Card Samples, RELEASE SNEAK PEEKS!, sneaky peeky

It’s SNEAK PEEK day 1 of our EPIC SPRING RELEASE! And a chance to WIN!

HELLLLOOOOOO my sistahs!

It’s that time again!  SNEAK-PEEK-A-TORTURE-PALOOZA!  LOL.  We have 7 JAM PACKED days of previews and LOOOOOADS of inspiration coming your way..   I’m even a little afraid that you may become a little TOO inspired (is that even possible?)

As you know each release and each new line/existing line is a little part of who I am.. a memory of mine.. a wish of mine.. a body type of mine (no I’m not talking uptown LOL.. more like EDNA 🙂 )…  It’s a moment I felt at some point in my life.. a feeling.. and I hope you can share these with me too.  I LOVE when I hear from sistahs saying oh this stamp reminds me of ____ (insert your memory/person you know etc here).

Today I am introducing a BRAND NEW LINE to Stamping Bella.. not only is it a new line… but it’s a NEW LINE.. Like LITERALLY LOL.. Our stamps are usually very delicate, dainty and detail oriented.. whimsical illustrations.. well, you know DIS BELLA has an EDGY side.. a BOLD side.. and I had to share that with you too.

Another tidbit about me is that I also experience much WANDERLUST

a strong desire to travel.




  1. Mirella Rogan says:

    Oh wow! These are amazing! Totally different from your usual lines, very true, but still absolutely ah-maxing! Looooove ?

  2. Betty Thomas says:

    Very clever . . . I really love the adventure and sites included with the characters. That little girl is adorable. I have been to Italy and would like to use stamp in some of my travel journals, as well as the British ideas. What fun. They are terrific.

  3. Ronnie says:

    Wow….. the world awaits the Bella chicks! Love them all!

  4. Liz Robinson says:

    Oh I love Rosie and Bernie! Just gorgeous. And the landmarks would be great with any of the uptown girls! Can’t wait to see the rest!! X

  5. Ann says:

    superb samples and looking forward to seeing the others.

  6. Nitsandra Canales says:

    Que hermoso están estos sellos. En realidad todos los sellos que tienen son muy lindo y diferente. Los quiero todos.? Me encanta!!!!

  7. Ann says:

    I especially love rosie & Bernie big ben as any London land mark it reminds me of when I was a toddler(3) I made my big brother (8) cry by running into and scaring all the pigeons on Trafalgar square. he doesn’t like them.

  8. Jeanne says:

    Love these!!! Can’t wait to see them all.

  9. Val Hohenstein says:

    Great life! Keep em’ coming!

  10. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    OMG! I am planning a trip to Rome, I need those stamps! Love them!

  11. Steph says:

    What can I say,Em? I absolutely adore!!! Love love love!! ??????

  12. Laurel says:

    Rosie and Bernie in London is so precious! These are so much fun – can not wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  13. Veronica says:

    This is the perfect set, we are traveling to Europe with our granddaughters in May, I see many adventures ahead of us. Love the sentiments and the girl with the purse.

  14. Debbie Smith says:

    I am so loving these – they look like so much fun 🙂

  15. Lori McConlogue-O'Shaughnesyy says:

    Darn it- with all the stamp companies releasing new stamps- I thought I was safe… Nothing really interested me. But then I clicked on this link and….

  16. LoriG in PA says:

    OMG! This is going to be an expensive release! I. WANT. IT. ALL! Really well done! So many ideas! Love!

  17. Joie says:

    Loving it! Can’t wait to see more!

  18. Stacy Buller says:

    Eek! I love this new line!!!!!!!! We took a family trip last year to London and I haven’t scrapped those photos yet….what wonderful pages I could create with these stamps. Can’t wait to see where Rosie and Bernie go 🙂

  19. Janet D. says:

    OH I like this new line! Can’t wait to see the rest of the release!

  20. Micheline Borgia says:

    Tellement jolie! J’adore ces nouvelles estampes! Et j’ai très hâte de me les procurer! Amazing! Love thaïs Stamps!

  21. Deborah says:

    Love this new line. I love anything travel related. Totally up my alley.

  22. Lesliebella says:

    Wow, this is an adorable new line – love! Especially Big Ben and Rosie and Bernie in London….’cause you know London is near and dear to me! 🙂

  23. Nikki says:

    These are amazing!! I love travel related stamps!

  24. Sheila Fisher says:

    Wow. Ok so that gives me a week to save up…again.
    Love them and what a fun way to share travels, even ones you haven’t actually taken. Lol
    Great cards.

  25. Amy says:

    This new line is awesome! I love it! Rosie and Bernie are adorable especially in London. Can’t wait to see the rest of the release.

  26. Cheri Burry says:

    Wow love them all! Although they are different from your usual you can still tell they are the fabulous Stamping Bella! Love the backgrounds, so versatile. Rosie & Bernie are the perfect travelling companions!!

  27. Tina Egan says:

    I’m a English rose and when I saw that big Ben image and the two little characters in the buzby hats, I knew I was going have purchase them! Oh my goodness, how adorable!

  28. Maria says:

    Looking forward to the whole release!

  29. Shari says:

    Super cute characters that are exploring the world!!

  30. Tracey Magner says:

    YES, I feel Wanderlusty sometimes, wow I love where your mind went with this release, GO GIRL !! I am in LOVE with Rosie & Bernie, so Adorbs!! I love the stamp where they are sitting in Hawaii sipping drinks, Rosie is so cute with her legs crossed a bit and her adorable sunglasses, then Bernie, I am LOVING that he is a CHUBBY unicorn, so cute, unique, love it!! My other Favorite is the 2 Rosie’s together, awesome, I especially love the one with the purse, the expression on her face, something about it, just love it!!! If this is the way it starts then OMG I am excited to see what’s next, bring it on. lol.

  31. Liz says:

    What a fun collection! They make me smile!

  32. Cynthia Cole says:

    Such fun new stamps to make cool vacation adventure scenes! Maybe next will be a jungle safari, ocean liner cruise, or even a mountain climbing trip….who knows…lol

  33. Ellen says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see where Bernie and Rosie will wander next!

  34. Marilyn S says:

    These are absolutely brilliant and I love them which is good and not good… it means I will be shopping for some new images but it also means I’m gonna be broke! Ah well, seems like a fair trade off to me.
    A big bouquet to the design team who have showcased these beautifully!

  35. Rachel Duong says:

    I love both Rosie’s and the bolder clean lines are awesome for coloring made easy!

  36. Sue D says:

    How cute! I don’t like to travel but I can’t wait to see where Rosie goes next. Maybe some National Parks?

  37. Susan G says:

    Aren’t these just the sweetest? Are we going to Paris perhaps? (I would love to travel, but the costs….. sigh) I love Bernie. He’s magical…in a forest glade? Surfing? Can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks

  38. Linda M says:

    These new stamps are so cute! Can’t wait to see more!

  39. Odette Duchesne says:

    OMG Je les aimes toutes!!! Le choix sera difficile et j’ai déjà hâte de voir la suite…

  40. Jane Crisci says:

    These are so adorable!!!

  41. Lynda J says:

    Bernie is just fantastic!!

  42. Stephanie says:

    I’m so excited to start my Bella collection! I’m so loving all the personalities! Off to research some new markers and papers!!

  43. Claudia Gassett says:

    What a cute and fun line of stamps! Oh, the places we will go together!

  44. Heather Clay says:

    Awww…she’s adorable

  45. Donna says:

    Love them all, especially Hawaii. Look at those sunglasses.

  46. Karen Sherlock says:

    I LOVE this new line!!! There are multiple uses for these stamps!!!
    (I am hoping there will also be a new uptown girl and/or uptown couple?)

  47. denise i says:

    very cute! love little Rosie… can’t wait to see what more adventures she has in store for us!

  48. Marn says:

    Love Rosie and Bernie’s adventures.

  49. Stephabella says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE these, Em!!!! Love the illustration feel to them! They are just perfect, can’t wait to have these in my collection (along with everything else!! ha ha!) x

  50. Flo says:

    Love the travel destinations. The whole theme is great.

  51. Chris says:

    Just love the new stamps..reminds me of going to the coliseum in Italy and seeing Big Ben all over again.

  52. Mary F says:

    These make me want to go on vacation lol. Can’t wait to see whatever you have in store for us!

  53. Amy Young says:

    Cute new collection, Rosie and Bernie are just delightful!

  54. Trish C says:

    OMGosh! I can’t even. These are too adorable for words! Seriously, my bank account is gonna hate me. hahaha

  55. Ema Martinez says:

    OMGosh! What an adorable collection! Looking forward to the release!

  56. Denise Bryant says:

    Fabulous new collection! I especially love the unicorn design!

  57. Cindy Plourde says:

    I am also an armchair traveller. Beautiful designs to colour!

  58. Michele Berg says:

    Awwww these are all just too cute!

  59. KristiS says:

    Love all of the adventures. Can’t wait for the whole set.

  60. Avra Williams says:

    These are so fun!

  61. Laura A Schuman says:

    Too adorable!! Why do you do this to us???

  62. Louise W says:

    Love the Big Ben stamp! Hubby and I went to London years ago and have a picture of us in front of it. Rosie and Bernie are really cute too! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

  63. Gale says:

    So cute… can’t wait to see all the new stamps!

  64. Becky Purcell says:

    Love, Love, Love Rosie and Bernie!

  65. Theresa says:

    I am too excited. I LOVE the travel theme. OMG I wanna play

  66. Susan B says:

    This sneak peak is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what else is coming. Bernie is so cute!!!

  67. Debi Berk says:

    Love, love, love these stamps! I can’t wait to try some of them out. Oh, so many stamps, so little time.

  68. Melanie Swank says:

    These are perfect! Exactly what I’ve been looking for! Can’t wait to try them out!

  69. Pat Dibble says:

    Absolutely love these! So many ideas swimming inside my head!

  70. georgia says:

    Love it all! scary I already see $$$ adding up. Oh well better then therapy.

  71. Alicia Rodriguez says:

    I love them, I hope to be one of the lucky ? winners! ?

  72. Sandra says:

    OMG?these stamps are fantastic. Love them all. Want to travel with the new Stampinbella friends!!!

  73. Carol S says:

    Nice! All the place I want to go but have never been! But I can go there through Stamping (Bella)!

  74. dixie in montana says:

    Oh MY…I am so seeing the walking Rosie in the “Tale of two Rosies” and the sentiments on Graduation Cards!!! Fabulous!

  75. Annina Deane says:

    Wow! This release is awesome!! Need them all!

  76. Christine Jannetto says:

    WOW! I just went to Italy last Spring and will be heading to Hawaii this summer…. these are PERFECT and super cute! I love them!

  77. D.Ann C says:

    I was, indeed, born with wanderlust! I am glad I got to do some wandering in my youth, but there are many places I still wish I could go to… these fun new stamps are a great way to travel! Love Rosie and Bernie, too!

  78. Mary Van de Houten says:

    I’m going to Rome and PIsa in April so I see using these in a scrapbook. Love seeing something new…not like other companies. Thanks for mixing it up!!

  79. Heather Yergens says:

    These are so adorable!!!

  80. Annette says:

    Awwwwwwww, this is such a great idea. There are so few proper ‘travel’ images, these are perfect. I love Italy, it’s probably my favourite holiday destination. Great stamps. xx

  81. SusanNel says:

    My granddaughter will be thrilled to meet Bernie. Loves her a unicorn, she does.

  82. Linda Lipford says:

    Travel with attitude, my favorite!

  83. Angie Brown says:

    Oh I love these! Makes me want to plan a trip!

  84. kathy Tanner says:

    I love Rosie! She’s so cute.
    Her together with a unicorn = Unbeatable!

  85. Lindar C says:

    These are so adorable! I am new to your stamps and I just love them and the style. Looking forward to adding StampingBella to my stash.

  86. Pam G. says:

    What a terrific set! Perfect both for cards and for those who scrapbook their travel adventures and memories. Great choice for the new release.

  87. Meghan says:

    I ADORE the unicorn!!! OMG! This is going to be a great release!

  88. Lynne Jardine says:

    Oh I love the idea of these!! Jenny’s fab card makes me want to go back to Rome, we’d such a lovely time there 🙂

  89. Gilda says:

    Fabulous!! Love the adorable Rosies and great sentiments.

  90. SuzanD says:

    Totally love the landmarks. Congratulation on the new line.

  91. Coye Davis says:

    So fresh and charming. I can’t wait toget the stamps.

  92. Patti G says:

    I love this new line,but then I love all your stamps, they make me smile!!!

  93. Carolyn Rohrmann says:

    I will buy all the landmark stamps! They will go with so many of my other dies and sramps.

  94. Lorraine Snyder says:

    Soooooo super cute! I love the land marks. Rosie is so versatile she can be used with so much. Congratulations, you’ve knocked it out of the park again.

  95. Rosa M. Vasquez says:

    OK! I already want them all! So cute!

  96. Nikki S says:

    I just love how that little girl looks like she’s ready to take on the world! This seems like a great fit for Stampingbella brand! 🙂

  97. Cindy Flynn says:

    OMG. My son and his wife leave for Italy next week. These are so adorable… Wow!!!!!

  98. Cherie says:

    I love these two new members of the Stampingbella family. Rosie’s spunky personality really shines through all of the illustrations and Bernie is just too adorable for words!

  99. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I’ve been to England and I loved it! Not so sure I want to go overseas now with all the stuff going on over there. However, there is some places I would love to see and they are in this country. I’d love to go see our National Parks. That would be fun! I’ve been to Hawaii and it is as beautiful as you see on TV or movies if not more. I went with my family. They filmed Uncommon Valor when I was there and we could have been extras in that movie but we weren’t Oriental.
    These stamps are sure different from all of your other stamps, that’s for sure. I like them. I love unicorns and Rosie is really cute. I can’t wait to see the rest of the set. I love the cards too! My fave is the shaker card I think although I love each and every one of them. Good luck with the new stamps!

  100. Angela V says:

    Absolutely love these new additions! Especially adorable Bernie 🙂 Everybody needs a unicorn image and he seems more relatable when he’s doing something us humans would do 🙂

  101. Christine Alexander says:

    OMG such fun images, can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  102. Georgia says:

    The characters are adorable, but I LOVE the sentiment set! There are so many choices, and they go with so many stamps — to create so many cards . . . can’t wait!

  103. Michele S says:

    What an amazing day!! You are just an amazing artist and designer!!
    Thank you for sharing!! ?

  104. Anita says:

    Wow, I mean wow! I love Rosie and Bernie in Hawaii and Rosie with her hobo bag is just to cute!

  105. Karina says:

    Oh my!! I’m addicted.
    I’m loving the chicks stamps you have now I can be well traveled also! Yeah! I too wish I could travel. What a way to do it. My son loves to learn through fun. Great History lesson. Love it!

  106. CraftyNatalie says:

    Yay! New collection time. I have never traveled outside of the UK so these stamps are great for me. I love Rosie and Bernie, so cute! Look forward to seeing the rest of the collection.

  107. Wendy Peterson says:

    OMG I love them and I am going over to Italy and Spain this year so they are perfect…

  108. Niche Love says:

    OMG I’m in love with Bernie and Rosy! I want them both at my house!
    I love this style. This collection is beautiful!

  109. Birgit Norton says:

    Traveling was never easier or any cuter than it is with these sweet images! Love the tropical images!!

  110. Cindy Major says:

    Very, very cute! Love the samples!

  111. Debbie Rumpza says:

    OMG!!! I love Bernie and Rosie! They are so adorable and unique. I don’t feel too much wanderlust… I guess I’m a homebody. But I love reading about new places!

  112. Karen Senior says:

    Living in Florida, love the palm tree and the Rosies are adorable!

  113. Tracy says:

    Another great addition of cuteness!!! Love, love, love Rosie and Bernie! Can’t wait to put them in my shopping cart!

  114. Lupe Alzaga says:

    Love all the new stamps Rosie and Bernie to cute
    God bless your talent

  115. Denimo says:

    Oh I love new releases. Love the international flavor of these.

  116. Amante del Papel says:

    I love the new stamps, the unicorn is so beautiful!

  117. Allison Bell says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I absolutely LOVE Rosie and Bernie!!

  118. Lori Morency says:

    I adore the backdrops of italy, my favorite place on earth! And the adventure and travel themes and sayings, and Bernie and Rosie as explorers are simply darling!

  119. Valentina Bizjak says:

    I want to be Rosie too! 🙂 Just grab my bag and camera. Go to the places and have some great adventures. Than collect all my happy moments with the camera to have the best memories. 😉 I did I tell you that I LOVE London <3 and of course romantic Italy. 🙂

  120. Betsy Golan says:

    Absolutely adorable stamps. I love how different these are then anything else out right now. Well done!!

  121. Kristie says:

    Rosie and Bernie are a great addition to the Stamping Bella lines. I especially like the sentiments stamps.

  122. Claudine Gendron says:

    Rosie and Berny are A-DO-RA-BLE!!!!!

  123. Jean Gallati says:

    Oh these stamps make me want to pack my bags, grab my camera, and go on an adventure for sure! Thanks for the inspiration to see the world!

  124. Patty Q says:

    I love Rosie and Bernie. Unicorns are so great. The backgrounds are perfect for them on their travels.

  125. LAURA LOVE says:

    Love unicorns! What a super cute line 🙂

  126. karenladd says:

    I just love this new addition to your stamp line and especially like the way all these backgrounds can be combined with the other stamps. Rosie and Bernie are the BEST!

  127. Michelle H says:

    Rosie…oh how I love you!

  128. Mary-Anne V says:

    Oh my…what a fun series of stamps…love these famous landmarks!

  129. Teja says:

    They are amazing… The characters, the background, the whole set is really awsome. Congrats to the designer!

  130. Jennifer Miner says:

    Adore!!! – these are great!

  131. Angie says:

    I definitely understand the feeling of wanderlust! These stamps are super cute (as always!)

  132. shartl says:

    I already love your stamps but this Rosie and Bernie collection is a whole new awesomeness!! The backgrounds are so much fun, and the scenes are hilarious!

  133. FD91354 says:

    Love this theme.. Very unique.. and just beautiful

  134. Lisascreativeniche says:

    Love the buildings!

  135. Cathy Lillie says:

    Rosie and Bernie are adorable and I can’t wait to see where their travels take them! So cute!

  136. Gloria Canella says:

    Beautiful! Adorabili!!!!

  137. Helen F says:

    Oh! What a beautiful way to travel the world! Such a clever set! Every image is so very special. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful cards and the chance to win!

  138. Milka says:

    Love love love the travel theme! Stamps are super adorable and DT’s cards GORGEOUS!!! :o) xx

  139. Kristina Pavlovic says:

    What can I say????? Fabulous! They are a perfect addition to my
    Stamping Bella Collection!

  140. Camilla H says:

    I need some Europe bella stamps! Gorgeous

  141. Alie Venema says:

    Rosie is fun with her camera! I love all the example cards!

  142. Gaelle says:

    Rosie and Bernie are the cutest little adventurers. I wish I could go on a trip with them, they look like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing the inspiration! This release looks AM-AZ-ING ??

  143. Trish says:

    These stamps are gorgeous! Love , love, love the travel theme!

  144. Hagar says:

    Perfect for me! going to italy on June. will take them with me….
    my only problem wich one to take…?????!

  145. Fikreta says:

    gorgeous release and so wonderful inspiration projects!

  146. Lee Ann says:

    As a travel junkie, I can honestly say this line is the bomb! Love everything about it, including Rosie’s hair.

  147. Mary Ann says:

    Lament of the working girl; can’t even GET to the “sneak peak” ’till day 4!!!
    Is it cheating to leave late comments?

  148. Kay says:

    Unicorns and stamps of landmarks I’ve seen or want to see? Best new line of stamps ever.

  149. Kay says:

    Unicorns and stamps of landmarks I’ve seen or want to see? Best stamp set ever.

  150. Keely Jones says:

    Loving Rosie and Bernie in Hawaii!!

  151. kerri Boucher says:

    LOVE LOVE them!!!!!!

  152. Makalah says:

    Ugh, there goes like $2684 on this new release. I can’t make up my mind on which is my fav to narrow it down!

  153. Erika Zacchello says:

    The colosseo and the Pisa tower are fab! Kisses from Italy 🙂

  154. Virginia 'Wirg' Hampson says:

    Oh my, discovering more and more cuteness. Love these, love the Big Ben!

  155. KAREN J. CHESTER says:

    Love Rosie taking the scenic route and taking pictures every where she goes. Wouldn’t that be the bomb on any scrapbook page. and the Big ben……well I’ve been looking for one to have my little stamped kits “fly over” Big Ben, take the second star on the right, and then straight on til morning. I can’t wait to own these stamps!!

  156. kirsty vittetoe says:

    I love going places, these are so perfect for me!

  157. Janet Ingraham says:

    Fabulous travel Bella scenes!!

  158. Birgit Norton says:

    Fabulous scenes from the design team and adorable images to work with. Everything is brilliant!!

  159. Kathryn Conrow says:

    Oh the places to go!

  160. Marissa M. says:

    Oh my gosh! SOOOOO cute!

  161. Cyndia M says:

    I love the sentiments!! soo cute all of them

  162. Michelle says:

    I must have the palm tree and A Tale of Two Rosies!!

  163. Smiley Helen says:

    Travelling to places without being on the plane!

  164. Tamara Lewis says:

    Ok, that unicorn is over the!

  165. Laura P. says:

    I like the bold lines…less scary to color LOL! Bernie & Rosie are so sweet and look like they have lots of adventures up their sleeves. Congrats on your new release!

  166. Carole says:

    What a fun series. Can’t wait to see the next release.

  167. Aileen Ryan says:

    Not only Bernie and Rosie but all the scene builders are just amazing, I just don’t know where to begin. Its stunning, you have done an amazing job putting this altogether. I started at the end and finished at the beginning and have to say well done one and all for the creating of the stamps and the amazing cards, well done.

  168. Nancee Purdum says:

    Oh my! These are so adorable! Love them! 🙂

  169. Stacey says:

    I love them all! I’m not sure how to choose…?

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