RELEASE SNEAK PEEKS!, sneaky peeky

Stamping Bella’s EPIC spring release SNEAK PEEK DAY 2! and a chance to win :)


Hiya sistahs!  I am SO thrilled with how everyone is loving our adorable Rosie and Bernie dynamic duo and I LOVEEEE the ideas you had of where we should send these two next!  Keep the ideas coming in the comment section.. I read every single one 🙂

Let’s see some more Rosie and Bernie shall we?


Cards corresponding with these images are at the bottom of this post 🙂

Next on our ADVENTURE ITINERARY we are headed towards Paris..  meet Rosie and Bernie’s EIFFEL TOWER backdrop stamp But stay tuned we have more images to go with this lovely Eiffel Tower.. So simple.. so bold.. and SO effective.  I find this whole line just that.  🙂 Rubber stamp: Rosie and Bernie's EIFFEL TOWER

We also have the CN TOWER (I had to include my landmark here in Toronto 🙂 ) Rubber stamp: Rosie and Bernie's CN TOWER

And of COURSE we have our ROSIE and Bernie in Canada.  SERIOUSLY the cutest little Mountie that ever was :).. Ahem.. and I think Bernie may think he’s a horse but I won’t tell him (Bernie can be a HER too.. Bernice! S/he is whomever you want HER/HIM to be 🙂 ) Rubber stamp: Rosie and Bernie in CANADA

Rosie and Bernie in Canada also have a “CUT IT OUT” die Rubber stamp: Rosie and Bernie in Canada CUT IT OUT DIE


Since Rosie and Bernie are worldwide travellers, you realize we needed to have some postage stamps made LOL.. SO OBVIOUS no?  I thought so LOL


She comes in two sizes because… WELL.. I wanna stamp her everywhere LOL Rubber stamp: PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE

Meet PUT A STAMP ON IT BERNIE ( I wanna stamp him everywhere too LOL) Rubber stamp: PUT A STAMP ON IT Bernie

They both fit into this die 🙂 CUT IT OUT DIE PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE and Bernie

Next we have ROSIE LOVES BERNIE.. sigh.  All I saw and needed to see was her holding that tail.  That’s all I needed.  And it came out.. well.. PERFECT.  And the sentiment?  I canteven. Rubber stamp: Rosie Loves Bernie

they also have their own “CUT IT OUT” die CUT IT OUT DIE: ROSIE LOVES BERNIE

Next, we have I SPY ROSIE AND BERNIE.. they are always looking for something.. maybe a wild animal?  An oasis?  a TREASURE?  We can even interpret this image less literally.. like Oh the places you’ll go.. retirement, graduation.. all of these stamps fit a lot of occasions we just have to think outside the box :).. I love the squint 🙂 Rubber stamp: I SPY ROSIE AND BERNIE


Sometimes Rosie and Bernie are spur of the moment.. and sometimes they do need to plan.  So meet ROSIE and BERNIE PLAN A TRIP.. They are discussing how they are gonna get to where they are going .. also thinking about if they can actually afford all these trips LOL Rubber stamp: Rosie and Bernie PLAN A TRIP

and they have a “CUT IT OUT” die "CUT IT OUT DIE": Rosie and Bernie PLAN A TRIP

We are also featuring our BIRTHDAY sentiment SET today.. another WINNER in the sentiment department LOL.. these can be stamped on any of your cards.. Rosie and Bernie or any other stamp 🙂 Rubber stamp: BIRTHDAY SENTIMENT SET


Today’s videos from Elaineabella are short and sweet! Very sweet in fact, as they feature Rosie and Bernie! Watch and see how quick and easy they are to bring to life.

Watch Elaineabella colour Put a Stamp On It Bernie in the video below or in HD over on YouTube!

Now watch Elaineabella colour Put a Stamp On it Rosie in the video below or in HD over on YouTube!

now for some


Here’s AliceWertzabella’s card using our ROSIE AND BERNIE love to EXPLORE.  She also used a sentiment from our ADVENTURE SENTIMENT SET Rubber stamp used: I SPY ROSIE AND BERNIE card by Alice Wertz

Elaineabella used I spy Rosie and Bernie and a sentiment from our ADVENTURE sentiment set Rubber stamp used: I SPY ROSIE AND BERNIE card by Elaine Hughes

Elaineabella’s card with PUT A STAMP on it BERNIE and a sentiment from our UNICORN SENTIMENT SET.. a MUST have when we are dealing with Rosie and Bernie 🙂 Rubber stamp used: PUT A STAMP ON IT BERNIE card by ELAINE HUGHES

And AliceWERTZabella’s card using PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE and PUT A STAMP ON IT BERNIE 🙂 and a sentiment from our ADVENTURE SENTIMENT SET Rubber stamp used: PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE, PUT A STAMP ON IT BERNIE card by Alice Wertz

Elaine’s card using PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE and a sentiment from our BIRTHDAY sentiment set Rubber stamp used: PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE Card by Elaine Hughes

Ingebella used our ROSIE and BERNIE’S EIFFEL TOWER and PUT A STAMP on it ROSIE and a sentiment from our ADVENTURE set :).. what a gorgeous gift card holder! Rubber stamp used: PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE and Rosie and Bernie's Eiffel Tower Card by Inge Groot

and a closeup Rubber stamp used: PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE and Rosie and Bernie's Eiffel Tower Card by Inge Groot Rubber stamp used: PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE and Rosie and Bernie's Eiffel Tower Card by Inge Groot Rubber stamp used: PUT A STAMP ON IT ROSIE and Rosie and Bernie's Eiffel Tower Card by Inge Groot

Next we have ROSIE and BERNIE’S CN TOWER, ROSIE AND BERNIE In CANADA and a sentiment from our ADVENTURE SENTIMENT SET.  Card by Elaineabella Rubber stamp used: Rosie and Bernie's CN TOWER and ROSIE AND BERNIE IN CANADA Card by Elaine Hughes

And Shelabella’s card using our Rosie and Bernie’s CN tower and Rosie and Bernie in Canada and a sentiment from our ADVENTURE sentiment set. Rubber stamp used: Rosie and Bernie's CN TOWER and ROSIE AND BERNIE IN CANADA Card by Michele Boyer

And Sandiebella’s card using our Rosie and Bernie’s CN tower and Rosie and Bernie in Canada and a sentiment from our ADVENTURE sentiment set. Rubber stamp used: Rosie and Bernie's CN TOWER and ROSIE AND BERNIE IN CANADA Card by Sandie Dunne

Sometimes the landmark is JUST enough for the card if it’s paired with the right sentiment!

Check out SandyBOONEabella’s card using our Rosie and Bernie’s CN TOWER and a sentiment from our ADVENTURE SENTIMENT SET Rubber stamp used: Rosie and Bernie's CN TOWER and ADVENTURE SENTIMENT SET , card made by Sandy Boone

And I LOVE this card using our ROSIE and BERNIE in CANADA.. LOVE! rubber stamps usedL Rosie and Bernie in Canada and ADVENTURE SENTIMENT SET.  Card by Sandy Boone

Here’s Elaineabella’s card using ROSIE and BERNIE PLAN A TRIP, and our FALL BACKDROP (brilliant) and a sentiment from our ADVENTURE sentiment set. Rubber stamp used: Rosie and Bernie plan a trip CARD BY ELAINE HUGHES

And here’s SteveaFella’s card using our Rosie and Bernie Plan a TRIP Rubber stamp used: Rosie and Bernie plan a trip CARD BY Steven Kropf

Elaineabella’s card using Rosie loves Bernie, a sentiment from our Adventure Sentiment set AND our fall backdrop! Rubber stamp used: Rosie LOVES Bernie CARD BY ELAINE HUGHES

Here’s Inge’s project using our Rosie loves Bernie.. see how the image is strong enough.. the lines bold enough to be left black and white?  BRILLIANT! Rubber stamp used: Rosie LOVES Bernie Card by Inge Groot Rubber stamp used: Rosie LOVES Bernie Card by Inge Groot

and Shelabella’s card using Rosie loves Bernie Rubber stamp used: Rosie LOVES Bernie Card by Michele Boyer

inspired yet?

I am!  I am in LOVE with da Rosie and da Bernie 🙂

Those are their adventures for today!  WHAT OH WHAT can tomorrow bring?!  Any ideaRs?


  1. ann says:

    another selection of amazing inspiration bella’s. keep up the fab work

  2. Betty says:

    I love Rosie and Bernie! I think they need to go camping and have a little Jack Russel Terrier or a Basset Hound friend.

  3. Heidi Smith says:

    I keep telling myself, I don’t need to buy another stamp from you but you keep proving me wrong. I can’t help myself, I love all your stamps.
    I love your city stamps!

  4. Val Hohenstein says:

    STEVEAFELLA, love your idea. Actually I’m having a fun time with all the new ideas! Can’t wait to see more….

  5. Anita says:

    This are so adorable, I love how she’s holding his tail….my heart just melted.

  6. Karina says:

    Ugh. Are you kidding? I def want this one. I’m French speaking Canadian! Must have. Love it!

  7. LoriG in PA says:

    Knocked it out of the park! Sample cards are the best! Thanks!

  8. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    Loving the travel theme items!

  9. CraftyNatalie says:

    Wow! Loving this new collection, especially Rosie and Bernie. Love the childlike adventures they both share. The DT have outdone themselves with these stamps, some amazing cards featured. Cant wait to see more!

  10. Wendy Peterson says:

    OMG this is my favorite release ever so far and it’s only day 2. I love love love everything.

  11. Niche Love says:

    OMG I’m in love with Bernie and Rosy! I want them both at my house!

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    Oh my goodness, they are so adorable That I can’t even…! So super sweet and whimsical. Loooooove!

  13. Cheri Burry says:

    As a Canadian Gal I LOVE The CN Tower but especially Rosie & Bernie in Canada!!! Another awesome day of sneak peak releases!

  14. Nikki Cochran says:

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    Love the Eiffel Tower! Can we have the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building too? (Can you tell I’m from NY? HeeHee!) Rosie and Bernie are really going places!

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    Oh My Goodness!! I didn’t think it could get better than yesterday’s sneak peek….but it did!!! I’m in love with Bernie & Rosie reading the map.

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    OMG, Rosie holding his tail, the sweetest, the stamps are my favorite from day 2 if you twist my arm to pick one, and the two of them with the luggage and map, so adorable I can think of a lot of ways to use that. Can’t wait till tomorrow 🙂

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  101. dixie says:

    So much to love in this sneak peek!!! Those jiggy edges on the “Put a stamp on it” stamps! I must admit I have a “thing” about postage stamps…oh I also have a “thing” about stacks of suitcases so the “Plan a trip” speaks to me too! Ingebella’s black and white stamped image opened up a whole new world to me…There isn’t even one of my Stamping Bella stamps that wouldn’t be fine just stamped without coloring!!!

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    I absolutely love the little Mountie. But I will probably get the little safari girl.

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  110. Christine Alexander says:

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  111. Sheila says:

    Ok I’ve got my passport and am sooooo ready to go on this journey with Rosie and Bernie. ( may have to get a second job). Fun cards.

    I’m picturing using maps as background papers.

  112. Patty Q says:

    More fabulous stamps with Rosie and Bernie. The Mountie stamp is wonderful.

  113. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    You know, when I see all the new stamps people come out with, I often wonder how people come up with something new all the time. Reading everything you have said, now I know! It’s very interesting to see how you come up with new stamps to tempt us and temp us you did.
    I like the postage stamps. I have a postage stamp stamp. It’s a stamp that is shaped like a stamp but it’s just the border. Inside it you put your regular postage stamp. I would like to stamp my stamp and put your stamp inside. Comprende?LOL I think that would be fun. In fact, I bought some old postage stamps at an antique shop and I wanted to decorate a card with them along with something else. Your postage stamps would go well with them and make a fun card.
    I’m having fun with all the new releases everyone is coming up with to temp all of us. Love all the cards that were created! They are all so colorful and I see some of them used yellow! I can’t wait for tommorow!

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  137. Jackie says:

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  138. Kristina Pavlovic says:

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  140. Laurel says:

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  141. Sabinevdk says:

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  142. Gaelle says:

    I’m from Belgium and I think it’s a country Rosie and Bernie should visit. It’s the land of waffles and chocolate, so I’m pretty sure they will love it ? And check out the Atomium or the Grand Place in Brussels, they are pretty awesome landmarks ?

  143. Carisa says:

    I’m obsessed with this new collection! ?? Your DT is ah-mazing!!! #goals ?

  144. Nicole says:

    OMGGG i cant believe these are real stamps, lol. They are prefectures amazing. I adore her with the unicorn (I’m a lil obsess with unicorns at this time, lol) The statements ar prefect. Wish I could buy the entire series of this set with the tower and all. Congrats on a EPIC spring release.

  145. Hagar says:

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    too much cutens!

  146. Fikreta says:

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    so adorable!

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    Love the backgrounds!

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  151. Keely Jones says:

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  153. Makalah says:

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  156. KAREN J. CHESTER says:

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  157. kirsty vittetoe says:

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  159. Sandy Small says:

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  160. Birgit Norton says:

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  161. Kathryn Conrow says:

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  162. Cyndia M says:

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  163. Michelle says:

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  164. Smiley Hello says:

    O Canada! Eh! Can’t resist

  165. Laura P. says:

    Super sweet images! I can see them in an animated movie! Rime to write a screenplay and tell the stories behind these great stamps!

  166. Tamara Lewis says:

    Put a stamp on Rosie, adorable!

  167. Carole says:

    Put a stamp on it Rosie is my favorite

  168. Milka says:

    So so soooo cute and fun!! Love love love!!! :o)

  169. Aileen Ryan says:

    I think I need to take a loan out just to cover the purchase of all the stamps in this release this time. I have never been so inspired with soon much wonderful delightful cards and amazing stamps. Adoring Bernie and Rosie.

  170. Nancee Purdum says:

    Oh so many more awesome stamps! Love them! 🙂

  171. Stacey says:

    The selfies are so cute!

  172. Yolanda Hernandez says:

    I’m obsessed with this adorable collection.

  173. Carol Meadows says:

    Those glasses makes her SO cute !

  174. Wllie says:

    Another lot of beautiful stamps to look forward to. Absolutely my favourite stamps.

  175. Carol M Martin says:

    I can’t pick just one, I love them all!!

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