karenladd says:

    Hula Hoops!!! I grew up before computers and electronic toys (yeah, I know) so hula hoops were the big summer activity. Love this! The tire swing is also such a summer staple and the sentiment is just perfect.

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    These are absolutely gorgeous – and I am now having to rethink k my favourites list already (:
    Thank you so much for the fabulous inspiration – as always!
    I’m so sorry you have to contend with theft of your precious images! So unfair but we are all behind you Em…xxx
    Love from Sue…xxx

  97. Annemarie van Velze de Mooij says:

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  104. Manu says:

    OMG, these stamps are really wonderful !!! I really like them all !!! Really if I had to choose .. I could not choose just one !!!
    I am so sorry for the damage you are suffering .. I really have no words .. they are things that bring sadness .. but for so many dishonest .. there are many more honest people who support you !!! A big hug

  105. Linda on the Prairie says:

    Oh, I’m definitely the little hula hooper who can’t hula! These are adorable. I love that they are in action.

  106. Michele McBane says:

    I love your Tiny Townies. The hairdresser one would be perfect to send to my girlfriend who has been doing my hair for years, but I think my favorite is the one with the tire swing. Brings back memories from long ago. ?

  107. Angie Hollins says:

    LOVE the new pirate and tire swing stamps!!! So many possibilities!!! Can’t wait for the release!

  108. Faith R says:

    Ok… those hula hoop girls are just stinkin’ adorable. So far in this release I think I need… ALL off them
    Keep fighting the ripoff garbage. I know it’s pt several companies out of business and it would break my heart if it happens to y’all. I love stampingbella stamps and have more of them than any other. And with this release it will br growing more
    Thanks for the giveaway

  109. Charlene says:

    Those Hula Hoopers have stolen my heart. Simply adorable!

  110. Cindy G says:

    These are so CUTE CUTE CUTE. Not sure which ones I like best – maybe the hula hoopers…all so much fun! Great cards too! I’m really sorry you are dealing with these thefts of images and such from China – it’s spreading like wildfire throughout so many craft companies. Just know, most of us will continue to support you – while cheap is nice and trust me, I’m a bargain shopper, it’s not nice when it’s been stolen so not going there. We’re here for you!

  111. Jeanne K says:

    These are too cute! Must have the pirate!!!!

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  116. Debi Berk says:

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  134. Jo-Anne Hutsul says:

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  136. Judy says:

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  146. Bunnie says:

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  147. kathy Tanner says:

    I love them all of course 🙂
    But especially the girl on the tyre swing and the sentiment that goes with it is equally fabulous!!!

  148. Becci Springer says:

    I just love all your stamps. Coloring is so good for my soul, and your stamps are what I like to color.

  149. Georgia says:

    Oh, me! I love them ALL! Each is reminiscent of my own wonderful childhood and the fun we had growing up. I’m going to have some major shopping to do!

  150. Steph K says:

    The Hula Hoopers are just delightful, love them!

  151. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I can relate to some of this for sure. I never had really long hair & it was naturally curly. Not like Freda in Peanuts but curly just the same. It was almost shoulder length. My mom used to set my hair with brush rollers & they dug into my hair while I slept. I would take some of them out in the middle of the night cause they hurt my head. I hated those rollers. The ones your girls used wouldn’t stay in my hair.
    We never played pirate but I like the stamp.
    We had a tire swing in our backyard. I loved the swing & played on it for hours but I hated the backyard. It was loaded with mosquitoes & I was a prime target.
    I still have a hula hoop & I am the only grownup I know who can still do one! I can walk with it & swing it around my arm & waist & do a little around my neck. I also look like a kid which is a big plus!
    These stamps are bringing back lots of memories. I wish we still had our swing. We also had a regular swing but a girl who was overweight used it & broke it. I was so sad!
    I like that you are doing these stamps. I love all the cards that were made. They are colorful & fun! Great job guys!

  152. LAURA LOVE says:

    Wow! The Design team did AWESOME with these! The backgrounds on them are gorgeous and really give the stamps life! LOVE them ALL!

  153. shartl says:

    The tire swing and hula hooping townies are my favorite! My two girls have hula hoops and I’m always giving them a try too

  154. DebbieS says:

    Oh my – they are getting cuter by the day. Loving these 🙂

  155. Michele S says:

    Im speechless…all of these are just amazing!!! My favorite from my childhood is probably the one with the Townie fixing her friends hair bc I used to fix my mom’s hair ALL THE TIME!! Brings back memories!!!
    Thank you for your hard work!!!

  156. Karen Adams says:

    They are all so cute,as always!

  157. suzanne leitstein says:

    i have been a MAJOR fan of your stamps for many years (my overloaded stamp drawers can attest to that)…… 🙂 these new stamps are by far, some of my favorites… them all…..especially the hula hoops!!!

  158. Birgit Norton says:

    My goodness, every one of these new images are just darling! I can’t even pick a favorite because I love them all!!!

  159. Rose says:

    I was just thinking about my dearest close friends. You want to give them a card that’s as special as they are and these cuties say special

  160. Shirley Wade says:

    Love, love, love these little cuties! So precious; want them all!

  161. Karen Senior says:

    LOVE these, so cute!

  162. Avra N Williams says:

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  163. Andrea H says:

    Oh my goodness I thought yesterdays DT’s cards were fantastic yesterday and these are just as fantastic!! Lovevthem ALL. Xxx

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    What great memories these stamps bring back of Summers gone by! Love them all!

  165. Casey Thrush says:

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  166. Laura Gauthier says:

    hOLY SMOKES–dO i EVER love these sneaks!! These are a definite must have for moi!! Every single image screams my daughter–she is a tire swing champ, hula hooper extraordinaire, and a little rebel pirate!! You guys are rocking!!

  167. Heather Yergens says:

    I can’t get over how adorable these all are… I need to get them all!

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