bellarific friday


and its a DOOZY.  What a week.  We were in Montreal for the long weekend last weekend.. my father is doing a bit better.. and the convincing of him moving to Toronto seems to be working.  There’s still tomorrow for minds to be changed LOL.  Now after coming back from the long weekend we noticed that one of are cats was really not doing well.. not eating.. lying down .. lethargic.. no sparkle in his eye.. not eating.. not drinking.. it was horrible.  He is now in the animal hospital being hydrated.. he may have pancreatitis.. and I CAN”T EVEN discuss what the cost has been so far.  Phooey.  Blech.  Terrible.. the money hurts but seeing poor Jasper being “lumpy” was a bit worse.  hmph.

ANYHOO that’s been my week.  Hope yours has been a bit bettah.

This week’s theme was a SKETCHYPOO.


let’s see what our baberoonis have come up with shall we?

I have to start with Sandiebella’s because it pretty much sums up how I feel right about now LOL

Sandie used one of our CHICKS who couldn’t EVEN..  Yup.. THASSSSS me!


AliceWERTZabella used BUDDING CHICK CUT IT OUT and RUBBER STAMP BUNDLE (remember when you buy the bundle you save 15%!)


Danabella used CHICKS with a SPRINKLE ON TOP


FAYwjABELLA used Maisy and Madeline have some tea


Lesliebella used MILTON


Kerribella used OWLIVER loves to CELEBRATE


Shelabella used SLICK CHICK


Stephabella used CUPCAKE THIEF


Tracybella used EDNA with a CUPCAKE ON TOP


TracyMACabella used OWLIVER loves to celebrate CUT IT OUT and RUBBER STAMP BUNDLE


How’s DAT to put a smile on your face?  Seeing all of these makes me feel better 🙂

Now for our sistahood!

Check out our INLINKZ contributors at the bottom of THIS POST

Please remembah sistahs.. always use a CURRENT stamp on your entries!  If you would like to enter and don’t know how, click HERE for information 🙂

Now for our EMAILED contirbutions


USE YOUR FAVORITE EMBELLISHMENT on your card using a current stamping bella image… do you love washi? ribbon? veneer embellishments?  Take out your stash and make a card for us!  would love to see!

Mwah to da sistahs who love bellarific fridays


  1. Denise I says:

    Hopefully your Dad will agree to the move..sure it is a hard decision for him….. And so sorry about your kitty cat… Being a cat lover I sympathize….so hard when our furry kids r sick. Will send good thoughts your way…

  2. Julie F. says:

    I hope your Dad will move closer to you and that your kitty feels better real soon. I know how expensive vets can be, we just lost one of our little ol” Pugs last month. They leave a little hole in our hearts….

  3. Oh what great cards! I so love seeing all the cards on Fridays! Always puts a smile on my face after a long week at work! Keep working on your Dad….he’ll move. Hope your kitty gets to feeling better….We have lost both a kitty and a dog in the past 2 years….it is never easy. They are a part of your family. 🙂

  4. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    What great cards! I love them all! I don’t have a fave, they are all amazing!
    Hope your dad agrees to the move. We don’t have a moving problem, both parents are at home with me or should I say I am at home with them. It’s funny but when we are little or much younger anyway, we never think of our parents being older and having things happen to them like with your parents and mine and now it’s happening. I want to go back in time to when they weren’t like this. I’ll bet you do too.
    My cat died in the 80’s. She was doing what your cat is now doing. She had feline leukemia. They had no vaccine back then. It was expensive to treat her back then, I can’t imagine what it its like now. I took the day off from work the day she died I was so upset. I hope your kitty feels better soon and I hope next week i can participate in the theme with my own card.

  5. Kelli Hull says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Jasper. Our boy Buster was diagnosed with that same thing, he was in BAD shape…. vet bill + special foods/treats…. OY Good thing we loved that little guy! LOL

    I just have to say, I’ve been a Bella fan for AGES, like since Cosmobella…. Finding the uptown girls and now the townies…. and that I. Cant. Even. chick set??? YES YES YES!!!!! I’m back in Babe town!!!!

    Hugs to your family with all going on.


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