It’s Scenic Saturday on SUNDAY sistahs! sorry I am late! rubber stamp used: GRIM REAPER BUNDLE GIRL. Card by Amy Young

Hello Bellas! Amy here with another Scenic Saturday post and today we are getting a little spooky just in time for Halloween.  The new Grim Reaper Bundle girl totally cracks me up, I like to call her Baby Grimmy. Sure she may be a harbinger of death but when you are as cute as she is it is hard to be scared, LOL! When thinking about a scene for Baby Grimmy I went straight to the Little Bits Haunted House Outdoor Decorations set which gave me the tombstones for her graveyard and the friendly bats flying up above. She still needed a friend though so I pulled the ghosty from the Little Bits Mummy, Frankie and Ghosty set. I like to think Grimmy is visiting an old friend on Halloween night, though hopefully she isn’t the reason Ghosty landed there in the first place!

As for the night scene I colored them into, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk about the importance of shadows. Sure shadows can be spooky and perfect for Halloween but they are an important tool in your scene coloring tool box beyond just night scenes. By adding darker color beneath your characters and pulling it out and away from them in a chosen direction not only does this help ground them into the scene but it also reinforces the light source you have determined. Just make sure they pull out opposite that light source, for example… notice the bright full moon in the top right corner of my card, all of my shadows pull out to the left away from the moon. The longer and more exaggerated you make the shadows the more drama you add to your scene. I really hope this inspires you to have fun playing with light and shadow on your next card scene.

Have a crafty weekend my friends!


  1. Elizabeth Hulse says:

    Very cool! I have a friend who needs all three of these sets for her birthday! And I REALLY love the night sky.

  2. Vicki Kroll says:

    I should be shaking in my boots seeing the girl grim reaper, but she is too cute. Love the background and the scene set-up. So sweet.

  3. Janet Durbin says:

    Spooky and cute! Love the background!

  4. Wendy M says:

    Color level……..EXPERT! So cool.

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