it’s SCENIC SATURDAY with AMYBELLA! Rubber stamp used: ODDBALL PUG. Card by Amy Young.

Happy Saturday my fellow Bellas!

Amy here with another Scenic Saturday card to share, and this week I thought it would be a nice change up to do something slightly different.

As fun and as cool looking as coloring an entire card front into a scene is, I also know that it can be intimidating, especially for those just starting to dabble in stamp story telling. So I wanted to share a way to make the process a little less overwhelming as you baby step up to more involved scenes. First it helps to find a character stamp that is already full of personality because this does half the job for you. The new Oddball Pug definitely fulfills that criteria, I mean come on… just look at all that attitude! Next it helps to grab a sentiment that is going to help reinforce your message or story, in this case the hilarious sentiment from the Dog Sentiment set totally gave me my direction for this card. I decided to illustrate the act of rebellion mentioned in the sentiment by using my Copic markers to sketch in a smart phone that has now seen better days, LOL. With that simple addition the story is complete, no floor, no wall, no other kind of background necessary EXCEPT that shadow grounding both the Pug and the phone onto the otherwise white space. Think of it like a photographer’s white backdrop, you still see the shadows at their feet. And it’s always effective if you pull those shadows a bit dramatically either to the left or right as opposed to just a simple line beneath them, this makes your simple scene more dynamic and energized. Well I hope that this simple walk through has you energized to try something similar… stay crafty my friends!


  1. pat tompkins says:

    Love this!

    So funny!!

    Where did you buy ruff days/dog days paper?


  2. Graciela says:

    I just love this card! the sentiment is something I wish I remember every day sometime hehe love the coloring, really nice card. hugs from Norway

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