How was everyone’s weekend?

We traipsed around with our friends looking for a cottage for August and we found one!  Will share some pics.. so excited for some R&R you have no ideaR!  How are all my sistahs?

This week’s AJ THEME was CIRCLES

I had to get a story out that was mulling in me so here is my page :).. I felt OH SO much bettAH after i did this LOL


And for da SISTAHOOD!

Here is Emily' s (9) page.. GORGEOUS!

Here is Emily’ s (9) page.. GORGEOUS!

Here is Riley's (6) page I love children's marks!

Here is Riley’s (6) page
I love children’s marks!

Heather's page (Riley and Emily's mama)

Heather’s page (Riley and Emily’s mama)



Next week’s theme?  A GRID.  little squares, little circles.. drawn, cut up.. filled in, painted etc…

have fun!






  1. Karen says:

    I was just coloring up an image of yours with Copics and pencils for some special sistahs July 22 & 23rd birthdays.

  2. Great pages. I was too busy this week to get down to the “lower studio” (aka the basement) to do much. Maybe this week will be better. So many projects to do, so little time!

  3. Dolores says:

    Great pages everyone, love when children play along too as they can be more freeing with there drawings than me for sure. Thought I was going to get to play but life got in the way.

  4. Heather Goodson says:

    I didn’t think my page was really finished ( rushed week of stuff!) But I sent it in anyway, it looks better on the computer screen than in my book! I also love the freedom in kids art. Riley’s page was just what she felt like doing. No worries if it was good enough or perfect or if she thought she had “achieved” the look she was going for. I try to relax like that but as an adult it just seems harder to let go like that. I find my kids work inspires me to be more free, more than I ever thought it would!
    Emily funny about your bubbles thought cause I felt like the circles on my page felt like random bubbles blowing in the wind and I put the women’s faces in them cause I wondered what reflections the “bubbles” would show to each other. I feel like I need some swirling words on my page but haven’t figured out what they should be yet! Love your line drawing of the girl reaching for the bubbles and your thoughts that go with her!

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